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Personal Study Course

Personal Study Course

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  • Before We Start
  • What is Attraction?
  • Body Language and Kino
  • Social Proof
  • Comfort Building and Opening
  • Number Closing
  • Breaking Rapport
  • Qualification
  • Sexual Escalation
  • Dance Floor Game
  • Wingman Ship
  • Importance of Practicing

Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons

Personal Study Course
A Bootcamp In a Box
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Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons

Preface Timetable Before We Start What is Attraction? Body Language and Kino Social Proof Comfort Building and Opening Number Closing Night Game Conversation Skills Breaking Rapport Qualification Sexual Escalation Isolating and K-Close Dance Floor Game Wingman Ship Fashion and Dress Sense Phone and Text Game Day 2ʼs Confidence and Inner State Importance of Practicing 3 5 8 12 21 27 33 41 47 56 & 63 69 77 87 92 97 102 109 116 122 129 132

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Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons

Welcome to the Attraction Explained Personal Study Course with Adam Lyons! Every week there are dozens and dozens of seduction courses being taught around the world. Men everywhere are on a quest to improve themselves with the opposite sex. They are learning how to approach, interact with and eventually seduce women. This workbook was developed for some of the bootcamps and workshops that I run. It is to help the students and instructors follow along and have all of the notes consolidated in one spot. Over the past few months there have been countless requests on how to obtain it. Rather than let a good resource sit unused we have released it to the public as a DIY bootcamp handbook. As it is an actual workbook being used on my

courses you will notice the different sections broken down with listed times. We have left it there so that you could see how long bootcamps take and the time dedicated on each section.

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If you get caught with any sticking points along the way try working on that specific section a few times until you feel comfortable. If any questions arise please use www. At the end of every lesson you will be given a practical application section with ideas and actions that you can go out and do yourself.com . For more personal interactions and specific questions feel free to speak to other users at www. While this book will contain information about the various topics of game it is meant only as a tool to help understand how to carry out your actions. We ask you to take your own notes. fill out the sections.attractionexplained. If it is only read with no action being applied you will hinder your learning process. listen to the audio. 4 for more free information please visit www.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons This guide is accompanied by an audio series that should help you along your journey toward attraction.attractionexplained.com as a resource. Treat this as if you were on an actual course and schedule in some practice. Try to have fun while practicing and don't hold yourself back.com/forum.attractionexplained. work on the practical applications and do the day game and night game sections.

Night Game is Officially Over (emphasis is on student assessment of ability) 5 for more free information please visit www.com .Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Timetable Friday Evening 6:45 Meet and Greet. Students to Arrive 6:55 Instructors to Arrive 7:00 Introduction 7:30 What is Attraction? 8:00 Body Language and Kino 8:30 Social Proof 9:00 Comfort Building and Opening 9:30 Number Closing 9:50 Organize Wing Groups 10:00 Night Game 1:00 a.m.attractionexplained.

Change Clothes.attractionexplained.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Saturday 11:45 Students Arrive 11:55 Instructors Arrive Noon: Feedback on Night Game 12:30 3 Characters 1:30 Skills of a Natural 2:30 Breaking Rapport 3:00 Qualification 3:30 Sexual Escalation 4:00 Isolating and K-Close 4:30 Dance Floor Game 5:00 Wingman Ship 5:30 Q&A 6:00 Solo Day Game Exercises 7:00 Break for Dinner.com . Shower.m. Night Game is Officially Over 6 for more free information please visit www. Prepare for Night Game 9:15 Students to Arrive at Night Game Venue 9:30 Consultations with Wing Groups 10:00 Night Game Begins 1:00 a.

attractionexplained.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Sunday 10:45 Students to Arrive 11:00 Move to Day Game Venue 11:15 Day Game Starts 1:00 Feedback of Night and Day Game 1:30 Fashion and Dress Sense 2:00 Phone and Text Game 2:30 Day Twoʼs 3:00 Confidence and Inner State 3:30 Importance of Practicing 3:45 Q&A 4:00 Instructors Leave 7 for more free information please visit www.com .

This is a chance to start with an open mind. 8 for more free information please visit www. This means wearing nice pants or jeans with no rips. prepared and refreshed! This is going to be a long and challenging weekend and we are expecting everyone to put in their best effort.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Before We Start Meet and Greet. We ask that all worries and inhibitions be left behind. Students to Arrive To ensure a timely start. we ask all students to arrive at 6:45 p.m.com . appropriate shoes (no gym shoes!).attractionexplained. and a shirt to go out in. Please do not bring anything you do not wish to carry as there will unlikely be a place to store it. Make sure you are rested. Your expectations and goals will be hit more easily without any mental blocks in the way. Please bring a small notepad and pencil for note taking and be appropriately dressed for night game.

com . We would like to know everyone’s individual aims and reasons for taking the course. We try to make sure that each of the students get as tailored a course as possible to ensure that they meet their goals.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Introduction This is a chance for the instructors and students to get to know each other. as realistically as possible.attractionexplained. It is to be used as a tool to monitor your progress and understand the course as well as contains a majority of the notes that you will need to take on the course. With that in mind. please fill out the sections in the space provided and be prepared to discuss them. Your workbook is completely confidential and for you to keep. 9 for more free information please visit www. In order to get the best out of the course it is important that you are honest with yourself and the instructors about your experience and ambitions.

or previous boot camps or seminars attended.attractionexplained. any forum participation.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Self Assessment How did you hear about the “game?” What made you decide to attend this boot camp or purchase the Personal Study Course? How long have you been actively trying to improve your results with women? What made you start? What is your previous experience to date? Including books and websites read.com . 10 for more free information please visit www.

attractionexplained.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons What primary thing would you like to see improve as a result of taking this boot camp? What 3 things would you like to gain an understanding of whilst on the boot camp? 11 for more free information please visit www.com .

Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons

What is Attraction?
Most people that study how to improve their success with women never truly bother to question why it works. They simply stand on the shoulders of giants copying the lines, routines and methods of the instructors hoping to achieve the same results. Most students who have a great experience on a bootcamp, witnessing great examples of game and occasionally achieving the same results themselves on the weekend, tend to find themselves unable to reproduce the effects as the passage of time causes them to forget exactly how to apply the tricks and routines or energy that they learnt while still on the course. Our aim is to make sure that you understand why we become attracted to others, thereby understanding how to generate and create that attraction whenever we want. If you only learn how it works then you are only covered for specific situations and will constantly be looking for further information on how to reproduce those effects on other scenarios. If you
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Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons

understand what you’re attempting to achieve in an interaction then you are capable of generating attraction whenever you want. More importantly, you can do it in your own style to prevent from becoming a clone of someone else. We become attracted to anything that we invest our personal time, emotion, and energy into. Imagine spending the next 5 years of your life saving money to buy your ideal car. You sacrifice your social life to take up a second job and spend all of your time and energy working to buy your perfect car. After all that time you eventually purchase it and enjoy driving it home. When you pull up to your house you are shocked to discover an identical car parked in your driveway. The identical car is one you have won from a contest you entered a week earlier. There is no point in keeping both the cars. Honestly, which would you sell? Almost everybody would agree that they would sell the car they just won as opposed to the one they bought. There is no attachment to the car they won. They are more attracted to the object they invested in. Attraction is triggered any time we
13 for more free information please visit www.attractionexplained.com

Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons

invest in something. The harder we work to achieve it, the harder we want it.

The key to getting women to want you is to get them to invest in you. Certain characteristics may cause them to invest in you without the need to try hard or even approach. Many people are blessed with a number of these characteristics already and, for the most part, this explains many the success that typical guys get. Increasing the number and quality of these characteristics will have a direct positive effect on our ability with the opposite sex. However, it is possible to punch above our weight and secure a relationship, whether short or long, with someone of a considerable higher quality than us. Though for this, we need a way to convince them to begin investing in us. There are several ways to do this, but all of them share a common principle.

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The larger your pie. The primes ones that we concern ourselves with are what we call the principles of attraction. the more full your pie is. These principles are: Confidence Leadership Ambition Displays of Excellence Social Intelligence Pre-Selection/Social Proof These can be thought of as pieces of a pie chart.attractionexplained. including approach.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons These qualities are considered The Principles of Attraction It’s true that there are countless qualities that make us more attractive. In any situation where you find yourself possessing more of these qualities than a girl you’re attempting to attract. you’ll often find they will do most of the work for you.com . 15 for more free information please visit www. the more attractive you are. The more qualities you have.

attractionexplained.com .Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons 16 for more free information please visit www.

