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How to Dispel Vaastu-Faults Without Breakage (Wear and Tear) Nine Practical Remedies (Curative Methods)

Vastu is an Art
Vastu Vidya is one of the most valuable treasures. The word vastu means to dwell and vidya means science, so Vastu Vidya is the sacred science related to designing and building houses. The classical literature on Vastu is vast and scattered. Vishwakarma Vastu Shastra, Mandana Sutradhar, Samarangana Sutradhar, Mayamatam, Brihat Samhita, several of the Puranas and Agamic work deal with the subject in great detail. Vastu Shastra is directed at harmonising external space with the internal space within man. Vastu aims to restore the balance between the home that is the microcosm and the cosmos that is the macrocosm, bringing health, wealth and happiness. According to Vastu, the external and the internal are interchangeable, such as wind or fire, are the same as those that control the organs of the human body. Vastu states that when buildings and forms echo the underlying cosmic principles, they become a part of the basic structure of the universe and vibrate in harmony with it. These positive vibrations have a direct effect on the inhabitants. They found that various energies that run around us in a particular pattern could be harnessed such that they resonated positively with the individual being or the people residing in the building to make their lives meaningful and harmonious. Vastu contains the hidden key to realigning the home with cosmic principles such as solar energy, the movement of the celestial spheres, the magnetic field of earth, gravity and the influence of the moon and sun. It offers a holistic approach to the design and layout of houses. Vastu Shastra advice should be solicited while selecting a plot or a house, while building a house or while carrying out any renovations, additional construction, expansion, restructuring of the house, shop or office. Vastu corrections can be helpful if you are facing problems like low sales, low profits, disputes, accidents in your office, factory or shop, or when you are facing problems like ill-health, marital problems, poor career growth and disturbances of family peace in your house. The science of Vastu can be helpful even for these people by making simple corrections and changes in the interiors of the house leading to better energy flow and positivity in the house. Vastu is for the betterment of mankind and brings love, peace, prosperity and contentment within a household. Vastu is much more relevant today than it was ever before. Traditional medical disciplines like Ayurveda lead to kaya kalpa, transformation of body, yoga and meditation lead to mana kalpa, the transformation of mind and Vastu Shastra shows the way to bhagya kalpa, the transformation of fortunes.

Remedies and Solutions
Vastudosha is a flaw or deficiency in the known characteristics of the eight directions. Remedial Vastu or corrective measures for any Vastu faults should be attempted only after a proper understanding of the fundamental rules of Vastu Shastra. The remedial can be divided into those applying to different stages of construction and can be implemented at either pre-construction stage or at post-construction stage. At the pre-construction stage, the measures can be to rectify inauspicious shapes, slopes and depressions in the plot, observing proper pre-construction rituals, overcoming obstructions faced before construction or while construction. Strictly followed, Vastu Shastra forbids demolitions/alterations or structural changes once the construction of a house is complete, deeming them to be a mutilation. At the post-construction stage, the corrective measures can be in the form of building additional structures, increasing the height of the building in relevant sectors, relocating the main entrance, etc. to balance the flow of energies in and around a structure. The measures at this stage also involve tackling obstructions and vedhas to the main entrance, Interior planning and proper distribution of elements in the interiors. In addition, the use of astrological remedies like mantra, yantra and planting of auspicious trees and herbs around the building can yield positive results. In many cases. People’s may be rich, living in a big house, but peace, happiness and good health elude them. The house they live in may be big, opulent and full of expensive things, but the usage is improper. At times a change in fortunes happens when people carry out changes, renovations and extensions in the existing house or buy additional land adjacent to their property. Depending on the direction in which extensions are carried out the change can be for the better or for worse. As a rule, all extensions towards south, south-west, west, southeast or north-west of your site are considered inauspicious. Buy any additional land, which is to your north, east, or north-east. At times you by a Vastu-perfect site or house but over a period of time, the area surrounding your house changes. A changing city or neighbourhood affects your fortunes. A tall building that comes up on your east blocks out sunlight. A nearby slum or a new temple on the same road as yours can spoil the vastu of your home. Suddenly increased traffic because of the road outside your house being connected to the main road, noise, smoke, blocked drains or shrinking parking space around your house, all affect the vastu of your home. Sometimes a rising road in front of your house or shop can bring bad results. Over the years, roads are re-metalled so many times that their level becomes higher than the house or shop. The elevation of the

road can make the house look sunken. Most of the times this is very unlucky because Vastu Shastra says that land before a house or workplace should slope towards north and west facing plots and houses, Similarly, a newly constructed flyover in front of your office, shop or house can spoil your vastu as it blocks sunlight and air. In certain cases like these, extreme measures like shifting home or workplace are the only options available. In certain cases, you may not have any control over any changes in your neighbourhood environment. Fortunately, in most of the cases such extreme steps as selling off your house or property are not required. As mentioned earlier, Vastu followed rigidly does not allow alteration or structural changes after the construction is complete as it is considered a mutilation. In the modern context also, structural changes are resorted to only in extreme cases. A Vastu expert does not recommended demolitions when easy and practical changes can bring about necessary balance and harmony in a structure. Simple remedies like changing the seating arrangement, opening a window, changing an entrance or shuffling rooms between the family members can bring about positivity, happiness and prosperity in a household.

Form (Size or Shape) of a Plot
Square plot: It imparts wealth, prosperity and well-being.

Rectangular plot: (Spoon-shaped wide and Equi-angular plot). It also imparts wealth and prosperity.

Circular plot:

(Round-shaped) it imparts well-being.

Rectangular plot: (Spoon-shaped oblong and Equi-angular plot). Imparts wealth prosperity and well-being.

It causes Triangular plot: (Plot having three corners-Triangular plot). It is an Cart-shaped plot: It is an inauspicious plot. beneficial. apnaghar. making the owner to run from pillar to post and plot: (Six cornered plot). (Octagon-having eight corners). If dispels ill-omens and is Wheel-Shaped plot: troubles. inauspicious and causes losses to the .

It also renders the plot owner destitute. Hand fan shaped plot: (Such plot resembles form of a hand fan).Double and Reversed Cart-shaped plot: (It resembles as if two carts are joined together in the reverse side). It makes the owner run hither and thither. does not let him enjoy everlasting and is ominous. Trapezium plot: (A Thatch-shaped plot that sieves grains). It destroys place and prosperity. and is an ominous plot. It Bow-shaped plot: (Resembling like a bow).in . apnaghar. renders the plot owner destitute.

Mridanga shaped plot: (An Indian musical instrument resembling a drum). It is an ominous plot leaving the owner in mid-stream a state of .Semi-circular plot: (Resembling half the portion of a circle).co. The owner is rendered hollow like a drum from within. apnaghar. Tambourine-shaped plot: (Resembling Indian musical instrument Tabla). It also renders the owner hollow as in a Tabla shaped plot.

Acute and Obtuse Angles Qtadrangular (Four Cornered) Plots A plot extending to North-West is . Entrance Crow-beak shaped Acute & Obtuse Angled Quadrangular Any plot extending towards South-East is Vaayavaya N W S A plot tapered towards South is ominous. N W E E S Agneya apnaghar.

in . N Ishanya Ishanya E W S E A tapered plot on North-West side. N W S A plot extended towards North-West and also toward South-East is N W S E Agneya Ishanya E apnaghar. N W S A plot extending to North-East is also ominous.A plot extended towards with East is ominous. even if reduced in an angular form is auspicious.

N W S Nairitya Diagonal plots which are situated at 90º angles. N W S Nairitya A plot extending towards South-West is also . N 90º W 90º S 90º S 90º E W N E E E even if curved. are ominous.A plot tapered on south-West direction is ominous.

co. length of the plot should not be more than twice its breadth. polygonal and other odd shapes may constantly lead one into some problem or the other. commercial or industrial. whether residential. For rectangular plots. 90º 90º 90º 90º • • 90º 90º 90º 90º Square and Rectangular Plot . It is considered the womb and the structure above grows on it. The site is a living. breathing organism. has soil of good quality. Avoid irregular shapes as far as possible. porous or marshy soil is not good for construction. close your eyes and concentrate on your thoughts and feeling calmly. land (kshetra) is the basic requirement and utmost care should be taken in its selection. Plots with round. While selection of a plot of land given below. • • Land with low soil density. of sweet smell and taste and not sandy or hollow. is considered very auspicious for construction. Land which is fertile. The strength and weakness of the site have long lasting effects on the structure and the inhabitants.Selection of Land Any Building. Stand at the centre of the site. A land emitting positive. Square and rectangular plots are best. triangular. Land which emits positive vibrations is good. peaceful and energising feeling and thoughts should be purchased.

Irregular Plots • • In case you possess land which is irregular in shape. Big Plot Small Plot Big Plot Avoid buying a smaller plot between two bigger plots avoid buying land that is to the south-west. south. If you already own a plot of land and are considering buying additional land. NW W SW N NE E Unfavourable extensions Favourable extensions S SE Favourable and Unfavourable Extensions Extensions are good in north. then Vastu corrections must be carried out before construction. circle or oval and other irregular shapes. east and north-east directions . • Avoid purchasing a smaller plot in between two bigger plots.• Avoid plots in the shape of triangle. west and south-east of your plot.

NW NE Slope SW Slope of Land • • SE Avoid proximity to religious places. N ···· ··· ·· ··· ··· ·· · North-east Extension • North and east-facing plots are considered good for residential purposes. Also avoid sites near burial grounds and cemeteries.• The plot should have slope towards north or east or north-east to ensure all-around prosperity and health. Road Road North and East-facing Plots Sites with a growth towards north-east are . factories and places with a high noise level.

• West-facing plots are good for commercial purposes. Road N Road North-east Corner Plot . N Road South facing Plot • North-east corner sites are best. N Road West-facing Plot • South-facing plots are considered good for commercial establishments dealing in food and entertainment . A temple in tress. borewells. Some of these roads have positive and some have negative energies. Big constructions. have to be carefully analysed. in south and west of the plot or building are good. River/Stream in north and east are good. underground water tank in south. • • • • • • apnaghar. wells.• Gomukhi plots are good for residential purpose but not as commercial plots. borewell. Road purposes but Sher-mukhi Plot • Plots which have thrusting roads. Underground water sources like wells. south-west and south-east are inauspicious. underground water tanks are auspicious in north-east only. The flow should be from south to north or from west to east. i. Water sources. mountains. side or back of the plot is inauspicious especially if its shadow falls on the plot or building. roads which are pointing at the plot. No high-tension wire should pass above the plot. Road Gomukhi Plot • Sher-mukhi plots are good for commercial inauspicious for residential purposes.

These are called vidisha plots. Vidisha plots can be balanced in case other factors related to selection of a plot like direction. south and west. open well or protruding corner of another house or building should not be directly opposite the site or house. viz. east. Road N • • • W S Property Oriented Plot E Road N W S E Vidisha Plot apnaghar. Vastu advocates that caution be exercised in purchasing corner sites. Always go in for a plot which is oriented to the cardinal .• Vedha like big Avoid plots which are not oriented towards the cardinal directions. Even though corner sites are preferred and are sold at a premium. surroundings and quality of soil. Sites with roads on the north and east are best. are favourable. Construction should be parallel to the boundaries of the plot. north. electronic poles.

co. Road T-junction Road Y-junction T-junction / Y-junction Plot .• Plots which face a T-junction or Y-junction are considered inauspicious. as these roads point at the plot with lot of concentrated energy.

bones. apnaghar. Check the centre. Remove to find land which is hundred per cent Vastu-perfect. Sandy or Inferior Quality Soil The presence of animal wastes like bones. hairs and other inauspicious objects indicate unsuitable soil conditions.Selection of Land Remedies and Solutions In case you have already purchased a plot of land and want to construct on it. it is recommended to dig up and remove all the soil to a depth of 5 ½ to 6 feet and refill with big stones and good quality soil. You must analyse the property from all angles and then decide whether to reject or purchase it. A decision regarding the purchase of land should be based on the cumulative assessment of all the merits or demerits of the plot. or in case you are facing problems with the existing plot of . the owner gets embroiled into numerous problems and disputes. if not possible. after the purchase of a plot of land. See if you can find hair. south and south-west of the plot you have purchased for any Vastu faults like pits and depressions. retill the land and perform Vastu Shanti Pujan in a good Muhurtha before starting construction work again. The following remedies can help wherever Vastu doshas do exist. thoroughly till the land in the traditional way using plough and cattle. Always remember that in today’s times it may be difficult. Porous. nails and other negative things in the soil. slow pace of construction work or obstruction of work for no valid reason. Soil condition is also considered bad if vermin and termites are present in the soil as these make the soil hollow. Get the pits in these areas filled up and level the plot. Problems and Disputes after Buying a Property At times. If it is essential to construct on such a land. Problems in Construction In case you face problems before construction of land like undue delays.

Plots with inauspicious extensions. According the Vastu. then you need to negate the negative energies. the karma of the previous occupants linger. Performing a Vastu shanti Pujan is highly beneficial. Every property has a history which stays with the space long after the occupants have gone. reductions or cuts need to be rectified and balanced as per the following guidelines. apnaghar. Obstruction in Front of the Plot Vedha like a temple. History of the House / Plot Very often people buy houses and other properties without investigating the history of the occupants and the actual reason for sale. south-west and centre filled up with good quality soil. avoid placing the main entrance of the house exactly in front of the obstruction. electrical poles. Burning mustard oil diyas near the doors and windows consumes the negative aura and is highly recommended. Faulty Shape of Plot According to Vastu. get the pits in south. premature deaths. you must find out the quality of life led by the previous owner as you would be living in the same aura and vibrations. In case of any obstruction in front of the site. you should avoid purchasing property which has been put under a distress sale or where perpetual sickness. south and south-west are also considered very bad. big trees. square or rectangular plots are considered best for residential or commercial purposes. It can be done by letting a cat inside the house. Land sloping towards south and west is inauspicious. level the plot or have the site sloping towards north or .Faulty Slope of Land Sites sloping towards east and north are considered auspicious and give all round prosperity and health. open well or protruding corner of another plot should not be in front of the site. In case you want to construct on such a land. Therefore. Remember. which can lead you to a similar fate. followed by wiping the floors with In case the property you intend to buy has proved unlucky for the earlier occupants. Sites with depressions and pits in the centre. bankruptcy or any other disaster has prevailed.

