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Oneida, NY 13&21.0550

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OCtober 13 2010


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704 Main Street P.O. Box 83 Sylvan Beach, NY 13157

ATIN; Rocco DePe:mo, Atty.,
RE: Shawn Gwilt formal complaint


Dear Mr. Del'emo:
As you are aware through your ccnversetions through my union representative. John Paul.Twish t6fileafonruUcomplaint through the Oneida PBA. The complaint is t4e~~of Qg-:g2P:tshll.r~ssIn~~t0ward me and because of a threat made to me by ChiefMeeker; which occurred on September 20,20'10 .. On February 5,2010, Iwas working my regularly assigned day shift for the Oneida Police Depanment. On that day, Officers of the Oneida. Police Department



part ofa police investigation. twas notpers6nally involved in tfurt. search warrant, However, later that same day I was assigned to :ill.with Michael Allen at the Oneida Police Department in the squad room after he was placed under arrest. Vlhlle I 'WaS supervising Michael Allen at the station, I did witness Investigator Meeker come into the squad room, and provide Community Service Officer Scott Grinnell vvith a thumb drive that contained a photograph of Michael Allen and his wife. that bad been taken during the search warrant That srunephbtograpbwaS later "photo shopped" by eso Grinnellwith the head of Officer Mike Harrigan being super unposed in place of' the head of Allen 's wire.. That photo was later printed off the computer at the police department, distributed in and outside of the department. and placed onto thecomputer desktops in the Squad room as backgrounds or screen savers" The photos remained posted in those various locations for severalweeks.und \Vere. still POsted on the computers when Allen was arrested for Arson on June 4, 201 O.oth.ertliallwliat I have j1Iststated..ldid Dot have any involvement with the photo shopping of Allen's picture, nor did r have any involvement with spreading thisInformation outside of the police department .
. ..


a seti!ch wattahtatthe

residence Michael

Allen on Seneca Street in QIIeida, as

............. 1 ...

.. there wasnoconcemaooJJlthafcontacfoocauselWitSriotilivolved

~Q10.Id.Onotrecall the date;I receive~. a message at work from Attorney Neil Rose. The message: stated that Rose wanwd to talk to me about the Allen esse. I then spoke with ChiefMeekerand asked if! needed to contact Rose back, Chief Meeker advised rue to contact Rose to see what he Wanted, and
.Sometime during-the scmmer.of

Mththe Allen case .. !

11/0412010 THU 12:05 FAX 315762 2946 DePerno & Khanzadian


did call Rose, and he asked to meet with me at McDonald's in Oneida Instead, I asked him to meet meat the Post Office in Oneida" '
neasked me three questions; .P irsthe stated hel1iIdheardofthe eXistenceofilie photo-shopped pictureof'Allen, and he asked ifthepicture~,{@'VisedR.osethatJkoewofthepicture". Second he asked in had seen the picture, to which Tstated r had. Finallyhe askedif'I had a copy of the picture, to .'.wm(lhJt<J14hilllI4idnot~Jthoughlha"l/e~~en.the?hoto in question, Ihave never possessed a copy of the photo"Rose did not ask roe anytliingfurilieraboutthls matter, nor did 1 tell him anything else about this martel', Rose did not disclose to me bow he


became aware of the information about the Allen photo, nor do I have any idea who may have disclosed thisinformation to him .. I have not had any contact with RO$e about this


him atthe Post Office.


Sometime around this same time, information became known around the police
department that Rose and a private investigator had been at the hair salon of Ofc Harrigan's girlfriend, .It was stated that a copy of the photo in question had been posted in public view within the salon, and that Rose and his PI were looking for the photo. I do not know lithe photo was posted there 01:' if they located it. Members of the Oneida .....'PoliceDepartmentaIsobave repo:rtedIy sentCQP~t;:softhe photo by fax to the Madison County Control Center, and took pictures of the photo with the cell phones to then share 'Wiiliothersot.."tSideofthedepartment.·Itispossihleiliatthisinfo!lllfJ.ti(}ll()Ipicture may have gotten to Rosethrough anyone of those means. 1 do not know if Rose has or ever

a copy of the Allenphoto .. .SometJmeajJerlspokGJQRose)il1fo!matjon





got back that he had made a formal beiog taken iUegruJy duringtheseatch warrant, and that Rose was taking this information to the newspaper, Chief Meeker then questioned me about this information and my contact with Rose, I disclosed to Chief Meeker everything that I knew regarding the Allen photo arid about my meeting with Rose ..
complaint to the

I\1lldlsonCounty District Attorney's office aboiit thephoto

information to ROBe~ is \vrollgly tellitigpeople am being harassed in the workplace ..