When two people are comfortable speaking (the goal is to remove some of this) Q: Qualification – Assessing their suitability. The Formula: (C – R) + Q + SE = A C: Comfort – Adding value to someone to gain their time and attention R: Rapport – Comfort + Trust. out of your league. the more they invest the more attracted in you they will be.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons However. for lack of better words. There is a simple formula we use to keep track of the process of getting someone to invest in you. The more they prove themselves they more they are investing. SE: Sexual Escalation – To increase the sexual chemistry (typically through kino or conversation) A: Attraction – The Goal! 17 for more free information please visit www. As we demonstrated earlier.com . In these situations it is necessary to show the other person an alternate way to assess your value. there are situations where you will want to date somebody of a higher caliber who is.attractionexplained. We do this by building a much more personal relationship and getting the other person to invest.

What is it? 18 for more free information please visit www.com . rank how high you think you are with these: At home in a comfortable environment: At work: At a familiar social gathering: Alone at a bar (or other social gathering): Doing this will get someone to prove themselves to you.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Self Assessment What one word can be used to describe what attracts us to others? If you are hoping to attract a girl who you believe is out of your league. what would you need to get her to do? What are the 6 main principles of attraction? On a scale of 1 to 10.attractionexplained.

Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons According to the stages of attraction. What is it? Doing this increases the tension between both parties and alludes to more intimate intentions. What is it? Building this will develop trust and give you the time to build attraction. removing this stage will build up a level of awkwardness.attractionexplained.com . What is this? 19 for more free information please visit www.

attractionexplained. Write down at least 3 times when you have invested your time and energy into something and were pleased with the results.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Practical Applications Write down at least 3 times when you have invested your time and energy into something and were disappointed with the result. Why do you have that attachment to that item? What does it mean to you? 20 for more free information please visit www. What was the difference in the situations? Think of an item you own where you would be devastated if you lost it.com .

Imagine yourself in that setting. It is often the one thing we give very little importance to when studying. and breathe out. think back to a time when you are comfortable. Confidence and indifference are two of the key components to having an ideal body frame.com . regardless of who you’re speaking with. Open your eyes and check the position you’re sitting in. The more comfortable you are in a situation. take a deep breath and take up as much space as you need. Close your eyes.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Body Language and Kino The majority of our communication is done by nonverbal cues. This is your comfortable position and the way you should be sitting. 21 for more free information please visit www. This is usually at home alone or in a family setting. Our body language makes up a large portion of any interaction. To find your ideal and confident body position. Confidence and comfort go hand in hand.attractionexplained. Relax fully. There are a number of underlying principles to bear in mind. the more confident you feel.

Just carry out the interactions from the position you were in when you first met the other person. Instead.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons We have a tendency to give space to others.” Keep a comfortable distance and close the gap later on. Approaching from behind can often scare someone. This subtly conveys our unconscious idea that she has a higher value and sets the standard for the rest of the interaction with her as being the higher value prize. maintain your own space and continue the interaction from whatever comfortable position you're currently sitting in. Of course. 22 for more free information please visit www. or to try and begin the interaction at an obscure angle. If you try to actively create distance between yourselves. you're only going to make the situation even more awkward.com .attractionexplained. Don't concern yourself too much with body positions beyond these simple rules. one that is instantly picked up on by any girl we give space to. Don't get too “in their face. When someone invades our space by moving closer to us we often make space for them. Another thing to bear in mind is common courtesy. by giving up our space we're portraying a passive behavior. If you find yourself dealing with a moving set on the street or in another similar public location try not to startle them.

is done in different ways. If two girls are leaning against a wall and you approach. In short. it should mirror the stage or effect you're trying to create with your game. or touch. gentle and not prolonged. Try to position yourself against the wall so that they appear to be the one's hitting on you. it then is apparent to the rest of the room that you're hitting on them. kino is the key to building a connection with someone.attractionexplained. Remember. dependent on what stage or effect you're trying to create. Kino. during the qualification and sexual escalation stages you're either removing it completely or building up affirmations and positive rewards by slowly escalating into more intimate touching as the interaction moves on. be wary of how your body language appears to others around you.com . In the early comfort building stages it should be light. 23 for more free information please visit www. During the breaking rapport stages you should focus more on playful touches and games.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Finally. Finally.

attractionexplained. 24 for more free information please visit www.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons If you're not using kino don't be surprised if your game isn't working as well as you would have liked.com .

com .Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Self Assessment Where are you most comfortable? What's the best way to feel comfortable in new surroundings? How could you build comforting kino? When should you use kino? If you don't use much kino how likely are you to have success? 25 for more free information please visit www.attractionexplained.

Practice using kino! Open 5 sets and kino at least 5 times within the first 2 minutes. Once you can do that. Give yourself a handicap! Once you feel comfortable with kino try variations of it. 26 for more free information please visit www. use your shoulders or hips to lightly bump them.attractionexplained. Use kino to physically open a set.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Practical Applications Look in the mirror and practice confident body language. etc. Stand up straight with your shoulders back and your chest squared.com . An example is to see if you can kino without using your hands. Ie. raise it to 10 times. tap them slightly with your feet. Put your hand on the woman’s shoulder to get her attention before you actually speak.

In every single individual situation your social proof will vary. Imagine a football player at your high school. They are proven to be social. aside from basic knowledge of social interactions.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Social Proof One of the most attractive qualities you can possess is Social Proof.com . 27 for more free information please visit www. For example. As they all compete for the same persons attention that persons social proof grows. Believe it or not. it is possible to create this same social value without having to know any of the people in advance or even having to possess any kind of exceptional skill. People will be fighting over each other in order to get closer to those who have high social value.attractionexplained. if we were to switch the football player and lead singer into each other's social situations they are unlikely to carry the same social weight. or a lead singer of a band who is backstage at his own private after party.

This is not surprising as you have already had a brief moment with them earlier. This familiarity creates a connection between you both. as your social value is already quite high. Slowly but surely your social proof would increase. From this position it is that much easier to actually approach and speak to the person you want to. what would happen? You probably find that they would smile at you in a favorable way. If you were to then see that same person a few moments later. What would happen as you walk around the room? You would find people smiling at you wherever you went in the venue. Beware of committing social suicide! 28 for more free information please visit www.attractionexplained.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Think back to a situation where you were at a bar and you took the time to talk to someone next to you in the line. The more people who smile at you the more others would begin to wonder who you were.com . Now imagine that you create this familiarity between yourself and every single person you meet at a single location or venue.

This is a group of girls who may not be particularly attractive but are friendly and warm to you.attractionexplained.  29 for more free information please visit www. wandering around and not really talking to anyone or occasionally making quick comments to people without attempting to engage them fully. If you do this for too long you will end up appearing like a social outcast who obviously doesn't know anyone at the venue and is trying to get in with them. Try to spend your first hour in a venue opening everyone and finding your base set. The easiest way to avoid this is to find a base set.com .Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Social Suicide is created when you spend time standing alone or awkwardly in a small group. though this time try and engage and hook the set by building comfort and adding value. This way instead of standing around alone wondering who to approach next you can simply sit in set with them joking and being social whilst you work out who to approach. Then go back around and open everyone a second time.

attractionexplained.com .Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons 30 for more free information please visit www.

Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Self Assessment List 3 different social proof openers you could use. How does social proof increase your chances to open easily? What should you always seek to obtain to avoid social suicide? How many times should you open each set in total? How long should you stay in the first time? How long should you stay in the second time? 31 for more free information please visit www.attractionexplained.com .

Try going to a venue you already visit on a regular basis (i.com . restaurant) and become friendly with everyone. Politely greet people at the beginning of the night as you explore the venue. Learn everyone’s name.attractionexplained. When out night gaming do the capture-recapture method. 32 for more free information please visit www. As you later go to open your sets count how many are receptive to your approach. Compare this to how girls react to cold approaches. See how many visits it takes before they start to recognize you and enjoy your visits. and have casual conversation. coffee shop.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Practical Applications Social Proof is all about being the guy that everyone in a venue knows and is friendly with. bookstore.e. make a point of greeting them when you enter and exit.

it does come with practice. A word of warning on mixed sets: if there are males and females in the group always approach via the males or else you're likely to end up with a bad reaction from them. If there are only girls in the group you want to try to ensure you open via the most friendly looking of the girls or the one who you feel will give you the best reaction from the approach. If you are in the earlier stages of learning how to approach women it is OK to have a pre-scripted opener in your head.com . The idea is to not use a standard line or “canned material” as they are becoming too common and women are hearing them.attractionexplained. You will feel comfortable making conversation with others on the whim. With more practice you will find it easier to come up with things on the spot.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Comfort Building and Opening After you've built enough social proof it's time to go back around a venue and try to begin approaching and attracting the girls that you're interested in. 33 for more free information please visit www. but as mentioned. but make sure it is unique and relevant to you.

Most girls you find have rolled shoulders. I know this may sound strange.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons There are a number of different methods you can use when opening. However. it's just so rare to see a girl who actually manages to walk in an elegant way nowadays. Compliment When opening with a compliment it's important not to compliment a girl on something she hasn't earned herself. such as her sense of style or the way she walks.attractionexplained. the real trick is to be specific about the compliment and explain why you feel this way I have to tell you. I really love the way you walk. look a little shy and timid. You should instead comment on something more obscure. I really like the way you move.com . Her natural beauty is unlikely to be something she worked for. 34 for more free information please visit www. These are detailed below.

