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A Love for life 2012 (China)

A Love for life 2012 (China)

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Published by: VisitHungary on Feb 28, 2012
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A Love for life

匈牙利国家旅游发展局 北京代表处
电 话: +86 10-65321431 #227, #216 传 真: +86 10-65322458 邮 箱: xiongyali@xiongyali.cn 地 址: 北京市东直门外大街10号 100600 www.xiongyali.cn www.visit-hungary.com

Hungarian Tourism Plc. Beijing Representative Office
Tel: +86 10-65321431 #227, #216 Fax: +86 10-65322458 E-mail: xiongyali@xiongyali.cn Add: Beijing, Chaoyang District, Dongzhimenwai dajie 10. www.visit-hungary.com www.xiongyali.cn

匈牙利无疑是欧洲大陆上最耀眼的明珠之一, 不仅是这片土地上 最古老的国家之一, 而且坐落在独特的世界上最大的温泉资源之 上。 匈牙利可以为来到这里的游客提供数不尽的乐趣、 文化、 养 生方面的娱乐活动—这里有活力四射的古城布达佩斯、 浪漫的葡 萄酒庄园、 宁静的湖泊, 匈牙利就好比是一杯美味的鸡尾酒, 口味 浓烈且绵软、 新鲜且经典, 是您在别处无法找到的美味。 现在的问题便是该如何去探索这片超乎寻常的大陆! 匈牙利并不大的领土面积 (93000 平方公里)使得穿越这个国家 或探索每一个角落非常便利, 无须制定繁琐的行程。 这个国家的 居民, 一千万自称 “马扎尔人” (magyar) 的匈牙利居民, 将会非常 乐意为您提供帮助 。 对匈牙利最好的形容莫过于鸡尾酒了 我们知道, , 制作出的上好鸡 尾酒不但整个口味令人喜爱, 其每一个组成部分也能给人带来惊 喜。 那么在这里, 我们把制作 “匈牙利” 这杯美味鸡尾酒的秘方透 露给您: 取一只精美的水晶杯, 倒上一杯充满 1100 年来自意大利、 英格兰、 法国、 奥地利和土耳其的欧洲历史和文化, 挤一片现代和时尚, 注 入无数 2000 年源源不断涌出的温泉水, 再加上贯穿全年的娱乐 活动和节庆、上平静得让你只能听到水声滴溅和瑟瑟树响的自然, 最后洒上著名的匈牙利特色调料红辣椒! 现在这杯 “匈牙利” 鸡 尾酒可以给我们的客人享用了 。 如果您仍心存疑惑, 那么每年 5 百万 (还在增长中) 来到匈牙利的 游客的选择一定错不了!

Hungary is definitely one the prettiest jewels in Europe. It is not only one of the oldest countries on this continent, but also blessed with unique geographical location by sitting above the largest thermal water reserves on Earth! Hungary can provide you an amazing blend fun of culture, history, wellness, from the historical and bustling city of Budapest, to the romantic wine yards and cellars, and the quiet lakes and rivers, Hungary is the perfect cocktail of thrill and peace, modern and ancient, it is the flavor and taste you won't find anywhere else. So, the question may have aroused by now is how to discover this extraordinary land? The good thing is Hungary has relatively small territory (93.000km2) and it makes it extremely convenient to travel through. You also can be sure that the country's inhabitants, the Hungarians, or as we call ourselves the 'magyar' people will be more than happy to help you out – all 10 millions of us! Hungary is a perfect cocktail, and here is the secret recipe that makes it perfect: Take an elegant crystal, fill it up with 1100 years of European history and culture mixed by local, Italian, English, French, Austrian and even Turkish masterpieces, squeeze a slice of modern chic, style and entertainment, pour a dash of healing water on it, gushing out from the depth of the Earth for over 2000 years, add a douse of fun, events and festivals all year round, decorate with a lot of calm nature where you hear nothing but the swash of the water and the rustle of the trees, throw a famous sweet and chilly Hungarian paprika into and it, then shake well! Now it is ready to serve to our guests. If you still have doubts just think about this – 5 million visitors (and growing) from all over the world every year cannot be wrong!




如果您不是随团旅游,而是与朋友或家人自由行,布达佩斯卡能 够为您在交通、 博物馆门票, 甚至购物和餐饮方面节约很多费用! If you not in a group, but traveling alone, with friends or family buy the Budapest Card to save a lot of money on transport, museums, shopping, restaurant and many more!

可以考虑在世界上最美的麦当劳餐厅吃个汉堡包!这座建筑 位于西火车站 (Nyugati Pályaudvar) 旁, 有着 150 年的历史。 Have a burger in the world’s most beautiful, 150 years old McDonald’s at West Railway station (NyugatiPályaudvar)!

布达佩斯也许是匈牙利唯一无须过多介绍的地方! 这里是匈牙利 的政治、 经济和文化中心, 同时也是欧洲最美的城市之一! 把布达 佩斯比喻为一位迷人的女士最为恰当, 她优雅且性感十足, 从来 不会让人感到无聊, 总能给人惊喜、 让人心情愉悦。 无论你心情如 何, 都愿陪伴在她身边、 与她共度时光; 随着年龄的增长她只会越 来越美丽、 越来越吸引人 – 这便是布达佩斯! 布达佩斯至今完好地保留着 19 世纪的风貌, 对于热爱建筑的人 来说, 在这座城市中漫步可谓是莫大的享受。 整个城市就是一座 博物馆, 条条布满鹅卵石的街道都在向游人们讲述着欧洲辉煌的 历史, 让游人沉浸在这座城市独有的氛围中。 你可以想象有这样一座城市吗 – 城中的麦当劳餐厅有着 150 多 年历史; 那里的咖啡馆和世界上第二条地铁也是在 110 多年前修 建的, 但至今仍然正常运转; 这里还有房屋、 公墓、 跳蚤市场、 杂 货店、 仓库, 地铁站、 大学、 桥梁、 温泉、 餐厅、 眼镜商店; 街上跑着 小轿车, 街边还有宾馆、 名牌商店、 特别的水陆两用旅游巴士、 成 百的庭院; 在这里连动物园里的大象房和圣诞市场都是非常值得 一看的景点! 你是否骑着赛格威、 电轮滑或私人摩托游览过一座 城市呢? 你是否在一座两百万人口城市的地下酒窖里品尝过葡萄 酒? 你是否有在 700 年历史的老城墙和城堡内或 150 年历史的桥 上购物的经历? 你是否在有着 450 年历史的土耳其浴场中享受泡 汤乐趣吗? 你是否驾驶过真正的坦克或纸制小轿车? 你是否到过 Eddie Murphy、 Brad Pitt、 Owen Wilson、 Robert Redford、 Kate Beckinsale、 Keanu Reeves、 Madonna 或 Antonio Banderas 这些大牌明星工作过的电影拍摄现场? 你是否到过拥有 130 个温 泉, 在过去的 2000 年来每小时有几百万升温泉水涌出的城市吗? (正确答案是 “从来没有” 因为布达佩斯是世界上唯一具有这些 , 特征的城市。 你是否到过一座首都城市, ) 这里的风景收到政府的 法律保护, 因此成就了世界上唯一无法触摸的文化遗产。 别忘了 , 我们描述的还是同一座城市—布达佩斯! 这些惊喜仅是点滴而已, 布达佩斯能够触及到你灵魂的深处! 当 你漫步在鹅卵石铺成的大街小巷中, 便会理解为什么欧洲是世界 上最具吸引力的旅游目的地了!

Budapest is probably the only place in Hungary needs no in Budapest is probably the only place in Hungary needs no introduction! It is the political, financial, cultural center of Hungary, and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe! If you want to know what Budapest looks like, just imagine an amazingly graceful lady who is elegant and sexy at the same time; she is never boring, always able to show you something new; she is somebody you want to be with no mater what state of mind you are in; and she would only get more and more beautiful with age. Attractive, right? So is Budapest! One of the biggest attractions of the city is itswell preserved 19th century look, which makes it haven for those fascinated by architecture. The city is a living museum of art, walkingdownthe streets makes you feel part of the glorious European history. You don't have to spent a cent to enjoy all this: just look around those marvelous buildings – noneof them are the same – and even if you are not a big fan of the architectures, you still will be enchanted by the atmosphere of the city.

Budapest P-03

Budapest P-04

在城堡林立的第一区漫步, 踏着鹅卵石穿行于蜿蜒的小巷间, 别有一番情趣。 Wonder around in the small alleys of the 1st district right under the Buda Castle!

乘坐一次世界上第二条建成,至今仍然正常运转的地铁!这 条地铁线位于繁华的安德拉什大街地下,有 110 年的历史! Try the second in the world but the only still operating 110 years old subway running under the Andrássy Avenue!

Have you ever been in a city where the McDonald's restaurant was a 150 years' old building? Also in this city, there are some cafés, a subway (second ever in the world and still in operation for more than 110 years!), hundreds of houses inhabited by regular citizens, a cemetery, a flea market, a grocery, a warehouse, a subway station, universities, bridges, SPAs, restaurants, a store for glasses, some cars on the streets, hotels, stores of luxury brands, a special tour bus, hundreds of courtyards, an elephant house in the zoo, a Christmas bazaar can be sites and objects of interest for those looking for more what meets the eye? When was the last time you discovered a city on a segway, electric roller or from a private jet? When was the last time you had wine in a wine cellar under a city of 2 million people? When was the last time you were doing shopping surrounded by 700 years old walls and a castle or on a 150 years old bridge above a river? When did you ever in Europe taking a dip in a 450 years old Turkish bath? Have you ever driven a real

tank or a car made of paper? When was the last time you been at a movie set where Eddie Murphy, Brad Pitt, Owen Wilson, Robert Redford, Kate Beckinsale, Keanu Reeves, Madonna or Antonio Banderas were working? Have you ever been a city which has 130 thermal springs, with millions of liters of healing water gushing out every hour for over 2000 years? (The right answer is 'never' as Budapest is the only city in the world with such a unique feature.) Most probably you never been in a capital city either where the landscape is protected by law, and it is the only untouchable Cultural Heritage Site in the World! Don't forget, we are still talking about the same city – Budapest! On top of all of those wonderful things about Budapest, your soul will be touched by the city while you wondering around on its cabled stone streets, then you will understand why Europe is the most attractive destination for tourists in the world!

建 筑
一座城市的建筑不仅仅是一幢或一群楼宇, 而应该是对一种艺术 形式的理解, 关于一个民族的特性、 历史、 文化、 习俗和这个民族 的生活方式的体现。 匈牙利很多城市的建筑会让步入这里的观光 客为之着迷, 特别是在诸如布达佩斯、 埃格尔、 佩奇、 索普隆、 维 斯普雷姆和德布勒森等名城, 无需深度探寻其历史, 用眼睛去观 赏这些有着百年历史的建筑, 绝对可称得上是一场美学盛宴! 在 匈牙利的众多城市中不允许超高建筑, 目的是为了保护整个城市 让人一见倾心的 19 世纪的风貌。 近年来, 这里成为了好莱坞多部 电影的外景地, 展现布达佩斯城百年来保存完好的欧洲风貌。 我 们所熟知的电影如《贝隆夫人》 《间谍游戏》 《慕尼黑惨案》等 、 、 电影都是在这座城市中选址拍摄。 在最近的大片 《谍中谍 4》《雪 、 与蜜之地》 《谍影行动》让观众看到了布达佩斯最美的一面。 及 无论您何时来匈牙利, 特别是布达佩斯, 一定要花时间去享受这 一人工建造的景观, 因为在世界上任何地方您都不可能找到能够 与这座匈牙利名城相媲美的城市了!

