Activity Look around the location Speak to the people there and organise filming permission Identify the

equipment required

Is the location suitable? Yes yes

Additional comments

Staff are aware that we will be using the playground however no one will be on site when we film Camera and tripod Open space is all around us so there is little chance of safety issues. Exits have been recognized and acknowledged by everyone within the filming. Filming will take place outdoors and the suns position has been taken into consideration. The part of filming that is indoors is inside and therefore we can adjust the lights.


Identify any health and safety yes issues both people and equipment related issues such as peoples presence not involved in the filming. Consider the positioning of the sun and lighting conditions yes

Look for interesting camera angles and shots Check the electricity supply

yes yes Sound and video test done, only issue is the noise made by the wind but we addressed these issues.

Do a test on sound or video yes recording, checking for potential noise problems Confirm dates and times with yes technical crew, actors and anybody else this applies to Arrange car parking, access, yes loading and security Make sure everybody yes concerned with your video knows what is happening and what is expected of them

Images of the classroom Classroom that the detention scene will be filmed.

Entrance and exit to the classroom.

The basketball court that we are using to film. (Ice will have melted by the time we start filming.)

The basketball hoop at the location of our filming.