Do you know what this event is about? Do you know where the nearest Starbucks is? Opinion These openers are one of the easiest to pull off as they encourage the girl to take the weight of the conversation after the open. wearing tight and tiny clothes? How do you feel about girls who are large yet insist on 35 for more free information please visit www. by asking normal questions about locations or events.attractionexplained.. I was just talking to my two friends here.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Functional These openers are designed to get a conversation started in the simplest way possible... They should always be based upon a real event in your life. or something you were just talking about. You should always have an opinion opener ready so you have something to open with.com .

if it doesn't you find out really quickly. This can be a very high risk choice as when it does work it works incredibly well. I'm . Make a statement about something you've observed in the area to someone standing next to you. Wow can you believe they have those paintings throughout the entire restaurant? They have to be fake.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Situational These openers are the easiest to do.com . What do you think? Direct In this situation you're seeking to be as direct as possible without giving them the chance to get rid of you. I don't have too long to talk but had to say hi. I just had to stop you and say you look really interesting. And your name? 36 for more free information please visit www. then continue the conversation from there. and can generate some really impressive results.attractionexplained. Do this too often and you can end up committing social suicide.

Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons

All of these openers are merely designed to break the ice. After this you will need to employ what is known as a transition. A transition is designed to continue a conversation beyond the point you're currently talking about. If you don't transition the conversation won't go anywhere. In the initial part of the conversation you're trying to add value to the other person either by being interesting, such as talking about things they're interested in, or by being fun and increasing the enjoyment of the group.

Some people are naturally funny and create value by being fun. If you're not in this category then you're probably better off sticking with talking about things the other person is interested in. Typically this would involve getting them to talk about themselves until you found topics that you both had in common which is an easy platform to use to generate even more conversation.

37 for more free information please visit www.attractionexplained.com

Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons

If you don't plan on using one of the above openers to transition (the opinion opener is a great transition to use) then you can always go on to ask them where they are from, what they're doing here, find out what they are interested in and so on. These are basic conversational pieces simply designed to get the interaction lasting further. The attraction isn't generated at this stage. You're just looking for them to engage in conversation with you. As soon as they begin the conversation it's time to think about breaking rapport.

38 for more free information please visit www.attractionexplained.com

Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons

Self Assessment
Create your own openers! Compliment: Situational: Functional: Opinion:

What should you do after opening?

What is an easy way to transition?

What are you seeking to do in an opener?

39 for more free information please visit www.attractionexplained.com

After having created your own openers go out and try each one.attractionexplained. Take note of the responses you receive. 40 for more free information please visit www.com . After the opener tell them you have to run off and thank them for the quick chat. Which one worked the best? Which didn’t give you as positive of a result? How could you have improved it? Once you feel comfortable opening try to hook sets for as long as possible. transition or close.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Practical Applications When opening we often find that guys become too outcome dependent because they feel they must get the phone number and date every girl they meet. Get rid of that dependency and open just to practice opening. Open 50 sets but don’t try to hook the set. You know you have reached the hook point when the girl is actively participating in the conversation. Try not to let the conversation die or dry up.

It is important to remember to give a justified reason for why you would like the phone number. Getting the phone number. Flakes occur when you aren’t clear with your intentions. is an excuse to continue speaking with the person and continue the interaction between you. The key is to then continue an interaction with someone either over the phone or via text message with a view to generate the attraction at a later date. The reason might not initially be because there is attraction between the two of you. The 41 for more free information please visit www. It then buys more time to continue building comfort and eventually generating attraction.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Number Closing  With only comfort and very little attraction it is very possible to obtain phone numbers.attractionexplained. Obtaining phone numbers is just a matter of building up enough comfort with someone and having a justified reason to obtain their number. If you ask someone for their number because you have a friend who works in the same line of business but then send a text asking them on a date you can expect them to flake. even as a business contact. and that is OK.com .

If they align then the flake rate will reduce. All you need to find is either a work connection between you both. People know how important it is to network to help with life and careers. There are 4 simple justifications that you can use to obtain a number with the aim of building attraction.attractionexplained. i.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons reason for the number and the reason for the text message aren’t cohesive. Networking Networking is possibly the easiest reason of all to use. These are listed below. Perhaps he can help you out with something.com .e. 42 for more free information please visit www. Wow. my friend is in the same line of work as you. I should introduce you two. Essentially any way you can work out a legitimate reason to stay in touch for the purposes of networking for work will suffice. You know what. or to find friends who work in the same line of business. you both work in the same line of business.

Either way. It’s supposed to be really good. or request that they send you. Telling someone you are organising a party and inviting everyone you meet to make it a good night is a great way of swapping details and also arranging a date. What’s the best way of staying in touch? 43 for more free information please visit www.com . Perhaps you're talking about a restaurant they would like to go to or they know a museum you haven't been to. how can I contact you? Party One of the easiest ways to number close is to bring up a party.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Place of Interest Another way to justify obtaining someone's contact details is to offer to send them. you can send the details of the place via phone number. It is also low pressure because you are telling her to bring friends. Let me send you the address. so it is not a one-on-one scenario. you and your girls should come along.attractionexplained. details of a place you would like to visit. You're going to love this restaurant. My friends and I are heading to a club tomorrow night.

don’t confuse the direct method as a reason to be the trashy-phone-number guy. How can we go about staying in touch? 44 for more free information please visit www. but if comfort and investment was established then it should work in your favor. Hey. Saying to someone. you were really interesting to speak to.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Direct A direct number close involves laying out your intentions to the person in hopes that they will give you their contact details just because they feel comfortable doing so.com . gimme your number” isn’t as calibrated as being nonchalant and genuine. Because this method is direct it will only yield two results. one positive and one negative. Now. “Hey. it is simply asking someone for their phone number just because you would like to stay in touch.attractionexplained. This contains no lies or excuses. It is the one with the highest risk.

com .attractionexplained.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Self Assessment How many numbers are you likely to get if you don’t ask for any? What two things are essential for obtaining a phone number? What is one justified reason to ask for a phone number? How important is having attraction with the person? 45 for more free information please visit www.

Use each one while practicing and see which yields you the best result. Advanced: Once you are comfortable and solid with number closes. Ask for the number in all 5 of those sets and see how many you get. then eventually a 1-minute. 3-minute.com . The point is to get into the habit of asking every single set for their phone number.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Practical Applications Always push for the number close even if you don’t think you’re doing well. Experiment with different types of number closes. 46 for more free information please visit www.attractionexplained. Give yourself a number of approaches you will do and go for the number close every time. As an exercise. Try to do a 5-minute close. go out during night game and open 5 sets. Do the same for day game. give yourself a time restriction.

but for now you should get a wing or friend to go out with. You are encouraged to go for number closes if you feel confident to do so.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Night Game Organize Wing Groups At this point in the Personal Study Course you should plan to go out to a night venue and practice night game. 47 for more free information please visit www. Give each other social proof.com . Later we will discuss the importance of wingman ship. what your sticking points were. This partner should work alongside you in throughout the night. At the end of the night record your progress and write down what you did well. Night Game Begins! Go out in set with your wing groups. The goal is to work with your partner to help one another achieve results. and how you can improve for next time.attractionexplained. The aim here is to practice building social proof and opening. use DHV introductions. wing each other in set and help with any potential obstacles that might arise.

attractionexplained. 48 for more free information please visit www. if you understand why you have this fear or anxiety.com . There are a number of different products out there which will supposedly “fix” the fear of approaching strangers.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Bonus Overcoming Approach Anxiety What causes AA? Are you afraid of approaching someone you like through a fear of rejection? Do you get that horrible feeling in your stomach and begin to formulate 100 reasons why someone wouldn’t want to talk to you? This is a lot more common than you would believe. you can take steps to counter it. However. especially ones you are attracted to.

” These are probably the most common reasons given as to why someone can’t approach or the feeling that is preventing them from approaching.” “They aren’t in the mood to be spoken to.” “She won’t think I look good enough.” “There’s no point.com .” “I can’t meet people in a night club/park/coffee shop. somatic. 49 for more free information please visit www. it won’t work. and worry. emotional.” “I’m not good enough for him/her.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons “I’m scared of approaching. Anxiety is defined by as a physiological state characterized by cognitive.attractionexplained. apprehension. The fact that these are so prevalent is because they are all based on very real psychological factors to do with learning and behaviour. and behavioral components.” “I have a fear of rejection. These factors essentially make up the feelings that we experience as fear.