Budapest P-05

Budapest P-06

您知道吗,在匈牙利您可以找到世界上维度最北的一处建在 400 年前但如今仍然 在正常使用的土耳其浴室。 Did you know that Hungary is the furthest north country in Europe that you can find original 400 years old Turkish buildings and spas still functioning today?

I am sure we all agree that architecture is much more than just a building or a group of buildings, it is rather a form of art and it tells a lot about a nation's character, about its history, culture, habits and the people there. In Hungary, to appreciate architecture just as a tourist – especially in cities like Budapest, Eger, Pécs, Sopron, Veszprém, and Debrecen – you don''t have to dig so dip into history, looking around would almost be enough to appreciate the "museum of architecture" around you. Most of the buildings here were built hundreds of years ago. Believe us – it's a feast for your appetite for beauty! You will be amazed how much fun, beauty, surprise, hidden secret and story you can find during a simple walk without spending any money! In Budapest, the city's landscape is protected by law, there's no tall buildings allowed on over 70% of its territory, in order to protect the 19th century look that many people fell in love with instantly. Budapest has been the favorite location for Hollywood. Many movies were made here, taking advantage of the amazing backdrop Budapest provides, alive and perfectly preserved for over 100 years. In movies like "Evita", "Spy Game", and "Munich", Budapest was the perfect portrait for European cities in old and modern times. In "Mission Impossible 4", "The Land of Blood and Honey" and "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" is more beautiful than ever. Whenever you in Hungary, especially in Budapest take some time to appreciate this man-made wonder as we can guaranty you won't find cities much like this in Hungary!





“enjoy the style and tradition”
 272个房间(标准房,商务房,豪华房,套房) rooms (standard, executive, deluxe, suite)  272  带庭院景致的5个会议室  5 Conference rooms with courtyard view  阿拉茨餐厅,含露台和鸡尾酒吧  ARAZ Restaurant with terrace & Cocktail Bar  画廊咖啡厅和团体休息室  Gallery Café & Corporate Lounge  大陆式温泉和健身房  Continental Spa & Fitness Room  Roof Garden  带顶棚的花园

www.budapestinfo.hu www.budapest.com http://itunes.apple.com/at/app/budapestguide-lonely-planet

H-1074 Budapest, Dohány utca 42-44. | Tel: +36 1 815 1000 E-mail: continentalinfo@zeinahotels.com | www.continentalhotelbudapest.com
Budapest P-07

坐在匈牙利独有的“废墟酒吧”里品尝一杯鸡尾酒。 Have a cocktail in the "ruin-pub", one of the most unique Hungarian "inventions".

Budapest by night
Talking about Budapest, it would be unfair not to mention its world famous night life. Every day after the sun goes down over the beautiful hills of Buda, the city reveals it's very different face… 沿着佩斯一侧的多瑙河岸散步是件令人赏心悦目的事!一定要从匈牙利的“自由 女神”像眺望多瑙河和整个城市 – 站在这里,您可以将整座城市的美景一收眼底。 这里的夜景更是别有情调。 Don’t miss a walk along the Danube at the Pest side, and find time to marvel the breathtaking view from the Statue of Liberty, both by day and night. A face that's breathtaking, exciting, romantic, mysterious and sexy all together! As the stars light up the sky, Budapest's outstanding restaurants and bars are filled with people from all over the globe creating a bustling, cosmopolitan atmosphere, (love and) music is in the air in those countless clubs and underground pubs but simply the floodlit city itself is a feast for your eyes! Grab one of those free programs distributed

谈论布达佩斯如果不提到这里的夜生活将是个巨大的缺憾。 每天, 当太阳消失在美丽的布达山背后, 整个城市就仿佛是换上了晚装 的美人, 会展现出与白天截然不同的风情, 那是让人窒息的美丽、 浪漫、 神秘、 性感, 并且激情四射! 当繁星将天空再次点亮的时候, 布达佩斯街道上的餐厅和酒吧里 已经开始人头攒动。 这里的客人来自世界各地, 可能没有共通的 语言, 但是追求的却是这里相同的美食、 音乐和暖人心脾的氛围。 来到灯火通明的大街上, 那漂浮在空中的气息和耳边流淌的音乐 声, 完全能让您被这种现代都市独有的曼妙夜生活所感染, 会情 不自禁地快乐并手舞足蹈起来。 放眼望去, 还有璀璨灯光下的链 子桥、 皇宫和国会大厦, 已被多瑙河映衬得美不胜收。 随手打开一本免费的娱乐活动指南, 看看当晚哪里是这座城市的 热点! 也许是间有现场爵士乐的酒吧, 也许是间舞厅, 也许会是个 地下夜总会, 在布达佩斯还有可能是一座白天是 500 多年历史的 古旧土耳其浴室, 而晚上会变身为泳池和热辣夜总会的娱乐天堂。 无论您寻找的是享受一场现场爵士乐表演, 还是音乐澎湃的舞池, 或是场好电影, 这座城市都能满足您的愿望。 布达佩斯的温泉泳 池夏季延时至晚上 10 点, 所以坐在暖和的温泉中看星星在这里 也并不是奢望! 无论是音乐、 艺术、 美食、 狂欢还是我们最有名的温泉, 这里的夜 生活会让您流连忘返。 所以, 来布达佩斯的时候完全可以把您的 睡衣放在家里, 去享受这里的不眠之夜!

all over the city (mostly in cinemas and restaurants) and we are very much sure that you will be lucky enough to find out that there is a world class performance at MÜPA (Palace of Arts), a great jazz night in a club just a few minutes from your hotel, a wild concert in Zöld Pardon or Rio, or a good movie in a cinema nearby. If you are looking for a less wild entertainment, then a simple walk along the Danube or a short stroll in the Buda Castle District, perhaps a cocktail somewhere near Citadel with the whole Budapest under your feet are all such attractions you never get bored of! Have you thought about spending an evening in warm water with the stars above? If yes, then we must say you are lucky again being in Budapest, as in summer some of the city's most famous spas are open until ten o'clock at night. Whether it comes to music, art, food, party, spa or any other kinds of entertainment we have two pieces of good news for you: Budapest has it all, and you can leave your pajamas at home!

www.mupa.hu www.montecarlobudapest.hu www.hungariakoncert.hu www.opera.hu www.ruinpubs.com

Budapest by night P-09

Budapest by night P-10

您知道魔方、圆珠笔、安全火柴、苏打水、全息成像术都 是被匈牙利人发明的吗? Did you know that Rubik- cube, the ball pen, the safety match we use today, soda water, and hologram were all invented by Hungarians? 体验布达佩斯的最佳方式是步行。手执一张地图,或让自己 迷失在布达佩斯那些精致或狭窄的街道间,一边欣赏街道两 旁精美绝伦的建筑物,一边沉浸在这座城市独有的氛围中。 The best way to explore Budapest is on foot! So get a map, or just get lost among the lovely streets or narrow alleys, and marvel the fantastic architectures and the atmosphere of the city!

Special tours
Staying dry in the Danube!
Budapest is often called the "Pearl of the Danube" and it is 您知道布达佩斯原来是由三座城市组成的吗? 1873 年, 正式将原来的三座小城市—布达、 老布达和佩斯合并, 成为今天的布达佩斯市。 Did you know that Budapest was originally three cities? Hungary's capital was unified in 1873, combing the three smaller cities of Buda, Óbuda (old Buda) and Pest. not an exaggeration! The Danube is the heart and spirit of the city. Many of the city's historical buildings are built along the river, and that makes strolling down the riverbank one of the most romantic things to do. Talking about romance, we have to warn you, while strolling down the Danube, don't let a half drawn bus disturb your sweet moment! Don't call the police or the fire department!

On two wheels – with a difference!
Have you heard about the strange "thing" called segway? The two-wheeled creature is not just fun to ride but with its help, you can explore the entire Budapest without taking a step, and at the same time catch all the surprised looks and wows from every pedestrian you pass by!

www.budapestsegwaytours.com www.segway.hu/tour.php

布达佩斯有 “多瑙河上的明珠” 之美誉, 有了多瑙河的布达佩斯, 多了一份灵性。 布达佩斯最精美、 最有代表性的建筑大都建在多 瑙河畔, 让漫步成为最惬意、 最浪漫的事。 Riverride 独有的水陆 两用交通工具; 车船合一, 沿多瑙河顺流而下, 带您水陆不间断地 领略这在水一方的美景。 不要错过, 具体资讯查询: www.riverride.com 多瑙河畔另一项与众不同的娱乐项目便是乘坐 Dunarama 公司 仿威尼斯城中的刚朵拉而造的豪华木质十二人艇。 尤其是在布达 佩斯被夜晚的灯光装饰得华丽耀眼之时, 在多瑙河上乘坐刚朵拉 会带给您和您的爱人梦幻般的享受。

Instead, rush back to your hotel and buy your ticket on Riverride! www.riverride.com

Finding the hidden treasures!
Many travelers are not satisfied with just browsing through a city any more. For them and the ones on their return trips to Hungary, discovering the hidden treasures in this historical city is a new attraction. Walking tours for small groups are led by experienced guides, heading off to the cobbled streets, small alleys, and hidden courtyards, just to find out their stories and the trait of history. Resting in a world famous and authentic café, or a small boutique while the guide amuses you with interesting stories, you will discover that those secrets of Budapest often remaine hidden from the tourists or sometimes even the locals! Join these tours just to find yourself in an enchanted world of Budapest and leaving with the feeling that you have really seen and discovered her!

您是否听说过或者已经尝试过那个奇怪的叫“赛格威”的两轮 智能代步机?来到布达佩斯,您可以租上一个,边尝试一下这 个新鲜事物,边毫不费力地“走”遍全城,还能够享受路人投 来的艳羡的目光!

Another unique attraction on the Danube is the luxury yacht experience with Dunarama company, who can offer you an amazing joyride with the beautiful wooden 12-people yacht. Those yachts were made according to the gondolas in Venice. Don't miss an exclusive ride with your friends or loved one especially during the evening hours when Budapest dresses up in her night glory. Magical!

那些不满足于走马观花, 或已不是初次来到布达佩斯的游客, 和 那些想挖掘这座历史名城中值得探访景点的游客们, 可以选择 “深 探布达佩斯” 中的游览项目。 游客可以三三两两或结成团队, 跟随导游徒步穿行于鹅卵石铺地 的街道中, 探访小巷中雪藏的故事和历史的痕迹; 歇坐在名人曾 造访的咖啡屋; 到私人的酒窖和精品店中小酌或挑选一件独一无 二的手工制品作为这次旅行的念想。

www.riverride.com www.dunarama.hu

Flying around!
Seeing Budapest from a different view, the bird's view! Didn't pack your wings with you? Just find a local professional aviation tourism company, they will take you flying around on a helicopter or a small jet, and enjoying the magnificent views of the city and surroundings from above. We are sure the experience will be unforgettable!

