Managing Social Media Disasters

What to Do When Employees Go Off the Digital Deep End
Social media can be an organization’s worst nightmare. What do you do when employees badmouth their boss on Facebook? Or Tweet sensitive company information? These are complex situations with no easy answers. But there are practical strategies you can use to mitigate the effects of employee’s inappropriate behaviour on social networks and more importantly, prevent disasters before they happen. It only takes one person to create a social media disaster for an organization. When that happens, the situation becomes complex and messy very quickly. You will leave this session with practical ideas that you can implement to control social media damage and prevent your employees from going off the digital deep end. Participant outcomes Upon completion of this program you will be able to: • Understand what digital citizenship means for your organization. • Help your organization prevent “digital disasters” before they happen. • Converse with “digital offenders” in an open and direct manner. • Take swift action to respond to a negative social media incident in a professional way. Course content

1. What to do when disaster strikes. Traditional organizational responses that cause bad

press may make the situation worse if the incident started with social media. Learn twenty-first century approaches to social media crisis communication. 2. How to deal with the employee. For some people, social media seems to dissolve their social filter; they think anything goes. Nothing could be further from the truth. Learn how, as an organization to work with employees who have acted inappropriately using social media. 3. How to build excellent digital citizenship skills in your organization. Social media is not going away. Rather than seeking to manage crisis, it is more effective in the long term to prevent a crisis before it happens. Learn strategies to help your people develop as digital citizens. Facilitator: Sarah Elaine Eaton, Ph.D. Known for her knack to teach complex concepts in a way that makes them easy to understand, Sarah has impacted and delighted audiences in seven countries. She is regularly invited to speak at conferences and organizational events.

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