Essentially the feeling of anxiety is reinforced every time you are in a similar situation.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons The anxious feelings were created by an association between a past negative experience and the current situation. The law of contagion is probably the best explanation as to why approach anxiety happens. It it best explained by the notion of getting “bad luck” or having a bad time every time you go to a specific venue.com . You then “learn” to remove the negative feeling of anxiety by not approaching. or fear. 50 for more free information please visit www. These associations are often false and not related through causality (the idea that one situation directly affects another) but through correlation (one thing tends to affect another over repeated attempts).attractionexplained. is maintained through a form operant conditioning. The anxiety.

though we do not have a particularly good system for distinguishing between real and perceived connections. In short.attractionexplained. we learn the fear through a number of negative experiences and then reinforce them by not doing anything about it. Our fear or anxiety response is actually designed to help us survive in a fight or flight scenario.com . Theoretically this is due to a simple survival tactic. The bodies natural reaction towards a fearful situation is the feeling we associate with approach anxiety or the fear of 51 for more free information please visit www. Unfortunately these are not particularly beneficial when we are looking for something witty to say during a conversation with someone. The human brain is adept at forming these patterns. If we notice rustling behind a bush it is better for us to assume it is some form of threat and begin to prepare our bodies to defend ourselves rather than ignore it and risk being eaten.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons These connections of patterns are common throughout all the human societies across the world.

Unless you actively do something to fix these problems. The bad news is that it does take time. they will continue to support themselves. One of the easiest ways to get around this is to simply meet people for the sake of meeting people. any negative experience you receive is likely to reinforce the previous attitude or fear you had before. The way to overcome this is to reverse the learning. 52 for more free information please visit www.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons the approach.com . The easiest way to fix this is to actually go out and meet new people. How to Fix AA! All of the common problems detailed above can be directly related to the false belief that failure is almost certain due to some form of connection to a previous situation that failed. The problem is that when you do this.attractionexplained. The good news is that this problem is far from unfixable.

  53 for more free information please visit www. just be friendly and speak to them without an end goal in mind. or when waiting in a long line.com . especially on boring long journeys. especially those in the pick up community. Most of us are actually more than happy to talk to other people. They are afraid to even speak to someone of the opposite sex because they might get rejected. male or female. This should help generate a great deal of positive responses to approaches and help curb some of those negative connections. young and old.attractionexplained.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons It seems that most people. Get used to talking to absolutely everybody. Instead of trying to achieve something. are too outcome dependent.

attractionexplained.com .Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons 54 for more free information please visit www.

12:00 Feedback on Night Game During this section each student will get to discuss the previous night.com .Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons 11:45 Students and Instructors Arrive Students to be at the venue in preparation for the boot camp to begin. It is your chance to discuss any sticking points from the materials already covered which you may have found during the previous night so they can be dealt with during the day. 55 for more free information please visit www.attractionexplained. Be aware that not all of the topics have yet been covered. Instructors will arrive at the meeting place then move everyone to the seminar area. Most areas are due to be covered in depth during the rest of the course as the bulk of information will be taught today.

56 for more free information please visit www. This is part of the core characteristics of a natural as it ranges from being the energetic guy at the beginning of an interaction when opening to slowing it down and getting more intimate toward the end of the interaction. Maintaining a conversation with an entire group comes down to your ability to tell a story that is engaging. Students will be required to give a talk on a randomly given topic for 1 minute. or close. Statement-Question.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Skills of a Natural Story for 1 Minute.com . Triangular Gaze/Building Tension During this section students will get the chance to learn the different ways to address a group of people.attractionexplained. Story for 1 Minute: The first section covers the ability to hold the attention of a group.

attractionexplained.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Maintaining the entire groups attention will come down to ensuring that you make eye contact with everyone. Students should also be careful not to use questions during this section as if they don't get a response it can kill the conversation immediately.com . Example of Bad Conversation What is your name? Where do you live? What do you do? Do you have any pets? Sarah. 57 for more free information please visit www. Yeah. Speak slowly and clearly being sure to project your voice so that others can hear it. a dog. I’m a nurse. Basic conversation is not made up of questions and answer but rather statements followed by questions to illicit responses from others. Los Angeles. Statement-Question: The second section covers the ability to maintain and encourage natural conversation with another person in a more one-on-one setting.

Do you like it there? Los Angeles Yeah. I love the city. Where are you from? That's awesome! I spent a great deal of time in LA this summer. but I didn't get on well with the transport system. a series of questions isn’t a conversation.attractionexplained.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons As you can see from the example above.com . rather it is an interrogation. Below we will see how responding to what is being said will improve the flow of conversation. I love it! 58 for more free information please visit www. no way! My best friend growing up was named Sarah. Example of Better Conversation What is your name? Sarah Sarah.

Triangular Gaze/Building Tension The final section covers the concept of seductive talking.com . If you begin doing this during conversation you will often find that the other person begins to reciprocate and it is often the best way to continue conversation before the kiss. A conversation isn’t a series of questions.attractionexplained. Before kissing someone most of us have a moment where we can feel the sexual tension that arises just before the kiss. While the second conversation still doesn’t have the best responses. This exercise is an example in listening and responding to what is being said. This is where two people will be found looking from one eye to the other eye. 59 for more free information please visit www.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Students will be required to sit in their wing groups and practice maintaining conversational topics between themselves. down to the lips and then back again. it still has room to grow and can lead to new topic threads. During this time we often find ourselves triangular gazing.

Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons

This exercise involves students performing the same conversational task as before, but includes triangular gazing into the conversation to build tension between the two people.

60 for more free information please visit www.attractionexplained.com

Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons

Practical Applications
Pick 3 topics to speak about and time yourself for one minute as you talk out loud to yourself about them. Pick one topic that you know a lot about and are very comfortable with, pick a topic that you think you know nothing about, and pick a topic that you think is likely to come up in conversation while practicing in field.

The next time you are having a casual conversation with someone, whether at the grocery store or out in set, practice making statements and actually responding to what others are saying.

Maintaining eye contact is a very important part of the seduction phase because a lot of sexual energy is transmitted in our physical and nonverbal cues. When speaking to someone practice maintaing strong eye contact. Even if it feels slightly uncomfortable do not break gaze before the other person.
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Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons

Self Assessment
Name three ways to maintain a groups interest during mass conversation.

What is the make up of conversation?

Write a sentence that can be used in response to the following statements during a conversation to build communication and encourage further responses from the girl.

I work for a bank. I live in New York. My mom and I went to Europe last summer. The Chicago Cubs is my favorite baseball team.
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The word has to associate with the one before it and not any previous answers. you 63 for more free information please visit www. Sit in Silence.attractionexplained. Question Master There are a number of characters that “naturals” possess that give them an edge over others when it comes to dating. Story One Word at a Time. Thankfully these skills are very easy to replicate using simple exercises. if you are in a conversation with a girl and worry about what to say next. This exercise helps students be able to associate something with what they hear. Word Association Students take turns associating words with the previous word said. This encourages them to be spontaneous about their answers and think on their feet.com . It is important to remember not to umm and err much whilst thinking of what to say next.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Four Characters Word Association. For example.

Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons should be able to pick one word out of the sentence or conversation and be able to relate. they are only allowed to use one word each. This helps teach the importance of paying attention to a conversation and listening to what is being said by everyone. One single word can alter the complete flow and progression of the sentence so it is 64 for more free information please visit www. however.com . The instructor will start the story with a single word and then the students will take it in turns adding one word at a time in order to create a story. it with something more familiar. This teaches students to not only think on their feet as they think of the following word but also to remember the rest of the previous conversation in order to ensure their word fits into the story as a whole. Story One Word at a Time Students will have to tell a story between their group. or associate.attractionexplained. Sharpening this skill trains you at becoming more responsive in any given situation.

com . Students are encouraged to use facial expressions and hand gestures to persuade their partner to continue speaking. Sit in Silence Students will again split into pairs. Each student will take turns being the leader. It will be the leaders role to start a conversation and then encourage the other person to maintain the conversation using as few words as possible. 65 for more free information please visit www.attractionexplained. This removes the pressure from the uncomfortable silences and helps them understand the dynamics of a conversation. This will teach the students the power of sitting in a comfortable silence with often encourages the other person to add more to the conversation.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons important to have the skill of attentiveness to ensure fluidity with the tale.

com . 66 for more free information please visit www.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Question Master Students stay in their pair and now strike up a discussion with each other using only questions. After a while they should find that the conversation becomes stagnant repeating similar topics. The aim at this point will be to maintain a normal conversation whilst still only speaking in questions to one another. then they should be easily managed while out in field. This task encourages them to once again think on their feet using conversation they aren’t particularly comfortable with. If these emotions can be conquered and controlled in a familiar setting.attractionexplained. We have found that being forced to respond in only questions is uncomfortable and recreates the feelings and emotions of being lost for words while in set.

this is a lesson in frame control. The frame is the set of boundaries that constructs or composes the conversation.com . 67 for more free information please visit www. This tool can be very powerful in set as the conversation will then be in your favor since you have laid the limits.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Lastly.attractionexplained. Speaking in only questions forces the person to reply with the unintentional restrictions you have set.

attractionexplained.com .Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Self Assessment Who is at fault if there is an uncomfortable silence in the conversation? How can you encourage someone to speak if the conversation dries up? What is the consequence of not paying attention to a conversation? Why is it important to not umm and err in a conversation? What do those words imply? What is the make up of a conversation? What is the frame of a conversation? How can you gain control of it? 68 for more free information please visit www.

the second you feel that you’re in this comfortable zone where you’re being engaged in the conversation it is time to Break the Rapport.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Breaking Rapport If you’re looking to find the one thing that will visibly show a difference in your interaction with women. This sounds like the kind of behavior 69 for more free information please visit www. What you have done is created a situation where the girl is happy to have you around. though soon enough this will dissipate. It is a situation where you’re both comfortable talking to one another without any kind of tension or awkwardness beyond perhaps the initial meeting. Up until now the entire interaction has been designed to generate comfort with the other person.com .attractionexplained. It can take anywhere from one minute to 20 minutes for you to create comfort. this is it. Rapport is where two people have a connection and are relating to one another. However.