换个角度, 象飞鸟一样审视布达佩斯。 您只需要找到一家专业的 航空旅游公司, 便可以解决没有翅膀的烦恼。 这些专业公司具有 精良的机队和空勤人员, 可以用直升机或轻型飞机载您到布达佩 斯及周边地区的上空盘旋。 这一不同视角的经历会让人永生难忘。

www.uniquebudapest.com www.guide4you.hu www.beyondbudapest.hu

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来到匈牙利一定要体验一下这里世界著名的温泉。来到塞切尼浴场 (Széchenyi Bath),一定要多花一些时间四处参观一下。这里不但是欧 洲最大的综合温泉浴场,而且精美的其建筑同样世界闻名。 Don’t leave Hungary without a relaxing dip into some our world famous baths. If you choose Széchenyi Bath (the largest spa complex in Europe) take some time to admire the stunning architecture as well!

来到匈牙利,不要错过我们闻名世界的温泉和泡汤文化! Don’t leave Hungary without a relaxing dip in any of our world famous baths!

Spa and wellness
Our spa culture began nearly 2000 years ago, when the Roman Empire occupied the territory today known as WestHungary or Pannónia. However, the modern spa started to develop in the 19th century, and today, Hungary has one of the world's most advanced balneology, wellness facilities, and medical treatments with curative effects from thermal and mineral waters. 质和曼妙的氛围是吸引来自世界各地观光客的主要原因。 很多游客在布达佩斯停留期间会选择坐落在市中心多瑙河中央小 岛上的玛尔吉特宾馆。 这里不但有优质的疗效温泉, 而且地处布 达佩斯最大的公园之中, 更为这座宾馆平添了一份远离喧闹、 世 外桃源般的宁静。 匈牙利最著名的温泉赫维兹 (Hévíz) 距离布达佩斯仅有 200 多公 里的车程。 这里是世界第二大医疗温泉湖, 每年吸引着大量来自 各地的客人。 这里的露天浴场全年开放, 即使冬季水温最低时也 在 26 摄氏度以上。 湖底上涌的巨大水压, 每三天就会将整个湖水 更换一新。 这里的湖水富含多种矿物质, 对很多疾病都有显著疗效。 湖面上常年覆盖着美丽的水莲, 让泡汤游水更具诗情画意! 另外几处值得一提的温泉有位于匈牙利南部佩奇市附近的哈尔 卡尼温泉 (Harkány Gógy-és Strandfürdö)、 距匈牙利与奥地利 边境不远的比克温泉 (Bükfürdö)、 位于东部美丽的巴洛克风格城 市艾格尔旁边的艾格尔萨洛克盐浴温泉 (Egerszalók Gyógy-és Wellnessfürdö), 以及在欧洲当属非常独特的米什科尔茨道波曹 溶洞温泉 (Miskolctapolcai Barlangfürdö)—钻进坐落在半山腰 的溶洞中浸泡温泉, 会是一次非常独特的经历! 1300 多处温泉我们无法一一列举, 当您在匈牙利任何一地停留时, 都不难在附近找到一处可以愉悦身心的温泉去放松、 享受一番。 Over 80% spas in Hungary have medical healing or therapeutic effects and proved curing effects on over 120 illness, such as respiratory, muscular, locomotional disorders and spinal complaints. Also, a large number of people use these spas for recovering after operations or long medical treatments. Of course you don't have to suffer from any illnesses or sickness to take advantage of our spas. Healthy people are enjoying all the delights water can offer as well. There are countless spas, baths, swimming pools, wellness facilities and hotels, lakes and hot springs where the entire family can enjoy the benefits and fun of the spa at the same time. In the following, we only listed a few world famous and must visit spas for your next visit in Hungary. Széchenyi Bath (Széchenyi Fürdö) is the biggest spa complex in Europe. Located in the center of Budapest's second largest park, with outdoor and indoor pools. The building itself is a source of enjoyment as it is a perfect example of 19th century European architecture. Located by the Danube and at the foot of Gellért hill, Gellért Bath (Gellért Fürdö) is also a popular choice for both foreigners and locals. Don't miss the waves in every hour!

温 泉
匈牙利温泉的历史可以追溯到 2000 多年前, 当年匈牙利西部被 罗马帝国占领时就已经有了关于当地温泉的历史记载。 而现代意 义上的温泉浴场则是从 19 世纪开始真正得到发展, 并至今为众多 来自世界各地的人们提供温泉治疗和保健服务。 匈牙利温泉最大的优势是其温泉资源中 80% 的水源具有医疗效 应, 被证实对呼吸系统、 风湿、 肌肉、 神经和运动器官等 120 多种 疾病有着不同的治疗和缓解效果。 很多手术后的病人在这里浸泡 疗养, 对术后康复非常有益。 健康人同样可以享受温泉。 这里有数不尽的温泉泳池、 医疗温泉、 温泉湖、 温泉浴场和养生宾馆, 让全家人, 无论男女老少都能尽情 享受温泉和水的无穷乐趣。 温泉乐园在匈牙利比比皆是, 我们在此只能向您推荐几处最有特 色的地方, 建议您到匈牙利旅游时一定不要错过! 欧洲最大的综合性温泉浴场—塞切尼温泉浴场 (Széchenyi Fürdö) 的主体建筑被赞誉为 “19 世纪美的精华” 盖莱尔特温泉 (Gellért 。 Fürdö) 也同样知名, 这个坐落在多瑙河边宁静祥和区域的温泉浴 场有一个独特的冲浪泳池, 每小时启动一次, 总能激起阵阵游客的 欢笑。 帝王温泉和鲁道什温泉 (Király Fürdö and Rudas Fürdö) 是 匈牙利乃至整个欧洲最著名的两座土耳其温泉浴场, 建于公元 16 世纪奥托曼帝国占领时期, 至今仍然保存完好。 这里具有疗效的水

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不要错过赫维兹—世界上最大的温泉湖。这里全年开放, 具有医用价值的湖水被证实对 20 多种病症有治疗功效。 Don’t miss Hévíz, the world largest thermal lake! It’sopenthroughout the year, andthe healing water there is proven to have positive effects on over 20 sicknesses. Being a real gem in Hungary and Europe, the two Turkish baths: Király Bath (Király Fürdö) and Rudas Bath (Rudas Fürdö), built by the Turks in 16th century, while the central part of the country was occupied by the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Spa hotels on Margaret Island (Margit-sziget) are popular choices to stay in Budapest for many guests. Margaret Island is Budapest's biggest park, and located in the center of the city right on the Danube River. It is a place where you can relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city while staying close enough to all the main sites and shopping. Lake Hévíz is the world's second largest thermal lake and offers a few truly unique features. The temperature of the water never drops below 26℃ , and even the outdoor pools can be enjoyed all year round. The pressure coming from the bottom of the lake is so powerful that the water of the entire lake is being refreshed every three days. Beautiful water lilies floating in the pool, adding an extra flare to your relaxing swim around the lake. A few other spas worth mentioning are: Harkány (Harkány Gógy-és Strandfürdö), at the south of Hungary, near the charming city of Pécs; Bük Bath (Bükfürdö), near the Austrian boarder; Egerszalók Bath (Egerszalók Gyógy-és Wellnessfürdö), the unique salt bath near Hungary's most beautiful baroque town Eger; and the mysterious cave bath at Miskolctapolca (Miskolctapolcai Barlangfürdö) where you can enjoy water in a truly magical atmosphere. Hungary is nourished by more than 1300 hot springs, no matter where you are, there is always a nearby spa to relax your senses and refresh your body and soul for the next day!

Slow down!!!
The world seems turning faster and faster each day, and it is packed with fast food, 8-countries-in-10-days type of tours, Internet, and mobile phones. More and more people however

在这个充斥了快餐、 八国十日游、 网络和手机的时代, 越来越多的 人感觉必须放慢匆匆的脚步、 放下手机和手表, 而更多地关注生 活中那些简单但美好的事物, 诸如欣赏日落, 在树林里度过宁静 的时光, 在河水或湖水上划脚踏船, 在温泉内泡汤或仅仅边喝咖 啡边看书, 任人们和时间从身边流过。 当然了 还有一些喜欢积极 , 休闲的人可以花上几个小时打高尔夫或在水面上扬帆, 以此度过

feel the urge to slow down a little bit, wishing to leave their watches and cells behind and just do nothing; more and more people wishing to appreciate simple things in life, like watching a sunset, picnicking in woods, pedaling down on a lazy river or lake, taking a relaxing dip in healing water, or just having a coffee while reading a book and let the people and time around you passing by… … Of course, for those who prefer active breaks, golf and sailing or yachting would be good choices. We are happy to tell you that search no more – you are in Hungary, the very best place! Just let the pictures speak for themselves!


惬意的一天。 好吧, 我们很高兴地告诉你, 如果这是您所追求的 生活和度假方式, 那么匈牙利将是您的理想目的地!

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Medical Tourism
Hungary is the perfect destination for soothing body and 伊戈尔塞洛克的盐浴是世界上最早开发的三大盐浴之一。此外,这里出产的美酒 和清新的空气也吸引着大量的游客前来度假。 The special salt bath at Egerszalók is one of the firstthree in the world. The region is also famous for delicious wine and crystal clear air! soul. It is blessed with an abundance of thermal water, and its well established bathing culture is supported by excellent facilities. Whether you are after relaxation, rejuvenation or recovery, Hungary has it all. More than 80% of the spas in Hungary have active medicinal ingredients. Their medical effects are different from place to place. The majority are used to treat locomotor and Hospitals, spas, and treatments are only part of the healing process. Hungary is also a perfect destination for your wellness. The relatively small distance within the country makes it very easy to combine your healing trip with other activities, and keep the rest of your family entertained. Exquisite villages, unique vineyards, historical locations and cultural events are never far from you. Even enjoy a game of golf or some shopping before going home. So why look beyond Hungary for soothing and reasonably priced holiday. As an Hungarian toast goes, "Egészségére" - to your health!