Following that meeting, I noticed that the treatment that I was receiving frorn my fellow officers while on dut;ybegan to change. eso Grinnell stopped talking to roe, and even had a conversation in which he disclosed to me that he had been told by the Chief that; I leaked out the information to Rose regarding his involvement with the photo shopping of Allen's picture. 'Ihat information Was false and I informed Grinnell of that Since that time however. eso Grinnell continues to avoid conversation with me or is distimtwithme@dbasuotbeenthesame s~ .. Investigator Michael Burgess and Investigator Dave Meeker alsoapprof!l::h¢dme~ they accused me of being a "Rat," and they also accused me of leaking this information to Rose. I felt harassed by their statements to me, and their allegations of me leaking this information to Rose are false. It ismy~g~(~tq1lief¥eelc:r~....,ho Is the one that confronted me on leaking this



a result I.



FAX 315 762 2946 DePerno




inchell, on~&y outSideofRcdAppIein aIsoapproaclled me, Winchell made the statement to me 'that he hem d that Neal Rose was in my close group of friendsiilld inlp1ioothatbekriewIallegedIYI~~<iirlfon11ati(}nt?hirrLAlso£oli.0\Ving my meeting with the Chief a sign was posted anonymously next to my lockerafwork7wmchhad a Stop sign, and the message \VaS "Stop Snitching," I have that sign in safekeeping There


have also been anonymous postings on the Syracuse.corn's Madison County chat forum people have accused me of being a dirty cop, I have copies of those postings


Meekerwas.namedinthat artlcle. I again felt harassed by Inv, Meeker's actionsand I am in no way responsible for the Information being leaked to Rose.

for leaking i1ie iiifo.riiiiition to Rose whichL'1turnresultedint.Qearticleint@Pispatch,

..... OD.S~~Il1be~20,2(}101ilieOneidaDaily Dispatch tan a story entitled "Michael Allen attorney NealRosealleges Oneida Police misconduct because of doctored photo." That article 'WaS alleging' misconduct by Oneida Police Officers and spoke of the photo shopped picture of Allen that I have talked about in this letter, That same morning I worked my scheduled day shi:ft, and I was in the shift briefing room at 7:45 am to begin my shift Officer Joe Krawiec was also working with me that day 1'U\d. was also present Willi me In ti1e shift briefing room. ···\'Vhilewe.werethere.Jnv, .M~li;e.!.came into the . ~Iil;}fi~t(}~J1l~~~edt?ydl·aruiswear at me, and accused me of'being responsible

your job, and Iwill personally see to it that your career in law enforcement is over." This threat and the Chi~f'sangry confrontation with me were also made in the presence of Ofc. Krawiec and was also heard by at least one other person who was in the station that morning. I also felt threatened and harassed by Chief Meeker' s actions toward me that
morning ... On September' 22, 2010, when I reported to workand dressed inthe locker room

AfterInv.Meekerleftthebriefing(OOJl'L,CPiefM~r then came into the briefing room,GbitlUvreeker began to scream and yell at me in a rage. Chief Meeker threatened me by saying that 'tIf Dave(Iilv" Meeker) was implicated inthis, I will have

prior to my shift; everything appeared normal, .When I'wentback into the locker room at
the end of'myshift, somebody bad anonymously posted a copy ofthe September 20, 2010 newspaper article on my locker. That posting bas also been placed msafekeeping, I'spoke to Officersthatleftw{)rKthatrnomin~at8:00EUl1' ~~ystated the sign was not present when they left work 1 also spoke tobfficeIsthatCame ihtoworktliat day prior to me finding the sign, and they stated the sign was already posted on my locker


when they arrived. The sign was posted on my locker during the day shift of September

meeting with Mayor Leo Matzke and Public Safety Commissioner Army Carinci about a .d~Q~p,LiriarylIlatt~r(}ye5 the ~eJlP~0to" .: e told me that Cbjef lv1eeker was also at that H meeting, and at the end6fthemeeti.fig. ChiefMeekertoldtheMayorandCommbsioner
that the issue of

Sgt. Paul- has informed

lllerb~ ~~s~P~~1Ilbt;22,2016, had·to attend .a tkt hd
was Still pending disciplinary proceedings.against

the Alleni)hoto

me for

11/04/2010 THU 12:05 FAX 315 762 2946 DePerno & Khanzadian




leaking the photo and information to Rose. The Chief stated that after the Allen criminal. ...... case.was completed he was then going to seek discipline agame;t me .. I believe that Chief .. Meekerwilliliro:ttry !Qf()J1m-YtlJIoughon ilie1hreat of terminating my job with the OneidaPoIi.ce Department ~.aie:eifuiawert:fot'()ement. .Sgt Paul also told!rii->:hat t ChlefMeekersaidhethinksfmay have passed information along to Rose through