N Road Cut in NE and NW Separate as per the dotted line so that three separate plots Make the main entrance in south of . N Road Cut in NE and NW Separate as per the dotted line so that two separate plots emerge. Make the main entrance in south of south-east. Road Road Cut in NW and SW apnaghar.

co. N SE Extended ESE and Cut in ENE Plots extended in east of south-east have unfavourable results like disputes. heavy expenses.Separate the western portion as per dotted line. The negative effects are litigation. undue expenditure and defame. Plots with south of south-east extensions are bad. N Extended SSE and Cut in SSW apnaghar. Another option would be to buy additional land in the north-east portion so that the plot becomes rectangular. A’ A B’ B D C’ Cut in NE C Separate as per dotted line and make the plot rectangular either as A’ B’ C’ D’ or A B C . Separate the extended portion as per the dotted line. Separate the extended portion as per the dotted line. losses and ill-health. Make the entrance in east of north-east.

defamation. loss of vehicles and poverty. Separate extended portion as per the dotted line. Separate the extended portion as per the dotted line. N Extended SSW and Cut in SSE Plots with extensions in west of south-west are inauspicious as they lead to loss of wealth and disputes.Plots with extensions in south of south-west give financial losses. N Extended WSW and Cut in WNW Plots with extensions in west of north-west are inauspicious as they lead to fear from enemies and fear from authority. Separate the extended portion as per dotted line. loss of health and . N Extended WNW and Cut in WSW

it is advisable to rectify as per the dotted . disputes and increase of enemies. Rectify to make a square or rectangular shape. Separate the extended portion as per either of the dotted lines. Separate the extended portion as per the dotted line.Plots with extensions in north of north-west are unfavourable with effects such as financial N Cut in SW If cut in north-west corner extends the north-east but extends west also. The inmates suffer due to physical and mental disorders. theft. N Cut in SE A cut in south-west corner is very inauspicious. apnaghar. N Extended NNW and Cut in NNE A cut in south-east leads to marital tension and clashes.

For example. This will make the plot square or . if the area to be cut off is in south or west make a store room there or plant heavy trees. Rectification of Triangular Plot To minimise the inauspicious results because of unfavourable extensions in the plot. Avoid buying a triangular plot or rectify it such that the plot becomes square or rectangular. In case the cut off portion is in north or east use it for open parking or have a small lawn or fountain there. construct a wall of about four feet from the ground to separate the extended portion as shown by the dotted lines in the above illustration. The cut off area can be used differently depending on its location.N Cut in NW Triangular plots are inauspicious as they generate negative energy and are problematic.

is always under stress. This will repel the negative energy directed at the site. Compound walls where these roads meet the plot should be thick and high.Roads Thrusting into A Site Roads which thrust into a site at either east of south-east/south of south-west/west of south-west or north of north-west are considered inauspicious. Construct a C-shaped wall (C pointing towards the thrusting road) at least three feet high from the ground where the inauspicious roads meet the plot. in such cases. The owner. • • • . This type of plot is very difficult to rectify and should not be purchased. To overcome the negative effects of inauspicious roads which point straight at a site the following points can be kept in mind: • Compound doors should not be constructed at the place where inauspicious roads meet the Road WNN N Road WSW SSW Road ESE Road Inauspicious Veethi shoolas Sites with roads thrusting from all these directions are very inauspicious. Construct the main door only in prescribed grids.

Separate or sell the portion as per the dotted line. Entrance for this shop or small office can be from outside. N Shop ESE Veethi shoola .• The space or the corner of the plot where these roads meet the plot can be separated from the main building to make a shop or an office.

with red soil. According to Brahmayaamal and ‘Narpatijayacharyaswarodaya’ books.Examination of Land Which means that the land that is studded with good smell is Brahmanic. According to sages of yore. protruded (raised up) towards South or West side. heavy grass and It is green with green . neighing like horses and roars of animals. (1) (3) (5) (7) (9) (11) (13) Odare Poorna Land Kolapuri Silindhra Khshetrapali Rudralloo Niramaya (2) (4) (6) (8) (10) (12) (14) Jalandhari Kamaravya Ekbeera Mahamari Vanshakha Kalanah Level Jayalakhshmi apnaghar. sourish and with long reed. it can be deduced that earth is of four types viz. devoid of sharp objects and bones where seeds don’t get dehydrated. bound by rivine boundary. with liquorous odour. replete with live stock. Vaishya Land : Shudra Land and consists Such land is red. Vaishya and Shudra. the best form of land is that which is white (red coloured) yellow. that which smells like blood is khshatriya. is uniform in colour. Brahmani. Brahmani Land: It consists of pleasing smell whose soil is white in appearance. has sweet water and sacrificial grass. : It is black soiled land. food grains and gives out lotus smell. Khshatriya. land has been classified into following types on the basis of Ayan. divested of pebbles and rind. fragrant. which smells like food grains Vaishya and the one that spirituous liquor is Shudra? So. is better of all types of consists of six types of taste. Khshtriya Land: alkaline.

(15) (17) (19) (21) (23) (25) (27) (29) (31) (33) (35) (37) (39) (41) (43) (45) (47) (49) (51) (53) (55) (57) (59) Mahalakhshmi Vijaya Bala Chandi Bhumbhuka Shardali Tanvi Maheshwari Shiva Dhoomra Varaatika Matasari Mrita Khshamakhya Prahraa Naarhari Bhoori Khechari Draadashi Trailokya Vijaya Kaalapaasha Vadhva Aparaajita Vaamlochi (16) (18) Jaya Bhairvi (20) Yogeshwari (22) (24) (26) (28) (30) (32) (34) Yaam Kartari Shinghali Mathamaya Devakoti Shakti Mana (36) Trimunda (38) Dharma (40) Srishti (42) Durabhi (44) Gauri Kaali (46) Balaa (48) Grihaa (50)Kevalaa (52) Vishti (54) Karaalika (56) Badhadaadwi (58) Raudari (60) Shishu .

(61) (63) (65) (67) (69) (71) (73) (75) Maatang Dahani Vaayuv Kapaalika Chandra-Surya Raashi Raahukalanal Trikal (62) (64) (66) Varga Amedhya Jitaa (68) Analaaneelaa (70) Grah (72) Lagna (74) Swara (76) RikashRahu .co.

• • • • • • • . then north-west and lastly north-east. i. The construction will proceed at a faster speed in a plot cleansed and purged as per Vastu Shastra. Care should be taken to dig the well or tank in such a manner that energy lines do not cross the well or the water body. underground water tank or pond or a swimming pool should preferably be placed in the north of north-east. then north-west sector. Construction should begin after proper Vastu Pujan and offerings to the site deities are made. Pits.Construction Observance of pre construction rituals and cleansing of soil by Vastu Pujan is necessary to get rid of any negative energies accumulated in the plot of land.e. borewell. Digging of the soil for laying the foundation should be in the following order: north-east sector. thereby saving both time and money. then south-east and then south-west sector. depressions and wells located in inauspicious portions of the site should be filled up and land surface should be levelled. The first digging of land should be done either by the master of the house and / or the chief mason at an auspicious time set by a learned astrologer. first south-west sector. efficient and speedy construction process. • • Prepare the site as per Vastu Shastra before commencing construction. Laying of the foundation should be in the reverse order. As per Vastu Shastra any structural changes and demolition are considered a mutilation once construction is complete. Compliance to the following rules of construction as per Vastu Shastra can help in reducing a lot of problems later on as well as help in a safe. then south-east. A or if any member is seriously ill. A water source on the site should be dug as soon as the proper prayers are performed. Clean the site of all inauspicious objects. Construction activity should not be started if any female member of the family is in her sixth or above month of pregnancy.

in .co.N ·· Main Building W ····· ····· ··· This zone should E be avoided for digging well S N N W E W E S S N N W E W E S S Recommended Positions for Digging Well apnaghar.

Demolition of old houses should start from north-east and demolished materials should be deposited only in south or west portion of the site. Best house are always situated inside a compound and not on the side of the• A water body or source should be in the east or north-east of the plot. stone. Every night lighting a bulb on the highest point of the construction. should be placed in the south-west of the plot. Flooring of the house should be in such a way that it facilitates flow of water from south-west to north-east. will symbolically raise the energy. etc. Old/Used material can be used while renovating the house. Sanitary pipes and fittings should be placed in the north-west corner of the plot. bricks. stones. It can finish the construction in record time. The building material. which should be south always. and used wood (used door and window frames) should not be used in construction of a new house. • • • • • • • • • • apnaghar. The steel reinforcement bars should be stored in the west. north-east or south-west corners of the plot. Secondhand building material like bricks. Having a water body in the south-east or south of the house can cause damage to the child or wife of the owner. The septic tank should not be in the south-east. iron. All the four sides of a building should have a fencing wall. Pit for the septic tank should be in the north of north-west or west of north-west only. The trenches for the walls should be dug from north to south and east to west. The north-east corner of the outer wall of the house or of a compound wall should not be rounded. Use new construction material for a fresh construction. sand. Have the compound walls on the south and west higher and thicker then the north and east . An underground water tank in the south-west can be fatal to the head of the family.

it leads to financial losses and disputes amongst partners. fame and prosperity to the residents.• The main building should be constructed in the south-west of the plot leaving more open space in north and east. South-west should be higher than north-east for all-round prosperity and good health. wall. South side of the building should always be higher than the north. Leaving more open space in south and west side of the house can effect the male members adversely. beams. columns. Ancient works on Vastu identify certain vulnerable points (marmasthan) in the site and any construction. A lower west leads to problems to and from children. . Heavy objects. This gives good health and prosperity to the residents. The depression in south portion of the building restricts growth. monuments and public places can have uniform height in all directions. A higher north-east causes severe ill health and loss of prosperity for the besides creating financial problems. More open space in north or east gives name. Depression in south-west can result in serious illness to the residents. wells. pegs and nails are prohibited on these sensitive • • • • apnaghar. palaces. Religious places. whereas depression in north-west causes enmity and litigation. whereas in a factory. South North Building Building West East • • Relative Height of Building in Different Directions • West portion of the building should be higher than the east for favourable growth of children. In case the north is higher than the south it results in ill health and losses. The central portion or brahmasthan should not be depressed. lifts and toilets are totally prohibited in the brahamasthan. conference halls.

south-east or the centre be sunken or lower than the level in north-east.points. Balconies or terraces should be in north and east sides. More windows should be kept towards north and east side of the Careful handling of marmasthans while constructing can avoid lot of problems later on. garage. Under no circumstances the rooms in south-west. Some modern scholars believe that to strengthen . the south-west room should be higher. The structure itself can be at least two feet above the ground level. To let in sufficient air and light. It is always better to build both the compound floor and the structure above the road level. This is two safeguard against any rise in road level over the years by frequent remetalling of the road. Split levels are not recommended by ancient works on Vastu. etc. at least 30 percent of house walls should have doors and windows. The foundation for the compound floor should be at least two feet above road level. portico. • • • • • apnaghar. by taking the support of the compound wall or main building in north-east. south-east or the north-west directions. • There should be no construction of outhouse.

By establishing the earth element in the south-west direction. following remedies and corrections can be effective: • • • • • Avoid any openings like doors and windows towards the south The floor of this construction should be higher than the main building.Construction Remedies and Solutions In case you find that your house or workplace has certain Vastu faults and is giving bad results. Construct an additional structure towards south-west. the positive energies of north-east are boosted due to the enhanced gravitation in the . Plant heavy and big trees as per Vriksha-Vichar. you can remedy the situation by having additional construction. For example.e. Leave less open space towards south and west directions. beneficial for ecology and environment can also be used in correcting Vastu-dosha. The beneficial trees as per Vastu Shastra can be used to provide balance and heaviness to faulty sectors. To offset the faults in the construction in case of big margins in south and west directions or higher construction in north and east. auspicious trees for each direction as per Vastu Shastra. i. Vastu lays great emphasis on leaving more open space in the north-east sector and less open space in the south-west sector. Trees and plants. south and west of the plot. if your main building is situated in the north-east of the plot. Provide thicker and higher compound walls on the south and west directions. The least possible load should be in the north-east direction. N Main building W E S Wrong Construction apnaghar. certain rectificatios can be done by proper load distribution in certain sectors to bring balance into the plot and the structure.

