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Swetha Final Project

Swetha Final Project

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Project Report On Study on Nilgiris and a Consumer Attitude towards Retail and City Malls

In the Partial Fulfillments of the

Degree Requirements Towards the

Bachelor of Business Management
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Prof. Sainath
Register No: 09VFC18085

Session 2011-2012.

New Horizon College of Management Bangalore- 560087


Chapter No Title Declaration for Student Certificate from Company/Organization Certificate of Guide Acknowledgement 1 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 About Nilgiris Introduction to Nilgiris Nilgiris Product Range Nilgiris Promotion and Advertising Methods Nilgiris SWOT Analysis Conclusion Page Number

Chapter Scheme List of Graphs and Charts 2 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 3 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7 3.8 3.9 4 Introduction to City Mall Background of Study Background of Topic Company Profile Statement of Problem Need of Study Objective of Study Research Methodology Research Design Primary Data Secondary Data Sample Design Selected population Sample Size Methods of Data Collection Drafting a Questionnaire Testing a Questionnaire Data Processing and Analysis


4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4

Findings Conclusion Some Important Suggestions and Recommendations Bibliography


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Signature ………………………… Name of the student Swetha. H.V Date: …………………...


He / She has worked under my guidance. Signature Name Project Guide (Internal) Date: Counter signed by Signature Name Director Date: 5 .In partial fulfillment of requirement for the completion of BBM course as prescribed by the New Horizon College. This project report is the record of authentic work carried out by him / her during the period from ---------.CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Mr. --------------------------------------of New Horizon College has successfully completed the project work titled --------------------------------------------.to ----------. / Ms.

He willingly took trouble of sparing their valuable time for our project & was always ready to help with their technical knowledge & valuable suggestion I also express my gratitude towards NILGIRIS FOODS for providing me the opportunity to work on this project & also who guided me & helped in the preparation of this project. Swetha. I am grateful to Course Coordinator Prof. Last but not the least I am thankful to fellow student who encouraged us by taking keen interest in my project work. Sainath under whose guidance we have successfully completed our project.V 6 .ACKNOWLEDGEMENT At the outset I express my deepest gratitude to New Horizon College Bangalore for providing us the opportunity & best facility to work. H.


like electric power. Any organization selling to final consumers – whether it is a manufacturer. Introduction to Nilgiris Nilgiris is the oldest and leaders in the series of supermarkets. non business use. Online retailing. the company deals with and gave “Nilgiris 1905” name to the brand. India's first supermarket with self-service facilities.is doing retailing. a type of electronic commerce used for business-toconsumer (B2C) transactions and mail order. since its inception. He also reinforced what already existed — a very clear code of conduct. such as a public utility. A retailer or retail store is any business enterprise whose sales volume comes primarily from retailing. which guides the entire family when they come together to run Nilgiris. 8 . or retailer. It doesn’t matter how the goods or services are sold or where. Nilgiris. Chenniappan. located in the South part of India is well-known to the locals for its high-quality services and products. he chain of hypermarket was established in 1905 for the promotion of the products.About Nilgiris Retailing requires all the activities in selling goods or services directly to final consumers for personal. wholesaler. The term "retailer" is also applied where a service provider services the needs of a large number of individuals. "Quality products at competitive rates all under one roof" was what that drove Mr. are forms of non-shop retailing.

CHAPTER-2 NILGIRIS COMPANY PRODUCTS Nilgiris Product Range Nilgiris Product Ranges 9 .

Apricot. Click each product category to know more: 10 . Strawberry Mint Meal Times or Bread Spreads: Mango Chutney. Mango. keeping the goodness in and the preservatives out… available in 12 exotic flavours: Classic Kids Favourite: Strawberry. Bitter Orange. and fresh produce. Ginger Orange Jam At Nilgiris we take pride in our products. With a rich heritage of quality dairy and bakery product we' have diversified into a range of ready-to-eat products. Prepared in cool and hygienic environs… every bottle is filled with the highest quality. fruits handpicked by the happy women of Bhuira village in the misty mountains of Himachal. Tomato Chutney. Black Cherry. Peach. staples.Exotic Range Indulge your taste buds in Nilgiris exotic range of handmade Jams/Marmalades/Chutneys with more than 50% real fruit. Guava Jelly Your Kind of Flavours: Cinnamon Apple.

There was 11 . No socializing at work. Customers demand and the movement of the products determine their inventory. Strict adherence to timing. The guiding principle at work is discipline at every level. checked. for instance has been forced to expand and stock a varied range of commodities to attract a larger range of customers from abroad and India. They get their own dairy. Once an extremely well known name over South India from the year it started in 1905 it has been forced to undergo several cosmetic changes to retain its place and its customers. Bangalore. The way they manage their human resource definitely has something to it. cleaned. During recruitment they don't look for previous experience or paper qualification. Nilgiris stands out for the ability to sign on their workers to a level of commitment. almost as good as theirs. quality and involvement. It started out as a smallish store with a Joy ice-cream stall and a fruit stall outside till the pavement clearance drive of the BMTF ensured closure of the ice-cream stall and reduction in size of the fruit stall which had started to encroach on the pavement.They have also evolved a very effective procurement policy. Branded products come to them directly while the grocery is procured locally. spices from their Erode base. and repacked at the store. Their instant food comes from Bangalore. confectionary and bakery products. What was once a small store on Brigade Road.

but now caters to a restaurant also. 12 . is a big supermarket chain known for its quality dairy. soft drinks where the cold storage room used to exist. CD-ROMS. which turned 100 in 2005. Vegetables had not yet reached the shelves of Nilgiris yet. fresh vegetables. Nilgiris.also a coin operated weighing machine outside for customers and others to take their own weight if so desired. UK group’s stake in Nilgiris In 2006 Actis a UK based private equity investor invested 65 million US dollars in the Nilgiris Group in order to strengthen their franchising and the manufacturing operations. Lack of space forces customers to jostle between each other and between the shelves while nimbly dodging a trolley pushed at high speed by another customer in the race to get to the billing counter first where long queues are the norm in peak hours and festive times. Now Actis has 51% stake in Nilgiris Group. bakery and confectionary products and for meeting the daily needs of customers with a range of products. The inside which was rather small had a dairy counter before one entered the main part where the various goodies were stocked neatly on shelves. plastic products in a new expansion of the building into its old storage space. Every supermarket has its drawbacks and Nilgiris too does possess a few drawbacks. chilled and frozen meat and fish products. The cakes section has been shifted to the basement which was once completely for the generator. They went on to pioneer the supermarket concept in India and was the first to introduce bar coding for food retailing in the whole of India. Now after expansion the store even stocks cosmetic products.