匈牙利丰富的地下水资源, 加之悠远的泡汤文化和优良的人员与 设施, 让来到这里放松身心、 康复养生的访客络绎不绝。 匈牙利在利用药用温泉治疗方面已经有 200 多年的历史了 这里 。 的温泉 80% 以上含有多种具有医疗效果的活性成分, 当然各地区 的温泉水由于成分有所不同, 主要针对疗养的疾病也有所不同。 大多数温泉中富含钙、 氢、 硫磺等矿物质, 镁、 碳、 通过泥浴、 饮水 疗法、 卡伦医疗健身操等多种方法对关节炎、 理疗、 风湿病、 脊椎疾病、 背部和脊椎疼痛、 软骨疼痛、 呼吸系统疾病、 消化系统、 新陈代谢 系统、 心血管疾病、 神经疼、 皮肤病、 运动器官疾病, 及重大事故 和外科手术后恢复等 120 多种病症有着显著的疗效。 匈牙利水疗 不但被世界上很多国家的医生作为正式或建议处方, 而且这些治 疗项目在欧盟的很多国家都被包含在医疗保险范围之内。 匈牙利在水疗方面的医护人员专业素质很高。 除了具有魔力的医疗温泉大名顶顶, 匈牙利的牙医也是名声在 外。 在欧洲, 超过 40% 牙病患者及全球 10% 在海外就医的牙病 患者都选择来到匈牙利进行治疗。 难怪, 如今布达佩斯医学院的 4000 多名学生中有 1300 多名都是来自世界各地的留学生。 这里的医院、 温泉浴所和独特的治疗方法不仅仅是医疗和康复的 好去处, 也是很多人休假养生的首选。 匈牙利虽国土面积不大, 但 却有着独特的文化和悠久的历史。 因此, 几乎每个养生医疗场所 周边不远处都可以找到精致的欧式小村庄、 口味独特的酒庄和历 史遗迹。 这样一来, 与您同行的家人和朋友同样有丰富的文化和 娱乐活动可以选择。 在临行前打一场高尔夫球或去周围采购些纪 念品, 也是很好的消遣。 还 等 什么呢?要想寻求滋养 身心、 情 养 性而且 又物 有所 值 怡 的 养 生 假 期,非 匈 牙 利 莫 属!正 如 匈 牙 利 人 的 祝 酒 词 所 言 : "Egészségére" - 为健康举杯 !

rheumatic complaints; others are recommended for gynecological problems, skin complaints, kidney and metabolic disorders, and post treatments for accidents and surgeries; when taken as a drinking cure, some are effective against stomach ailments. It is true that the medicinal waters in Hungary are prescribed and recommended by doctors all over the world for over 120 different illnesses and diseases, and spa treatments in Hungary are insured by most EU countries. A team of professional and well trained staff at each location are ready to offer their best services. Besides the magical medicinal water, there is also a significant number of travelers coming to Hungary for dental care. Those who decide not to treat their dental problems in their own countries, over 40% dental patients in Europe, and more than 10% in the rest of the world prefer Hungary for dental treatments. So it isn't surprising at all, that today, there are more than 1300 out of total 4000 students in Budapest Medical University are foreign students.

www.spasinhungary.com www.health-tourism.com/hungarymedical-tourism www.treatmentinhungary.net/healthtourism-map

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匈牙利是欧洲最大的葡萄酒出产国之一,全国共有 22 个产酒区,出产很多 在国际上获得过大奖的葡萄酒。 来到匈牙利, 一定要品尝一下我们的佳酿! Hungary is one of the biggest wine producers in Europe, with 22 wine regions and countless of award winning wines. Indulging yourself with some of our best wines is a must when you visit Hungary!

Dine & Wine
It is impossible to understand a country's culture without discovering its gastronomy, and that is an adventure worth 来到匈牙利, 不要错过世界顶级的匈牙利鹅肝酱、 葡萄酒和古雅什汤! Don’t miss the best-in-the-world Hungarian goose liver (foie gras), wine, and Gulash Soup! taking. We Hungarians are very proud of our cuisine, and according to millions of friends and tourists from all over the world, we have all the reasons to do so! Few people know that Hungarians - or as we call ourselves the Magyars - are originated from Asia. If you look at today's map, it is the territory of Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia.

不了解一个国家的美食就无法了解这个民族的文化, 让我们敞开 胸怀, 进行一次美食探险吧! 匈牙利人一直以我们的美食而骄傲, 而来自世界各地不计其数的游客对匈牙利美味也是称赞有加! 了解历史的人都知道, 匈牙利人 ( 匈牙利语自称为马扎尔人 ) 源 自亚洲, 从今天的地图上看, 就在哈萨克斯坦和中国及蒙古一带。 所以匈牙利菜肴既有亚洲的美食秘诀, 也吸收了其他欧洲邻国, 尤其是斯拉夫和法国的烹饪方式, 进而造就了今天匈牙利美食与 众不同的烹饪方式和浓重且不时带有辛辣的独特口味。 匈牙利除 了世界闻名的辣椒以外, 口感香甜的糕点也是名声在外, 另外不能 不提的还有我们这里出产的优质葡萄酒。 接下来, 请发挥并跟随您的想象力, 和我一起作客匈牙利餐厅! “欢迎光临! 您请坐! 请允许我向您介绍我们的美食菜谱! 请允许我向您推荐一盘鹅肝作为开胃冷盘。 您知道吗? 地道的匈 牙利鹅肝是世界上最优质的鹅肝之一, 很多都出口到欧洲邻国。 或许您想来点什么暖胃的, 可以选择开胃的霍尔多巴杰肉煎饼 (Hortobágyi palacsinta)。 我们还为您准备了匈牙利最有名的古 雅什汤 (gulyásleves) 和味道独一无二的鱼汤 (halászlé) 供您选 择! 这两款汤又热又辣, 口味力度刚刚好! 请慢用, 祝您好胃口! 看来刚才的菜您都很喜欢! 什么? 已经饱了? 那可不行! ! 主菜刚上! 向您推荐匈牙利最著名的美食—辣椒鸡 (csirke paprikás), 这道 菜以鸡肉和一种东欧特有小面团为主料, 撒上匈牙利辣椒酱烹制 而成。 或者尝尝我们的炖牛肉 (marha pörkölt)、 喷香的洋葱烤牛 排 (hagymás rostélyos), 还有著名的白菜卷 (töltött káposzta)。 鸡肉、 牛肉、 猪肉、 鸭肉、 鱼肉或羊肉随您挑, 甜的、 酸的、 辣的或 是奶油口味, 随您选! 配上艾格尔公牛血 (Egri Bikavér) 葡萄酒, 回味无穷。 我们深信, 无论您是素食者还是喜欢吃肉的人, 都不 会瘪着肚子离开匈牙利餐桌的! 还有甜点没上呢! 如果您喜爱甜食, 那么您算是来对地方了! 我们有数不清的蛋糕、 布丁 煎饼和各种乳制品。 、 多博什蛋糕 (dobostorta)、 索姆洛依甜 糕 (somloi galuska)、 奶酪球 (túrógombóc)、 甜煎饼 (palacsinta), 都让您无法抗拒。 不品一品我们世界闻名的葡萄酒您可不能走。 匈牙利是葡萄酒爱 好者的天堂, 我们有 22 个葡萄酒区, 盛产各种口味的美酒。 但是 被法国国王路易十四命名为 “酒中之王, 帝王之酒” 的托卡伊 (Tokaj) 贵腐甜葡萄酒则是匈牙利的特产, 它甘甜爽口、 沁人心脾! 这款甜 度很大的葡萄酒仅出产于匈牙利, 而它的出产地托卡伊已被联合 国列入受保护的世界文化遗产之列! 有兴趣还可以尝尝来自匈牙利南部维兰尼什可洛什酒区的特产, 或是来自北巴拉顿南部的水果酒和质地柔和的白葡萄酒, 都会给 您的一餐画上个圆满的句号。 ” 在您的想象力饱餐了一顿之后, 我衷心希望您现在真的饿了! 但 很遗憾, 这本手册无法取代真实的经历, 接下来的精彩故事就等 待您来续写了! 祝您在匈牙利胃口好!

Our Asian heritage combined with those recipes adopted from our European neighbors, mostly from Slavs and French, made the Hungarian kitchen so unique. Today's Hungarian gastronomy is best known for it's strong, sometimes spicy flavors, delicious pastries and cakes, and undoubtedly 'paprika', the signature ingredient. When talking about Hungarian gastronomy, it would be a sin not to mention our world-class wines. Please free your imaginations, and follow us to a fantasy Hungarian restaurant right now! "Welcome my dear guest, please take a seat, and let me introduce to you today's specials! For a cold appetizer we recommend a plate of goose liver. Did you know that Hungarian goose liver is one of the best in the world and being exported to nearly every country of the European Union? Or perhaps you would like to warm up your stomach? In this case you can choose Hortobágyi meat pancake ('Hortobágyi palacsinta')! We hope you liked it and ready for the next course! Please try our world famous Goulash Soup (gulyásleves), or the unique Fish Soup (halászlé). They are hot and spicy, exactly as how they should be! Please enjoy!

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伊格尔出产的公牛血红葡萄酒、托卡伊出产的匈牙利特产托卡伊 阿苏甜白葡萄酒是一定要采购的纪念品! Bull’s Blood from Eger, and Tokaji Aszú from Tokaj are the must buy souvenirs from Hungary!

I see you liked everything! What? You are getting full?! Can't be! Lean back, the best is yet to come! For the main course, let me recommend, perhaps the most famous Hungarian dish, the 'chicken paprikás' (csirkepaprikás). It is chicken with 'galuska', which is a special Eastern European small pasta like flour balls, toped with paprika sauce. Or how about a beef stew (marhapörkölt), a delicious onion steak (hagymás rostélyos), or maybe the famous stuffed cabbage with spicy beef (töltött káposzta)? Chicken, beef, pork, duck, fish or lamb... sweet, sour, spicy or creamy... chase it down with some red wine, the Bull's Blood from Eger (Egri Bikavér) is definitely a must! Vegetarians and meat-lovers, we are absolutely confident that nobody will leave the table hungry or unfulfilled! And you haven't even tried our dessert yet! May we say, you are very lucky, because when it comes to sweets and desserts, you can be absolutely sure that Hungary is the right place to come! We have countless kind of cakes, puddings, pancakes, cottage cheese and dairy products. Dobos tarts (Dobostorta), Somlói sponge cakes (Somlói galuska), cottage cheese balls (túrógombóc), sweet pancakes (palacsina), just some of those temptations you couldn't and shouldn't resist. You can't go without tasting our world famous wines. Hungary is a heaven for wine lovers. The 22 wine regions certainly can offer something for every taste! Don't panic,

we are not going to make you try all the wines from all 22 regions, only those must-try delicates. Tokaji Aszú was named 'The wine of kings, the king of wines' by the French King Luis XIV, and that is not a coincidence! The sweet desert wine is only produced in Hungary and even the hills of the vines are protected as an UNESCO World Heritage site! Perhaps you also want to try the wines from Villány-Siklós region, or the fruity and gentle white wines from the NorthBalaton district". We sincerely hope that after your imagination has been indulged, and you are getting hung(a)ry! Unfortunately this brochure can only bring you THIS close to the actual experience, the rest of the story hopefully will be written by you soon! Bon Appétit in Hungary!

www.hungarotips.com/customs/kaja.html www.hungarian-restaurants.eu www.wine-searcher.com/regions-hungary

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"Tea or coffee?" the question most likely to be asked at many places in the world after a meal. Very often, the answers is "coffee please!", especially in Europe. Coffee in Europe is more than just a beverage. It's a way of life, and it's a culture thicker than the drink. Countries like France, Italy, Austria and Hungary have a long history of cafés. Drinking coffee here is not necessarily about the drink itself. 匈牙利曾经是欧洲的咖啡馆文化中心。 纽约咖啡馆 (New York Café)、 中央咖啡馆 (Central Café)、乐兹咖啡厅 (Lotz Café)、艺术咖啡屋 (M vész Coffehouse)、维拉巴卡特勒 (Villa Bagatelle) 只是布达佩斯众多咖啡馆中的几个,不要错过。 New York Café, Central Café, LotzCafé, M vész Coffeehouse, Villa Bagatelle are just some of the few cafés cannot be missed while you are in Budapest. Enjoy a relaxing 30 minutes with a coffee and let time pass by! In many cases it's about making time stop for a while and giving yourself a chance to look around, to appreciate the weather, architectures, and the people around you. Take an hour off for a good book or your favorite magazine with a nice cup of coffee, or chat with your friends, while surrounded by the familiar clinking sound of coffee cups. Sometimes stopping for a while help you get further. The 20s and 30s of last century in Budapest were the golden ages of coffee and cafés. They were the centers of cultural and social life where writers, poets, politicians gathered