In case of water bodies situated in wrong directions. Shift the underground water tanks to the north-east Place heavy furniture. A thick and high wall in the north and east is a Vastu defect. close and fill up any borewells.The height of this additional construction should be more than the height of the main . N Main building W New construction E S Rectification • In case of higher construction in the north and east constructing extra floor on the south side with terraces towards the north and east can overcome the Vsatu-dosha. cabinets and loads in the south and southwest sides. Creating openings in these walls in the form of windows and • • • • • • apnaghar. The loading of the south-west zone can also be increased by creating a rock garden and using heavy stones in landscaping. and underground water tanks on the south. Elevating the south and south-west zones by construction of heavy stone pillar in the corner with height in excess of average compound wall can provide necessary heaviness in case of major construction in the north-east. south-east and south-west sides. Elevating the plinth level of the south side rooms is beneficial.

in . Balconies should be in the north and east sides. • Windows/Ventilators and Balconies In any structure. More windows should be kept in the north and east side of the main building. Do not keep heavy goods in the balconies in north and east.placement of doors/grills and making south and west walls thicker will remedy the situation. Filling up of pits and correcting the slope towards north-east will remedy and ease the situation immediately. Heavy curtains can be used for south and west doors and windows and lighter ones for north and east doors and windows. enclose them only with grills. Do not close the balconies in the east and north. place windows in the positive energy sections. be it residential or commercial. Do not store water in the balconies which are in the south-east. Windows should be open inwards and should preferably have two shutters. 30 percent of a home’s walls should have doors and windows. it is advisable to keep more open space in north and east. It is best to have all the rooms on the same level. Some modern scholars believe that to strengthen nairutya. The windows in any structure provide pure air. apnaghar. Under no circumstances the rooms in south-west. one has to raise the level of the floor uniformly on all sides. ventilation and light. Balconies in the south and west provide harmful rays of afternoon and evening sun. south-east or the centre be sunken or lower than the level in north-east. the south-west rooms should be higher. It mentions that if one wishes to have prosperity. Brihat Samhita absolutely disallows split level construction. After deciding about the entrance. To let in sufficient air and light. doors and balconies in the south and west directions as compared to north and east of the house should be closed or at least covered with thicker curtains and blinds. waterlogging and lower level of floor in south-west and south causes financial problems and loans. In case you want to enclose Levels of the Floor Split levels inside the building are not recommended by the ancient works. • Any pits. More openings like windows. Ideally keep the balconies open or keep pots for storing water there. Balconies to the west can be closed and turned into a small storeroom or a toilet.

Whenever arrangement of water is made in the basement it should only be in the Basements have another fault. If the basement is to be used for business purposes. It is observed that persons spending too much time in the basement become dull. apnaghar. Our health and happiness depend on the earth under us being solid. north and north-east sector and used for storage and parking. At any cost. the residence should not be in the basement. stability and luxuries of life. If the basement is required for the entire floor. If business is conducted from a basement only 60 percent benefits are obtained in spite of best efforts. Sound magnifies in a basement. These days jet pumps are also installed in the basements. when houses are used both for residential as well as commercial purposes basement can be made in east. it is better to avoid basements especially in a residential building – since the houses should always be on a higher level than the road. Basement in the north. Basement get little light and even less fresh air the reason being that basement have skylights near the ceiling which are rarely opened as they are difficult to reach. lethargic and irritable. However. Vastu regards basements as a bad omen because they form a hollow beneath our feet. Blue colour must not be used in a basement. make sure that the floor level of the basement is uniform. A noise which sounds a whisper at ground level sounds loud underground. A height equal to or less than the ground floor is generally recommended. east and north-east part can be used for water storage or for a borewell. Basement should have light colours. use it as a store. In olden days residents of palaces built on hillocks used to enjoy strength.Basements/ Cellars As far as .

the same should be extended from the South-East towards the North-East and from the NorthWest towards the North-East. N S • The construction work should be started from the South-West angle. • Thickness of the walls on the east and North is less than the thickness of the walls in the West and . and then it should first be extended towards the South-East and North-west and at a later stage.Building Construction As indicated in the diagrams. given below the thickness (breadth) and height of walls in the South and West sides should be more than those of the walls in the North and East apnaghar.

Basement\ Underground Parts/Cellars • As is clear from the diagram. N S • Black marked portion indicates the North-East field which is also suitable for underground construction. an appropriate place. apnaghar. for underground construction is indicated in the Eastern half field (in dark colour) . N ····· ····· S • If an equal vacant portion is left vacant on all the four sides. it is suitable for being used as a construction side in the middle portion. N S • The indicated in the Northern half field is a suitable place for underground construction.

it is also an acceptable position for construction.• If more vacant area is left in the North and East sides than in the South and West . N ·· ·· ·· ··· S • It is called ‘Sukhshetra Vaastu’ which bestows wealth and This is also a suitable place for three internal parts. · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ······· ······· ······· ······· apnaghar. · · · · · · · · · · • It indicates Hiranya Trishal position on Vaastu (Modified) which implies suitable a hiranya (Golden) construction of three internal parts.

· · · · · • · · · · · ········ ········ · ··· · ··· · ··· Pakhshaghana Trishal Vaastu – Such a construction of three internal parts destroys male issues and also precipitates TRISHUL VAASTU (Destroyer of Wealth) • Chulli Trishul Construction of three internal parts causes financial losses. it will augur well for wealth gain. . • Yamasurya Dwishal Vaastu – Such a construction of two internal parts is liable to cause house owner’s death. N S • Sidhartha Dwishal Vaastu – If construction of two internal parts is undertaken. . N S apnaghar.• Danada Dwished Vaastu – Which means that punishment or assassination will ensure if two internal parts are constructed.

Underground water tank. Plot should be regular in shape.Apartments and Residential Complexes These days due to shortage of land and spiraling prices of real estate in the big cities and metros. Brahmasthan of the plot should be open and clean. happiness and abundance in every aspect of daily life. you will be able to feel more ‘at home’ in your apartment. Vastu is as useful for those who live in flats and apartments as it is for anyone else. This will bring you increased contentment. By using Vastu. • • • • Plots where apartments and flats have to be constructed should fulfil the criterion enumerated in section on selection of land. Have a temple or a park for the residents in this area. Any inauspicious reductions or extensions should be rectified. Main entrance gate / compound gate should be in the auspicious locations depending on the roads facing the plot. In this section we will deal with (i) (ii) (iii) The general Vastu rules as applicable for the plots where apartments have to be constructed. Providing Vastu strength to the interiors of the selected apartments. Selection of apartments based on Vastu principles. When we harmonise and balance our home environment. The auspicious • • This also translates into quicker sales and profits. we feel happier. By using Vastu in your apartment. Many people living in flats and apartments wonder whether they can be benefited by Vastu. healthier and more successful in every part of our lives. Selection of Plot and Construction The Vastu rules regarding selection of plot and construction can be followed by the builder to ensure a trouble-free and speedy construction. you will be able to live in harmony with nature. Plot should be oriented towards the cardinal directions. buying land and constructing a house as per Vastu remains a dream for most of us. swimming pool and lifts / elevators should not be in the . preferably square or rectangular.

underground water reservoir. open parking can be arranged in the north. Keep open space in the north-east. it should be towards south and west of the entire plot so that the benefit of positive energies from north and east are obtained for better health and prosperity. Lawns. Lshaped building where more construction is towards the north and east and either the south-west. swimming pool can be constructed in the north-east sector of the plot. Water supply line. plants. construction should be done so that north and north-east or east and north-east are kept open. Compound gate should not face an inauspicious veethi shoola. In case of U-shaped buildings. booster . As far as possible. boring. Keeping the north and east more open and lighter than south and west of the plot results in ample benefits for the residents. well.locations for compound gates are east of north-east. south-east or north-west are open give harmful results. the apartment or flat building should not be Lshaped. There should be no obstruction like an electric pole. east or north-east of the plot. Big trees can be in south. • • Security personnel at the main gate should face east or north direction. Swimming pools in west and health clubs / gyms can be in east in residential complexes. west and southwest of the plot. north of north-east. The Hiranya trishala and Sukshetra trishala are considered auspicious. south of south-east and west of north-west. • • • • • apnaghar. Never have the entrance gate in south or west of south-west. tree or temple in front of the compound gate. If the building is L-shaped.

main entrance depending on the direction faced by individual apartments.N N W E W E S Hiranya Trishala (Auspicious) S Sukshetra Trishala (Auspicious) Trishala Houses (Auspicious) N N W E W E S Chulli Trishala (Inauspicious) S Pakshagana Trishala (Inauspicious) Trishala Houses (Inauspicious) The Chulli trishala and Pakshagana trishala are considered inauspicious because here the north and east directions are blocked and the inauspicious directions like south and west are open. south-east corner or in the centre position. water sources. • Overhead water tank of the apartment and building should be towards the . General guidelines discussed in earlier sections about the internal placement of various taps. The overhead water tank should not be in the north-east. • apnaghar.

staircases can be in the north- • • • • • • apnaghar. east of south-east or north of north-west. • Selection of Apartment The fundamental rules while evaluating flats are the same as those which come into play while evaluating independent houses. lush green lawns and brightly coloured flower beds benefit all the residents of the complex. use some of the guidelines like shape of building. Avoid staircases in the central area of the total apartment As an . Stairs.slopes within the apartments should be adhered to as much as possible. Square and rectangular shapes are good. compound gates. gloomy and badly lit corridors and stairs have negative effect. open space around the building and general layout of the complex for the first round of elimination. Narrow. position of water tank. Electric switch boards of individual apartments can be in the south-east on the ground floor. The elevators. There should be no obstruction to the main entrance of the apartment. The following points should be kept in mind while selecting the apartments: • Your apartment should be regular in shape. The main entrance should not be in the south of south-west. As people wanting to buy apartments have no control over the factors governing the selection of land for the apartments. south or west. elevators should not directly face the main entrance of the apartment. Staircases for all apartments and flats should be in south-west. west of south-west. L or C-shaped apartments should be avoided. Surroundings of the apartment should be aesthetically pleasing. • A generator / back-up power supply room should be in the southeast of the plot. staircases and corridors should be well lit and generous in size. Healthy looking plants and trees.

east and north. Avoid stairs in north-east.west or . east of northeast. south of south-east and west of north-west are Select the apartments where north-east is open or you are getting the benefits of a north-east corner. Avoid flats with main door in south or west of south-west and east of south-east. N A • W D Park B E C S apnaghar. B. The best flats in each block of four apartments are the ones in the north-east corner of the block marked A. C and D. This is applicable even for internal stairs in duplex apartments. • Flats with main entrance in the north of north-east.

Flats with balconies in the north and east are best. generally the ground floor or the underground room of the flat or apartment is used. Kitchen Living Room Main Entrance Master Bedroom Kitchen Interiors of Apartment • • • Make sure that the toilet and bathroom are not in the centre of the apartment. Kitchen or toilet should not be in the north-east or in the centre of the apartment.• The master bedroom is in south-west. entry in auspicious directions and there are more openings in north and east. The front door should not directly face the entrance to a The underground room should be in the east or north and not in the south or west. Avoid flats which have balconies only in south or cover them with thick blinds. For parking of vehicles. As far as possible avoid purchasing flats which have bathrooms in the south-west and the south-east corner. • • • apnaghar. kitchen in south-east or . because it is not easy to change the position of bathroom in an apartment.

in . Allow plenty of light and air into all rooms. Do not sit. Cupboards containing cash. even the ones not used regularly. Keep beds in the south-west sector of the bedrooms. Have heavy furniture in the south. sleep or work under overhead beams. Have lofts and attics in the south and west side of the rooms. Keep head towards south. Lighter furniture can be kept in the north and east of each room. jewellery. spacious and aesthetic. Avoid crowding rooms with too much of furniture and artifacts. Keep the following points in mind while planning the interior of individual apartments. • • • • • • • • • • apnaghar. • • Main entrance should be well lit and appear welcoming. Have a threshold. west and south-west of the rooms. If the front door is directly facing a toilet. keep the door of the toilet closed at all times and hang a mirror outside the door of the toilet to symbolically make it disappear. Study tables should be placed in a way that children are facing north and east while studying. If the front door opens into a tiny or narrow lobby area use mirrors on one side to visually double the size of the The front door should open inwards. Keep the clutter to a minimum.Strengthening the Interiors People who live in flats or apartments providing Vastu strength to the interiors of the apartments is more relevant than the Vastu outside. The apartments should appear cheerful. Arrange the furniture in such a way that the north and east as well as the brahmasthan of the rooms are kept light and free. This is because more often than not they have no control over the out side Vastu but do have control over what happens inside their flats. especially for the main entrance. cheque books and valuables should be kept in south so that they open towards north.

co. terror. Potted plants and freshly cut flowers are best for people in apartments. Artificial flowers can also be used but make sure that they are clean and well dusted. The lack of space generally makes it impossible to have a separate puja room in a flat. A north-east corner in the study room. cruelty.• Paintings depicting negative aspects of life like violence. poverty. as they symbolize wealth and aboundance. Avoid puja room in bedrooms and living-room. • • • apnaghar. weeping women should be avoided in the house. Aquariums and small indoor fountains can be used in the northeast or north of the . kitchen or dining room can be selected for this purpose. Flowers and plants encourage positive energy in a house. In case of a big apartment. separate puja room can be made in the north-east. death.

NW N NE Store for Grain Washing Place. Keep all electrical/heat-generating appliances in then south east sector of the room. depending on the size of the house and the accommodation which suits the requirements of individual families. Ghee. kitchen in south-east and bedroom in south Planning and interiors Classical works on Vastu have divided a residence into various parts. Strong Room. Sitting Room. The kitchen should not be directly in front of the main door. Portico Living Room Open Courtyard/ Living Room Bathroom. Children’s Study Room. Study Room Master Bed Room. Study Room. Verandah. Store. bathroom in the east. Pooja Room. Different rooms have been assigned in different directions for specific purposes. Guest Room Dining Room. A number of permutations and combinations can emerge from this. The following house planning and interior planning can help restore balance and harmony even when the selection of land and construction are not exactly as per Vastu Shastra. • All rooms should be square of rectangular in shape. L-shaped or irregularly shaped rooms should be avoided. Garage. Children’s. Septic Tank. In the modern context. Toilet/Bathroom. the following placement of various rooms gives a lot of options for the planning of a house as per Vastu guidelines. A general overview of a house consists of a prayer room in north-east. toilets and puja room next to one . Storeroom S House Plan as per Vastu apnaghar. Electric Motor SE • • E Bedroom. Stairs SW Treasury Room. Garage. Milk Kitchen. Do not construct kitchen. Medicine Room. W Bedroom. Store for Fluids Like.