When we make the situation slightly uncomfortable their natural response will be to try and fix it. They may start by laughing at the situation to diffuse it and then. or defending herself. we have already established that there is a comfortable connection with the girl though she probably has these kinds of interactions dozens of times a day. so why would be go about breaking it? Well. naturally. the point is. Either way. Of course this first piece of investment is what we will use to generate even more. depending on how you broke rapport she may continue to do other small actions to repair it be either becoming more involved. what she is doing is investing. We are well aware that the more she invests the more she will become attracted to the situation and.com . yourself. 70 for more free information please visit www. After all. What we need is to make you stand out from the crowd by making the situation sightly uncomfortable. people aren’t used to uncomfortable scenarios and will want to change this. Not in a massive way but in a small way.attractionexplained.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons we would want to encourage.

Disqualification: Saying you like physical attribute or character trait [X] when she has [Y]. Say she would be a really cool friend.com . There are a number of different ways you can go about breaking rapport ranging from little games you can play to outright disagreeing with her. This serves to ensure you don’t end up in a negative situation with the girl. say you really like brunettes when speaking to a blonde. Tell her it sucks you had to meet her in a club/bar. either by joining in with her laughter. 71 for more free information please visit www.attractionexplained. telling her you’re only joking or complimenting her by telling her that you would like to hear her opinion on the matter.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Before we discuss the different method that can be used to break rapport it is important to remember one thing: after any kind of break in rapport it is important for you to build some kind of comfort afterwards. Some examples are listed below. Example.

com . etc. Turn your back to her. Do something childish like point at her shirt and flick her nose when she looks down. blondie. shorty.attractionexplained. Teasing: Give her a stupid nickname. Have your eyes wander away as if you you become lost in thought. i.e. 72 for more free information please visit www. Have her do something that makes her look silly without her realizing it until it's to late.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Physical: Playfully push her away. sparkles.

Cancel a plan you made.com .Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Disagreement: Say “no.” After she says she likes something say that you don't (explain why). Have a friendly debate on something. such as slapping her ass. Tell her she's being rude about something and correct her behavior in some way. 73 for more free information please visit www. Sexual: Use a strong kino jump.attractionexplained.

Your aim is to only get a bit of tension between the two of you which can be laughed off easily. Keep it lighthearted and fun! If she playfully hits you then you know you have done it correctly.attractionexplained.com . Insulting her too badly or being rude will only end up completely killing the situation for you both. 74 for more free information please visit www.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons There is a significant difference between breaking rapport and severing it.

Experiment a see which yields the best results.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Practical Applications Practice the different types of breaking rapport.com .attractionexplained. Make note of the difference between the two. 75 for more free information please visit www. Try opening with a break in rapport and then make note of the interaction and their response. Experiment with comfort after a break in rapport. Don’t rebuild it and see the response you get. then rebuild it and see how the interaction continues. After that try building a good amount of comfort and then break rapport.

com .attractionexplained. Physical: Vocal: Situation that Creates Awkward Tension: Disqualifier: 76 for more free information please visit www.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Self Assessment What should you build before breaking rapport? What is the ideal intended use of a break in rapport? What is important to do immediately after a break in rapport? Get creative! Think of your own personalized ways to break rapport.

and want to know your aspirations in life.attractionexplained.com . what you do. he’d instead be interested in what you’re doing. 77 for more free information please visit www. Would he spend all of his time convincing you how great he was? Do you think he would tell you about how cool his new car was and how much his house is worth? No. He would be asking you questions about yourself.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Qualification Qualification is one of the best ways of displaying higher value and potentially the most important part of the attraction building process. your occupation. He is comfortable enough in who he is to not worry about proving himself to you. Imagine meeting Bill Gates. yet it is one of the ones that many almost always fail to use in field.

The 78 for more free information please visit www.attractionexplained. Ironically as we answer those questions we often find ourselves falling into the trap of “proving” ourselves to others. To qualify someone is to get them to prove themselves to you. and being interesting. the more they value your opinion. However there are a couple of different ways you can go about prompting them to do so. Qualification Statements The first method involves using qualification statements. These are statements which come preloaded with a certain type of personality trait or behavior. These traits are typically seen as what people wish to possess. When you’re qualifying someone you’re attempting to get them to justify and prove themselves to you. spontaneity.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons People who possess true high value don’t bother wasting their time trying to impress you. A few examples include friendliness. The more they prove themselves to you. Instead they are more likely to ask you questions about yourself. Anytime you find someone doing this you have succeeded.com .

Thanks so much for that. I like the fact that you seem able to do this. I can’t believe you’re so friendly! It’s rare to meet someone who is actually nice in this city.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons statement that you make should associate one of those behaviors with an action to “prove” they have that quality I only like talking to people than can actually hold down conversation. Whether they have been holding down the conversation or not is irrelevant. I had to come over and say hi. They should now make more of a concerted effort to maintain the conversation in order to live up to the compliment offered as you have made it an exception and a standard. 79 for more free information please visit www. Typically you’ll find that after this the person becomes slightly warmer and more willing to discuss things further.attractionexplained. You seem like such a sweet person.com .

These are more potent as they require the participation of the other person in question.com . Occasionally you will ask a basic question that will prompt a justifying response. A qualifying question is typically any question that will encourage the other person to justify themselves to you. Please note: The word why is an exceptional tool in order to encourage someone to speak more on a subject and potentially trigger qualifying responses.attractionexplained. What do you do for a living? What did you want to do when you were 5? Why did you give up on your ambitions? If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would you go? Why? 80 for more free information please visit www. In these cases don’t look a gift horse in the mouth and continue with the qualification.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Qualifying Questions The second form of qualification and the more powerful technique of the two is qualification questions.

Operant conditioning is the given name for a specific type of learning. In summary. 81 for more free information please visit www. If someone were to approach you in the street and ask you to impress them by telling them something interesting about yourself you would be likely to either say no or ask why. we are more likely to do it again. This is because on a subconscious level we all fear being judged by others.attractionexplained. We continue to do behavior we are rewarded for and stop doing behavior we are punished for. For this we use a method developed by Psychologist Thorndike back in the 1920s known as Operant Conditioning. Qualifying ourselves to others isn’t actually something we do lightly. it breaks down that one of the principle methods humans use to learn how to interact with the environment is by punishment and reward. As the aim of this is to get the girl to invest even more it is important that we manage the situation correctly.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Every time someone qualifies themselves to you they are investing into the conversation. If we do something and receive a positive reward or reaction from it.com .

A classic mistake people make is to punish someone for being nice in an attempt at being humorous which unfortunately only serves to “teach” the person to not repeat the behavior. Operant conditioning works hard in hand with qualification as the means by which we continue to build investment with the other person. If they doesn’t qualify themselves to you then you can give a small amount of punishment by moving away or ribbing them for not giving a good enough answer.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons This is an incredibly important piece of information for us if we want to ensure that we don’t give mixed signal to those we interact with.attractionexplained. Be sure that if you do use any form of punishment you must give another way for them to make it up to you or you would be in a negative spiral of emotions where you’ll both end up 82 for more free information please visit www.com . Anytime someone you’re interacting with qualifies themselves to you be sure to reward them with positive body language and verbal affirmations.

Why should I? Seriously. The best way to do this is to ensure you give an immediate way for them to qualify themselves again after any kind of punishment. I’m sure it was more interesting than you think.attractionexplained. 83 for more free information please visit www.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons being mad at each other. Tell me something interesting that you did last week. you didn’t do anything at all interesting? Come on.com . that’s terrible! Tell me something that you did over the weekend.