“您用咖啡还是茶? 如果在欧洲或是在西餐厅用餐, ” 您的侍者 肯定会在正餐后如此向您询问。 咖啡在欧洲绝不仅仅是一种饮料, 而是一种比那深褐色的液体还 要浓郁的文化和生活方式。 欧洲很多国家, 比如法国、 意大利、 奥 地利和匈牙利, 都有着非常久远的咖啡和咖啡馆文化。 很多时候喝咖啡更注重的是在匆忙的行走中停下来, 环顾一下四 周的风景、 建筑和人群; 大家常常会伴着一杯咖啡读一本好书或 心怡的杂志, 在清脆的杯盘相触声中和朋友、 家人交心。 有时停留 片刻会让人走得更远。 上个世纪二、 三十年代的布达佩斯是咖啡馆文化黄金年代的代表。 那时的咖啡馆是文化和社交的中心, 是文人墨客、 思想家、 政治家 展示作品、 交换思想的地方, 角落簇拥的年轻恋人更是一道风景。 那时的人们都有自己固定出没的咖啡馆, 不会轻易移情别家。 在 布达佩斯, 纽约宫、 中央, 及博物馆咖啡馆是当时最负盛名的几家, 直到今天, 这些经历过世纪变迁的咖啡馆仍然保持着当年的风貌, 笑迎着每天走进大门的新老客人。 走在安德拉什大街 (Andrássy Avenue) 上, 您就能体会到为什么上个世纪中, 欧洲咖啡馆的文 化中心在布达佩斯而不是巴黎。 路过 Lotz-hall 时也一定要去坐坐, 会有不同的感受。 差点忘了 即使您不喝咖啡也同样能够享受咖啡馆文化的氛围哟, , 那是比一杯咖啡来得更浓更醇的情调。

together to present their works and ideas and having discussions. Young lovers at the quiet corners were common scenes as well, but regardless why these people come, most of them had their favorite places and rarely change for a different one. In Budapest, New York, Central or Muzeum Café were among the most famous ones and up to today, they are still in their original places and well preserved forms, waiting for new and regular guests every day. Strolling along the Andrássy Avenue is a great way to understand why Budapest was and still is the center of café culture in Europe. Don't miss the Lotz-hall in the Parizsi Nagyáruház (Paris Department Store), walk in for a lovely surprise! …oh, and we almost forget: you don't have to drink coffee! Remember? It's not just about the drink…

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您知道位于巴拉顿湖北部的海兰德瓷器厂曾为维多利亚女王 提供御用瓷器吗? Did you know that Queen Victoria bought a dinner service set from the world famous Herend, North of Lake Balaton porcelain factory?

查阅一下 WAMP 市场网站 (www.wamp.com),这里是那些寻找独特性、创 造性和设计品人士的天堂。 Check out when is the next WAMP (www.wamp.com) market, the haven for those looking for absolutely unique, creative and design goods.

Shopping is definitely one of the fun things to do while traveling. It is not only about the souvenirs, but more about pampering your senses for designs, art, fashion and much more! There are countless temptations needless to resist in Budapest! Whether you are looking for gourmet chocolate, international brand names, design products or traditional Hungarian gifts, you will always have many options to choose from. Apart from visiting the stores of the well-known international brands we suggest you to follow the new trend embraced by more and more people around the world. Whenever you in a different country especially when it comes to Europe, look for the local design brands, the true value lies in their uniqueness! If you are looking for traditional souvenirs, then Pálinka - the 40% Hungarian fruit brandy; Unicum - a great digestive, and one of the top herb spirits in the world; Tokaji Aszú - the world famous dessert wine from Hungary only; goose liver and Pick salami - both of them are typical and delicious Hungarian product; Szamos marzipán - gourmet chocolate; paprika - the signature spice of Hungary; or Hungarian porcelain Herendi, Hollóházi or Zsolnai are all great choices! Central Market Hall (Nagyvásárcsarnok) is a good place to start your shopping and to get all the souvenirs mentioned

购物无疑是旅行中的趣事之一, 很多人不仅仅为购买纪念品, 而是 通过购物来释放对设计、 艺术、 时尚以及更多事物的情感! 到了布 达佩斯就无须抵制那无穷的诱惑了! 无论是购买美味巧克力、 国 际名牌、 时尚设计品还是传统的匈牙利特产, 这里都应有尽有, 任 您挑选。 布达佩斯有着众多那些琳琅满目的国际名牌店供您选择。 此外, 这里也是个性购物的天堂。 在欧洲, 越来越多的人热衷于选购独 立设计师的品牌或是追求手工制造。 匈牙利近年来涌现出很多非 常优秀的年轻设计师, 他们的作品不但设计感十足, 而且独具特色, 绝对让您站在潮流的最前端。 如果想购买一些匈牙利的特色传统礼品, 建议您考虑特产白酒 (Pálinka) — 40% 的匈牙利白酒很多是水果味白兰地酒。 乌尼古 姆 (Unicum) 也是上选, 这种世界上味道最苦的药酒有健胃助消 化的功效。托卡伊阿苏 (Tokaji Aszú) 是世界闻名的匈牙利甜葡 萄酒, 一定不能错过。 鹅肝酱和比克萨拉米香肠 (Pick salami), 都是 传 统且 美味的匈牙利食品。萨莫什杏 仁 巧克力 (Szamos marzipán)、 匈牙利著名的调料红辣椒 (Paprika), 或本地产优质 瓷器 (Porcelain) 也是不错的主意, 其中世界知名的品牌有海兰德 (Herendi)、 赫罗哈兹 (Hollóházi)、 若尔纳依 (Zsolnai)。 这时, 您的 购物之旅才刚刚开始! 大菜市场 (Nagyvásárcsarnok) 是购物的最好起点, 在此可以买 到前面提及的所有纪念品! 然后前往瓦茨大街 (Váci utca) 散步, 这是一条位于市中心附近的步行街, 街道两边布满各种精品屋 和葡萄酒商铺, 出售的都是最优质的匈牙利红酒和白酒。 在瓦茨 步行街散步时不要错过附近的手工艺品店 (Folkart Crafsman's House Regiposta utca 12)。 如果您还有更多的时间但不愿迷失在小巷中, 便可以前往坐落 在市中心的几座交通非常便利的大型商场, 比如 Westend City Center (www.westend.hu)、 Arena Plaza (www.arenaplaza. hu),或 Mammut 1&2 (www.mammut.hu)。如 果 希 望 在 匈 牙 利采购一些世界名牌的高档商品, 就决不能错过安德拉什大街 (Andrássy út)。 这里不但世界知名品牌店 (Louis Vuitton, Gucci 等 ) 鳞次栉比, 街道本身也是一道风景。 安德拉什大街是受联合国保 护的世界文化遗产, 街道两边林立着保存完好的精美历史建筑, 还有那些有着很多故事的咖啡馆, 迎来送往路过休憩的客人。 就 在您脚下仅一米的地下, 是欧洲大陆最古老的地铁, 至今仍在正 常运行。 这也是世界上第二条地铁线路, 已有一百多年的历史了 。 离此处不远的戴阿克广场 (Deák tér) 同样是精品店密布的购物 好去处。 如果您对艺术品和古玩感兴趣, 那就一定要到位于玛尔吉特桥附 近的 Falk Miksa 街来看看。 这里的商品和陈列品非常丰富, 有首饰、 绘画、 雕刻、 装饰品等, 其中一些是 20 世纪初或更早期的精美家具。 您可以在这里花一整天的时间参观把玩, 穿梭于古玩店及富有神 秘色彩的地下商店和画廊之间。 这些作品体现着人类的创造力、想象力和对美的不同感受。有 时拥有一件独一无二、仅属于自己的物品也是件开心的事。如 果我们已经唤醒了您购物的欲望,一定要去文章结尾提到的这 些地方逛逛。

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让自己迷失于 5 区的小街巷中,去众多的小装饰精品屋淘宝吧! Get lost on the small streets of the 5th district, and look for the small design boutiques.

above! Your next stop, right across the street is Váci Street, which is the main pedestrian street right downtown. There you will find lots of small stores, boutiques and wine shops, fully stocked with the finest Hungarian reds and whites. While wandering around Váci street, don't miss the nearby Folkart Craftsman's House at Regiposta Street 12. If you have a lot of time to kill but afraid of getting lost, just visit one of those big shopping centers, they are conveniently located in the heart of the city, such as Westend City Center (www.westend.hu), Arena Plaza (www. arenaplaza.hu) or Mammut 1&2. (www.mammut.hu); if you are looking for more upscale shopping, then Andrássy Avenue is the place to be. Besides the designer shops like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, the avenue itself is also an UNESCO Heritage site for its beautiful and well preserved buildings and cafés. Also, literally just 1 meter underneath your feet, runs the world's oldest operating metro system, and it is also

the second traditional subway ever built in history, over 100 years ago. Deák Square is not far from Andrássy Avenue, and it is also good for upscale shopping. Interested in art and antiquities? Falk Miksa street at Pest, near Margaret Bridge, is the place to go. You can browse through jewelries, paintings, sculptures and decorations, and all the way to antique furnitures. Some of them are from the early 20th century, or even earlier. You can spend a whole day there between those lovely stores, mysterious underground shops and galleries! There is a growing interest in design products these days, as the true value of these items lies in their uniqueness and rarity. Buying those products can also be interpreted as paying tribute to human creativity and sense of beauty. Sometimes, it is simply satisfying to possess something exclusive and exceptional!

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来到巴拉顿度假一定要到附近的巴拉顿弗拉德去体验一下轻松的生活方式。还可以到西 奥弗克去享受那里不间断的派对。享受巴拉顿湖水的最佳方式是租一条帆船出“海”。 Once you are at Balaton, please spend a few days in Balatonfüredto relax, or go toSiófok for the on going parties and fun! It’s always a great idea to rent a sailboat and experience the true Balaton fun!