It has very user-friendly interface. These farms are an integrated part of the supply chain. It helps in increasing the brand visibility and awareness and thereby results in increase in sales. the company has developed farms to specifically grow fresh fruits and vegetables.Promotion and Advertising Above shown is the well knit website of Nilgiris. Good quality consistent content spread around the web pointing to Nilgiris is all it takes to build a massive traffic network. They also do internet marketing via social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. get to know about the wide range of products available. browse through the history of Nilgiris. 14 . Under the vertical integration project. One can easily locate nearest Nilgiris Store.

Nilgiris is also famous for retailing dairy products produced under its own brand. 15 . A unique supermarket was set up which makes and sells its own products in addition to others.located in the southern part of India. Key issues to be addressed by Nilgiris are the improper distribution channels and insufficient supply. Nilgiris revolutionized the retail scenario by setting up a milk bar. general merchandise as part of the store in addition to pre-existing bakery and confectionary units. and grocery. Because of the same most of the outlets face the problem of out of stock which leads to customer dissatisfaction. an ice cream parlour. Nilgiris is possibly the only retailer to generate a large part of its sales from its own produce.


17 . o Wide presence in the market. o Legacy of being in the market for past more than 100 years. o Brand name and trust among customer base. o Lot of international retail stores coming up with every day low price strategies. Weakness: o Inefficient supply chain. o Focus more on Rural Market.Strengths: o Regional advantage. Threats: o Increasing number of local retail outlets coming up. o Unable to fulfill increasing demand in the market. Opportunities: o Try and move towards northern part of India.


They should think about expanding their area of operation. There are lots of opportunities to be explored and I think Nilgiris should focus on these opportunities and work upon over-coming its weaknesses. they have not been able to capitalize on the available opportunities. 19 .CONCLUSION: With the above given facts I would like to conclude by saying that. though being one of the oldest and successful retail outlet in the country.


1. 2. Tenant’s satisfaction level. 2. Comparison of Shopping 1. LIST OF TABLE 1. Retail market prediction. Retail market comparison. Malls Demographic. Customer’s satisfaction level. 4. 3. Categories and Market shares. INTRODUCTION TO CITY MALL CITY MALL 21 . 3.

It has been competing with existing as well as traditional retailer. food.City Mall was established in 16th AUG 2007. Of Household urban (in Lakh) Bangalore 11. The city has grown rapidly and the population of the city presently is estimated to be about 1. It offers to general public for new brands and technology or awareness of product. which has already introduced in India. Moreover if some sections of society opt for branded product like (Levi’s. which has already stayed in Bangalore. not to mention a one stop destination for entertainment. In addition. every person is busy with their own schedule and organizational work. Today craving plays an important role to change the lifestyle or states quo of people. Today the world is so competitive. Now City Mall36 has penetrated in Raipur and in a short span of time it may draw a deep impact in the mind of general public of Raipur. Before the commencement of City Mall the brands. Bangalore. CITY MALL offer our expertise in impeccable mall management services teamed with a vast platform to show case a range of brands. Before the commencement of City Mall the general public of Raipur usually buys ordinary products.Growth Potential: -Bangalore has a multilingual and multi-religious population. so that they don’t have that much time to spend with their families and friends for shopping and entertaining as well. As far as this scenario is concern we conclude that.24 2. which are available in Bangalore. 22 . The population of Bangalore according to 2001 census was 6 lakh and the decadal growth rate for the decade 1991-2000 was 36. John players etc) for purchasing. therefore people used to buy branded products as well as quality products. It is endeavors to offer people an eclectic assortment of brands that creates a successful combination. a positive feature that fuels a strong economic base and attracts the people from various states. which comes under organized retail and one of the eye catching or attractive place in Bangalore that draw customer very short span of time. recreation and entertainment. was limited and the people was not so much aware about the branded products.79%. they usually covers a long distance for reaching one branded store to another.14 CITY MALL is designed to provide a one-stop destination for purchasing.0 million Demographics:City Population urban (in Lakh) No. due to the lack of time they don’t have that much time for fun and enjoyment with their families and friends. recreation and the like. Moreover people feel that City Mall is a ‘ONE STOP SHOP’ Why City Mall so called as a centre of attraction in Bangalore. City Mall is a first mall of Bangalore. purchases.

Shopping zone may covers lots of brands available for men’s wear. WOODLAND.FACTORS that define itself about City Mall 1. gaming zone as well as entertainment under one roof with lots of fun and excitement. Pizza Corner.City Mall is also providing the Gaming zone facilities to their customer for enjoyment as well fun. GAMING ZONE . LIVE IN.The best part of City Mall is that the entertainment zone. FOOD ZONE . The best part is that people can also win prices or extra play coupon after fulfilling the winning criteria. ADDIDAS. moreover they are satisfied with the brand availability in the mall. Branded products – There are lots of brands available in City Mall which is highly appreciated by customer. WILLS LIFE STYLE. Corns. But now City Mall has introduced lots of brands available in Bangalore and the people go through with all the brands and it has been change the human psyche and the lifestyle of Bangalore.Café Coffee Day serves their customer with the wide range of coffee. Pub. REEBOK. 23 . JOHN PLAYER. House of Death. pub. ladies wear. ladies and kids. BIBA.Secondly if we move for the food section. Basket ball etc. GKB OPTICALS. it may have four screen facility. BRANDED STORE . people unable to go for it. One stop shop – It is a one stop shop where consumer can go for shopping. GM PENS BARRIES COFEES & TEA . COLOR PLUS. 2. It may provide Bowling Zone. Brands which are available are- IN GROUND FLOOR:-GLOBUS. When people visit the mall they find lots of variety for men. BIGBAZAR. City Mall has a wide range or variety of food and beverages available for their customer. Moti Mahal. food hub.Different branded stores have lots of variety for men’s as well as ladies and kids. Café coffee Day. TITAN. so that due to the lack of information or knowledge about the brands. PROVOGUE. CAFÉ COFFEE DAY . Before the establishment of City Mall there were only few brands available in Raipur. ENTERTAINMENT ZONE . This entire food hub may try to attract the customer and they provide their services to their customer with satisfaction level. movies. PRIME WATCH. Air Hockey. Bike Racing.. LEVIS. First multiplex has opened in City Mall itself named as “INOX. kids wear etc. cakes etc where customer may feel relax and people can also enjoy birthday party with their friends. Ice Cream Section etc. RIED & TAYLOR. so that people may enjoy the real entertainment by choosing their different movie option.

