Creating a Magnificent Vision for Your Future

The Key to Having the Best Year of Your Life
with Debbie Ford

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Worksheets: Visioning and Creating Structures for Success 1. What would your life look like if you were being guided by a grander vision? What would you be doing? With whom would you be participating and co-creating? What would your surroundings be like?

2. What are the feelings that your soul is longing to express? How would you like to feel on a daily basis?

© Debbie Ford

What qualities (not behaviors) does this person display or express that are important for you to develop within yourself? 6. By nurturing and expressing these feelings on a daily basis. what would be possible for you? What would open up for you? 4. Who do you most admire? Who do you know (personally or not) that has achieved the kind of success that you would like to achieve? 5.3. What behaviors does this person engage in that support them in their success and are important for you to adopt in order to become the highest expression of yourself? © Debbie Ford .

What stands in your way of creating a new. Based on your expanding new vision. what specific outcomes would you want to create over the next twelve months to honestly consider this the best year of your life? 9. What action steps do you need to take in order to nurture and incorporate these qualities and behaviors into your daily life? 8.7. compelling vision for your life? What are the habits and excuses that keep you tied to the past? © Debbie Ford . © Debbie Ford . please visit www.debbieford. What are the skills and support structures that would help you to fulfill your new vision? Additional notes: “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. dreams. Who looks outside. Who looks inside.10.” ~ Carl Jung For detailed information on Debbie Ford’s workshops and training courses.