巴拉顿湖是欧洲第三大湖泊, 也是匈牙利名副其实的第二大景点, 仅仅名列布达佩斯之后。 这里常年为众多游客提供无限的娱乐活 动, 能够满足从儿童到老年人不同的人群的需求。 巴拉顿湖距布 达佩斯仅有半小时车程, 距维也纳近三小时, 因此是周边国家周 末短假期的理想选择。 如果您想知道巴拉顿湖到底有些什么娱乐 项目, 答案很简单-什么都有! 清晨可以租条帆船远航到湖中央, 在宁静清澈的湖水中畅游一番; 或停靠岸边, 在风景如画的小餐 馆儿里细品当地自酿的美酒美食; 还可以约三五好友一享高尔夫 球的乐趣。 此外, 湖畔小镇也别有风情。 Keszthely 镇上美丽的城堡、 Veszprém 宁静的氛围、 Siófok 热烈的派对、 Tihany 半岛海天一色 的远眺全景, 还有 Balatonfüred 酒店中水疗 SPA 都是度过一天 的最好选择。 如果您来得正是时候, 还能赶上 Veszprém 的爵士 音乐节, 欧洲音乐名人聚集的 Ann Ball 及最大的音乐派对 “Balaton Sound” 此外, ! 骑自行车环湖漫游也是个不错的选择, 沿途多个 品酒区都是很好的歇脚处, 毕竟巴拉顿湖北岸是匈牙利最有名的 产酒区之一。 毋庸置疑, 巴拉顿湖最美的季节是夏天, 但如果您在 冬季来到这里, 可以在湖面上滑冰, 或试试冰面风帆的刺激。 享受 了冰上乐趣之后还可以跳进暖暖的温泉中, 在美丽雪景的映衬下 享受温泉的滋养。 当您来到匈牙利, 一定要到被匈牙利人称为 “匈牙利海” 的巴拉顿 湖来看看。 最好能够停留一到两晚, 把您的手机和手表忘在脑后, 尽情享受这里宁静祥和, 为自己的身心充电。

Lake Balaton well deserves to be the most popular destination in Hungary, right after Budapest. Being the third largest lake in Europe, it provides endless fun and entertainment for people from 1 to 100 years old. Only half an hour’ drive s from Budapest or 3 hours' from Vienna, this makes Balaton a perfect weekend escape, or a stopover on the way to Austria. If you ever wonder what you could do once you arrive at the lake, the answer is simple as: everything! Rent a sail boat in the morning, sail to the middle of the lake, jump into the absolutely safe water for a quick swim, or have lunch while sipping a delicious wine coming from a winery right beside the lake. Play a nice golf game with your friends and choose a lovely restaurant afterwards with a view of the lake, and have a quiet afternoon. You can also take a tour to the beautiful castle at Keszthely, take a stroll in the lovely town of Veszprém, have a wild party in Siófok or enjoy the magnificent panorama from Tihany peninsula or have a long romantic walk and a nice spa in one of the hotels of Balatonfüred. If you come at the right time, don't miss the Jazz night in Veszprém, the Anna Ball in Balatonfüred, or one of Europe's biggest music party the Balaton Sound! Cycling around Balaton is also very popular to explore the lake and its surroundings. Don't forget, one of Hungary's most famous wine regions is situated in the mountains right above the northern shores. This is also the area where most of the charming traditional villages are situated with events almost throughout the year! Though Balaton obviously shows its best in the summer, winter can be sometimes even more romantic or fun! After an hour of skating or wind skating on the frozen lake, take a dip in a hot spa watching the beautiful white snow is a great idea. All-in-all Balaton, or the Hungarian Sea as we Hungarians call it, is definitely a must-visit place in Hungary. It could be made within a convenient day trip but we suggest you to spent there a night or two, allowing yourself the luxury to leave your watch and mobile behind and jump into the sea of fun and relax and recharge yourself for the next adventure hopefully coming up very soon!

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您知道吗,被匈牙利人称为匈牙利海的巴拉顿湖不仅是欧洲第三大湖,是继布达佩斯之后匈 牙利第二旅游热点,同时还因这里是当年东西两德分裂时,被柏林墙分隔的情人们最浪漫的 相会去处而被载入史册! Did you know that Balaton - or as we call it the Hungarian sea - is not only the third largest lake in Europe and the second favorite destination for tourists in Hungary after Budapest, but also been marked in history as the most popular and romantic meeting spot for the people separated by the Berlin Wall stretched between East and West Germany ? 在蒂萨湖荡舟是享受这片匈牙利最恬静的天然湿地公园的最佳方式! Spend some peaceful days at Lake Tisza and paddle through one of Hungary’s most relaxing and beautiful natural site!

On waters
跳入体验之海激起 精彩浪花
驾驶帆船或游艇出海是一项难得的动静结合的运动, 既能体验冲 破浪花的激情, 又能在一望无际的水面上享受宁静。 帆船和游艇 都是高尚生活方式的符号, 在没有海岸线的匈牙利, 您仍然可以 在巴拉顿湖, 这面中东欧最大淡水湖上享受奢华与宁静。 巴拉顿湖沿岸随处可以看到出租帆船和游艇的公司, 能够根据您 的驾驶经验和预算为您提供不同的选择。 这里的湖水清澈无比, 随时可以纵身跃入水中畅游一番。 选择一艘可以过夜的游艇出航, 没有什么比夜宿一个个不同的港 湾, 清晨上岸游憩一座座崭新城镇更为浪漫了! 还可以和您的家人、 朋友一起漫步乡间或歇坐在韵味十足的小餐馆, 品尝一下老板的 拿手菜后, 再启航前往下个目的地去体验那里的民风民俗。

Jet ski and canoeing
There are a lot of activities around the Balaton Lake, however, for environmental reasons, motor vehicles are banned to keep the water clean. If jetski is your passion, then come to Lake Tisza! Besides being protected as an UNESCO World Natural Heritage site, it is also one of the best places in Hungary to enjoy the water fun and leaving your worries and boredom behind. Here, you can quietly paddling, slowly sailing between the beautiful water flowers, joining a group and heading out for bird watching, or getting on a jet ski and ride the waves. Getting out of the water, there are numerous historical sites, restaurants, and small villages to visit or to try out. If you decided to try something new, ready to forget your everyday life, the waters in Hungary will surely "be at your service"! Splash in!

There are few sports like sailing, where the thrill of soaring, the beauty and power of nature, and the simple joy of traveling can be experienced simultaneously. Even though Hungary is a landlocked country, our beloved Balaton Lake, the biggest

虽然巴拉顿湖上丰富多彩的水上运动已经能够让您玩个痛快 了,但是出于对水质的保护,巴拉顿湖上禁止使用任何规格的 摩托艇。如果您对快艇、 赛艇等运动情有独钟, 那么请您跟随我 到匈牙利国土另一侧大平原上流淌的蒂萨湖去看看吧。 这里除了 是水上皮艇和皮划艇运动的乐园外, 还有著名的自然保护区以及 联合国世界自然遗产保护区。 那宁静的氛围, 会让您忘掉日常的 烦恼, 为自己充电, 焕发身心。 在湖水的支干上泛舟、 在宽阔的水面上滑水, 或者加入到观察鸟类 活动的队伍当中, 所有这些活动, 对城市中生活的人来说将是全 新的经历。 湖边还有许多小村庄、 餐厅、 历史名胜等期待着您的光 顾。 由于匈牙利国家面积不大, 所以很容易沿着湖水顺流而下, 到 周边地区观光。 如果您渴望从日常烦闷的生活中走出, 想找个地 方尽情戏水的话, 匈牙利的湖水将是一个不错的选择。

fresh water lake in Central Eastern Europe, provides excellent opportunities to discover all the fun and excitement of sailing! You can find many companies right by the Balaton Lake if you want to rent a yacht or sailing equipment, and they can offer you a wide range of boats to fit your experience and budget. The absolutely clean water of Balaton provides a perfect opportunity to berth the ship and jump into the water for a quick swim or for a simple refreshment. Those bigger yachts also offer cabins to overnight. There is nothing more romantic than sleeping on a boat, waking up in a different port every morning, to explore the lovely little cities, towns around the lake, take a hike in the surrounding mountains, to sit in a cozy restaurant, visit some of the vineyards of North Balaton or join one of the countless cultural events!

www.balaton.hu www.spasinhungary.com www.szalok.hu

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入住庄园酒店,能体会让时间凝固般的宁静,并体验几百年前 欧洲贵族的生活方式。 Stay a few nights in a castle hotel to make time stop and live like a European royalty from hundred years ago!

对许多人来说, 宾馆在旅行中意味着一天长时间游览后休息、 焕 发身心的地方, 通常干净整洁、 价格合理、 位置良好是很多客人选 择宾馆的条件。 如果宾馆本身就是一道风景呢? 欧洲大陆并不多见的庄园酒店是 匈牙利旅游的一大特色。 如果您向往体验上世纪贵族的生活方式, 如果您想远离喧嚣的城市, 在一片奢华且历史久远的城墙之中醒 来迎接朝阳, 如果您想寻找一片欧式田园渡过一个浪漫周末, 甚 至走下直升机, 穿越时空回到上个世纪中去享用盛宴, 那么匈牙 利的庄园酒店便是您的理想去处! 在此, 您将融入无与伦比的自然景色之中, 徘徊在历史的城墙 间, 让您和您的伴侣享受一下那曾专属于上个世纪贵族的奢华 与浪漫吧!

Castle Hotels
Many people think hotel is just a place to stop between points of interests. Have you ever imagined that your hotel could be a point of interest itself? One of the unique attractions of Hungary, even among European countries, is Castle Hotels. If you ever dreamed about living like a royalty in 19th century, getting away from the bustle of the city, surrounding yourself with historical walls, or spending a romantic weekend in authentic ancient European style, even arriving at those historical sites with a helicopter, these castle hotels are made for you. Surrounded by nature and history, wide range of attractions like golf, horseback riding, wellness facilities, hiking and many more, await to entertain and you and make you feel like a true royalty! Fortunately you don't have to be a millionaire to pamper yourself in luxury. Wide range of 5,4 and even 3 star castle hotels await to indulge you and your loved ones. Hope you 您知道位于马丁山顶,被列为世界文化遗产的潘农哈尔玛 修道院图书馆内有 36 万卷藏书吗? Did you know that the Abbey of Pannonhalma, (UNESCO World Heritage site) on the top of St Martin's Hill, has a monumental library containing 360,000 volumes? make a plan to stay a few more days and explore these wonders that combine history with the luxury of modern era!

www.castlehotels.holidayhungary.com www.historichotelsofeurope.com/en/hotelshungary.html www.apponyi.hu www.hedervary.hu

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Asia Club
Asia has been one of the fastest growing regions in the world. 您知道吗,根据英国外交部所做调查的结果表明,匈牙利语是世界上 最难学的语言。 Did you know that according to a British Foreign Office survey, Hungarian is the most difficult language in the world to learn? The two digits GDP growth, and rapidly growing middle-class certainly have impacts on tourism. Hungary, being one of the most popular destinations has been experiencing a tremendous growth in the number of guests from Asia for over 10 years! At the beginning, friends from Japan started to travel to Hungary and the region, and then China, India and then the Gulf states became very important outbound countries for Hungary in Asia. This rapid change triggered some very positive reactions from the Hungarian side, and now countless companies from Hungarian tourism industry

How the Club works and what benefits it can provide for your company:
We believe Asia Club will successfully bring people and travel industry professionals closer. One of the main aims of Asia Club is to promote B2B platform between tourism industry professionals/companies from Hungary and Asia. If you are a travel agency or tour operator from Asia, and bringing groups to Hungar y and close by region, and used to work with a third country' wholesaler or an indirect channel, then it's time to join our club, and take advantage of our B2B platform to cut down unnecessary costs! Please go to our website: www.xiongyali.cn/xxxx or www.visit-hungary.com/ xxxxx, find companies can work with you and get in contact directly with them. Please remember to mention the following important when you make the contact: You are a tourism industry professional based in Asia; You found their contacts through Asia Club, as recommended agencies. By providing the above information to the Hungarian company, you should automatically receive substantial discount, preferential information or other concession for business concluded between the two of you. If you have any further question please contact us at xiongyali@xiongyali.cn or visit www.xiongyali.cn

亚洲地区快速的经济发展、 连续多年两位数的 GDP 增长, 和新生 的中产阶级对全球的旅游行业有着直接的影响。 在过去的十年中, 匈牙利, 作为世界上最受欢迎的旅游目的地国之一, 来自亚洲的 游客数量一直在不断增长。 最初来到匈牙利的亚洲客人来自日本, 随后是中国客人, 近来印度和海湾地区的客人数量也在与日俱增。 匈牙利的整体旅游行业都在积极准备更好地迎接这些新客人。 2009 年, 匈牙利国家旅游发展局迈出了重要的一步, 成立了 “亚 洲俱乐部” : 增加来自亚洲的客人量及过夜总量; 逐步培训匈牙利的旅游行业更好地接待来自亚洲地区的游客 ; 增进匈牙利及亚洲地区旅游行业同仁之间的合作; 搭建 B2B 平台。

are trying to adopt to the new demands and to meeting the needs from Asian travelers.