The septic tank can be in the north-west or the south-east corner of the house. Grow a tulsi or basil plant in front of the house. keep it along the south or west. Do not hang pictures and paintings of war. Students should study facing north or east. sinks. washbasins and taps should preferably be along the north-east walls. Do not have a toilet or puja room under • • • • • • • • • • • • • apnaghar. crime. Do not have thorny plant or cacti in the house.• • • • Keep no broken mirrors in the house. dump. east or north-east. Mirrors. The number of doors and windows should be more on the ground floor and less on the upper floors. Elderly people are more comfortable in the south west corner of the . The safe should open towards the north or east. unrest. The north-east corner is the face of the house and should always be kept clean While swabbing the floor with any disinfectant a little sea salt or rock salt should be added. So. agony or distress in the house. Rainwater or drainage should have an outlet in the Do not sit. work or sleep under a beam. Avoid having garage. The toilet seat should preferably be along the north-south axis. streetlight pole or boulders in front of the main gate or door. Grihpravesh ceremony should be performed in a good muhurtha before shifting in a new house. Have them outside the boundary of the house.

Having improper position of the entrance or obstruction in front of the gate can reduce the prosperity to a great extent. which • • apnaghar. waste of money and losses. Improper position of the bedroom or the bed brings unhappiness in the marital life and causes disturbed sleep. A family with a round or oblong dining table will suffer disharmony and end up in not eating together. The burners should be kept unblocked and regularly in use. A kitchen in north-east leads to mental tension. Do not keep water and fire next to each other in the kitchen. The brahmasthan in a house attracts a lot of energy. Bedrooms should not be located in the central portion of the house.• • • • • • Do not construct your puja room either exactly above. The gas stove should not be visible from the main entrance. Do not have the kitchen in the north-east. • • • • • • The gas stove represents the state of finances of a household. south-west or center of the house. Kitchen walls should be painted in a light colour. orange or cream colour scheme works well. The gas stove should be kept clean and well looked . Keep all electrical appliances like microwaves. A soft pink. A kitchen in the center of the house is worst and can be very ovens and mixergrinders in the south-east zone of the kitchen. A kitchen in the south-west escalates losses and clashes at home. Having a toilet or a fireplace in the north-east corner of the house can ruin it financially besides mental tension and quarrels amongst family members. The cook/person working at the gas stove should not have his or her back towards the kitchen entrance. The overhead water tank for storage of water should be in the west or south-west zone of the building. below or close to a toilet.

is not conducive to the main objective of a bedroom providing rest. Allow plenty of light and air into all rooms. Avoid crowding rooms with too much of furniture and artefacts. Steps should begin from north or east. Keep head towards • • • • • • • • • • • Have lofts and attics in the south and west side of the rooms. Also take care that the external staircase is not directly opposite the main entrance. even the ones not used regularly. sleep or work under overhead beams. 20. Lighter furniture can be kept towards north and east of each room. Keep beds in the south-west of the bedroom. The internal staircase in a house should not be directly opposite the front door. The stairs should not turn anticlockwise and move from south to north or west to east. southwest or sough. • The ideal direction for placing the head while sleeping is south. Have heavy furniture in the south. peace and tranquility. The main entrance should be well lit and appear west and south-west of the rooms. so that they open towards the north. . spacious and aesthetic. north is totally prohibited. Arrange the furniture in such a way that the north and east as well as the brahmasthan of the rooms are kept light and free. the preferred area of location of the staircase is in the west. cheque-books and valuables should be kept in the south. The number of steps should always be odd and should never end in zeros like 10. Sleeping with head towards east is allowed for children and students. Cupboards containing cash. jewellery. The stairs should not be made in the north-east or brahmasthan. The house should appear cheerful. Have a threshold especially for the main entrance. south. etc. Do not sit. apnaghar. Keep clutter to a minimum. The front door should open inwards.

These days are Akshay Tritiya.• For small homes making a separate puja room in the north-east may not be • • • apnaghar. Allow plenty of natural light and fresh air within your house. There are certain dates when neither muhurtha nor auspicious time is required and without consulting any astrologer one can start construction or move into a new hose. Never move into an unfinished house. kitchen or dining room can be used for this purpose. Gloomy and dark houses collect a lot of negativity. Vijaya Dashmi and . A north-east corner in the study room. Phulera Duj.

electrical and electronic gadgets. here are some important tips for an alternative positioning of these rooms. In Water. relocating doors with the help of aids like wooden screens.. crystals. In case the positioning of the rooms is not exactly as per Vastu. wind. NW 2 WNW W WSW 17 16 15 14 SW 13 SSW 12 S 11 SSE 1 NNW 3 N 4 NNE 5 NE 6 7 8 9 10 SE ENE E ESE Alternatives for House Planning apnaghar. Changes brought about by these remedial measures guide the inmates of the house to positive relationships. metals. herbs. pyramids. simple remedies like proper distribution of elements within the house. colours. opening a window or shuffling rooms between the family members can bring about a balance within the house. plants. satisfaction in all endeavours. water bodies. metals and stones gives great variety and multiple dimensions to Vastu remedial . etc. Certain Alternatives for House Planning Certain corrections can be brought about by the right positioning of various rooms in the house. etc. happiness.House Planning and interiors Remedies and Solutions The relationship of directions with planets. mirrors. bliss and divine grace. light. colours. proper placement of furniture. serve as catalysts for rectifying the cosmic alignment of a house.

puja. store. kitchen. toilet. overhead water tank. dining room. machine room. stairs. living-room. lining room. lawn. dining room.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Living-room. bedroom. bedroom. pump. bedroom. children’s room. guest room. raw material stores. toilet. portico. puja room. pump. main door Bathroom. water tank. kitchen. well. septic tank. boring. verandah. reception. boring. . water tank Treasury. septic tank. trees Study. boiler. overhead water tank. geyser Store. garage. boring. portico. master bedroom. big tall trees Store for heavy items. children’s bedroom Main entrance. overhead water tank. pump. study Kitchen. study. lawn. lawn. puja room. stairs. store. living-room. office. septic tank. main switch board Kitchen. balcony. invertor. drawing room. bathroom. well. water tank. lawn. boiler. toilet Bedroom. bedroom for daughters. basement. puja room. trees Dining room. borewell. tall trees Toilet. staircase. water tank. courtyard Granary. toilet. trees. study. apnaghar. place to keep cattle/pet animals bedroom. store. stairs. children’s bedroom Medicine room. puja room. family room. well. living room. garage. generator. stairs. portico. bedroom store. lawn. livingroom basement. store. store. toilets. bedroom. portico Puja room. basement. main entrance. basement Well. generator.

in . kitchen can also be placed in south of southeast. Kitchen • • The best location of the kitchen is in the south-east sector of the house. For a small house where a separate puja room is not feasible.02) apnaghar. A threshold for this room is a must. However. Idols should not be kept facing each other. Face east while cooking (Fig 10. statues should not be dept in the puja room. White marble is good for the puja room. Always face north or east while praying. Puja Room • • The right place for a puja room is in the north-east.Right Positioning In case the positioning of your rooms is not exactly as per Vastu. It is important to keep the puja room clean and free of clutter. east of south-east. shift the cooking to the Agneya (fire corner or south-east) corner of your kitchen. under or above a toilet or under the stairs. north of north-west or east. make a small temple in the north-east corner of the kitchen or children’s room. Status or picture of deities should be placed in north or east on a solid raised platform. Avoid having pictures of your ancestors in the puja room along with the pictures of deities. Pyramid-shaped roofs are good for the prayer room as the enhance the power of cream. Do not keep your temple in the bedroom. Chipped/Broken • • • • • • • • Doors for the puja room should be of good quality wood and of two shutters. The colour of the walls can be white. here are some important tips for an alternative positioning and the interiors of these rooms. light blue or violet. If your kitchen is in the north-east or south-west of your house. However. you can make a puja room in the east or north of the house also.

place a mirror beside the stove to allow the cook to see anyone entering the kitchen. Do not have the kitchen over or below a toilet or under the staircase. The kitchen sink should be in the north-east corner. The person working at the stove should be able to see anyone coming into the room without turning his or her head too far.e. Drinking water and water containers should be kept in the north-east or north side. It is better to keep the refrigerator and sink well away from the N W Shift gas stove E S Correct Position of Agni • • • Keep the gas stove always clean and well looked after. The burners should be kept unblocked and regularly in use. i. To remedy this. Never place water and fire. apnaghar. the sink and gas stove or water tank/container and gas stove.• • • The kitchen should have big windows in the north and east to let in plenty of natural light. adjacent to each other or exactly opposite each other. In case it is not possible to change the position of either of the two. A door just behind the gas stove is considered . place a wooden table between the two.

spacious and welcoming feel. which symbolically make the room disappear. a screen can be used to conceal the gas stove. • • Toilets • • • The best location for toilets in a house is in the north-west. Keep the toilet lid down. the wall between them can be painted green. Toilet in the center of the house: Toilets should not be placed in the center of the house as this spreads negativity throughout the house. Toilets in front of the main entrance: The remedy for this is to keep the lid down on the toilet and to keep the toilet door closed. The gas stove should not be opposite the main entrance and should not be visible from the outside door. wind chimes or a hanging crystal can serve as an effective remedy. arrange to have sufficient artificial lighting. incurable diseases and mental tension. • The gas stove should not be placed below a . south-west and the center of the Keep the toilet door closed all the time. Either shift the gas stove or cover the beam with a false ceiling. The kitchen should have plenty of natural light and ventilation and should have an airy.or place a small plant in between. A mirror on the beam can also be helpful. If it is dark and gloomy. It would also be beneficial to place a mirror on the outside of this door to make the room symbolically disappear. • • apnaghar. Toilet in the north-east: Toilets in the north-east contaminate the most auspicious corner of the house leading to gradual weakening of finances. Alternatively. It is a good idea to place a mirror outside the door also. The remedy for this is to place mirrors on all four walls inside the toilet. Alternatively. (i) (ii) (iii) Place a mirror on the northern and/or eastern wall of the toilet. Toilets are totally prohibited in the north-east. In case it is not possible to relocate the toilet. To remedy this.

in . Don’t use heavy furniture in the brahmasthan. Unpleasant smells. Drawing-Room • The preferred place for drawing-room in a house is in the northeast.(iv) (v) Disinfect the toilet purifying the air and enabling circulation of positive energy. The room should feel comfortable and welcoming. The drawing-room should be spacious. choked up toilet drains should be immediately cleared up and declogged. the ruler of the north-east may also be recited: Devanam Cha Rishinam Cha Gurum Kanchana Sannibham Buddhibhootam Trilokesam Tham Namami Brihaspatim (vi) (vii) (viii) Use exhaust fans as well as natural ventilation to get the negative energy away. leaking taps. north and east sectors of the house. choked up toilet drains should immediately be cleaned up and declogged. The following strotra to Jupiter. Arrange furniture so that people can move freely. well lit. This can be achieved by having comfortable chairs • • apnaghar. Keep a bowl of unrefined sea salt in the toilet as salt has the power to absorb all negativity. The room should feel comfortable and welcoming. well ventilated and tastefully decorated. In small houses and apartments. All leaking taps should be immediately repaired as these result is draining away of wealth. the room can also be made in the brahmasthan. Keep the toilet clean. Avoid leaky taps and choked drains. Similarly. (ix) (x) Any upstairs toilets and bathrooms should not be situated over the front door or the kitchen. Use floor or table lights whenever necessary to spread the light throughout the room. Gloomy and ill-lit corners cause depression and a lackluster lifestyle.

its location is of utmost importance. allocation of the right bedroom for each member and correction of the sleeping position can bring about definite positive results for the household. Keep the center of the room empty. etc. stressful and create Two bamboo flutes hung from the beam act as a remedy if there is no alternative but to place the furniture under it.or sofas. You can create family togetherness by hanging up a large family picture in the living-room or in the family room. pleasant pictures and artefacts. • Place the heavy furniture. apnaghar. Heavy loads. More open space should be kept in the north or east side of the room. Different zones in Vastu having particular significance are suited for different family members. Spending close to eight hours a day in the same area. in the south. Instead use square coffee tables alongside the sofas or chairs. • • • Bedrooms Since we are spending one-third of our lives in the bed. sofas. The location of a bedroom and the sleeping position has a bearing on our mental and physical well-being. Make sure that all family members are included in the picture. The shuffling of bedrooms between family members. west or southwest corner of the room. sufficient light. Chairs and sofas should be arranged in a way that the people using them do not have their backs to the door. center tables or artefacts should not be placed in the centre of the room. the inherent properties of specific zones work on our subconscious and mould our life accordingly. People sitting in these positions feel insecure and lacking in support. Do not keep the south-west corner empty. Do not place couches or chairs under exposed beams as these overhead beams can be .

