APPENDIX M – Medical Abbreviations and Symbols List

Welcome to the new abbreviation and symbol list. This is not a complete listing of medical abbreviations or symbols, but contains commonly found abbreviations used in Adult Care Home and In Home Service settings. Abbreviation a ac abd AD ADL ad lib AKA amb ama, AMA AMI ANS appt ARDS AROM AS AVR AV ASAP ASHD BID, bid BKA BM BP BPH BR or br BSC BUN Bx or BX c c/o C1 , C2 Ca, CA caps CAD CAT or CT scan cath Meaning before before meals abdomen Alzheimer’s disease; right ear activities of daily living as desired above the knee amputation ambulation (walk) against medical advice, American Medical Assoc. acute myocardial infarction autonomic nervous system appointment adult respiratory distress active range of motion left ear; aortic stenosis aortic valve replacement atrioventricular (heart) as soon as possible arterisosclerotic heart disease twice in the day below knee amputation bowel movement blood pressure benign prostatic hypertrophy (enlarged prostate gland) bath room bed side commode, a “portable potty chair” blood urea nitrogen (a lab test) biopsy with complaints of refers to cervical vertebra #1, #2, a location in the spine cancer capsule with medication in it coronary artery disease (heart disease) computerized axial tomography ( CAT scan of the body) catheter (a tube used to drain out body fluid)

NC DSS Adult and Family Services Section, November 1, 1998

nose. cardiac catheterization coronary care unit coronary heart disease congestive heart failure central nervous system continued chronic obstructive pulmonary disease carbon dioxide cardiopulmonary resuscitation chest xray chronic renal failure (kidney failure) cerebral vascular accident cardiovascular disease cardiovascular system cystoscopy per day discharge discontinue decubitus ulcer (pressure sore. 1998 . EKG EEG e. electroshock therapy ethanol (alcohol) fasting blood sugar (a lab test) follow up fever of unknown origin fracture gastric tube (a tube in the stomach) gall bladder gall bladder series (a type of xray of the gut) NC DSS Adult and Family Services Section. throat estrogen replacement therapy estimate. DTs ECG. COPD CO2 CPR CXR CRF CVA CVD CVS cysto /d DC or D/C dc decub DJD DM DOA DOB Dx drsg DSD DT. dead on arrival date of birth diagnosis dressing dry sterile dressing delirium tremens (“the shakes” from alcohol withdrawal) electrocardiogram electroencephalogram (measurement of electric brain activity) example ears. bedsore) degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis) diabetes mellitus (diabetes) date of admission.Medical Abbreviations and Symbols. EST ETOH FBS F/U FU FUO Fx G tube GB GBS coronary arterial bypass graft complete blood count ( a blood test) chief complaint. November 1. ENT ERT est. page 2 CABG CBC CC CCU CHD CHF CNS cont.g.

or at bedtime height history intake and output ( amount of fluid taken in and urine output) intermediate care facility intensive care unit incision and drainage (when a scalpel is used to cut & drain a boil) insulin dependent diabetes mellitus intramuscular injection intravenous intravenous pyelogram ( a type of xray of the kidneys and bladder) left refers to the lumbar section of the spine laboratory liquid left lower quadrant lumbar puncture (spinal tap) licensed practical nurse lower right quadrant left upper quadrant left ventricle maximum medications myocardial infarction (heart attack) moderate magnetic resonance imaging mitral stenosis. November 1. multiple sclerosis. 1998 . or home health aide water hour of sleep. (both are blood cell measurements) home health agency. musculoskeletal mitral valve replacement no complaints nasogastric (tube) L lft lt L1.Medical Abbreviations and Symbols. hs ht Hx hx I&O ICF ICU ID IDDM IM inj IV IVP gonorrhea gastroesophageal reflux disease (a severe recurrent heartburn disorder) genitourinary drops gynecology hemoglobin. page 3 GC GERD GU gtts gyn hgb hct HHA H2O HS. NGT NC DSS Adult and Family Services Section. L2. L3 lab liq LLQ LP LPN LRQ LUQ LV max meds MI mod MRI MS MVR N/C NG. hematocrit.

r. every 4 hours every night (hour of sleep) four times a day quadriplegic ( arms and legs paralyzed) right q qam qd qod qh q2h. p. q3h. every 3 hours. November 1. 1998 . page 4 NIDDM noc norm NPO NSAID nsg OA OBS occ OD OOB OS OU orth ortho os OV O2 p P PA Pap path pc.c. PROM PO po pt PVC PVD ph pH non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus night normal nothing by mouth nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug nursing osteoarthritis organic brain syndrome occasional right eye. p.Medical Abbreviations and Symbols. opening.n. mouth office visit oxygen after pulse physician assistant pap smear ( a lab test) pathology after meals physician’s desk reference (a drug handbook) physical exam as needed or required passive range of motion my mouth patient premature ventricular contraction peripheral vascular disease hydrogen ion concentration ( a measure of the acidity of a substance) every every am every day every other day every hour every 2 hours. PDR PE pe prn. overdose out of bed left eye both eyes orthopedic bone. q4h qhs qid quad R. rt NC DSS Adult and Family Services Section.

u/a urine analysis NC DSS Adult and Family Services Section. pulse. t/o TPR tsp TUR. a tablet of medication. page 5 RA re: rbc. TURP Tx right atrium about or regarding red blood cell regular respiration or breaths right lower quadrant registered nurse rule out range of motion right upper quadrant right ventricle treatment without sinoatrial node sublingual meaning under the tongue small short of breath status post (status post an “event” . sp gr s & s. s/s staph stat STD strep subq. s/p MI. subc symp. s/p CVA. November 1. s/p spec spec grav. respiration (the measurement of these 3 things) teaspoon measurement transurethral resection (prostate gland surgery in men) treatment U/A. T3 tab TB THR TIA tid TKR T/O. r/o ROM RUQ RV Rx. s/p GI bleed) specimen specific gravity (urine test) signs and symptoms staphylococcus immediately sexually transmitted disease streptococcus subcutaneous symptom temperature refers to the thoracic section of the spine tablet.Medical Abbreviations and Symbols. 1998 . a round pill tuberculosis total hip replacement transient ischemic attack three times a day total knee replacement telephone order temperature. RBC reg resp RLQ RN R/O. RX s SA sl sm SOB S/P. Sx T T1. T2.

not. wbc W/C WNL w/o wt w/u x y/o yr upper respiratory infection urinary tract infection venereal disease verbal order vital signs (temperature. 1998 . page 6 URI UTI VD VO. v/o vs.Medical Abbreviations and Symbols. v/s WBC. pulse and respiration measurements) white blood cell wheel chair within normal limits without weight work up times years old year Commonly Used Symbols é increase approximately at greater than positive and equal to male one of something ê decrease number degree less than negative nothing. none not equal to female 2. & = # o < Ø (dss. November 1. 3 of something ~ @ > + +.abrvlist/98) NC DSS Adult and Family Services Section. VS.

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