DULHAN. SPYKAR. safety and service. they provide a superior cinema viewing experience comparable with the best cinemas across the world. The discount on bulk purchase for the shopping is best way to draw the attention of the customer for purchasing the products. ambience. HARRA. DELUX. . CCD. PETER ENGLAND. FOOD ZONE & PUB are plays the vital role for changing the lifestyle and also put the taste & colour of general public of Raipur. Ketchup etc. IN SECOND FLOOR:. X-COLON. SOME FEATURES OF INOX WHICH MAKES A DIFFERENCE:24 . The varieties which are available in CITY MALL such as beverages. TIMES. MOUSTACHE. MAX MART. INOX. TURTLES.IN FIRST FLOOR:. INOX is the first multiplex to open in the state of Karnataka and will house 4 screens and 1280 seats. LITTLE KANGAROO. KOUTONS. 4. All INOX multiplex properties are located in premium locations and symbolize excellence in design. NIK NISH. INOX – Bangalore’s moviegoers will have a new and exciting location to view the latest blockbuster hits with the opening of the INOX multiplex at City Mall on 17th August 2005. INDIAN TERRIAN. Customers can get discount on FMCG products like Biscuits. apparel. Soaps. & FOOD COURT Above mention are some of the brands which are available under one roofing i. JAWED HABIB. PASSPORT. features.CITY MALL is the only treasure where people can do the shopping and entertain themselves. KILLER JEANS .INOX. City Mall36 and it successfully met the needs and requirement of the customers. PAN AMERICA. watches and so on. Variety . CANTABIL INTERNATIONAL. HIMALAYA OPTCALS. Detergent powder. The concept like BIG BAZAR. MOTI MAHAL. Kumaraswamy INOX Bangalore will be the 17th multiplex in the INOX chain and promises to revolutionize the movie going experience in the city. PEPE. COOL COTTON. CATMOSS.SHOE FACTORY.LIBERTY. CCD. Butter. footwear. SIGNATURE.e. IN FOURTH FLOOR: . Entertainment & Shopping. MUFTI. CHIQUE FASHION. every one get the product of their choice like WATCHES for ladies and gents FOOTWEAR for every one. Soft drinks. In City Mall36 there is variety for every one from a new born baby to a 60 yr old man and women. Fitted with state-of-the-art equipment. A huge variety of wedding collection dresses available for BRIDES.In City Mall36 people are willing to buy the branded product in large range of varieties. IN THIRD FLOOR: . 3. people can also find the FMCG products in cheap rate.AMOEBA. ARVIND BRANDS EXCALIBER. INOX Bangalore was inaugurated by the Honorable Chief Minister of Bangalore Mr. LILLY PUT. LUB DUB. LEE.

To the consumer it signifies that the movie is seen and heard at optimum performance levels. offering a range of flavored popcorns. To provide the correct viewing angles. 3. English and other regional films. Bangalore being the capital of karnataka and one of the fast growing cities in India. So that CITYMALL horizons the people for building their status quo and lifestyle. using the world’s finest equipment and technology. INOX ushers in new standards in customer delight with more than 100 young. the people over here try to improve their living standard and comparing with the people who are living in metro cities. Offering greater variety in theatre food. Each auditorium features wall-to-wall stadium-style seating and is also equipped with reclining seats and cup-holder armrests for enhanced comfort. INOX Bangalore is a testament to the company’s mission to create India’s largest network of world class multiplex cinema theatres across all leading towns and cities of India and to be a leader in the Indian film exhibition industry. 25 . Now the current scenario is that this new concept is giving them new edge to meet their status need.Every Human being is maintaining their status in society. uniformed ‘Inoxians’. City Mall covers mostly middle and rich section of society for maintaining their status quo and improve their life style. ensuring a comfortable and pleasant experience within the multiplex. 5. 2. The auditoriums are equipped with the best in projection and acoustic systems. High standards of hygiene and security within the complex complete the loop in providing world-class comfort. Box office. 4. snacks and beverages. combo meals. INOX has introduced its own ‘concessions’ (food) counter REFUEL. Concessions and Housekeeping.1. trained in Ushering. just as the filmmaker would have intended FACILITIES PROVIDED BY INOX:The programming mix at INOX will include a mix of Hindi. Status Symbol: . According to the feedback of the customer and tenants City Mall will definitely change the standard of living people over here.

26 . non-business use.CHAPTER-2 2. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY (ORGANISED RETAIL) DEFINITION OF RETAIL What is Retail? • Retailing includes all the activities involved in selling products or services directly to final customers for their personal.

RETAIL MARKET PREDICTION R e ta il M a rk e t P re d ic tio n 70 0 60 0 50 0 40 0 30 0 20 0 10 0 0 20 0 6 20 1 0 U S $ B illio n 2015 27 .

Category Market Size $ billion 2009 % Share 2010 Food.6% 4% 100% Medical Care and Health Services8 Recreation Others 2 12 300 28 . Beverages and Tobacco Personal Care Apparel Footwear Furnishings Consumer Durables & IT Furniture Jewellery & Watches 195 15 21 5 4 14 9 15 65% 5% 7% 2% 1% 5% 3% 5% 3% 0.