Newly Married Couple’s Bedroom W Children’s Bedroom N NE Children’s Bedroom Children’s Bedroom E Master Bedroom Eldest Son’s Bedroom/ Master Bedroom S SE SW Location of Bedroom in the House • • Avoid having bedrooms in the north-east and south-east sectors of the house. North-west • • • apnaghar. only the elderly or children should use it. If the head of the family is in south-east. This is a good zone for placement of marriageable daughter’s . In case of a bedroom in north-east. This is also not a good zone for pregnant ladies. This bedroom is not good for the master of the house or for a young worries and marital problems.Correct Location of Bedrooms NW Marriageable Daughter’s Bedroom. he is found to be constantly embroiled in disputes. Newly married couples should definitely avoid this room. Use the south-west or south bedroom for the master of the house or for the elder son. North-west direction is ruled by Vayu or air. South-east bedroom gives rise to sleeplessness. Guest room.

This induces South polarity in our feet and North polarity in our head. becomes the magnetic North pole and its geographical South pole.bedrooms are also good for newly weds and for couples planning to have a baby. This makes the human body a magnetic object. leading to disturbance in blood circulation and body becoming vulnerable to diseases. Sages like Markandeya and Garga0 have said that one should lie with his head towards the south for strengthening health and longevity. thereby. It is also known that the earth is a huge magnet with its poles having attractive and repulsive powers. Our body rejuvenates itself during the time we are north is totally prohibited. its western part remains cold. being on the left hand side of the same current. It has also been proved that the human body contains a large percentage of iron in the blood which circulates all through the body. Our feet are in contact with this huge magnet. While lying with the head (North pole of body) towards the south (South pole of earth) the opposite magnetic poles attract each other. The earth. The blood circulation is normal and health remains good. for the most part of the day. becomes magnetised and its geographical North pole. becomes the magnetic South pole. When the eastern part of the earth is heated by the sun. We know that opposite poles of a magnet attract and same poles repel. This is a good zone for having the guest room. peace and tranquility. It is recommended for people to sleep with their heads to the south. It is evident by placing a compass needle which invariably points to the north. keeping the head (North pole of our body) towards the north (North pole of earth) causes . thereby preserving the polarity of the body. Consequently. which is to the right hand side of the current. Our ancients advised that the body enjoys perfect health and longer life by sleeping with head towards the south. thermal electricity generated by the sun travels over the surface of the earth from east to west. Importance of the Sleeping Position Sound sleep is essential for our physical and mental well-being. apnaghar. Our ancestors were past masters in various known and unknown sciences and understood that the sleeping direction is directly correlated with the sciences of magnetism and thermal electricity. • Bedrooms should not be located in the central portion of the house. It is thus clear that the ideal direction for placing the head while sleeping is south. Brahmasthan attracts a lot of energy which is not conducive to the main objective of a bedroom providing rest. Sleeping with head towards east is allowed for children and students. the earth.

Box beds are ideally not recommended but due to the paucity of space in our houses these days. Certain tridosha disturbances can also be brought back to normacy by sleeping either on you left side or your right side. Sleeping on your right is recommended for pitta constitutions and is beneficial for a person prone to rashes. arthritis.perfect Bedrooms Sound sleep is essential for our physical and mental well being. Make sure to declutter and sort out things kept in the box beds from time to time. a young couple desirous of progeny can use the north-west bedroom. Pregnant women are especially. Vastu.According to Sage Markandeya. Try to keep the area under the bed as clean as possible as dirt and dust accumulate a lot of negativity. Here are some important Vastu tips for bedrooms to facilitate good health and a sound and peaceful sleep. One can sleep with the head towards the east for an increase in mental peace. Shoes. sinusitis and cold-related ailments. they have become unavoidable. obesity. must not be shaky. Sleeping on your left is recommended for vata and kapha constitutions and is beneficial in chronic constipation. Beds must be of good quality . should not be kept under the bed. They should be solid and The mattress should provide good support to the body while resting. slippers. bronchitis. It is recommended that after conception the couple should move to a southern bedroom. back pain. As mentioned earlier. As it is said that when a couple sleeps in a northern or north-east bedroom. itches and liver disorders. their family does not grow. not to sleep with their head towards the north. They must place their head towards the south direction. • apnaghar. good thoughts and spirituality. Our body rejuvenates itself during sleep. a man becomes learned by lying down with his head placed eastward and is troubled with distressing thoughts by lying down with his head placed westward. • • • • Square or rectangle bedrooms are the best. paralysis. west or east.

Keep objects that remind you of unfinished tasks out of the room or at least out of sight.• Your bedroom should be a place where you can totally The foot of the bed should not directly face the door of the room. Heavy stone statues can also be kept here. Do not have a temple in the bedroom. Shift the bed to a place in the room which is not directly opposite the door. and induce a good sleep. block it permanently. Keep heavy furniture or almirah here. it is better for the beam to run the length of the bed rather than the width. Pictures of wild animals and violent scenes should be . If there is a dressing table. Sleeping with the head towards the east is allowed for children and students. Our ancients advised that a person enjoys perfect health and longer life by sleeping with head towards the south. The bed should not be placed under a beam. Avoid colours like red and black in the bedrooms. Have pleasant pictures associated with happy memories around you. A bedroom should be aesthetically designed with soothing colours and pictures. North is totally prohibited. Do not place a mirror directly in front of the bed. If possible. the beam should be rectified by hanging two bamboo flutes from it or by using the false ceiling to make the beams disappear. Cold colours like blue are soothing and restful. Avoid having a door in the south-west of a bedroom. Your sleeping position is very important. Display pleasant pictures and sceneries in the bedroom. Orientation plays a very important part while sleeping because this is the longest period of time a person remains in the same position. If there is no alternative. • • • • • • • • • • apnaghar. The interiors of the bedroom should be aesthetic and tasteful. place it such that the bed does not get reflected in its mirror or keep the mirror covered. For marital harmony. The south-west area of the bedroom should not be kept empty.

A beam over the front door entrance causes major problems and limits growth and new opportunities. creating a feeling of weight or compression in the central portion of the house. If the beam is over the gas stove. The effect of exposed beams is greater on the lower floors as they have greater loads to bear. problems relating to finance can crop When chairs. The bed should not be placed under a beam. he or she would be prone to the problems related to the part of the body. Placing colourful fringe work or nice fabric over or along the beams helps soften the effect of the beam. paint it the same colour as the ceiling. In such cases it is better if the beam runs lengthwise down the bed. The person sleeping in this position is likely to experience health problems in the part of body that is lying under beam. Beams running lengthwise down the bed are likely to create marital disharmony and ultimately drive the couple apart. which gets transferred to lower floors. This helps n the purification of air around him and facilitates a deep and sound sleep. For instance. It is better not to sit. Hanging a round faceted crystal ball or a wind chime from the center of the beam helps diffuse the effect of the beam.• For anybody suffering from insomnia. ill health. keep rock-salt dissolved in water near the person at night. desks or beds are placed below an overhead beam they cause . The negative effect is lesser in case of high ceilings. To offset the negative effect of the beam. The natural energy balance in the whole house is disturbed as the beam forces the energy downward. Overhead Beam Overhead beams are a problem when something of major use is put under a beam. A very effective approach is to hang a bamboo flute at each end of the beam at a 45° angle with the face down. Sometimes when there are multiple beams or when multiple beams on the ceiling have a decorative purpose only. as this does not create major health problems. at times it is not possible to shift the bed. bad luck and relationship problems. However. work or sleep under a beam. It is advisable to shift the bed in such cases. For marital harmony the beam should be rectified by hanging two bamboo flutes from it. if the sleeping position is such that the beam crosses over the person’s chest. Another solution is to create a false ceiling to hide the beams. A beam in the brahmasthan of a house oppresses the energy flow. apnaghar. Take care not to bring the ceiling so low which can again be oppressing. it lessens the negative aspect of the beam as the load transfer is more uniform and not concentrated at one point.

Internal doors in the north and east directions which let in light or look out on to the yard. These should be kept against the south wall. Regular worship of these yantras gives wealth and prosperity. A Safe Place for Cash and Valuables Hard earned money should not only be kept safely but it should also be kept at the right place. It is important to have a threshold for the main door. effective locks and hinges. It can also act as a block for the negative energies coming from outside. Lockers can be kept facing the north direction. • The best place to keep cash and valuables is the north direction as it is ruled by Kubera. Never keep your cash or valuables in the north-west as it will lead to excessive expenditure. at the same time it may also be more decorative than the interior doors. The recommended material for the main door is wood. The front door or the door that has to provide security has to be made from heavy material and should have durable. Never keep them against the north wall or in the north-east. could have multiple glass panes. A door’s function determines the material from which it is made. • • • apnaghar. The threshold can regulate the powerful ground energies into the building and its various For homes. such as French doors.Doors – Types and Material There are various points to be kept in mind while having a door constructed or selecting a ready-made . how it looks and how it operates. Kuber Yantra or Mahalakshmi Yantra in the safe. the Lord of Wealth. The main entrance door has to be far attractive. keep the cabinets containing cash and valuables in the south-west or south bedrooms against the south wall or in southwest corner of the room such that they open towards the north. It is auspicious to install properly purified and energised Shri Yantra. A sliding door may be made almost entirely of glass. In the safe room cash box or safety lockers can be kept facing the north. solid and massive than interior doors. Mayamatam suggests that the main door can be strengthened with the help of various metals.

keeping its needle (arrow) pointing towards the big buildings. Affix a spotlight towards the small house. To remedy the situation. it could have negative vibrations. ranging from fear to excitability. Similarly. saints and sages on the eastern walls. flowers or blossoming trees should be on the east or north . In such cases. Images such as fruits. lack of concentration and financial hardships. Images create mental perceptions and feelings which cover the whole spectrum of human emotions. If one decides to move into a finished room in such a Living in an unfinished house where the walls are not painted or the woodwork remains unpolished brings hardships in business. Landscapes depicting mountains. apnaghar. etc.Small House Surrounded by Big Buildings The person living in a small house with big buildings near his house will be under depression. Pitch a bamboo-flag midway to both the buildings. Move into the finished house in an auspicious muhurtha after Vastu pujan and grihpravesh ceremonies. etc. Never Move into an Unfinished House It is observed that people shift into unfinished houses for various reasons. heavy thick trees. expiry of lease. Remember that half-cooked food is difficult to digest and it is more nourishing to have a properly cooked simple meal. such as shortage of finance. When a house is incomplete. living in an unfinished house in inviting trouble. rocks. should be on the south or west walls. In case money is needed to complete the house. Kuber or gemstones and jewels paintings should be hung on the north wall. Pictures denoting wealth and abundance. difficulties in relationships. such as Lakshmi. it would be against Vastu rules. Install a mariner’s compass. Place the photos of gods. you could go in for a moderate finish. Images on the wall The kinds of pictures and paintings displayed in a house have profound effect on the environment of a house. goddesses. it is advisable to move into a rented accommodation because the additional expense of rent might be less than the wasteful expenditure one would incur in the unfinished house. • • • • Plant big trees between the house and the buildings. instead of a very expensive finish.

representing the existence in the moment now. Have your children’s photographs in front of you. The logical sequence of growth is the movement from south to north. Moreover. To remedy any faults like staircase exactly opposite the main entrance. Hang mirrors along the sides. barren landscapes. Have mirrors on the landings. Spiral staircases should be avoided in a residence. the God of Death. north. death and all negative aspects of life must be avoided in a house. Use this space only as a storage area. paintings depicting violence. the significator for abundance. The stairs should move clockwise. and photographs of elders on the south walls behind your back watching over your shoulder. past is represented by the south which is ruled by Yama. Photos of departed near and dear ones should be hung on the southern walls. Avoid their photographs in the prayer rooms. apnaghar. Staircase Remedies Stairs are preferred in the south-west. Avoid stairs just outside the bedrooms also as it drains happiness. Have square or rectangular stairs bending at 90°. Although you may revere your forefathers and admire their vision but the reverence felt for God and the departed soul is not the . keep plants in small pots along the stairs. keep the following tips in mind. The present is represented by brahmasthan. atmosphere and content are quite unsuitable in a house. The future is represented by the north.e. disease. • • • • • To camouflage stairs. Avoid a staircase opposite the main door as it is said to keep fortune Never have a staircase in the center or north-east of your home. Hang a wind chime between the stairs and the main door. Never have kitchen or toilet or puja room under the stairs. at the same time not coming in front to cloud your future vision. and any pictures which are dark and gloomy or fearproducing in colour. i. gently and unobtrusively guiding you through the present.Images of ferocious animals and pictures. all the good things life has to offer. Battle scenes or that which feature guns and weaponry.

a wedding photograph. remove all love letters from a broken romance if you still lament over it. Focus on Happy Memories Your must have noticed that at times just a whiff of a favourite perfume. These papers must not be kept in the north or in a safe or cash box or it will lead to increased expenditure on the case. For example. Our mind recall is by association. positive and peaceful memories. Negative thoughts have a downward pull and they shrink our energy. Negative memories generate negative thoughts which actually produce toxic chemicals in our body. Negative thoughts give birth to pessimistic behavior just as pessimistic behavior gives rise to negative thoughts. You can hang a large family photo in the south-west corner of the living room or display collection of family pictures to foster a spirit of love. otherwise the negative symbolism and negative self-talk will continue to trouble you. a familiar face. This will cause the dispute to intensify. togetherness and harmony between the family sapping our strength. display objects and photographs which help to focus your mind on happy. On the other hand. Keep documents related to disputes and court cases only in north-east or east. Something as simple as a picture of your children. Keeping these papers in the south will lead to increase in enemies and defeat. Get rid of all negative symbolism and remove all visual negative reminders from the house. It is better to get rid of a piece of furniture or artefact or a plant gifted by someone you dislike as it triggers a chain of negative thoughts and emotions for you. positive and happy thoughts have an uplifting effect which expands our energy field. a funny quote or a positive affirmation can do wonders whenever your eyes rest on . a happy child or a chance comment triggers a chain or memories.Documents Related to Court Cases Important papers relating to court cases or disputes should not be kept in the south east. To generate positive energy in the house. which are sometimes painful and at times pleasurable. apnaghar.

