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Our History By

Our History By

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Published by: NayNay Makesmesmile Stradford on Feb 28, 2012
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Our History by: Danae Stradford

Our history is interesting, Our history goes so far back, Things have changed since then, No more getting attacked by dogs, getting hosed down, No more white or black this and that, No more as they say ³The white man is in control´, No more of African Americans getting treated any old way, No more of African Americans working in fields or the women getting raped, And no more black men getting lynched just because people thought it was fun, Our history is dark like a hurricane cloud, Our history is so emotional, Emotional enough to make our grandparents that were there cry, Now and days it seems like nobody really appreciates our history, Like where we are now, we weren¶t supposed to be here (at least that¶s what they think), The position we¶re in as American, even as citizens, we weren¶t supposed to be like this, But we are because of our history, Our history defines us, Our race defines us, Our race wouldn¶t be here in a good place we¶re at if it wasn¶t for our history, The things that people went through for us,

The death, sacrifices, pain, blood, sweat, and tears, All for us to be here now and some of us don¶t even care, I heard somebody say that ³our history is what made us through´, You really can¶t do much unless you know our history, Our race does things today that we were force to do back then, They don¶t understand knowing, our history is important, So please don¶t take what people have been through lightly, Don¶t take our history lightly, As African Americans, We should be the most appreciative people about our history, But we take advantage of it and don¶t even stop to think, how good we have it, Not everyone knows about their history, So we should really be happy about that, But that¶s up to you, We are now part of the history in the making.

The theme I¶m trying to get across with my poem is know and appreciate the history that we have. If I had to shorten it, it would be know your history. That is so important to me. The tone I had used in this poem was serious and meaningful. I used those two because I wanted people to know that I¶m serious about what I said and I hope they consider what I say about it. I did meaningful because I meant what I had said and I wanted people to know that. I had used a lot of allusion in my poem. The allusion that was in there is when I was talking about the dog attacks and also the line ³no more white this and that.´ I used imagery. I had appealed to sight and hearing. I also used similes in my poem. I also used repetition when I had kept saying ³no more of.´ My interpretation of my poem is know about your history because that gets you somewhere in life and if we don¶t then it¶s kind of upsetting because we live like we do and we just don¶t take time to learn more about who we are as a race or our culture and hard times. McKay had written about things that our people back then went through and some people don¶t know much now. He wrote about things like all the lynching¶s and things like that, that go went on in our history and our past.

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