100% 20% 80% 55% 60% 40% 36% 30% 20% 3% 85% 81% 40% 20% 0% US Taiwan Malaysia Thailand Brazil Indonesia Poland China India Traditional Channel Modern Channel RETAIL PROPERTY MARKETS IN BANGALORE Bangalore had always been a major trading and business node for the region but the real estate markets received an impetus after it became the capital of the newly formulated state of 30 .

Karnataka. 31 . (Kindly refer to the table on the earlier page). Bangalore being a major trading and business hub for the entire region. Development in Bangalore is concentrated around this retail and commercial hub Bangalore stands a close third to Indore and Delhi in respect to the percentage of census houses utilized for shops. has a large number of specialized markets for various commodities. hotels. Majority of these traditional markets are located in the central area of the city. The retail areas in Bangalore can be categorized in to two broad divisions: · Traditional specialized markets · New emerging retail areas. commercial and institutional activities. offices. The city has a dense core dominated with retail. lodges and guest houses when compared to prominent cities in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

Area and Procedure) 32 .CHAPTER-3 RETAIL MARKETING METHODS Retail Marketing Techniques (Tools. Techniques.

Direct advertising covers all printed matter where it cover all the related information about the City Mall like brands. outdoor advertising. Advertisement – Advertiser is to go for right message carrier or keeping in mind the cost. entertainment. gaming zone etc and distribute house to house by personal delivery. Hoardings are placed in the conspicuous places like 33 . LOCAL MAGAZINES. LOCAL RADIO STATIONS. In indoor advertising City Mall can give their advertisement on NEWSPAPER. placed in automobile.1.Hoardings . direct and display advertising. PRINTED DISPLAY WALL PAINTING ETC describe about the City Mall Direct advertising is the best way of reaching the customer. food and beverages. LOCAL TELEVISION CHANNELS. handed over all the retail outlets. efficiency and specialties of the medium or media. and MAKING FILM ADVERTISING ETC In Outdoor advertising like POSTERS. DIRECT MARKETING  A. B. hoarding is one of the best ways to advertise about City Mall.To draw the attention of the people in Raipur. City mall have various options for their brand promotion activities like indoor advertising.

Case studies aren't just for scientific applications. Studies of your products in action can help your potential customers learn more and make an educated decision before they buy. If you do something well. people will talk about it. Referrals are probably the single best way to attract new customers. and you can distribute them by mail or by leaving them at locations where they will be noticed. Offering incredible customer service to your clients will ensure that you end up with satisfied customers who are willing to share your information with their friends and colleagues. Make sure your message provides additional product or service information so that it works for you. Brochures. CINEMA HOUSE. Brochures are still an effective way to present your product or service to new customers. and well-timed. 7. professional press releases can result in just that. 6. Case studies. PARK etc 1. AIRPORT. Even the outgoing message on your answering machine or voicemail system can help promote your business when utilized correctly. though it is still a cost-effective way to advertise in many industries. By timing a product launch or promotion to coincide with a related local or national event. BUS TERMINALS.RAILWAY STATION. RENTED BUILDING. 5. To be successful. If you can speak knowledgeably about your product or service and tie it effectively with current events. radio interviews are a great way to reach a wide audience and improve your customer base. direct mail has fallen out of favors. 2. 3. your directmail piece should look professional and feature well-written copy. Referrals. Press releases. radio. or television. With the rise of email marketing. 34 . 4. You may even be able to barter for design or writing work. Hire a professional copywriter and designer if these skills are beyond your ability. Direct mail. The only thing better than cheap publicity is free publicity. They are relatively cheap and easy to print. Radio interviews. you may be able to convince editors to include your release in their media vehicle. Voicemail. be it newspaper. even in the middle of the night. A professional-looking brochure can help convince potential customers who are still on the fence about your products.

A well-designed Web site. 2. Make it a good one. INDIRECT MARKETING  1.Events like FASHION SHOW. E-zines or Newsletters. . RADIO QUIZ. can also sponsor in local tournament in games like Cricket. Your Web site is the first impression of your company for many of your customers. 9. you can submit articles with your information to different publications. you can turn a subscriber list into a frequent buyer list. Events organized by the State government i. Affiliate programs. NAMMA-UTSAVA.City Mall can sponsor some of the events which are organized in Raipur city or near by. 3.8. When you are perceived as a knowledgeable expert. COMPTETION for customers.. Many people prefer to do their research online before making a purchase. 10. COMPANY PROFILE 35 . HOUSIE. They can sponsor in the EVENTS and FUNCTIONS which are organized by some reputed College. Your site should provide information about your product or service in a clear and intuitive format. Sponsorship is also one of the strong medium for their promotion. They can also sponsor some great talent show that represents state in National level or International level EVENTS. When you provide interesting and informative content related to the products you sell. potential customers know that they can rely on you for quality information and quality products. LIVE MUSICAL SHOWS.e. If you do not have the time to run your own e-zine or newsletter. Online affiliate programs are one of the most cost-effective ways to market your products to a wide range of potential customers. Hockey. You have the benefits of a commission-based sales force but without any of the hassles of managing actual employees. so make sure that your site leaves your customers and prospects with the right impression. Football. SPONSORSHIP.