I can tell you’re very intelligent. who is the most interesting person you have spoken to? 84 for more free information please visit www. Examples of Qualifier Questions Do you always take care of your appearance? What is an interesting thing you have done in the past week? What did you want to be when you were 5 years old? What is the last thing you have done that you have actually enjoyed? Out of everyone in this bar. apart from me. You look like the bad girl.com . You’re the type of girl that always seems up for a fun time.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Examples of Qualifier Statements I love how friendly you are.attractionexplained. You seem to be really independent.

Once you have those traits written down formulate your own questions that can be used to qualify someone based on if they have those characteristics or not. Make a list and think of at least 10 characteristics or traits that you would like in your future mate.attractionexplained. 85 for more free information please visit www. When out in field see how much deep rapport can be built by using qualification.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Practical Applications Qualification and the different types of questions to ask should really be based on you and what you would like your ideal partner to have. Make note of the types of questions that cause that deep rapport.com .

Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Self Assessment Name the two different types of qualification What qualification could be used to help you open easier? What is the point. or reason. behind qualification? What should you do if someone refuses to qualify themselves? After punishing someone for non-compliance to a qualification question what must you do straight away? What chances do you have of generating attraction if you don’t use qualifications? 86 for more free information please visit www.attractionexplained.com .

The easiest way to do this is to talk about sex in the third person and have a justified reason to be doing it. or hypothetical. The two ones we will be concerning ourselves with are Verbal and Kinesthetic. let’s look at verbal sexual escalation.com .Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Sexual Escalation Sexual Escalation comes in a number of different forms.. If I’m going to sleep with someone I’m going to do my best to make sure we’re having good sex. you leave little chance for them to feel awkward. you are attempting to change the conversation onto the subject of sex. I don’t understand why people put up with bad sex. 87 for more free information please visit www. You can either talk about a past experience or discuss theoretically what good sex should be like.attractionexplained. In short. you can simply explain that you were just talking in general. or kino. Essentially you’re seeking to arouse the women’s sexual interest through the use of words. you can see they’re gonna be bad at sex. If you get called out in it.. First. By keeping it about others. Look at that person. by lying her down and gently teasing.

a kiss on the forehead. Then you can escalate this reward to a hug.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons By doing this we can subtly talk about sex and begin to turn the girl on without making things too uncomfortable. 88 for more free information please visit www.com . The more they begin to qualify themselves the more sexual the rewards can become. a kiss on the cheek. Initially you should reward qualification with something simple. The other form of sexual escalation is by using Kino. like a high five.attractionexplained. and slowly but surely more and more sexual situations. If you’ve been kinoing them up to this point you should find it very easy to build up this physical form of sexual escalation. If you’ve been rewarding their investment from qualification with kino it becomes very easy to turn this into a form of sexual escalation. She will get a sense of your sexuality without too intimidated with your forwardness. or touch.

attractionexplained. The more she invests the more you reward with an ever escalating sexual touch until things are very hot and heavy between you both.com . 89 for more free information please visit www.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Bare in mind these are gradual increases used each time you qualify the girl. your interaction with the girl will not and cannot be growing deeper and escalating without having touch between you. As mentioned earlier in the body language section.

Try mentioning sex as early on in the interaction as possible. Start with a high five. While in the qualification stage see how far you can take escalation through kino. 90 for more free information please visit www. often times. Gauge their reaction to see how they respond to it.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Practical Applications Being able to escalate sexually is a skill and. Be sure to start it off slow and then progress it and use the physical affirmations as your chance to escalate. it means being comfortable with yourself and having confidence.com .attractionexplained. then get a full on hug. then move on to a hug around the shoulders.

com .Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Self Assessment What chances do you have of getting a girl if you don’t sexually escalate? What two ways can you escalate sexually? Give 2 different examples of sexual escalation. How can you use qualification to help sexually escalate? At the beginning of qualification what type of kino should be used? 91 for more free information please visit www.attractionexplained.

If you don’t do this you’re likely to get a lot of 92 for more free information please visit www. You’re trying to move the situation to one where just the two of you can be alone and get more intimate with each other. Obviously what we’re looking for is to move towards the first kiss.com .Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Isolating/K-Close Once you’ve managed to build up a healthy amount of sexual tension between yourself and a girl you should be seeking to move things towards some kind of conclusion. If you don’t lead this somewhere the entire situation will eventually die out.attractionexplained. Before this can begin it’s important to perform isolation. Isolation essentially means moving the girl you’re interested in away from any friends either you or her were currently with.

Oh wow. Let’s go to a quieter area so we can talk better. If you’ve done everything up to this point correctly you should find no problem in attempting to move them however. look at those two guys dancing. it never hurts to be prepared with a good explanation for the move. There are a few different ways you can isolate a girl you’re interested in.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons resistance from the girl as she doesn’t want to appear too easy in front of her friends.com . the aim is the same: to develop a justified reason to move into a more secluded area. let’s go get a better look. I can’t hear you. Whichever you decide to use. We have to see that.attractionexplained. 93 for more free information please visit www. Did you see the other room at the back of the bar? Come with me. let’s go check it out.

Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons All of these and hundreds more would all serve to give a reasonable explanation for why you should move to a different area of the venue. One of the easiest methods to do this is to change the sexual escalation from being playing hugs and strokes on her back to being a full hug with a kiss on her forehead. The earliest way to do this is to use a technique that doesn’t leave you open to being caught out if she isn’t ready to go for it herself. This is then escalated to being kisses on her cheeks. you should easily be able to get the kiss. Then it’s time to move for the kiss. Once you have her in a different area you should be building up the sexual escalation further and making use of the triangular gazing you learnt earlier. simply repeat all of the earlier stages and try again. 94 for more free information please visit www.attractionexplained. If you find she isn’t ready for the kiss.com . As long as you haven’t been to obvious about it. then eventually if you can feel she is moving towards you whenever you kiss on the lips.

and continue escalating until you get a proper k-close. Go for a kiss on the forehead.attractionexplained. then a kiss on the cheek.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Practical Applications Give two suggestions for isolation! Example 1: Example 2: Practice escalating your kino to go for the kiss. 95 for more free information please visit www.com . After you have been high fiving and hugging pull her in close.

Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Self Assessment Why do you need to isolate before a close? What should you be doing before going for the kiss? What should you do if she doesn’t go for the kiss? 96 for more free information please visit www.attractionexplained.com .

com . Lead Stand next to a girl and tell her you like her dance moves and begin copying her.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Dance Floor Game  Dance floor game works in the same way as everything else.attractionexplained. She’s likely to be partying with her friends on the dance floor which means that unless you take some kind of serious effort to ensure she keeps dancing once you open her. you’re going to be ruining her fun. She’s likely to be shy or bashful. Remember: Dance. Don’t be fazed by this. Ask her to show you further (comfort). The trick to opening is to build some form of connection. Mirror. You need to build comfort initially. break rapport somehow and eventually qualify and sexually escalate. Simply stay next to her trying 97 for more free information please visit www. The difference is that you can move through the stages a lot faster but you can’t really use much speech.

Girls like dancing and they don’t expect guys to. You can pretty much just stand around keeping rhythm and twirling her and encouraging her to grind on you (sexual escalation). or simply as a fun opener. you can encourage a girl who isn’t currently up and dancing to stand and dance.attractionexplained. 98 for more free information please visit www. Then show her something and get her to mirror you (break rapport by making it a silly move. After all it’s more fun to be up dancing than sitting around. so you’re adding value. The ability to actually dance isn’t important if you can use physical qualification.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons to learn her move.com . This can be used as a way of isolating her. At this point you can lead her into dancing together with you. They just want to dance for you. and qualify by getting their compliance). Let them! Secondly.

attractionexplained. 99 for more free information please visit www. Once she does hold her hand and stand her up into a spin. From then on you can lead her into a dance on the dance floor.com .Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Simply hold out your hand for her to high five you. If she is following your moves and complying to your leadership you should be OK to begin sexual escalation and take it from there.

