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If I miss some notes, it's definitely not because I'm doing my proof at the same time. That would be irresponsible. • Luminosity function ○ How many stars? ○ What is the density of stars?  That have a particular…. □ Mass  Initial mass function  Sal(t)peter Function □ Luminosity  Van Rijn Luminosity Function □ Spectral Class □ Luminosity and Spectral class  2-D Luminosity Function • He's talking about M-Giants, must be important! ○ So big they can be seen halfway across the galaxy. • GV Main Sequence Stars ○ ○ At 21 magnitudes  • Distance Modulus ○ 21.0 Limit of Detection ○ Absolute Magnitude ○ Distance Modulus for average star 15.2 14.4 13.6 8.0 65% 97% 99.7% Jebus M,K,G A,B

The beep you heard At this point in the video Was my mother playing Scrabble with me. She apologizes...

Not sure if you can hear that, A car alarm is going off. Annoying...

• We use M giants in other galaxies. ○ That is very cool ○ Good thing you'll be back for that class ○ Seriously though, nice • TRGB ○ Tip of the Red Giant Branch ○ Don't actually need to know this, just neat, you know? • RR Lyrae ○ Period of 24 Hours RR ○  Not in the disk ○ • Terms to know, that I missed the definition for: ○ Magnitude Limited ○ Volume Limited

In Milky Way

Towards Galactic Pole


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