5 lakh sq. About the City Mall Developers Pvt.e. This is having collection of all brands & has become one stop shop. Sponge Iron. This mall is totally air conditioned. This provides the natural light to the mall.ft.ft. a well Known NBFC Company. & M/s Shiv Trading Co. City Mall Developers Pvt. construction and ware house business.1 brand of multiplex & has been awarded for its excellence. is from well known Gupta family from Bangalore. K. And parking area is done beneath the mall in the basement. aged about 39 years. To satisfy his aspirations of excelling in diversified fields he has ventured in real estate business by floating a company i.ft. They don’t have any authority for beating people. Ltd. He is a Director in Blue Diamond Construction Co. & Shankar Ware House. They have hired Knight Frank for providing security. Inox which is the No. He is having well experience of Rice Mill.K. Ferro Alloys. The mall is having an entertainment room which is about 10000 sq. Vision To make it a final destination for the people of Bangalore 36 . It is located in N.H Road No. It is having 60 brands & one multiplex i. The important thing is that it is having atrium 900 sq. City Mall Developers Pvt. They have 3 bouncers which are their for the safety of people & help in avoiding any mischief’s & fight. He is in business since 1988 and of late has diversified his business portfolio. Gupta. It has given a huge area for parking 600 cars can easily be parked & 1000 two wheelers can be parked without having any problem. Its total area of construction is done in 3. He is the main promoters of this company. housekeeping & technical work. Ltd City Mall is the first mall of Raipur which is the capital of Karnataka. Ltd. Ltd.6. is having a excellent security.e..Director’s Profile: Shri Sanjay Gupta: S/o Mr. (Both Rice manufacturing concerns).ft area & one food court which s about 3000o sq. He is also Partner in M/s Shankar Trading Co.

To develop the city so to increase the awareness among the people about the new culture

1. Seamless integrated client services. 2. Our pioneering & creative people respect diversity. 3. Innovation & agile technical excellence in a high performance culture. 4. Responsible corporate citizenship in all the communities where & live to contribute to our customer to our customers success by giving them a comfort environment.

About the Organization
Top Management: Mr. Sanjay Gupta

Designation: Managing Director 37

Mr. Durgesh Kumar Singh Mr. Parasmal Jain Mr. Vinod Sahu Mr. Lal Chand Sharma Mr. Samir Daniel Mr. Tarbez Rahim Mr. Pratab Singh Mr. Santosh Pandey Mr. Nemin Korram Mr. Surekha Yadav Mr. Vishal Daniel Mr. Radha Awasthi Mr. Naveen Rawat Mr. Tarun Kumar Biswas Mr. Brahmanand Gupta Mr. Sahdev Ram Mr. Prem Nirmalkar Mr. Paramanad Prasad Mr. Chandrika Verma

General Manager

Knight Frank (staff members)
Officers: No. of Security Staff No. of Housekeeping staff No. of Technical Staff

No. of people: 56 72 30



City mall is the first shopping mall in central India which covers whole chattishgarh as its focal point. The problem were being analyzed was the awareness of people who often visited City mall. Due to lack of footfall they unable to cover up expected revenue as well as unable to generate profit, being the center of attraction in raipur the traffic count was inclined in slow accelerated momentum despite of rapid pace. City mall was the privilege for the people but their expectations levels are growing as per the days goes. Their curiosity towards upcoming Malls( Magneto, Treasure Island) were raising but the City mall unable to meet the expectation level what the City mall was actually deserved.





Traditionally. The prime reasons could be attributed to creation of Karnataka as a separate state and Bangalore as it capital. and now serves as a regional hub for trade and commerce for a variety of local agricultural and forest products. Several cement units. and really playing a distinct role for performing and providing a conspicuous service to the customers. The city has a dense core dominated with commercial and retail activities. Close to Bangalore. steel and aluminum industries. this sector is also not been left untouched by the development.G. The city is located centrally in the state of Karnataka. and all major cement manufacturing companies have a presence in the city. 800 agro-industries and 70 Ferro-alloy plants in and around the city. Therefore it enjoys the monopoly in its sector. as by the end of this year couple of Malls will be introduced and it will have a great effect on the lifestyle of the city. 170 sponge iron plants. which led to adding an administration function to the existing trade and business function and migration of population in the state. commercial and institutional activities. This will be a great boon for the society of the city. Bangalore is primarily a commercial city. In current scenario the City Mall has established as a first Mall in Bangalore. several industries have developed. The staff in this family is driving force to create a high class shopping mall that would be an ultimate destination of shoppers and joy maker’s crowds of Bangalore. ABOUT CITY MALL:The CITY MALL is the first Mall of C. which envisages an addition of about 6. G E Road and the Ring road leading towards Hosur. The decision of creation of new capital.Bangalore is India’s biggest iron market . REAL ESTATE SCENARIO OF BANGALORE General real estate trend in Bangalore has shown upward trend in the last few years. City mall has to find a good competitive edge to over come this competition. marble cutting and polishing industries. The city has a dense core dominated with retail. and the city of Bangalore and its neighborhood are now becoming an important regional commercial and industrial destination for the coal.Today Raipur has been counted under the fast growing city in India. power. 41 . There are more than 300 rice milling plants. The central part of the city is developed and one can hardly find large vacant land parcels available for in the heart of the city. The property prices in Bangalore are at a premium in this hub and along the NH 6. The traditional face of the city is changing. more than 250 steel plants.0 lakh population by 2020 is also one of the prime reasons for increase in land transactions and development activities. the city of Bangalore has been described as "an agricultural-processing and saw-milling town". Development in Bangalore is concentrated around the retail and commercial hub. Grand Eastern Road (NH-6) and the ring road leading towards Hosur. Development in Bangalore is concentrated around this retail and commercial hub and along the NH 6. The city has witnessed large scale construction and development activities in the last three to four years.there are about 170 steel rolling mills. The major trading and business area being centered in this core area and the land prices here are high. granite cutting and polishing industries forms primary occupation in the region. The competition is coming hard for City Mall. With the rapid development of Raipur in every sector.