. piano.. triangle. Your belt makes a great impromptu limbo bar! 100 for more free information please visit www.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Practical Applications Dance floor game is something that you should enjoy and have fun with. Bring back the Cabbage Patch. 70s disco moves. See how others react to the fun moves and get involved like that.attractionexplained. such as a rock concert. If you’re at a different venue.com . Bring out your air guitar and start strumming it casually.. remember. and the sprinkler. Then lock eyes with someone and ask them to join your band. and whatever other instrument you can come up with. Try doing silly moves to engage others instead of being serious. All dance floor game does not need to be done at a night club. If all else fails. dance floor game can still be applied. Include their friends by telling them to play the drums.

where should you take it from there? 101 for more free information please visit www.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Self Assessment How crucial is your dancing ability to perform dance floor game? What are 3 easy steps to use in dance floor game? How can you get involved with a girl who is already dancing? How can you encourage a girl to dance? If a girl is complying to your leadership on the dance floor.com .attractionexplained.

com .attractionexplained. Using your wing to open on your behalf makes the whole process easier and then your wing can actually introduce you to the girl with what we call a DHV. A DHV introduction is where he says something nice about you. or even a mention of just how cool a 102 for more free information please visit www. If it is two guys together they may just be going to the bar for a drink. One guy alone is definitely looking to meet someone. introduction. This may be a reference to your job. or demonstration of higher value. he is going to prove to the room that you aren’t just some lonely guy out on the prowl. You’ll never look weird and alone standing by yourself. to an achievement you’ve had. Secondly. especially if you really like the girl. your wing can be a great tool to actually open a set on your behalf. Firstly.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Wingman Ship  Your wingman is one of the most important assets you can have when you’re out gaming. Sometimes opening can be uncomfortable.

this is probably the most important thing to remember as outlined in the previous example: never ditch your wing. in most situations it makes sense to go in at the same time. Either way. With all the benefits you gain by being with him. A lot of people feel they get more value by going in one at a time. That way it doesn’t look like you ditched your friend to go and talk to some girls. 103 for more free information please visit www. However. providing the person that opens is sure to introduce you correctly. the second you leave they all leave with it. Though be sure to return the favour on the next group! When approaching a group of girls and you aren’t opening for each other you really should be sure to open together.com . you would never leave them high and dry to hang out with other people. it makes the whole process a lot easier for you. This is true. Finally. If you out with some of your real friends.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons guy you are. The same should apply with your wing.attractionexplained.

By developing a good connection and friendship with your wing you’re going to find the whole process of actually going out and talking to girls to be a lot easier.attractionexplained. such as isolation or extraction to a different venue. 104 for more free information please visit www. it is OK to go solo.com . Just make sure that your wing is not on his own without anyone to speak to.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons In the later stages of being with a girl.

com . While in set together a situation might come up where you’re expected to talk about your friendship or how you met. 105 for more free information please visit www.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Practical Applications Make sure that you know your wing on a level other than game. Don’t get caught off guard and have pick up be your only commonality! When going out with your wing practice meeting people and introducing one another.attractionexplained. See how well you do with someone else choosing your target for the evening. Try playing different games with your wing. Have your wing choose someone for you to open and then you choose one for him. See how you can DHV your wing in the introduction and make note of the persons response to that versus a normal and bland introduction.

com .Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Self Assessment What is the purpose of a wing man? What can your wing help you do? What are the consequences of ditching your wing man? Once you have built deep connection with a girl and are ready to isolate. what should you do to keep your wing man comfortable? 106 for more free information please visit www.attractionexplained.

Remember to kino throughout the entire interaction. The goal is to work with your partner to help one another achieve results. opening and hooking. You are expected to go for number closes! At the end of the night record your progress and write down what you did well. you should be sure to have a wing or friend to go out with.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Night Game Organize Wing Groups At this point in the Personal Study Course you should plan to go out to a night venue and practice night game. and how you can improve for next time.attractionexplained. This partner should work alongside you in throughout the night. 107 for more free information please visit www.com . what your sticking points were. The aim here is to practice building social proof. Night Game Begins! Go out in set with your wing groups. As we have just discussed the importance of wingman ship. Once you have comfort established practice breaking rapport and then qualifying.

com .attractionexplained.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons 108 for more free information please visit www.

The reason why we save it for the last day is because up until now you are learning how to be your self possible. fashion and style. You have learned how to be charming. Now we can work on the aesthetic part and help everyone build their own personal style. charismatic. without worrying about appearances. grooming and hygiene. and build connections with people. Health Health is the most important part when thinking of fashion and style. which is essentially how attraction is built. By health we mean personal maintenance.attractionexplained.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Health Fashion & Style  This is the section in the course where we talk about clothes. 109 for more free information please visit www. Your looks will be irrelevant if your hygiene isn't taken care of.com .

Do you do every one of these on a regular basis? Shower every single day! MOISTURIZE!! It will make your skin healthy and smooth. They seem obvious. Below are basic guidelines you should follow to ensure that your personal hygiene is up to par. Do you want a slightly overweight girl who has stubble under her arms. keep you looking young and prevent wrinkles. then expect a girl who doesn't look after herself. hasn't waxed her mustache recently and generally doesn't look after herself? Well.com . but really take a look at yourself and think.attractionexplained.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons If you don't look after yourself. if you are one of those guys who says you are comfortable with how you dress and shouldn't have to change for “some girl” then you are going to get a girl who is comfortable with herself. 110 for more free information please visit www. breath that smells of cigarettes and alcohol.

Make sure you have 2 eyebrows. every day. get them shaped at a salon and then upkeep them yourself by tweezing what grows in. making them more desirable. pubes.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Manscape and get rid of excess body hair. Tweeze the hairs in the middle! If you want them to look extra good (or if they're exceptionally bushy).com . This will help bleach your teeth to a white color. That includes chest.attractionexplained. Work out. Brush twice a day. 111 for more free information please visit www. Take care of your teeth. If your teeth are stained use white strips. but basic workouts are all you need to stay in shape. maintain your body and keep up your energy level. legs and. It doesn't have to be anything major and there is no need to turn yourself into a professional body builder. most importantly.

You should look your best at all times. a difference between being good looking and looking good. however. It is guaranteed that going out wearing a Star Wars t-shirt and sweatpants is not your best self. especially in the pick up and seduction community. that looks don't matter. Wearing board shorts during the day is fine if you are in a beach town where the dress is casual and laid back.com . It's not bout how physically attractive you are.attractionexplained. This is where the personal grooming comes in. it's about doing the best with what you have. That means trying to be your best self possible. but that doesn't mean having to dress to the 9's every single day. Being appropriately dressed is directly related to looking good. If you're on this course it is because you are on the quest for self improvement. That is not true! There is. Those same shorts won't be appropriate during winter in London or while at a wedding reception.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Style and Fashion People often say. 112 for more free information please visit www.

Fashion is something that comes and goes. Your personal style is something that stays with you forever.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Even if you are not in pick-up mode and just want to run to the store to get something. Think back to the past two nights during night game. Women put a lot of time and effort into their appearances even for the little things. Instead of worrying about the latest fashion trend. How many guys were wearing a button-down shirt. you should still be prepared and look your best. It changes every few months and can be hard to keep track of.attractionexplained. if you aren't willing to look your best. so you should too. how many stood out? 113 for more free information please visit www. then expect a woman who doesn't take care of her appearances either. graphic tee. Now out of all those guys. black shoes? Probably 90% of them were.com . It goes back to the beginning. work on your personal style. jeans. One of the most common issues with the way guys dress is that they throw things together just because they work.

Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons The point of this is to help you build a style that is based around your current style. Your clothing is what shapes your body. by Leonardo DaVinci. This can be done by layering clothing. 114 for more free information please visit www. We don’t want to drastically change or alter what you already have going on. We aren't talking about David Beckham or Justin Timberlake. and your style can give you that body type. we just want to sharpen it. then add weight to your top and shoulders. This is the Vitruvian Man. If you have the pear shaped body where your bottom half is fuller. Now let’s take that style and build around it to make it unique to you! The best way to form your personal style is to think of what the ideal man looks like. You probably wear what you have on now because it is comfortable and you feel good in it.attractionexplained. which is what a perfect body type will have. adding a sweater or cardigan. The Vitruvian Man was made in perfect symmetry and proportion.com . we are going way back in time to the perfect male body.

Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons or wrapping a scarf around your neck. so don’t be conformist! Explore. And trying to change your look is a great excuse to talk to women and get their opinion. Think outside the box.com . bulk it up with a belt or chunky belt buckle. If you have broad shoulders but your waist is a bit slim. And don’t go out there spending hundreds of dollars at first. 115 for more free information please visit www.attractionexplained. Experiment. Men always look better with layered clothing so don't be afraid to add a few more items to what you wear normally. There are dozens of different type of styles out there. Find your personal style and then work on building it.

However.com . which makes it easier to get a hold of someone. A text message gives you the comfort of knowing your message is resting in her phone ready for her to reply. It then leaves you in a weird situation in terms of whether you should call her back or not.attractionexplained. You're likely to find you get a much better result from using text messages as they are typically associated with less pressure. you really want to refrain from using the phone as a first point of contact when you first try and contact a girl after a meeting. There is a standard format of text messages that may help you decide what to write. Texts don’t ask for an immediate response. 116 for more free information please visit www. Someone might be too busy to answer the phone call so you may think that they aren't interested.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Phone/Text Game Phone game is very similar to standard game except you obviously can't use touch.