亚洲俱乐部如何为您的企业服务 :
亚洲俱乐部致力于增进匈牙利与亚洲地区国家间游客及旅游行 业的相互了解和沟通, 并努力建立匈牙利与游客来源国之间 B2B 之间的合作, 为亚洲的旅行社寻找最直接的匈牙利合作伙伴, 降 低从前通过第三国或第三方包销后提高的不必要的成本。 如果您 需要把您的游客带到匈牙利及周边地区, 我们希望您能够直接与 亚洲俱乐部的成员取得直接联系。 请您上网查询 www.xiongyali. cn/XXXX 或 www.visit-hungary.com/xxxxx 获得他们的联系方 式, 并在联络的时候提供以下重要信息: 您的公司位于亚洲地区; 您是在亚洲俱乐部查找到他们的联系方式的。 根据亚洲俱乐部的规定, 所有提供以上两条信息的公司都能够自 动从俱乐部成员公司获得折扣或者其他优惠。 如果您还需要了解其他有关信息, 可以发送邮件至: xiongyali@ xiongyali.cn 与我们联系, 或访问我们的网址 www.xiongyali.cn

The establishment of Asia Club by the Hungarian Tourism Plc., in 2009 was one big step forward! Asia Club is working hard to: Increase number of guests and overnights to Hungary from Asia; Provide better understanding of Asia tourists in order to better train the Hungarian companies to provide good services to Asian tourists; Establish channels between the Hungarian and Asian travel industry professionals and companies; create a better B2B platform.

Members of the Asia Club:
All Hungarian companies in tourism industry, with special interests in Asian market and wish to build long term professional relationships with companies from that region are welcome to join.

所有对发展亚洲旅游市场有兴趣的匈牙利企业皆可参加到亚洲 俱乐部中。

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Special Events
One of the biggest attractions of Hungary, that attracts millions every year and what truly makes this country one of a kind, is the endless flow of events brings fun, excitement, relaxation or vibration of audience regardless of age, gender or nationality. More than 20 years after the opening up, Hungary managed not only bringing some top international events to the country, but also succeeded in creating Top Five music

令匈牙利与众不同的是这里丰富多彩、 常年不断的节日, 能够为 不同年龄、 性别或文化的人们提供不同的娱乐项目。 匈牙利开放 20 年以来, 不仅将很多国际大型活动成功引进, 还陆 续打造了多个目前在欧洲非常有影响力的活动。 例如 3 月的春季 音乐节 (古典音乐) 6 月巴拉顿之声 、 (流行及摇滚音乐) 和街道音 乐节 (爵士乐) 7 月的岛上音乐节 、 (流行、 摇滚、 民族等多种风格 音乐) 除音乐节外, 。 外还有每年 8 月的红牛特技飞行表演大赛和 手工艺产品节; 布达佩斯 12 月的圣诞市场是目前整个欧洲及世界 知名的圣诞市场, 每年众多游客从巴西、美国、澳大利亚、以及 中国和非洲等地特意来此,采购特色手工制作的圣诞礼品和装 饰物;匈牙利的葡萄酒节每年 4 月陆续开始举办, 持续到 10 月; 博物馆之夜是欧走文化的集中体现; 每年 8 月 20 日如果您正好 身处匈牙利, 一定要观看这里的焰火表演。 匈牙利的大部分活动 在 3 月至 10 月间举行,如果您在计划前往匈牙利的行程,可以 事先在网上查询并计划好所有您感兴趣的活动。匈牙利之旅一 定会成为令人难忘的假期, 无论是音乐、 舞蹈、 畅饮, 还是放松、 充电,匈牙利都会有各种令您满意的选择。来到匈牙利,等待 您的是欢乐!

events in Europe. Spring Festival in March (classical music), Balaton Sound in June (pop&rock), Street Fest (Jazz), Sziget (Island) Fest in July (pop, rock, ethno), and last but not the least, Red Bull Air Race and Celebration of Crafts (shopping fest for hand made art and crafts) in August. The Christmas Bazar in December is famous in Europe and internationally, and visitors from USA, Brazil, Australia, Africa or China to be part of the annual event. Wine festivals in Hungary start from as early as in April and last till October. Night of museums is another typically European invention. The firework on August 20th is also a must-see if you are here at that day. Most of the events are from March to October, and it is a great idea to check online and plan something for everyone! Hungary has a lot to offer, from singing, dancng, shopping, swimming, drinking, laughing, rejuvenating and sports! There is only one word to describe your experience here – Fun!

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近年来, 凭借丰富多样的活动内容和优秀的组织管理, 匈牙利逐 渐成为了世界热门的会奖旅游的目的地之一! 这里还有很多成熟的活动项目, 包括供团队参与的体育项目、 参观历史遗迹, 或是美食之旅。 其中最受欢迎的活动项目是多瑙 河游轮上晚餐和在匈牙利大平原上边欣赏马术和民俗表演, 边大 快朵颐当地的美食美酒。 布达佩斯的温泉资源十分丰富, 被誉为世界的温泉之都。 Gellért 浴场的水上芭蕾表演会给您的派对增色不少。 此外, 布达 城堡区的轻骑兵列队表演、 古城堡中文艺复兴风格的演出、 在乡 间进行的 Trabant 老车拉力赛等等活动, 都可以为您的会议和活 动增添趣味。 请访问 www.hcb.hu 了解更多相关信息。

Hungary has become one of the leading meeting and convention destinations of the world, it is playing an even more important role on the international MICE market, where one can always expect professionally adequate organisation combined with unusual programs and ideas. So why Hungray? Living memories of the past, major historical monuments may be special venues for banqueting events and social programmes. The fairy-tale Vajdahunyad Castle, the Museum of Fine Arts or even the Parliament, a bath inside a cave, a castle hotel, a horse ranch, a ship on the Danube, a 700 years old ruin can be rented for special occasions. Unique programmes to choose from for groups seeking sport challenges, cultural heritage or gastronomy tours. One of the highlights of your event might be a fantastic evening cruise down the Danube, a magic day on the Hungarian Great Plain with authentic horse shows, and folklore programmes including delicious traditional meals and drinks. Budapest is a city of baths, it is also called the Spa Capital of the world. A party spiced with a water ballet performance in the marvellous Gellért bath will surely result in a truly memorable evening. The marching of hussar companies in the Buda Castle; a Renaissance themed evening in a medieval castle; an exciting rally across the country with old-fashioned cars called Trabants: there is plenty to do to enrich your programme. For more information please visit www.hcb.hu

虽然匈牙利的美丽已是世界闻名, 但每年仍有很多游客第一次 踏上这边土地观光。 不得不承认, 到一个全新而且美丽的城市会 给很多沉闷的会议增添一些活力 . 匈牙利的另外一大优势在于, 来到这里, 您可以享受到欧洲一 流的服务但是这里的物价低于很多欧洲国家, 让您物有所值! 布达佩斯是一座充满魔力的城市。 美丽的多瑙河贯穿城市中央, 西岸依山而建的布达古老而庄重, 东岸的佩斯时尚而灵动。 这里 气候温和, 常年有着丰富多彩的庆典和集会, 和数不胜数的文化 活动, “多瑙河上明珠” 不愧 的美誉。 这座城市里集中了两千多处 (我 觉得不对) 会展中心, 并有五千间五星级豪华酒店客房供您选择。 在匈牙利, 在具有重大历史意义的景点举办晚宴或是其他活动 是最大的特色。 这些景点不仅景色优美而且有着动人的故事, 最受 欢迎的是充满童话色彩的 Vajdahunyad 城堡、 工美博物馆, 甚至 还有国会大厦 您还可以选择钟乳洞中的温泉、 ; 庄园酒店、 马场庄园、 多瑙河上的游轮, 或是具有 700 多年历史的古罗马遗址。 这些景点 能够为不同需求的活动提供丰富的选择空间。

Let us mention just a few reasons:
Although Hungary is not an unknown place on the globe, it is a new destination yet to be discovered for many. And who would deny that in order to attract delegates to a congress, selecting a location they have not known before is crucial… The cost-to-value ratio is extremely favourable in Hungary. In general the quality of services is excellent and prices are still lower than in most European countries. Budapest is a magical place, rendered enchanting by the river Danube which divides the city into two. Hills, mountains in Buda, the line of hotels and the commercial district on the Pest side... an air of history, the pleasant climate, festivals and cultural events prove that the city is indeed the Pearl of the Danube. Several convention centres up to 2,000 located in pleasant environment, and 5,000 first class and luxury hotel rooms are at the guests' disposal.



Bodor Farm, the largest horse riding farm at the Danube Bend is waiting its guests with a typical Hungarian hospitality only 30 km far from Budapest!
We perform horse shows with various ability and rapidity games in 45 minutes, and we also introduce the professional use of the famous whip. The famous carriage-of-four and the folk coach cannot be missing. The show is closed by the spectacular gallop of the Hungarian Puszta-five attraction. It is worth visiting the 50-hectare farm with a horse carriage. The racing stable, the coach exhibition and the animal park can be all visited in the course of a pleasant excursion. The domestic animal park introduces a typical Hungarian courtyard. You can see turkeys, ducks, geese, hens, peacocks, rabbits, donkeys, goats, sheep, pigs, buffaloes, cows and the famous Hungarian Grey Cattle. Nearly 100 horses are living on the farm, mainly Lipizzaner, Nonius and Orlov Trotter horses. The Kemencés Csárda, which can host 200 people, is an excellent venue for folklore and grill dinners with gipsy music. A huge covered terrace and a summer house with a vine arbour also belong to the restaurant, and they offer a beautiful view over the parked garden. Kemencés Csárda will treat you with delicious and special food, wine-tasting, pálinka and lángos topped with a truly Hungarian csárda atmosphere!