and my

SherriIIPolice CbiefJirrt .Hilsthlgs.That also is not true,

1 take the threat by ChiefMeeker against my job and my career in law ........... eiif6tcemeI1tvCl;yset1ously. During.the summerof20091was the subject ofdisciplinary proceedings for something that I was alleged to have done while on duty. Dtulng that investigation, Chief Meeker told me and my union representative, Sgt, Paul, that I had t.o either leave the department and transfer to anotherjob or that I would be charged criminallyfotUlyactionsandthat they would seek termination for my job with the Oneida Police Department-Sgt. Paul and I were told on numerous occasions that ifI did not reeeiVe a speedy transfer that he would follow through on crimina! charges and termination against me. Chief Meeker always said that it was the Public Safety Commissioner, DCl1.Ig Lippert's, position that 1 should be charged cnmlnally and face termination. Eventually, the FBA spoke with Lippert about this matter. Lippert told us that he did not understand why I wanted to leave the department over the allegation that b!ldbeenmadeagai.nstmebythe Chief. He told us that Chief Meeker informed him that I was choosing to leave on my O'VVrl. accord because twas embarrassed auddidttot want . ·iOhi:ingsITIlliicfontb.edepartment.Tp.at was.nottrue, andLippert. also told TlS that it was not true that herecommended criminal charges or termination against me. After OUl meeting with Lippert, Ibelieved that Chief Meeker was threatening me because he wa.nt~d.to fOrcem~ol~oftl1c department, and he was telling false information to Lippert and me torDakefuat1ili.ppen;.·· Thatiswhy Fbelieve that Chief Meeker wlll try to use this latest incident to uy to ruin my career, and as you can see it appears that people are trying to ruin my reputation within the department and in the community: After the 2009 incident, which was based on video that was recorded ill my patrol car, Lt Paul Thompson shared. that video with Sergeant John Little. Sgt..Little told Sgt. Patti and Sergeant Dan Meyers that Lt.Thompson played the video for him sometime in Novem'ber2009.. Sgt Little told them that he stopped. talking with Sgt Paul and me as a result of Lt. Thompson playing the video for him .. My disciplinary matter involving that video 'WaS dosed and over when the video was played for Sgt ..Little. I felt that the playing of the video was being done intentionally to discredit me and damage InY' relationships with my co-workers. and I again felt harassed, I made a complaint to Sgt Paw who was roy union rep at that time. Sgt. Paul told me he addressed this with the Cl1ief;ahdthattheCbleftoidhirnhe would look into itpyen1:uallySgt Paul came back to me and said tl1e Chief felt that Lt. Thompson 's playing of Video fcirSgt Li ttle was not improper; and that Sgt. Little had a right to hear what I may have said about him in the video while. I was having a private conversation with another Officer ..


I ....L~tE;ithai yeru~inApri120l0;TV'.mstoJdby other Officersthat.Investigator Troy · I iller came: into their shift briefing one afternoon, and made comments about things 1· ! allegedly said about him on the video. I believe that Lt. Thompson again played that .r .. ............................... . ...... videoofInv.Tlller. and ~pjt~!?damagerelatioDships . .. between co·· orkers, r w

again complained aboutthis to Sgt

Pllul,and he told me that the Chiefbadalreadystated

11/0412010 THU 12:06 FAX 315 762 2946 DePerno & Khanzadian

@ O~6/009

he did not feel that Lt. ThompsonwasdoIDg
thinkthe Chief would do anything about it.

anything wrong with the video and did not

Ihavenotleakci:fimyinfotmatlonaboutthe .Miohael Allen photo outside of the oneida Police Department. .'I did not seek out Attorney Neal Rose to leak inion-Dation to rum,andT only spoke to him after he was aware of this information, and did so at his req_uestillidWithChiefMee:kcr1s knowledge .. There is no proof that what Chief Meeker is accusing me of.doing.ever.happened.because it never did, Chief Meeker is acting on .................................................................. assumptiousaione:.Tfed that based.outbe.information t stated above that there is a long hlsto:ry of mistreatment against me by Chief Meeker and other members of the department, and that he allows this mistreatment to happen, I fear for my career based upon Chief Meeker's threat made against me on Sept 20, and because of the history of thlngshe basd(Jhefumeas I explained above. I have spoken with Chief Hasting's recently he tiJ1dme that he was unaware of the: Allen photo until the article in the newspaperonSePteillber 20, 2010.. I know that the PBA has inquired if Rose would be 1,vilBngto. provide a deposition stating that be was never leaked information by me about Allen's cases or his photo and that I never approached him with any information. L was told ~at Rose would provide 11 deposition to the PBA's attorney. Rocco DePemo, as long as Def'erno formally requests that information from him, I believe that my name and ······involvementinthismattercan he ea,si,lycteru:ediflt is factually investigered, I am


requesting thfl.t my complaint against Chief Meeker he ........................................... orr by the PBA;tO protect my reputation and career ..

investigated and followed through

Thank You.

Officer Shawn Gwilt




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