Secundrabad and Hyderabad. and is popularly known as Bangalore Airport. and the eastern side has dense forests. COMPARISON OF CITY MALL WITH OTHERS MALL:As it is going to be 1st year of CITY MALL on 16 Aug 2008. air and rail to all important places of India. Kolkata. The Maikal Hills rise on the north-west of Bangalore Bangalore city is situated on the Tamailnadu-Tirnanvelli route of Indian Railways and is well connected with such important places as Andhra. Delhi. It is well connected by road. MAGNETO MALL & CITY CENTRE which are about to open by the end of this year.12A links the city with Hubli and Dharwad. Kerala. CITY MALL will retain its image? City Mall has to make competitive strategies to compete with their rivals and to remain in the market. Tamilnadu. Bangalore Airport is situated in the outskirts of the city. here few questions are arises and they are: 1. Air Deccan flies to Mumbai. Ahmedabad. and Ranchi. Delhi. National Highway 6 passes through the city of Bangalore. 2.Air links to the city were revived after the city became the state capital. and they are the TREASURE ISLAND. 3. Nagpur and Visakhapatnam. The city of Bangalore is located near the centre of a large plain. and National Highway 43. Along with Indian. where hundreds of varieties of rice are grown.. Chennai. from the last one year it has been serving the better qualities of products to the customers. 1. but if we looking ahead there is three big competitors are establishing themselves. sometimes referred as the "rice bowl of India". Stability strategy Growth strategy Retrenchment strategy Combination strategy 42 . City Mall will retain its customer? 2. which connects the city with Bhubaneswar. It is the sole commercially operating airport of Karnataka state. There are few strategies which are described below.200. The Cauveri River flows to the east of the city of Karnataka. 4. After opening these three Malls. Footfall may affect the sales? 3. and Jet Airways has a daily flight to Bombay (Mumbai) and Delhi. Mumbai. Bhubaneshwar. steel and power sectors is expected to be the engine for accelerated growth of the state.Several large industrial projects in cement.

From one aspect it is beneficial for the general public having options and from other aspect it is getting very challenging for the City Mall to survive in the market and to hold their there market share. 43 .City mall have to follow these strategies to compete against their rivals. . life style of the people is changing very rapidly. The Important thing is that it is having atrium 900 sq.There are 8 Escalators. Crossword-the book store etc. High standards of hygiene and security within the complex complete the loop in providing world-class comfort. 5. 2. Total constructed build up area -3. ample parking area on the basement. Therefore it will be a tough competition for City Mall to match the level with the others. The Facilities which are going to provide by Magneto mall are:-. trained in Ushering. There are 6 lifts. The new malls are coming with such new concepts which are very much new for the Bangalore city like a three star hotel in a mall itself and the parking facilities up to three floors and new brands which were not introduced before.000 sq.4 for upward & 4 for downward. Now there will be more option available for the general public of Raipur city and near by the city for shopping and entertainment.ft. GLIMPSES OF FACILITIES OF CITY MALL:1. Further. This provides the natural light to the mall. Multi Cuisine Restaurants. 9. food courts. Box office. Video Games and other modern gadgets.by OTIS Elevator Company (India) Ltd. INOX ushers in new standards in customer delight with more than 100 young. 6. Parking for 600 cars in open area. ensuring a comfortable and pleasant experience within the multiplex.ft. 04 Nos. because as we know the scenario of the Bangalore city big giants in this sector are coming with more services and facilities then the existing. snacks & Ice cream and cold drinks parlors.ft area & one food court which s about 3000 sq. Brands like PVR cinema. It is centrally Air conditioner. Anchors etc. 2 glass lifts. Services:. 200 cars in basement & 1000 parking for two wheelers.Apart from a Mall this will be a complete Family Entertainment place with its Gaming Zone with 4 Lane Bowling Alley.out of which 2 capsule lifts. 3. uniformed ‘Inoxians’. It will have 4 screens Multiplex by PVR. 4. 8. ABOUT MAGNETO MALL:The Magneto Mall is one of the competitor of CITY MALL which will about to start on very short span of time. Food Zone – 25 different counters of various tasty fast foods. If we look at the current scenario in Bangalore.ft. Entertainment Zone. Escalators & Capsule lifts. WESTSIDE as main anchor. Hyper Mart. 1 lift for general. The Mall is having an Entertainment Room which is about 10000 sq.50. it will provide enough attraction to the youths and adults alike in shape of Retail outlet of all branded items. & 1 lift for Service(Goods) – by Johnson lifts private limited. 7. Concessions and Housekeeping.

Indore got the Best Designed Mall by CNBC Awaaz CRISIL Real Estate Awards 2007. Ujjain. ft.60 Lakh Sq. 1 Basement + Ground + 7 Floors 3. 4 screen multiplex. 4. 11. Ft.ft 2. Ft. 9. 3. Treasure Island Site location: Bannergatta Meenakshi Mall. 30000 sq ft. Disco/pub. 6. Bangalore SPECIFICATIONS OF TREASURE ISLAND:Land Area Total Construction No. food court.08 Lakh Sq.. of Floors Parking Gross Leasable Area(GLA) Hypermarket 3. Ft. 3. 5.83 lakh Sq. Treasure Island. 10. Ft. NH-4. National & International brands. Udaipur. Nanded. Gaming Zone & restaurants. of development through 33 projects in 25 cities across 11 states.FEATURES OF MAGNETO MALL:1. Banquet Halls. Vadodara. Jabalpur. 1. Ft. Bhilai. It has 30 million sq. The existing projects are in Chandigarh. 8. 7. ABOUT TREASURE ISLAND:It will be a one of the bigger competitor of CITY MALL.00. Total constructed build up area -6. 700 car parking. Opp Meenakshi Temple. 40000sq ft atrium.59 Lakh sq.33 Lakh Sq.000 sq. Indore. 44 . Bangalore. Hypermarket.

Pizza hurts. Ft.Geoffreys. Ft.10 Lakh Sq. Ft.83 Lakh Sq.50 Lakh Sq.09 Lakh Sq. Ft.30 Lakh Sq. Pizza hurts.25 Lakh Sq. The Anchor Stores and entertainment segment of Treasure Island are Big Bazaar. Ft. Ft. and Moti Mahal. Pantaloon.00 Lakh Sq. Yana Sizzlers. The food & beverages segment covers the Food Court. Mac Donalds . Ft. 0. Specialty restaurants.50 Lakh Sq. while MAGNETO MALL are having the land area bigger than CITY MALL but the facilities they are going to provide to the customers that facilities are already providing by CITY MALL in a better way. Ft. Last but not the least Treasure Island coming up with a Hotel with 100 rooms The Graph shows that TREASURE ISLAND is a bigger competitor of CITY MALL.56 Lakh Sq. PVR 7 Floors CTY MALL 3. Ft. Max.20 Lakh Sq. 0. 1. The explanations of above graph are as follows:- FACILITIES Total Construction Area Parking Food & Beverages Multiplex Floors TREASURE ISLAND 11.Anchors 1. 800 Cars & 1000 Two 700 Cars Wheelers Food Court Food court INOX 4 Floors PVR 3 Floors 45 . MAGNETO MALL 6. Madhya Pradesh. Vanilla Multiplex Entertainment F&B and others Hotels Food Court Completion 3. 2000 Cars & 1000 Two Wheelers Mac Donald’s. Sagar Ratna. 0. December 2008 The Group Head Quarters of Treasure Island is in Indore. 0. Ft.


