SYNOPSIS:1.Title of the project. 2.Review of literature and Problem Statement . 3.Objective of the proposed Study 4.

Research Methodology (Sources of data, Sampling, Tools of analysis). 5.Scope/ Relevance of Proposed Study. 6.Proposed questionnaire(if any) 7.References. Project:1.Introduction and rationale of the topic chosen. 2.Literature review and problem formulation. 3.Objectives and research methodology. 4.Analysis and interpretation of data. 5.Conclusions / findings and recommendations/suggestions. 6.References/Bibliography in specified format. 7.Appendix.a.Questionnaire , if any b.Interview schedule, if any.c.List of companies surveyed.d.Raw data, if candidate wants to submit.e.Graphs/diagrams etc.f.Any other document relevant to the study

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