. Give a reference to the last time you were together 3. It's really rare to meet someone as genuine as you. Have you ever been to a daytime nightclub?. huh? Its always nice to meet girls who are actually interesting. Nickname 2.com ... are you really as geeky as you look? What's your view on marshmallows? Who would win in a fight between a rabbit and a smurf? You know. Do you ever go out in London?.. Suggested course of action/Genuine question You know we really should hit that place I spoke of. The party was crazy.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons The format is as follows: 1... Give a suggested course of action/body of the text 4. Nickname Hey Cutie/Pumpkin/Sparkles/Dork Reference to the last time you were together It was so random meeting you last night. I'm curious as to see if you have the 3rd... 117 for more free information please visit www. Random Statement More importantly. Add a random statement to disguise weight of previous sentence and encourage them to reply.. I've seen at least two in you so far. there are three amazing qualities that sets someone apart from others..attractionexplained.

Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons The last part is incredibly important as it gives them a reason to want to contact you. or mirroring the 118 for more free information please visit www. Don’t focus too much on text rules or regulations that you might have heard. otherwise the messages will eventually just begin to die out. A lot of people think you should wait a certain amount of time before contacting them. It is good as an opening text but once messages are being exchanged you can move on to normal conversation of building comfort and being playful. or day 2.com . Be sure to have some resolution for the text messages. From that point on they will read up through the message and respond to each point in turn. Within about three to four messages you want to be sure that you have some kind of goal in mind.attractionexplained. By keeping this area low value and fun it encourages them to reply to it. or escalate it further to a phone conversation. Either set up a meeting for a first date. Most people respond to the last part of any message first. This text message format is not something you should use for each and every text.

Lastly. 119 for more free information please visit www.attractionexplained.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons amount of time it takes for them to contact you. how long after our initial meeting should I wait to contact them? Do it right away! After more comfort has been built a phone call should be easier and not considered too invasive or excessive. the big question everyone asks is. even if that is within a few moments. If they send you a message it does not make you needy or weird to respond at your convenience.com . Concerning yourself with that will just defer the conversation and make it awkward.

120 for more free information please visit www.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Practical Applications A key to remember with text and phone game is that you shouldn’t get stuck waiting for one girl wishing and hoping that they will respond back or return your call. Once they have texted you back transition on to normal conversation and continue from there. Pay attention to the types of responses you get back and see which questions work better than others.attractionexplained. Get an abundance mentality by sending out a mass message to several girls you have number closed. Practice sending out a random statement or funny question to several numbers at once.com . You will find that most girls will text you back so you won’t be waiting around for any single reply.

in general.com . is texting considered easier than calling? What is our four step format for texting? Give your own examples of each! How long should you wait before initially contacting them? 121 for more free information please visit www.attractionexplained.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Self Assessment Why.

The simple trick to working out a good base for a first date. These four categories can stem to an endless list of things to do and merely serve as an example guide. is to keep it low pressure. We have devised a list of four types of ideal day two locations. knowing what to do with it and progressing to physically going out is the hard part.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Day Two’s Once you get a phone number.com . Lunch Happy Hour Coffee/Dessert Activity 122 for more free information please visit www. Any situation where there is not a big emphasis on the date aspect is ideal for taking a girl out for a second encounter. what do you do with it? The number is the easy part. or day two.attractionexplained.

or post-work party.com . or money. Saying. energy. so we know it won’t take forever. when’s your lunch break? Let’s go grab a bite to eat. is something relaxed and not with a lot of pressure.attractionexplained. You can ask them to bring their friends and make it more of a social gathering. Happy Hour People like to go out for the casual and social drink. It is something that can only take so long to do and can be a good distraction from the middle of the day. where most people are free at lunch time. “Hey.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Lunch Everyone has to eat! The great thing about lunch is that it is on a time constraint. 123 for more free information please visit www. Dinner dates usually have to be planned. Happy hour.” can usually work in your favor. It is a lot less pressure than dinner and doesn’t involve as much time. Proposing lunch is the easiest part. It is also under a time constraint. like lunch.

The basic ice cream date can be fun. It is great.attractionexplained. How can we twist the ordinary coffee date to be something more? There are a lot of family owned. but we can also put a spin on that too! Introducing someone to gelato.com . open mic nights. These types are different and will set you apart as a memorable person.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Coffee/Dessert Most people admit that they like taking girls to Starbucks as a quick and easy day two. but can be cliche. again shows our diversity and ability to go for something different. A lot of them include small art galleries.. There are also great chocolate shoppes. fudge stores. alternative option for coffee. crazy flavored teas.. live music. the Italian version of ice cream. nontraditional coffee shops around every city that most people don’t go to anymore. etc. you just have to look for them! 124 for more free information please visit www. and build-your-own sundae stands.

street fairs. Doing an activity with someone will help you get a feel for who they are as a person and what types of personality traits they possess.com . Are they active? Are they up for trying something new? Are they competitive? Will they cheat to win? All of these thoughts that come up can be answered by being interactive with each other. going to the zoo. art or music festivals. Lazer tag. mini golf. Guys and girls alike enjoy doing the silly activities that we used to do. carnivals. 125 for more free information please visit www. often times you will discover things to do right in your own city that most people haven’t bothered to check out. or kite flying are just a few examples of the endless amount of possibilities out there. Keep this rule of thumb in mind: anything that was fun when you were 10 years old is still fun now.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Activity Suggesting an activity is something that will absolutely set you apart from the dinner-and-a-movie guy.attractionexplained. go karts. bowling. Be creative and explore. It’s true.

babysitting your niece.com . 126 for more free information please visit www. It can be as simple as doing your grocery shopping.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Lastly. or baking cookies. an activity doesn’t have to mean going out of your way to plan something. The key is to have something where the two of you can interact in a way that would be difficult to do in a night club or dinner setting.attractionexplained.

com .attractionexplained.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Practical Applications When on a day 2 it is important to remember that the tone of the interaction should be set from the beginning. A simple line like “Ok. you go get the pizza while I get the mini golf” or “I’ll get this round and you can get the next” should be sufficient enough to show that you expect them to contribute but that you aren’t stingy either. Don’t feel as if you should always have to pay for everything on a day 2. You should notice that you won’t be put in the friend zone if you treat them like that. If you are doing an activity and grabbing food feel free to let them pay. When meeting up for a day 2 start off as if she were your girlfriend. Give her a kiss to start and then link her arm in yours as you walk. If when you first meet up all you do is act like good friends then it will be harder to transition the interaction back to attraction. 127 for more free information please visit www.

like coffee.attractionexplained. 128 for more free information please visit www.com . into something extraordinary? Create your own! List four examples of different ideas you can do in your own city or hometown.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Self Assessment What is the number one key for taking a girl on a day two? What are the four types of day two’s mentioned? Why are lunch and happy hour considered convenient? How can you turn something ordinary.

Think about this: what is your success rate on opening? No matter how bad you think you are.com . The more you do something the easier it gets. If on the other hand.attractionexplained. Think of the first time you learnt to drive. it is better than 0.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Confidence & Inner State Confidence comes from Competence. what is your success rate if you never open? You are never going to get a result. the best way of overcoming fear is to go out and actually do it. you can begin to improve and build upon the experience. The more you do something the easier it is. Slowly. How confident did you feel? Do you remember how you got over the fear? Realistically. 129 for more free information please visit www.

How much credibility would you give to a hobo you met on the street who was disapproving of you? Why does an attractive girl deserve more than him? Her value isn't from an external factor. When you are congruent with this qualification comes naturally. Another way to build confidence is to associate it with music that makes you feel good or that reminds you of a specific moment where you have happy feelings. The simple answer is that unless someone truly knows you they have no authority to judge you unless you give it to them. However. Many people like being put up on a pedestal.com .Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Don't give people value before they have earned it. from that position she wont want you to ruin the illusion and see her as anything less so she'll refuse to let you get that close to her. 130 for more free information please visit www.attractionexplained. This will help you get in the mood and build your state to a positive one. Why would you want to talk to a horrible person just because they look good? Learn about someone and then give them value based on how great they are. The higher you judge her to be the higher she will respond. it's down to the amount of value you give her.

attractionexplained.Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Self Assessment What is the only way you will become comfortable with a situation? What is your success rate if you do not open? Under what situation should you give somebody value? What are some good ways that will help you get in to state before going out or while in field? 131 for more free information please visit www.com .

A friend of mine once told me that there was a magic pill to getting good at this.com .Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons Importance of Practicing I spent three months practicing. Good luck on your pick up. relationship and dating endeavors and may you find exactly what it is you are looking for. etc. 132 for more free information please visit www. every single day. The simple fact is. Unfortunately. Active gaming does not mean going out with a few friends and talking about game. Make a decision to go out at least twice a week to do active gaming for a few hours. during lunch. it means actually approaching. Make a plan today of how you'll move forward. 7 hours a day. I still practice for around five hours a day. the more you practice the better you'll get. you have to take it a couple of times a day regularly with water.attractionexplained. while doing everyday errands. Practicing is the only way to improve. Then be sure to practice during all spare moments such as on your way to and from work. four days per week.

Personal Study Course – Adam Lyons 133 for more free information please visit www.attractionexplained.com .

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