Assessing opportunities and threats. So that City Mall by doing the above marketing strategy and also by market research can increase their profit.1. advertising.The best process of doing this task is making SWOT analysis of the particular.It is the company’s mission and objectives that influence and shape the marketing objectives. moreover profit will be generated. 47 . If City Mall wants to provide good services to their customer. By doing this the organization find the answer to the questions like What is the present business of the firm? (The present business of City Mall is to increase the awareness about the City Mall in all over Bangalore and increase Sales as per the basis of tenants As well as profit maximization with customer satisfaction) What is its present competitive position? (No competitive position till now) What opportunities it has within its reach? (Introduction of more brands and various promotional activities and also doing innovation to compete with their upcoming competitor like magneto and TI mall) 2. Self satisfaction is the main factor that customer keeps in mind while visiting the mall.As per the tenant point of view they want to increase the awareness of their brand and can also earn profit and have strong position in the market to be competing. Profit Maximization . Establishing marketing objectives. This goals and targets may be financial and operating and it may be like Awareness And Status . Customer Satisfaction . The establishment of marketing objectives is done by the marketing manager of the company. there can be various goals under every objective.The primary objective of the customer is their satisfaction. it has a need to conduct a customer feedback time to time so that it help to know that where the mall can lacking behind and it require changes. introducing events etc.The prime mission of City Mall is to make their status in all over the Chhattishgarh and people may come in City Mall with great ecstasy and draw a brand image as the name of City Mall in their mind. For making awareness and status quo the marketing management of City Mall needs to do promotional activities. if the customer is paying for any product or services then he wants to be satisfied with that product. If the footfall will increase then definitely sales will we increase.

Sales force plan. anniversary date.e. 2. rules. entertainment. The preparation of marketing mix is done by the marketing manager of City Mall. 48 . 5. SOME STRATEGIES ARE 1. Programme is a major course of action that enables the manager to achieve the objectives within the frame of policy guide line. advertising and distribution channel. and methods which come under the umbrella of City Mall. Developing marketing mix (Finance. 4. without making proper strategies the target and the goal of the company can’t be achieved fully. budget. This programme is based on procedure. and MAKING FILM ADVERTISING ETC. Purchasing. Programming of operation. Intermediaries. This portion is to be handled by the top management of City Mall. 3. gaming zone etc and distribute house to house by personal delivery. The strategy for City Mall is to fill all the empty shop available in the mall. having record of their customer like address.. handed over all the retail outlets. Maximum and best possible utilization of the resources like manpower. Direct advertising is the best way of reaching the customer. their compliant.3. their suggestions and updating them whenever there is any sale or discount season.According to the input of policies and strategies the management of City Mall has to make programmers for each function and sub function of marketing department.These strategies and policies are the results of marketing objectives. and while preparing the strategy they also have to follow some procedure which comes under the criteria of City Mall. 5. The ultimate goal of the City Mall is to make higher profit and market share. varieties of product. financial. food and beverages. Personnel. Direct advertising covers all printed matter where it cover all the related information about the City Mall like brands. The strategies have to framed under the rules and regulation formed by City Mall. so that top level management has to make coordination with their inter department which are taking care of finance department. In this programme City Mall has to build up a unique ADVERTISING programme which help them to be stay in the market and also able to compete with their upcoming malls in Bangalore. In indoor advertising City Mall can give their advertisement on NEWSPAPER. Tenant have to cover the areas like Product mix i. placed in automobile. Making strategies and policies. and operation. Thus by adopting good strategies and policies a marketing manager can achieve the best results with limited resources. In Outdoor advertising like POSTERS. LOCAL MAGAZINES. And the committee or the team whom so ever is preparing the strategies have to frame the budget. 4. WALL PAINTING ETC describe about the City Mall. PRINTED DISPLAY. By providing them discounts on purchase. Tenant having objective of increasing their sales and customer base. A policy is a broad statement that clears what a person is permitted to do. purchase department etc. LOCAL RADIO STATIONS. LOCAL TELEVISION CHANNELS.

Physical resources are advertisement development. and manpower. Different operation is performed by City Mall.Hoardings are placed in the conspicuous places like RAILWAY STATION. and PARK ETC. After preparing the standard try to implement the tools for advertising which is mention above for achieving the objective of City Mall. financial. the management has to put all the corrective actions to overcome the problem. gardening. Controlling the operation means putting the plan properly into action.The resource are mainly of three type physical.When the master plan is made and the resource are prepared to achieve the marketing objective then t is very necessary that how the operation is been put. 2.Controlling the operation. By comparing programme the management of City Mall comes to know that in which area we are lacking behind. It has sections like cleaning. warehousing. security etc. All the manpower resources have knowing their responsibilities and they are well known that to whom they have to report. 6. D. B. 3. City Mall is doing best and optimal utilization of manpower resources. As per the analysis of the tenants their staffs is well defined and they are able to interact with their customer and able to defined about their brand. 1. MARKETING STRATEGY 49 . and warehousing. Whatever complaints send by the tenants to the management of City Mall requires a quick response and follow up their complaints. At last after knowing the variances in the performance. CINEMA HOUSE. RENTED BUILDING. Resource planning. 5. so that it requires lots of control. BUS TERMINALS. management of City Mall checking the actual performance with the standard one. 4. It can be done by checking the actual performance with the planned one fixing those performances and making note of the fluctuation. Resource planning is design in such a way that balances the marketing plan. Financial resources are the finance and credit needed to procure the material and manpower from outside. A. 7. First of all City Mall has to make standard objectives like brand awareness of City Mall among people. C. The manpower resources are the number and quality of men and women needed to implement the programme. After implementation part. materials handling. AIRPORT.