• The side on which main door is desired to be fixed. In a way. If door is to be fixed on East side. 11 an 12. only foundation of main gate is being discussed. 6th and 7th part. In fact entire residential plot’s construction work should be planned and started in a systematic manner but. then its 4th and 5th part will open at Nos. Never make a main door in the extended or cut portion of the plot. 20 and 21. If the door is West inclined. we are detailing. all the ominous and inominous aspects which are likely to ensure from each step (Pad) of Vaastu Purush. we must take into account 81 parenthesis (brackets) of Vaastu Purush in this context. respectively. In order to get (find) a suitable . is the life-line of basic Vaastu.Planning of Main Door The main door. main door is a gateway (a sort of key to moneychest in the house) through which natural air. but the said main door is required to be planned in a planned way so that there is plenty of (incoming) wealth and also that all the inmates of the house are healthy and happy. If a door is desired to be fixed in the South direction then 3rd and 4th portion from the South-East side should be towards Nos. • • • • • • • apnaghar. light and bio-electro magnetic energy gains entry into house. here. hereunder. Location of main door depends upon shape of plot and highway and could be fixed on any side. For the benefit of our discerning readers. then its 5th. leaving apart two sides. It is important that main doors placed in auspicious grids should be used regularly. the door will open towards Nos. from which guest hosts and other pass through. 28th and 27th Nos. from North-East. will open towards 29th. Door should be placed in auspicious grid positions as per Vastu charka. If a door is desired to be built on the West direction. they must be kept open to welcome the auspicious energy to flow in the house. The front door is considered the mouth of the house and needs to be active every day. the length of such gate should be divided into nine 3 and 4.

The main door should be the biggest and most majestic than the other doors in the building. There should not be any vedha or obstruction in front of the main door. well. Keep all door joints lubricated. Decorate the main door with a Sarvamangalkari Toran and by placing auspicious symbols and image like Om. Swastika. temple or the • • • • • • • • • • • apnaghar. Doors which creak while opening and closing are inauspicious. Very small doors which constrict are depressing. It is a must to have a threshold for the entrance door. Entrance of a house should not face a road coming straight at the main door. image of Kuldevta. Never place doors directly opposite each other in the east and west or in north and . Such doors are recommended only for religious buildings. it should not be crooked or slanting. Very big doors which dwarf or intimidate the inmates may be good for public buildings but are not auspicious for residential purposes. In such a it is better to change the position of the main door. Gajalaxmi or cow and calf. enhance the front entrance with objects that make a house welcoming. It should always open inwards. Doors which are too big or too small are bad. conference centres can have doors in all four directions. monuments. Vedha could be in the form of a tree. a door in the middle indicates ruin for the family. Never make the back door or an untidy side entrance the main entry just because it faces an auspicious direction. Doors and windows should be proportionate to the main building. Instead. Public places.• A main door in the middle of the structure is inauspicious for residences and commercial establishments. There should be any cracks in the entrance door. According to Samarangana Sutradhara. temples.

16 or so on. puja-room and the master bed room. Doors should open inwards and not open outwards. because the zero in these is considered inauspisious. Front door should not be located below the street level. This does not apply to the shutters of the shop. Doors should be sturdily built using good quality wood to avoid bending. cracking or shrinking of the door at a later stage. A house should have an even number of doors. The length and breadth of the entrance door should be proportionate.piercing corner of another . As far as possible. Plenty of but the doors should not number 10 or 20. Doors should be kept clean and in good condition by polishing or painting frequently. 12. the doors should have two shutters. e. If the obstruction is at a distance of twice its height there occurs no vedha. The ratio of length to breadth should not be more that 1:3. try to have two shutter doors at least for the main entrance. flowering plants and an uncluttered entrance brings wealth and prosperity. If it is not possible in case of all doors. Old and used doors are not recommended for new constructions. 14. • • The back door of the building should be smaller than all the other doors of the building. Fixing of the mahadwara or main door should be done in an auspicious muhurtha. • • • • • • • • apnaghar. The ideal ratio is 1:2.

and Direction 1. East . Success in government work. East Organs of Vaastu Purush Forehead Right Eye Name of Bracket Eash Parjanaya Effect (s) Fire hazard and misery Misery and agony for the women of the house. East Right Ear Right Shoulder Jaya Indra 5. North-East 2. South Right Foot Vitaya apnaghar. East 4. Wealth gain. glory and progress. progeny. South Right knee Pusha 11. East 8. (Fire) fear of fire and enemy etc. fear from enemies. monetary loss. No. East 7. gain in ancestral anxiety. East Right Hand Right Hand Right Hand Right Elbow Sun (Surya) Satya Bhrisha Akash 9. Mental restivity. Elbow 10. Mental torture. South-East Joints Places Agni knee. Ailment to 3. Agony caused by friends and family members.DOOR-PLANNING ACCORDING TO VAASTU PURUSH S. Fear of thieves automatic VacuumdisAppearance of an object. anxiety Adverse effects on female. Good results.

South 15. No. South Organs of Vaastu Purush Right Foot Name of Bracket Griha Effect (s) Birth of a son. South 16. South progress. low status Fear from . progress. SouthWest Right Foot Right Foot Right Foot Right Heel Both Toes Yama Gandharva Mriga Mriya Pitra 18. Death Loss of prestige.S. comfort. Suffering to children. losses. (Forefather(s) obstacle in having progeny. South 17. agony due to thieves. Deafness. obstacles. Expenses exceed income. and Direction 12. Pain. monetary problem. West 21. 13. West 19. Mental eletion. West Left Heel Left Foot Left Foot Left Foot Dwarpal Sugreeva Pushapadant Varuna apnaghar. West 20. Excellent health. Khshata monetary gains. peace and well-being.

in . North 32. Discomfiture to women inmates of the house. North 28. Monetary Losses. Death. No. worry. Agony due to obstacles and delay work. penury and added allround failure. North Left Ear Left Eye Aditi Diti apnaghar. Gain of Wealth and prosperity. Progress in all fields. including financial aspect. North 27. North Organs of Vaastu Purush Left Foot Left Knee Left Knee Joints’ Places.S. West 24. West 23. loss (es) to father. sudden onslaught of diseases. North Left Shoulder Left Shoulder Kuber Shail 31. opposition from family members. Ideal (best) progeny and prosperity. West 25. Name of Bracket Asur Shesha Yakhshama Rheumatic Knee and Elbow Naga Mukhya Mallat Effect (s) Losses from state. Added enmity. Illness. NorthWest and Direction 22. Left Elbow Left Hand Left Hand 29. Animosity from progeny. agony due to illness. North 30.

co. Observe the areas that need painting and cleaning. place a screen so that you can enter the house from the west of north-west. The deviation or obstruction can also be done by placement of a divider book-shelf or large potted plants. People who live in independent houses and bungalows can relocate their main entrance to suit the auspicious grid positions.Main Entrance Remedies and Solutions The front door is considered to be the place from where the prana or the essential life energy enters a house. You will notice a difference in outlook the moment you have made any improvements to your front door. For example. this is no a viable choice. You will feel better. if you have a west of south west entrance which is considered inauspicious. apnaghar. To remedy to situation in such cases place a wooden decorative screen about 5 feet high some 3 feet away from the main door so that the inauspicious entrance is obstructed and you can enter the house from a more positive direction. more energetic and incidentally. Even minor defects like a stuck or a squeaky main door restricts the free flow of energy in our daily lives. Its proper placement is essential for the well-being of the inhabitants. Here are some remedies. Notice all the things that a stranger would notice when he or she visits your house and one-by-one take corrective measures. the importance of the placement of the main door in auspicious grid positions has been emphasised. Main Entrance in Inauspicious Grid Positions The main entrance. but for scores of others who live in rented houses or . the value of your home would also have increased for any potential buyer. At times. It is worthwhile to observe the front entrance to your house dispassionately. check doorbells and nameplates. only the front entrance corrections can give amazing results for the welfare of the residents. corrections and tips to make your main door attract a lot of good luck and prosperity.


Screen WSW Correcting the Main Entrance Vedha Opposite the Main Entrance In case of an obstruction like a big tree, pillar or lamp-post opposite your main entrance, try to shift the main door. In case it is not possible, plant one or two auspicious trees between the house and the obstruction. You can also plant a hedge or erect a fence to reduce the effect of the obstruction. Alternatively, two lights can be erected on poles, one on each side, between the tree and the front door. A Vast Yantra can also be installed on the entrance. Main Entrance Constricted and Cluttered First impressions are vital. If the front door needs painting and there is a collection of shoes, boxes or dead plants by the entrance, it generates negative feelings. If, on the other hand, the entrance looks clean, uncluttered and welcoming, you feel more positive. The front door should open onto a bright, well lit room, giving a glimpse of the house. If the front door opens onto a small confined and constricted lobby area, the level of energy is also dampened. The remedy for this is to use mirrors on the eastern or northern walls, whichever is longer, to create an effect of spaciousness and width. The mirror should be large enough so that it does not appear to cut off the heads of family members and visitors. The mirror in this position widens the entrance area and encourages the energy inside. It can be a good idea to place the mirror above a small side-cabinet or another piece of furniture. Fresh flowers or decorative items could be placed on top of this to attract good luck. The interior should be well lit. Depression and disease stalk in stuffy, ill lit and ill ventilated areas. The remedy for this is to increase the amount of light in the entrance area. By lighting up the area, depression gives way to positive attitudes and disease to good health.

Back Door Exactly Opposite the Front Door The back door should not be visible and exactly opposite the front door. In such a case, change the position of the back door. Alternatively, a screen can be put up to conceal the back door. Crystals or wind chimes can be hung up immediately inside both the front and back doors to encourage the energy to circulate. Main Entrance Facing a T-junction Any roads heading directly at the front door are matter of serious concern. In such circumstances, it is better to position the gate so that it is not in direct alignment to the road. Failing that, a Vastu Yantra can be installed on the gate. Light a night-light over the Yantra. A pa-kua mirror above the front door can also remedy the situation. Planting a hedge or erecting a fence can also be effective. Toilet opposite the Main door Toilets should not be located in front of the main door. The toilets are the negative areas in a house and must not face the main entrance. If there is a toilet opposite the main door, change the entrance of the toilet. If this change is not possible, place a sideboard or another piece of furniture or a large plant between the main door and the toilet to prevent the auspicious energy entering through the main door from draining down the toilet. Another fault is to have the toilet close to the main entrance. Since the toilets are the negative areas in a house, they contaminate the good energies coming from the main entrance. To rectify the fault, shift the door of the toilet to any other side, away from the main door. Main Entrance below the Street Level It is inauspicious if your front door is situated below the street level. This tends to constrict the prana, i.e. the life-giving energy and tends to make the occupants lackluster, lethargic and feeling unsettled and trapped. To remedy this, keep the entrance well lit and have live plants close to the front door. Energising the Main Entrance There are lots of simple and inexpensive ways of adding interest and personality to the main door. One can paint the front door in a fresh new colour or can simply replace the door handle and door knocker with shiny new ones. To add life to the entrance, add decorative plants in pots or urns to the steps or on either side of the door. The front door

should never be directly lit. This is most unwelcoming. Have a light just above the main door illuminating the entrance. Hang an interesting picture or painting near the front door. If the entrance is in the north, hang a beautiful metallic bell or wind chime outside. For a main door located in the south east, keep a picture of greenery. An east entrance can be energised by a picture of sunrise bringing name, fame and success to the inmates. In order to energise an entrance on the west, you could place a brass door handle or metallic pots on which plants can be kept. Front doors on the northwest signify a lot of opportunities for travel, while those in the west are for good luck and fame. For a south-west entrance, place an idol or photo of Lord Ganesha on the top of the door from inside. North-east is an area connected with mental peace and educational success. If your main door is in this direction keep a beautiful pictures or statue of Lord Ganesha facing the entrance. Keep the north-east entrance as clean and clutterfree as possible. Guests, visitors, domestic help and delivery boys visiting your house bring with them their individual aura, vibrations and negative or positive energies which may or may not be in harmony with you or your household. Placing a plant on either side of the front door with salt hidden in the soil would suppress all negativity. Salt has the property to absorb negative energy, thereby preventing it from entering into the house. Replace the salt after every ten to fifteen days. If the entrance door is in the north, north-west or west, place the salt in tiny metallic pots hidden in the soil of the plants. If the entrance is in the south, east, south-east or south-west, place the salt in tiny earthen pots hidden in the soil. Display your nameplate prominently. Have the letters beautifully and prominently inscribed in proper legible size. Make sure to place it at such a height that it is above the head of the tallest member of the family. The entrance of the house is the doorway to the entire household, welcoming the positive energy inside from where it can spread all over the house. It is, therefore, crucial to keep it welcoming, cheerful and energised.

if the balance is other than 1 and 2. If the balance is 1. If the Sun moves into Aquarius. Vaastu Purush revolves. it denotes underground. worship of land should be performed by an able. if done when the Sun moves into Scorpion. it means heaven. that the Brahmin performing land-worship does not know even know the basics pertaining to Vaastu rules. Excavation of land should be done on North-West angle. when one planet passes on from one planet to another Zodiac (Sankranti) sign. Sagittarius and Capricorn signs of the Zodiac. apnaghar. • If land excavation is resorted to when the Sun moves into Leo. If the Sun moves into Taurus. Gemini and Cancer signs of the Pisces and Aries signs of the Zodiac. tail and Southern direction of the Vaastu Purush. if in the underground. the land-excavation should be done on North-East angle.Inauguration Of Land-Digging And Foundation As far as feasible. add 4 to the date and multiply by 2. I have myself observed at many occasions. then it will denote mortal world (with reference to abode of Vaastu Purush). add number of words of house-owner’s name. should not excavate the land. it should be on the South-West angle. then land worship and land excavation be done on the South-East angle. it indicates continuous flow of wealth and when the abode is mortal . if 2. If Vaastu Purush is seated in the heaven. the portion of which falls on side of head. it will impel death. divide the total sum by 3. The scripturists have maintained that those who pine to enjoy a long span of life. in order to start construction of a house. Virgo and Libra signs of the Zodiac. it will bestow gain. underneath earth. in respect of inaugural act of earth-digging (excavation). cultured and knowledgeable Brahmin. • • • HOW TO KNOW POSITION OF VAASTU-PURUSH According to the ascetic Parashar. Excavation is always auspicious if done on the left side (of womb) of waist.