在这里汇集了一些匈牙利独有的 “特产” 绝对匈牙利制造: , 诺贝尔得主—您知道匈牙利是世界上人均获得诺贝尔奖数量 最多的国家吗? 目前已有十四位获奖的匈牙利人。 托卡伊—世界最著名的贵腐白葡萄酒, 也是世界上最好的餐 后甜品酒。 鹅肝—您知道吗, 全球 80% 以上品质最优秀的鹅肝来自匈 牙利! 普利、 威势拉犬—聪明、 忠诚、 可爱、 需要爱心呵护! 猜错了 , 我们说的不是您的女朋友, 而是匈牙利的国宝级名犬! 辣椒酱—几乎所有的匈牙利特色菜中都有辣椒酱的身影。 又 辣有甜的匈牙利特产辣椒酱为您的大餐增添更热烈的味觉享受。 您知道吗: 魔方、 圆珠笔、 维生素 C 泡腾片、 火柴、 电脑缓存、 全息显像术等等很多貌似不起眼但却是生活中至关重要的物 品都是匈牙利人的发明! 尝试一下如今匈牙利最时尚的 “废墟夜总会” 这里的派对别 , 具情趣。

In this section we would like to show those products, animals, facts or phenomenon that are unique to Hungary and which are truly "ours". Did you heard about them? Did you know that they are related to Hungary? Nobel-prize winners – did you know that Hungary has the largest number of Nobel-prize winners per capita in the world? (14 Nobel-prize) Tokaji – a delicious desert wine found nowhere else in the world. Goose liver – did you know that almost 80% of the world's finest foie gras comes from Hungary? Puli,vizsla – very smart, faithful, adorable and needs a lot of care and attentions! No she is not a women – its one our national treasures! Paprika – almost no Hungarian dish misses our hot or sweet paprika, giving it an unmatchable taste and flavor! Did you know that Rubik-cube, ball pen, VitaminC pills, RAM, match, hologram and many more useful things surrounding us were invented by Hungarians? Have a fun-filled evening in a unique Hungarian phenomenon called the "ruin-pub" with unparallel atmosphere and vibe!

You are welcome here during the whole year! We are looking forward to your enquiry, please ask for our group offers!

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Bodor Ltd., Bodor Horse Farm H-2021 Tahitótfalu, Szentendrei-sziget Hrsz. 091. Pf. 8., Hungary Contact / 联��: Mrs. Eszter Aszódi Phone / 电�: +36-26-585-005

Mobile / ��: +36-30-544-22-33 Fax / ��: +36-26-585-006 E-mail : info@bodormajor.hu www.bodormajor.hu

Hungaricum P-41

布达佩斯 (Budapest) 山丹丹 (Szentendre) 格德勒 (Gödölló):茜茜庄园 (Sisi Kastély)

Suggested routes in Hungary:
维谢格莱德 (Visegrád) 文化之旅 Budapest Budapest Budapest Budapest 布达佩斯 (Budapest)
● ●

Szentendre Szentendre

Gödölló: Sisikastély

LázárLovaspark • culture tour

布达佩斯 (Budapest) 山丹丹 (Szentendre) 维谢格莱德 (Visegrád) ● 文化之旅 巴拉顿 (Balaton):蒂哈尼 (Tihany),巴拉顿费莱德 (Balatonfüred) 布达佩斯 (Budapest) 布达佩斯 (Budapest) 布达佩斯 (Budapest) 巴拉顿 (Balaton) 艾格尔 (Eger)

Balaton: Tihany, Balatonfüred • culture tour

Balaton • fun tour Egerszalók Szentendre Egerszalók Debrecen Balaton Balaton Tokaj Budapest • wine tour

娱乐之旅 葡萄酒之旅

托卡伊 (Tokaj)

Budapest Budapest

Tisza-tó • eco tour Tokaj Tisza-tó Tisza-tó Hortobágy • spa, wine, eco, folklore

山丹丹 (Szentendre)

蒂萨湖 (Tisza-tó)

生态之旅 霍尔特巴吉 (Hortobágy)

布达佩斯 (Budapest) 艾格尔 (Eger) ● 温泉、红酒、生态、民俗之旅 布达佩斯 (Budapest) 布达佩斯 (Budapest) 布达佩斯 (Budapest) 布达佩斯 (Budapest)

托卡伊 (Tokaj)

蒂萨湖 (Tisza-tó)

Budapest 蒂萨湖 (Tisza-tó) 霍尔特巴吉 (Hortobágy)
● ●

Hortobágy • culture and fun

德布勒森 (Debrecen) 巴拉顿 (Balaton) 巴拉顿 (Balaton) 萨瓦尔 (Sárvár)


Budapest Budapest Budapest

Pécs és környéke • wine tour Hévíz • spa tour

佩奇和周边 (Pécs és környéke) 赫维兹 (Hévíz) 温泉之旅



Sárvár • spa tour

匈牙利 匈牙利 匈牙利 匈牙利 匈牙利 匈牙利 匈牙利 匈牙利 匈牙利 奥地利(维也纳) 奥地利 斯洛伐克 斯洛伐克 奥地利 克罗地亚 克罗地亚 斯洛文尼亚 罗马尼亚 斯洛文尼亚 奥地利 捷克 捷克(布拉格) 德国(德雷斯登和柏林 Dresden, Berlin)

Suggested routs in Europe with Hungary:
Hungary Hungary Hungary Austria (Wien) Austria Slovakia Slovakia Austria Croatia Croatia Slovenia Romania Slovenia Austria Czech Republic (Prague) Germany (Dresden and Berlin) Czech Republic Austria Poland Switzerland Czech Republic Czech Republic (www.european-quartet.com) Germany

奥地利 波兰 瑞士

捷克 捷克 (www.european-quartet.com) 德国 Hungary Hungary Hungary Hungary Hungary Hungary

Suggested routes P-43

Suggested routes P-44

[ 国名 ] 匈牙利 [ 面积 ] 93030 km2 [ 人 口 ] 1000 万 (2004 年 1 月 1 日 )。主 要 民 族 为 马 扎 尔 族,约占 96%。 少数民族有斯洛伐克、 罗马尼亚、 克罗地亚、 塞尔维亚、 斯洛文 尼亚、 德意志等族。 官方语言为匈牙利语。 居民主要信奉天主教 (66.2%) 和基督教 (17.9%)。 [ 首都 ] 布达佩斯 (Budapest)。 人口 182 万。 [ 语言 ] 以匈牙利语为主, 比较广泛通晓的外语是英语和德语。 [ 地缘 ] 位于欧洲中部的喀尔巴阡盆地, “欧洲之心” 有 的美誉。 东邻 罗马尼亚、 乌克兰, 南接斯洛文尼亚、 克罗地亚、 塞尔维亚和黑山, 西 靠奥地利, 北连斯洛伐克, 边界全长 2246 公里。 [ 气候 ] 属温带大陆性温带阔叶林气候, 四季分明。 8 月份最暖和, 7、 温度可达 28-35 摄氏度; 月份 1 月份最冷, 12 最低可达 -20 摄氏度。 [ 重要节日 ] [ 电话 ] 匈牙利国家代码: 36 布达佩斯区号: (+ 七位电话号码 ) 1 拨打国际长途方法: 00 + 国家代码 + 区号 + 当地号码 拨打国内长途方法: 06 + 区号 + 当地号码 移动电话号码均为九位, 拨了 06 以后的 2 位数取决于手机所属的电 话公司, 分别有 20、 或者 70。 30 3 月 15 日: 1848 年革命和自由斗争纪念日; 8 月 20 日: 匈牙利国庆节; 10 月 23 日: 1956 年革命和自由斗争纪念日暨 1989 年共和国成立日。

[ 常用电话号码 ] 救护车: 104 电话号码查询: 198

报警: 107 火警: 105 国际电话号码查询: 199


[ 信 用 卡 和 贷 记卡 ] 各大信 用 卡 (Visa, Mastercard, Diners, Cirrus, AMEX, China Union Pay 中国银联卡 ) 在商场、 饭店及各种商业场所 都可以使用。ATM 自动取款机提供 24 小时服务, 各大信用卡和银行 卡动能被接受。 兑现旅行支票通常银行会收取 1% 的手续费, 但是需 要注意的是大部分商店都不接受旅行支票。 [ 传真 ] 旅游者可以在主要邮局和各大宾馆的商务中心使用传真服务。


Visegrád Szentendre Gödöllő Tisza-tó Debrecen

[ 电 源 ] 电 压 为 220V/50Hz,使 用 欧 洲 大 陆 通 用 的 双 圆 叉 插 头。 110V/60Hz 的电器需要转换插头与变压器。 [ 货币 ] 匈牙利货币单位为福林 (HUF), 在匈牙利福林简写为 Ft。 硬币面值有 5、 20、 100 和 200 福林。 10、 50、 纸币面值有 500、 1000、 2000、 5000、 10000 和 20000 福林。 实时汇率请在 www.ex.com 查阅。
Hévíz Balatonfüred Tihany

General Information
[Country Name] Hungary, Magyarország [Area] 93030 km2 [Population] 10 million; Ethnic group: majority is Hungarians over
96%; minorities include: Slovakians, Romanians, Croatians, Serbians, Slovenians, Germans. Official language is Hungarian. Religion: 66.2% Roman Catholic; 17.9% Protestant.

[Climate] Hungary has a continental climate with distinctive four
seasons. Hot summers are in July and August, with average high temperature from 28 to 35℃; cold winters in December and January, with extreme low temperature as low as to -20℃

[Credit Cards & Debit Cards] Major credit cards (AmEx, Visa,
Mastercard, Diners, Cirrus, China Union Pay) can be used in the member shops and businesses. Look for the logo displayed at the entrance. ATMs operate 24 hours a day. Major credit cards and banking cards are accepted. There is usually a commission of 1% for cashing travelers cheques at banks. Please note that most stores will not accept travelers cheques. You can use your bank or credit card to get cash at post offices throughout Hungary. More than 3200 post offices nation-wide provide this service.

[Power]230V/50Hz; European plug with two circular metal pins.
110v/60Hz electrical applications will need power adaptors.

[Currency & Exchange]
Hungarian Forint (HUF) and short in Ft; Coins: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 HUF; Bank notes: 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000 HUF For mostly recent exchange rate, please go to www.ex.com.

Country code: 36; Budapest area code: 1 (+7-digit number) International pre-dial: 00 + country code + local number Domestic long distance pre-dial: 06 + area code + local number Cell-phone numbers are 9-digit, after dialing 06, the first two numbers depend on the telephone company: 20, 30 or 70.

[Capital] Budapest.Population: 1.82 million. [language] Official language is Hungarian, English and German
are widely spoken in those areas visited by tourist.

[Public Holidays]
March 15th: National Holiday; August 20th: St. Stephen's Day; October 23rd: Anniversary of the 1956 Revolution

[Geography] Hungary is situated in the Carpathian Basin and
is boarded by Slovakia to the north, Ukraine and Romania to the east, Serbia and Croatia to the south, Slovenia to the southwest and Austria to the west, with a border of 2246 kilometers.

[Important Telephone Numbers]
Ambulance 104 Police 107 Fire department 105 Directory Assistance 198 International Directory 199 International Emergency Call 112

[Fax] Fax is available for tourists in main post offices and in many city
hotels' Business Centers.

General Information P-45

General Information P-46

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