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com> Date: February 27, 2012 10:14:40 AM EST To: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Subject: Out of Control Reply-To:

Dear Friend, Republicans are more dangerous than ever – if they’re not trying to take away women’s health services, then they’re tilting our economy to favor the super-rich that fund their campaigns. They’re on the wrong side of these issues and they know it. But instead of backing down, they’re doubling down. They’re gerrymandering districts and passing a restrictive voter ID bill in a desperate effort to suppress the rights of Pennsylvanians who vote Democratic.

Republican efforts to manipulate our electoral system have gotten out of control. I’ve never seen such corruption. And it’s all aimed at one end: They’re trying to silence our voices.

Click here to join me in demanding that the Tea Party Republicans stop trying to suppress the right to vote with dirty tricks like voter ID bills. The GOP says this bill is designed to curb voter fraud. Of course, it’s not true. One high-ranking Republican lawmaker recently admitted they don’t have proof of any fraud. This is all about pushing forward policies that cut education, health care, and jobs – policies you’ve made clear you don’t want. Sign the petition now and together we’ll tell Gov. Corbett and his fellow Tea Partiers that this isn’t the Pennsylvania way. Everyone deserves the right to vote. I’m running for Attorney General to defend our state from the GOP’s extreme agenda. Until I get to Harrisburg, the only way to fight back is to increase public pressure. Signatures from all corners of our state will do that. Let Republicans know that we won’t tolerate their abuse of power – sign the petition right away.

This is an issue of fairness. No one should be allowed to violate people’s civil rights in order to win elections. It’s that simple. You deserve better. Pennsylvania deserves better. We know this. Join me and we’ll make sure Republicans know it, too.

Thanks for your support, Error! Filename not specified. Patrick

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