AUSPICIOUS TIME FOR LAYING FOUNDATION • If house construction is taken up in Pushya (aided by Jupiter). If some work is inaugurated in the auspicious time. then the such a house will bestow son and regime. and Ardra Nakhshatras. it won’t take (much) time for completion. If Friday falls on Ashvini. Place of body Orga n 3 Effect of stars Fore head Forefeet Hind feet Back Right ovary Left ovary Tail Mout h 4 Fear of fire 4 Agita tion 3 Perma nancy 4 Wealt h 4 Victor y 3 Penury (Poverty ) 3 Deat h of owne r Pain So. hence let us take into account ‘Bhoomi Shayan’. Shatbbisha. it is called ‘Supata Bhoomi’ hence and no tank. the house will come up . Auspicious and ominous aspects. in an auspicious moment. 7th. in respect of inaugural house ceremony. 12th. grams and prosperity. • apnaghar. 19th and 26th day from the sun. BHOOMI SHYAN AND VATSA CHAKRA If Moon star falls on 5th. Chitra. it will be an auspicious occasion to impart wealth.Inauguration Of Vaastu-Foundation INAUGURAL TIMINGS TO LAY FOUNDATION OF A HOUSE There is a famous adage (‘Well begun half done’). If foundation is laid at an auspicious time. and a house is built as per Nakhshatras. Vishakha. three uttras. Mrigshira and Aashlesha Nakshatras (each) having four periods).co. should also be considered from view-points of stars and Vrisha-Vaastu. house should be built. Rohini. pond or house should be dug which is mentioned in Rajmaghartand.

Sun and Moon are powerful and in exacted positions and with aid of Jupiter. Swati. Venus. and construction work is started on anyone of the said Nakhshatras. in Libra comfort. Uttarabhadrapada. Sun and Moon the house is constructed. When Jupiter. Ashwini. Poorva Phalguni. it will bring glory. Cancer. there be mercury and sun. the do not undertake construction of the house. Uttara Phalguni. Mrighria and Anuradha Naushatras. Libra and Capricon lagans. Hasta. or in the tenth house. Chitra and Hasta Nakhshatras. there should be a static or dual-natured star in Lagna which should be accompanied and aspected by benefic stars effects. there will be comfort. At the time of laying foundation. in Pisces (?) it will add to number of Rohini. gains wealth. To initiate building a house. Rohini. Shrava. Revati. if sun is in . Jupiter or Moon be ascendants and lords of their houses. in Cancer it will be beneficial. Venus. No house construction should be initiated in Aries. eight or eleventh houses of the horoscope. Workout a horoscope at the time of initiating building of the house and if there are malefic stars in third. Punarvasu. and that in Sagittarius will increase wealth. • apnaghar. Uttarasharha. then the houses and wealth blesses that house for long time. Sun and Moon) is strong or lord of its house.• If there is Wednesday on Ashwini. Moola. in Scorpion a wealth-booster. Vaastu. in Aquarius it will give benefits of gems. Dhanishtha. Shatbhisha. it will be an auspicious one. • • • • FORBIDDEN ASPECTS: • • • House construction be not started on Sunday and Tuesday. even then no house construction should be initiated. in Capricorn wealth giver and. Pushya. sixth and eleventh houses. If there are benefic starts in the sixth. prosperity and advent of sons in the family. during Chitra. At the time of house construction if any one of the stars (Jupiter.

there is weak. Sagittarius and Pisces . • • • • • • • • apnaghar. the house owner will meet his i. Never start construction work (of house) on Rikta Tithi. and if any house construction is taken up during the said phases. Jyeshtha. Swati and Bharani Nakhshatras are in the accompaniment of Saturn. in the Pisces. Anuradhs. Megha. If Poorvabhadrapada. it will impel loss of wealth. the house-building husband will lose his better half (wife). when Sun travels to Gemini. At time of laying down foundation. Sun in Sagittarius will be harmful and sun. theft and mental torture from the son. Ninth and fourteenth date (day). debilitated or low-lying star. If on the day of house construction. Revati. and Saturday also falls during the said phases. Virgo. Poorvasharha and Moola Nakhshatras. such a house will become abode of demons and ghosts. and if house-building work is initiated. then. Sun in Virgo will cause diseases. on Fourth. if a house construction is taken up. debilitated (powerless) and posited in a debased place. If Sun is weak. House construction must not be taken up in the Leo (Singha) lagna.e. Sun in Gemini will cause death. Uttarabhadrapada. will impel diseases and fear. if house construction is taken up during the said period. powerless or posited in a debased place. If Moon is weak. and Tuesday also falls on that day. it will be cause of fear from fire.• If Mars is aspecting Hasta. Do not initiate construction of a new house.

If there is a big multistoreyed building or a big complex in the vicinity of your house. coupled with invisible natural . always keep the neighbouring place in mind. In such a case. if dead bodies are buried there. it will cast comparatively lesser bad effect but. ominous (bad) effects will be a bit less. so that complete shadow of the multistoreyed building is reflected in the mirror. the height shadow and glory thereof will adversely affect the there won’t be any ill-effect of the big mansion. Affix a vaastu-fault dispelling arch (over the gateway). REMEDY • Affix a hexagonal or circular mirror. • • EFFECT OF A BIG BUILDING BUILT ON OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD. If the highway is not wide but narrow. then it would certainly cast bad effect upon your dwelling unit. it will cast extremely ill-effect. Trees are planted in between both the buildings so that ill-effect of the big building is not cast upon the smaller one. so that complete shadow of the multistoreyed building is reflected in the mirror. will embroil the house inmates. Trees are planted in between both the buildings so that ill-effect of the big building is not cast upon the smaller one. and there be also a multistoreyed building. prosperity and progress on the small residential house. big church or a temple exactly in front of your house. in front of your dwelling unit. If there are marriages and merry-making events in the church. • apnaghar. over the terrace of the small house. OVER THE SMALL HOUSE If there is a subway. over the terrace of the small house. REMEDY • Affix a hexagonal or circular mirror. A pall of pain and death. you must ensure that the middle road is situated at a length or distance of three or four times away (as compared to the height of your residential house). If it is a school building.How to Dispel Vaastu-Faults Without Breakage (Wear and Tear) Before purchasing a residential house.

apnaghar. then the inmates of both such houses will fight with each other. will be under depression if there are big buildings near or in the vicinity of your dwelling . Pitch a bamboo-flag midway to both the buildings. in the form of a ‘Sarvamangalkari’ small (bestower of full well-being) over the gate. then it must be taken for granted that the same is the cause of impediment to your luck and good opportunities. Install a mariner’s compass. In Indian Vaastu Shastra. affecting) the corner of your house. PROTECTION FROM PENETRATION OF ANGLE If your dwelling house is situated on the highway or the corner of a crossing and the corner of multistoreyed building is aspecting (overbroking. and the struggle may take form of court cases. whose arrow (indicator) should be directed towards building’s it is called as ‘Kone Vedha’. Install a mariner’s compass. Such a mirror can be hidden behind a curtain/cover also. METHOD TO OFFSET ILL-EFFECTS OF CORNER If corners of both the houses are overlapping or confronting each other. Affix an arcade of small shade. living in a small house. Affix a spot-light towards the small house.• Affix a vaastu-fault dispelling arch (over the gateway). • METHOD OF PROTECTION FROM BIG BUILDINGS The person. over terrace of the dwelling house. and the corner of your house is also aspected. face-to-face with each other. REMEDY • • • • Plant big trees in-between the house and buildings. keeping its arrow (or needle) directed towards the big buildings. REMEDY • • Affix a mirror on the outer portion of your (residential) terrace.

are equally applicable to swimming pool also which neither be much nearer the terrace nor should it be much larger also. Such a treasure never remains empty. It should be ensured that if the pond and swimming pool are squareshaped.REMEDY • • • Both neighbours should erect a shade. relating to pond. If a triangular glass shed is built on the terrace. REMEDY • • • Plant big trees in the middle of both the buildings. SITUATION OF A POUND AND BUILDING Rules. Install a its corner must not encroach upon terrace-corner or the door. then plant trees in the opposite direction. to convert an adverse situation in to a favourable one. Keep all your valuables. Construct a joint Garage. after being • • apnaghar. with mutual concurrence (understanding). silver and cash in a safe (chest) which should face northern side whose lord is Kuber (God of wealth). between both the houses. EXISTENCE OF A FACTORY OPPOSITE A DWELLING HOUSE It does not augur well for the resident of a house. exactly at the same distance which exists between your home and factory. failing which it would be called ‘Konevedha’ (corner’s infringement). Construct a fountain at the corner of building. both the neighbours will live with comfort and prosperity. Duly worshipped ‘Kuber-Yantra’ be kept in the safe and on the day of ‘Dhan Teras’ the said Kuber-yantra be worshipped. if a big factory or industry exists in the vicinity of the said house. Oval shape is the best shape for a swimming pool or pond. REMEDY • If a swimming pool or pond exists much nearer your house then. .

• STEPS (STAIRS TO THE MAIN ENTRANCE It there are stairs at the entrance gate of the house. If entry point to the house is smaller and narrower than the housegate. If a spot-light is affixed on a house. it will bring in flow of wealth.treated in sixteen ways. That is the reason as to why the path should be neat. it is an in auspicious sign. It would be auspicious if ridge of the house is an elevated position. which should be higher than the terrace or get the slope levelled by means of bricks. and the light falls on terrace of the . apnaghar. then the stairs should not be deep and downward. If the entry front the house is narrow at the outset (start) but gets wider in the house-it is a auspicious sign due to which chances of money will flow into the house. The width of the plateform should be double the width of the gate where it opens. plant trees. clean. The inmates living in such a house will have surely good personality which will be good and attractive but all of them will face difficulties in developing their personalities. If the slope of path is towards the house. It is ominous to have downward stairs. In such a situation. If the path is too narrow and resembles like a footpath or is too hazy. at the rear side of the house. will bring in staggered wealth. A wide and paved way is not only instrumental in enhancing dignity of a house but also help letting in favourable and beneficial bio-electromagnetic energy. The house owner’s luck will remain blocked and there will hardly he any scope of wealth due to a favourable magnetic flow. The obstructive factors. which restrict (impede) entry and use of fresh sun-rays and air communication stand for ‘Vaastu Marg-Vedha’. A path that is narrow on the beginning but getting wider later. install a lamp-post at the narrowest point from where the light falls on the gate or terrace of the house. REMEDY • • Erect a fountain in the middle of the hexagon. Such a device will ensure overflowing DISPELLING VAASTU-MARG VEDHA WITHOUT BREAKAGE (WEAR AND TEAR) ‘Marg Vedh’ means the factors that inhibit entry of light and air into the house. install a wind-well or a lamp-post. situated at height. then it is not in order. then install the spotlight. straight and attractive.

under the beam. small trees on both sides of the entrance path. and health of all inmates of the house also stays excellent. take following measures: • • • Camouflage the beam with ceiling of tiles. seat (Asans). Sitting under a beam is an considered an open invitation to death. it is auspicious but the pillars should neither be too big nor much nearer the entrance. Ill-effects of the beam can be warded off if two bamboo shoots are applied. to dispel vaastu-fault(s). apnaghar. If there is a natural growth of bushes. green replica of Lord Ganpati. to cut short life span and invite inauspicious time. Round pillars are latter than the square pillars. OFFICE SHOULD NOT BE SITUATED UNDER A BEAM Nobody sits under garder on beam nor is any house constructed during the evening time. PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE BEAM No cot or table should be placed below the beam nor ever keep any table or chair. in the office. as the latter can cause theft and reduction in wealth. and should be clean also. then the same should pruned to give them an attractive look. Entrance path to the house should be free from blemish. and so do the persons (remain tense) sitting thereunder. in . which drives home our view-point. Install.It is always an ideal thing to have bushes. There is an adage. in that case. that ‘Attraction receives blessing’. for the simple reason that the beam itself remains under strain (load). workplace a revolving chair. It also brings in adverse situations and running business work is obstructed. If a porch (open verandah) is made in front of the house (entry gate). REMEDY If there is a disparity in position between pillars and beam. then a mirror should be fixed in such a way that it is visible to the eyes. If there is no alternative than to sit under the beam then. on both sides of the It also brings in best magnetic flow. It is wrong to have an office.

