Dreaming Black Boy


By: Sherica Taylor Kai Walcott

James Berry Born in Jamaica in 1925 James Berry wrote about the racial prejudices he experienced when he moved to the United States and later when he settled in Great Britain. . When he moved he faced much hardship as a black man in a predominantly white society and resented it.

I wish that I could be educated to the best of tune up. and hold high. I wish life wouldn't spend me out opposing. . I'm no woodchopper now like all ancestors. Wish I myself wouldn't hold back when answer comes. and earn good money and not sink to lick boots. my voice Paul Robeson's. Nobody wants to say hello to nasty answers. Wish same way creation would have me stand it would have me stretch. I wish I could go on every crisscross way of the globe and no persons or powers or hotel keepers would make it a waste. Wish he'd know it's okay to hug me when I kick a goal. my inside eye a sun.Dreaming Black Boy I wish my teacher's eyes wouldn't go past me today.

.Dreaming Black Boy I wish torch throwers of night would burn lights for decent times. I wish nobody would want to earn the terrible burden I can suffer. Wish plotters in pyjamas would pray for themselves. I could suffer a big big lot. Wish people wouldn't talk as if I dropped from Mars. for I could suffer. I wish only boys were scared behind bravados.

He¶s no longer a slave like his ancestors. ³I wish that I could be educated to the best of tune up´ ± He longs to be educated as best a possible. .´.Breakdown y ³I'm no woodchopper now like all ancestors.

K.He wishes that anti-black groups.Paul Robeson was a prominent black man in society who represented hope . notably the K.³Paul Robeson's. my inside eye a sun. . ³I wish torch throwers of night would burn lights for decent times. Wish plotters in pyjamas would pray for themselves.´.´.K known for lynching (burn light)would do good and help themselves to turn from their bad ways.

humiliation.Summary y Dreaming Black Boy takes readers into the mind of a young boy who has great dreams and aspirations .whose development is hindered because of a racially prejudice society that ignore. . offend and put down black people. fear and stress. The persona in this society therefore faces indifference.

Though he is at the bottom of society he has dreams of becoming more than the average black man.. a child.´ . ³. and great desire for equality in his society. He hopes to be successful by earning good money.Analysis y Dreaming Black Boy expresses the want for justice and recognition of black people in society through the eyes of it¶s most vulnerable member.´ to show his longing. ³I wish.and not sink to lick boots. He uses the phrase.

K. that he can be more than his color but someone admirable. .) He looks to a famous black person in society as a sign of hope and motivation. despite the fact that he is constantly oppressed by the white majority and extremists like the K. Finally he expresses his desire for change and hopes that no one would experience his present situation.Analysis (cont.K.

Reinforces the horror of society. It also highlights the fear of the black child and the restrictions imposed on blacks in a racist society. . ³I could suffer´ and ³big´.Figurative Devices Repetition ³I wish´-The constant repetition of I wish shows that it is indeed a child. as this is how children express their desires.

Contrast ³I wish my teachers eyes wouldn't go past me today. Symbolism ³My inside eye a sun. .´-The persona see¶s James Robeson as a fascinating person who is intelligent and provides hope for the future.´-A teacher is to be fair but instead is not.

.Alliteration ³Wish plotters in pygamas would pray.´ .

Themes y Racism y Childhood y Attitude to power and authority y Injustice y Dreams and Aspirations .

y Race Test Match Sabina Park Theme for English B Epitaph y Longing Forgive My Guilt South .

.Poetry for the CSEC English B Examination.Bibliography y McWatt. Dreaming Black Boy .A World of Poetry for CXC.(2005). Simmons-McDonald. Dreaming Black Boy. Macmillan Publishers Limited. Hazel. Heinenmann Educational Publishers. Sharon. y Wilson-Strann. (2008). Mark.

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