Dear Conference Planners: We are writing to applaud your courage for hosting the conference on the One State

Solution in Palestine/Israel at Harvard. As an organization committed to the furthering of justice, democracy, and human rights for the peoples of Israel and Palestine, we encourage a wide and respectful debate on the best approach to achieving this goal. While Jewish Voice for Peace takes no position on the issue of the One State Solution, we very much support your creation of a free and open academic space to discuss the difficult issues that confront anyone who cares about justice, democracy, and human rights in Palestine/Israel. While anti-Semitism must be combated in all forms, too often fears of anti-Semitism lead to unjust quelling of legitimate debate and academic bullying. As an organization of Jews committed to combating Israel’s illegal military occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, we have seen too many times the intimidation that can be targeted at those who question the status quo of Middle East politics. Jewish academics have had their careers ruined for condemning Israeli oppression and Jewish Voice for Peace has been banned from campus Hillel Houses. Like Buber and the many Jewish leaders before us who were ostracized for questioning the majority opinion, we strongly believe freedom to raise new ideas is what is best for the Jewish people and for all peoples. So, too, do we expect that you will encounter numerous threats, accusations, and denunciations of this important conference by those who equate the One State Solution with the destruction of the Jewish people. Perhaps people will claim, wrongly, that the organizers of such a conference must be anti-Semitic. Perhaps they will suggest, again wrongly, that any discussion of the One State Solution is tantamount to calling for the destruction of Israel. We hope that you will remain strong in the face of such unfounded criticisms. Far from being condemned, you should be congratulated for taking on serious discussion of one such difficult and controversial topic, the One State Solution, in an academic setting wherein these issues can be pursued with rigor, clarity, thoughtfulness, and fair-mindedness. Thank you for your important work on this subject. Sincerely,

Jewish Voice for Peace Boston

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