Mirror affects a particular direction whereas crystal ball affects all the (four) sides. If bed-room is built faultily then. Boring pump has been installed on the wrong side. thus. If it is installed in front of Lord Budha’s idol. There is fear from ghosts and evil spirits in the dark. then install an electric motor there. Flood Light Bulb Strong light (Floot light) is the most important factor to improve upon vaastu-faults. Crystal ball is indicative of positive force that dispels both internal and external rainbow colours by regressing sun-rays. apnaghar. comfort and happiness. It is an ancient tradition to decorate walls of temples with multi-coloured balls. spell of outgoing wealth can be halted. Infact. vaastu-faults is done away If kitchen is built at a wrong place then. collides with crystal ball and. It modifies environment. Sermons word power emanating from crystal ball. Sharp sun-rays represent sunlight which provides shine to inner and outer forms o f a house. all the vaastu related faults can be corrected. (Agneya). converts a L-shaped house into a square one. spreads manifold in the room. which has permanent light on the East or North-East . darkness signifies bad luck. pain and sorrow whereas light is indicative of good luck. Through crystal ball sunlight converts into spiritual force. by changing the fire place/hearth. will always be blessed with celestial power. Mirror Mirror regresses the light-rays. According to vaastu if a house. stove to the correct direction. Crystal ball has religious significance too. waterfault in the building can be rectified. In this way.Nine Practical Remedies (Curative Methods) Correct Direction If all the things are placed at the right place and right direction. by changing the position for steeping (South-Eastwards) vaastu fault in the bed-room can be rectified. It bestows good luck on the house-owner through rainbow colours. and divert the water outlet point to Ishan (North-East) or East direction. built on mini slope of a hill. If flood light is thrown on a house.

Not only green plantations but artificial plants. and are auspicious also. Fish-Bowls Like trees. hotel or restaurant. in addition to his progress. plants and vegetables fish-bowl is also an emblem of life-force. oxygen and natural beauty. Plants and Flowers Trees. hotel or restaurants. since their petals neither wather nor get yellow-coloured. artificial bunches of flowers or leaves do not need personal care and are also free from birth and death. Plants. Fish-bowles are kept in offices and shops to avert bad luck and accidents. spreading sweet. They not only provide life-saving oxygen but also add to grandeur of a house. at the entrance gates of house. vaastu-faults is reserved in building. add to interior decoration of along with purifying the polluted atmosphere. in treating ailments. It is installed at the dinning halls and reception counters of big hotels. will eject faults relating to vaastu. vegetations which grow all the year round. preserving good health. and they also do not generate insets-pests or even filth.Sweet Musical Sounds/Musical Bells (Wind Chirrs) Ear-pleasing musical sounds or musical . nor those get diseased. bestow solar results as they are also pleasing to the eyes. Plants. rising apnaghar. Planting fragrant and attractive plants. Moreover. Trees and vegetations play a role of utmost utility in dispelling When there be shortage of water and installation of fountains may not be possible in a house or office. The bubbles. thereby providing a safety shield for pure and clean environment. flowers. These gadgets are fixed at the entry –gates so that the (automatic) bells start ringing. their leaves never fall off. having blossoming flowers. as soon as any unknown person enters. trees are indicative of origin. not only attract the customers but also bestow prosperity and wealth on such places. The purpose behind its installation is similar to that of a mirror which you have already read earlier. then fish-bowl is set up to ward off vaastu-fault. plants and flower bunches are unique living embodiments of a living force which is replete with nature’s beauty. Through crystal ball. and it is a useful means to rectify internal and external vaastu defects. musical tones. whether in an office or house. in addition to creating positive air flow. progress and vital force of the house-owner. made out of plastic and other materials. Crystal Ball It is not that crystal ball is used merely by the fortune tellers for making forecasts.

removes heat out of hot (outer) winds. the digestive power and energy of the family members can be maintained if electric motor. five-star hotels and restaurants. entire money spent over house. washing machine. creates moisture and removes mental confusion/restivity by providing coolness. weather wanes and other fast moving fluttering devices or other ones that driven by wind and are pointers to direction) over or outside houses is to ward off ill-effects of by buildings or penetration of highway upon the houseowner. apnaghar. The continuous electrical supply is assured and there could be no power failure if generator. commercial complex etc. situations like separation between husband-wife. (like windmills. in order to provide affect to a direction or to make heavy the corner (angle). It all these objects are properly installed. Water is a symbol of wealth and wind is that of life. resort is taken to heavy stones. Water-Reservoir (Water Pool etc. boiler and furnaces are properly installed. factory or shop get solved by installing electrical appliances properly and in proper direction. hotel. rocks and idols. if the water gets discharged through the wrong outlet. multistoreyed building. continuous journeys and feeling of uncertainty automatically come to an end by making the direction of corner heavier. so as to remove water-related fault. water reservoirs or fountains are maintained/built in an orderly manner. as per vaastu.) and Fountains In a big building. refrigerator and other such electrical equipments are properly installed in a house. High-rise buildings. In the same way. Particular attention is paid to water-exit and natural flow (slope) of water. Weighty (Heavy) Stones and Statues . Water is also a symbol of life-If pleases the eye and boosts up mind. Windmills/Whirlwings and Weather Wanes The purpose behind installation of gadgets. it will being in permanency to profession/service of the house owner. restaurant will go waste. Quite often.up from the water (of fish-bowls) and the water from fountains indicate life-force and water-flow which are symbols of incoming-outgoing wealth. because. multistoreyed buildings. Electrical Power Many problems of industry.

apnaghar. Though flute was Lord Krishna’s mate. and being on either side of beam in between a triangular shape. made of bamboo. into heart directly and touch even the remotest as depth of mind and intellect in a unique way. then the colour of such a person’s house-walls should be milky-white or pearl-white. Defect (fault) of beam can be dispelled if two flutes are couched in two red pieces of cloth. lagna be in Sagittarius or Pisces rashi. maintain that when flute is waved. light-yellow or golden-colour. should be kept in plenty in the house. should have anyone out of green shade (light or deep green).Bamboo and Flutes A flute. But be sure that flute’s opening portion (mouth) is kept downwards flute is indicative of increased rise. in order to make such a strong mars still stronger (more powerful). is ascendant. auspicious micro cosmos sound waves gain entry into the house. permanency and stability. Objects resembling silver matter. crimson or coral-red . then to make such a powerful mercury still more powerful. office and business cell. import safety to each and every floor of a building. the birth Rashi is cancer. Scorpion or Capricon rashi then. If Jupiter element is predominant. the sitting room of such a person should be painted with orange-red. his lagna is Aries or Scorpion. Jupiter is powerful then such a person should paint his walls in shades of topaz. his birth rashi (zodiac sign) is Gemini or Virgo. is considered to be a symbol of peace. and the child is born in cancer lagna. through eyes. apart of therapeutic utility of the said modes. If a person’s mar’s is predominant. If lunar aspect (element) is predominant. Religious or position mercury be favourable in Gemini or Virgo lagna. of one cannot deny that plan of interior decoration of colours can dispel also the vaastu-faults relating to and emanating from obstactes caused by stars and planets. in respect of flute. and mars is under Aries. moon is posited in its own house. progress and positive qualities. Colours of walls descend. green-gram colours. It is a conviction that holes made serially in a flute. If a person is affected by the mercury planet. It is high and decorated like a sword in houses. by holding the same in hand. particularly those of his consulting room. and that is why it is installed in house. parrot colour. the walls of such a person’s house-walls. It is also a fact that. evil spirits take to their heels and when it is played on. or if mercury belongs to Taurus or Leo and is lord of its own house. Doors and window curtains should also of the said colours. welcome news. Interior Decoration and Colours Indian cultures are unamimous in conceding immense impact of enterior decoration and colours.

articles are pilfered or loss of article or wealth be caused by servants or things taken away by customers. Talisman) This amulet belongs to Shri Hanuman ji. whose land cannot be disposed of or whose property is gripped in dispute. and all such colours suit a person who is domination by Ketu. In all such situations a Bhowm emulet may be installed. The person. and dig in the Maruti amulet. death and sorrow. attired in black clothes. is in its ascendant rashi. hence nobody paints his walls in black colour. the walls in the house of a person. should be painted in bright diamond-white shade or cream shade. Saturn is the lord of any black or deep black colour. It is multiple uses. So much so that even sight of a lady. Saturn is posited in its own house. while standing on that land facing East. Bhowm Yantra (Emulet for Mars) If. the person’s Venus planet will remain propitiated and powerful. one metre deep. Mirror and decorative glass should also be abundantly used. is quite is vogue. lagna rashi be Taurus or Libra. land related dispute. apnaghar. sadness. Maruti-Yantra (Amulet. out of which its applicability. sprinkling milk and gange’s water thereon later on. The house owner should himself dig a pit. light or deep brown. his rashi be Capricon or Aquarius or his lagna be also of the said two . Thus. in a shop. Planet Ketu’s shade is grey. Black colour is regarded as a symbol of darkness. It is an amazing and double action amulet. will get settled within three months or will get disposed of at handsome rates. the son of Maruti. and will help in the rise of progress and luck. The said emulet should be installed on the east-north end or east in the land. then such a person should use blue colour for his house-walls and curtains.. that is Virgo. For interior decoration of such a house opulent (luxurious) articles. office etc. should dig in this amulet at 12 O’clock during day time. If much significance is attributed to cleanliness and light.It Venus is predominant. pertaining to vaastu. Smoky colour will suit a person whose Rahu is predominant but multi-coloured objects are also pleasing to Rahu. Venus is strong in actions and to make the same more strong. If Saturn is predominant in a person’s horoscope. is considered a bad woman. by digging a 2 feet deep pit. Though black colour is predominantly replete with water element. without payment or a situation may arise when thieves may steal. It is also beneficial for providing protection and safety to a vehicle. beautiful beauty aids and artistic articles should be used.

Mahakali emulate invokes burning power of fire. Varuna Yantra This emulet is the principal emulet of Varuna (the lord of water) that dispels all water-related faults. It water-tap.Surya Yantra (Sun-emulet) Due to sun’s declination (Kranti) or if the sun is debelitatedat the time of installation. as per prescribed procedure. sun is also afflicted by a debilitated or weak zodiac sign then. transformer and generator so that there is no power . as it has proved its utility when used in various industries. three circles. so that recurring losses are avoided. industry. furnace. there will be some agony in a Kali Yantra It is an emulate (Yantra) of goddess Mahakali. which is installed to ensure free flow of fire power (element) in a factory. office or seat. When in the birth horoscope of a trader. circle and camouflage by a circumference. Kali worship is the foremost important emulative method to block attracts. the concerned trader should install Indrani Yantra. It is an uphill task to rectify a fault. Indrani Yantra (emulate) to Prosper Business If losses are incurred despite taking all possible considerations and various steps. then all such water-related faults can be removed by installing Varuna Yantra at the subject site. Mahakali emulet is prepared after making a dot five inverted triangles. indeed. This amulet is marvelous. To ward off all the said malefic effects the effected person should install the ‘Surya Yantra’ at his place of business (seat). caused by wrong creation (on a side) of some structure. Dikdoshanashak Yantra (An emulate that dispels direction-faults) It is the top most emulet where all sides and their lords are worshipped. after being duly worshipped. eight petals. apnaghar. astonishing. in such a situation that incumbent continues to reel under suffering and personal agony. stop. The effects of this emulet are. create rift and Kell. tube well and underground water-tank have been both in a wrong direction or South-East direction. after consulting a vaastu specialist.

Such an idol will be beneficial for the customer but not to the house-owner. In addition to that. It will be beneficial in all respects. Instant good results can be had if a silver coin sized Shriyantra is also installed. An Arched Gateway to Dispel Door-faults It is a specific type of arched gateway that removes faults pertaining to a door and also protects the house from external calamities. in respect of your house. but nothing is impossible. at the door-frame. Some shopkeepers display Lord Ganesha’s idol only outside their house. apnaghar. Nectar flows out of Ganpath’s idol but back side is indicative of penury. lords of all directions and Vishwakarma. It should be installed over the doorFrame or hildreth of the door. factory or industry-the reason being that.Siddha Beesa Yantra This emulet is a blend of Panaria’s and goddess Jagdamba’s powers that frees one from life-and-death circle. It bestows prosperity and blessing and does away with all the evils and faults that might be observed in any house. Evil Destroyer Vaastu-Emulet (An emulet that destroys and offsets evil-intentioned deeds) If someone has used a spell to cause death (destruction) or desease or harm. Shriyantra of Pure Silver In order to enjoy prosperity and wealth. to stop its progress (or to yourself) the same spell can be destroyed and made to rebound on to evil doer. This (Kritya Yantra) emulet is highly treasure may be empty. Sarvamangal Vaastu Yantra In the said yantra. alongwith white Ganpati’s idol. because Ganpati’s vision does not fall inside of house. It should be framed and (be) installed at place of worship. Shriyantra is an infallible device. This emulet brings in all sorts of well-being and prosperity. there may be no saving despite flow-in of money. and its process (of preparing) is extremely laborious. Install Lord Ganesha’s idol at the front and hind side of the door-frame. Such a house or shop will have always the blessings of Ganesh and Lakhshmi. and all the bad and evil effects stay . shop. it remains unaffected by curse. alongwith goodness. office. if one does not take interest in business. through this yantra. .co. in order to protect the house from external calamities (dangers). shades. tree. in which a sanctified protective device is also threaded. Its installation not only dispels door-faults. apnaghar.Sarvamangalkari Arched Gateway Made of Shell It is processed out of sea products. such as shell. but also frees the same (house) from obstructions caused by faulty passage. Conchs conch shell etc.

DISCLAIMER: All information given above has been taken from the official documents. The information should be checked with the respective departments/authorities before typing errors or shall not be liable in any circumstances for any losses or damages whatsoever arising in connection with the use of these document/s including. apnaghar. any loss arising from or in consequence of the inaccuracy of any information contained in the documents whether arising from spelling mistakes. without limitation. However .co.

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