Prop list Basketball - we will use a basketball because the film is based around basketball and therefore we will

need to include a basketball to portray our ideology of the film. Also if we do not have a basketball then we cannot show Daniels ability when it comes to Basketball.

Basketball cones – If we include basketball cones then we can show how good Daniel is at dribbling because he will be able to dribble through the cones easily. This consequently shows his talent at basketball.

Basketball Apparel – This will include: basketball shoes, shorts and a basketball jersey. This contributes to the reading that Daniel is a basketball player. This will also make the film look more professional if Daniel is dressed in basketball apparel.

Basketball rim – We need a basketball rim because then we can show how talented Daniel is at basketball because he will be able to make shots and do different things with the basketball. If we did not include a basketball rim then we would not be able to show Daniels basketball skills and the viewer ay not be able to identify that this film is about basketball.

A Classroom – The reason why we have included a classroom is because when Daniel wakes up fro his dream he is in detention. This is a clear example of the 25 word speech because it talks about how Daniel dreams about his basketball skills. We will try to make the detention look as realistic as possible because we want the viewers to believe that Daniel is in a real detention and that it is not staged.