Imperial College of Engineering and Research, Wagholi.

Department of Information Technology

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: Amey A. Mamdyal : TE40153 : T.E. ( Information Technology ) : Seminar and Technical communication : 22-02-2012 Batch : I-3

Title of seminar : The Android Mobile Platform Abstract :
The thesis gives an introduction to the new mobile platform Android as well as a comparative evaluation with regard to other mobile operating systems. The key topic of this thesis is the categorization of Android. Therefore it first gives a historical introduction to cell phones and mobile operating systems. Then it describes the main features of Android for a better understanding of this platform. In the following theoretical part Android will be compared to the mobile operating systems Symbian OS and Windows Mobile. Features and criteria defined in this part will be considered and included in the comparison of these systems. Finally an outlook and a conclusion complete this elaboration.

Reference: [1] The Android mobile platform by Benjamin Speckmann Eastern Michigan University

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(Head of Department)