sales presentations. 50 . Gain customer confidence and overcome potential feelings of distrust by offering written guarantees of satisfaction whenever possible. or confusion is among the top sales killers in the business world. Accomplishing that is at least as important in the sales and marketing process as focusing attention on product features and benefits. Business Marketing Strategy #5: Dispel distrust. To overcome the natural human tendency to deliberate. Business Marketing Strategy #2: Penetrate awareness of target audience by using some form of integrated marketing. Small Business Marketing Strategy #4: Purchasing is an emotional decision. Chambers of Commerce. the better your chances are for achieving brand recognition. customer testimonials. and yourself. credibility. excellent customer service. then they'll be hesitant to commit and the sale will go to competitor. your business relationship with them. Counteract one of the biggest obstacles to closing a sale known to mankind: procrastination. If organizations haven’t clearly communicated the advantages and solid reasons for them to do business with customer. and by joining respected and well-known professional organizations. quality. Effective marketing is partly the result of exposing target audience to name and selling points (unique selling proposition) as often as possible(frequency). is contagious. and marketing messages. and greater market share. the more ways the public hears about organization. It's up to organization to project an image of experience. If you deeply believe in your products. skepticism. dependability. then organization prospects will pick up on that passionate attitude and feel confident and optimistic about doing business with you. and as cost-effectively as possible. Customer indecisiveness. in as many ways as possible. references. services. indifference. Marketing Strategy #6: Impose a deadline. such as the Better Business Bureau. Marketing Strategy #3: Sincere enthusiasm. your company. and industry associations. and/or added value to your prospective customers in order to win their confidence. some prospects need to have a deadline or an incentive to motivate them to take action now.Business Marketing Strategy #1: Gain Customer Confidence. Whether supplies are limited or prices are going up at the end of the month. postpone. and delay. it's often necessary to inject a sense of urgency into your ads. Instill in your prospects good feelings about your company. in both print and in person. and how organization can improve their lives or solve their problem. In other words.

OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY Customer Relationship Management 51 .5.

technical help. Organization may endeavor to achieve the customer service objectives. One stop shop Branded Products Entertainment Shopping Status symbol Advertisement Centre of Attraction Views of customers Yes Good Availability/ Very Good 2nd Main Attraction/ Very Good Main Attraction Yes Below average Shopping & Entertainment PROCESS OF RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT 52 . 6.CUSTOMER RESEARCH 1. The organization must check that the services are not free. 3. 7. And also tries to determine the awareness of City Mall36. Objectives should be easy to understand and try to compare with the competitors objectives. 3. Organization may emphasis that what are the services provided to their customer and tenants like repair. 2. 4. customer help. It will help the Management to improve the services for the customers and other visitors. We have done the short survey among visitors of CITY MALL. maintenance. and the services should be priced effectively. 5. 2. There are various factors which we are targeted:- Factors 1. complaint handling and other services.

gift. This process is done to rectify the strategy before bringing to action. This could be helpful to reach out the proper conclusion of the customer behavior.1. future demand etc after that move to the customer response part by analyzing their benefits. therefore by analyzing their behavior and the satisfaction of the customer to some extent can be reached. ANALYSING CURRENT BEHAVIOUR.Organization should consider the value and historical behavior of its customer in relationship to the organization and its products and services. 3. SEGMENTATION. City Mall requires making a strategy to achieve their target customer. Therefore according to the product and services of the organization the consumers are divided. and direct and display advertising.Behaviors of the customer should be compare with the existing buying pattern. BEHAVIOUR MAINTENANCE. outdoor. usage etc.A plan or a series of plans should be made to achieve the target behavior to each segment. contest for customer. so the result will be beneficial for the organization. City Mall can define their segmentation criteria to attract their customer and control the market of Bangalore. 2. All those strategy which was suggested by the customer and tenants should be implement before as test sample. they don’t opt for buying. buying capacity. DEVELOPING STRATEGY TO ACHIEVE TARGET BEHAVIOUR. so it is necessary for the mall to introduce more ladies brands where it can retain their customer. MAINTAINING CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP 53 . they are satisfied with the product and services provided by City Mall. But it may see that most of the people came here just for fun and enjoyment with their friends.Before implementing the strategy it is necessary to test it on a small part of each segment before being rolled out. it may help organization to test their strategy whether it will work or not. The strategy should be made in such a way that it covers every segment of the customers. First of all management need to study the behavior of Bangalore people by knowing their economic factor. As per the survey of the customer. According to the feedback of the customer. They have to make strategy for meeting the need of their customer like advertising of the Mall. 4. Secondly promotional activities like coupons. Different customers have different behavior and attitude with different products. City Mall needs to create an environment in their organization where people can go for shopping as well as entertainment. sales contest etc has to introduced. fashion statement. it may include indoor. they have a noteworthy point that mall don’t have more ladies brands.

1. Details of the customer should be kept confidential and it should not be disclosed without their permission. 5. 9. Monthly meeting should be conducted between store mangers and management 54 . Making them aware of the new arrivals to stay in touch and increase sales. 7. 4. Offering them the best deal in the way of discounts and other sales promotion activities to make them happy. Endeavour to use a well thought-out recovery programme for lost time and money if they face any problems with product or services. Christmas and b’day cards of the day they become your customer. 3. Keeping a good communication with your customers by allowing them to give suggestion to give everything and anything. Show your gratitude toward them by sending them helpful news. 2. Keeping a good data base of the customers including their name. hobbies. Quick response on the complaint and suggestion send by the customer and tenants to the management. 8. and especially their behavioral style. 6.

55 .

56 .

and typical of many of the models and diagrams of CRM. The model has three key phases and three contextual factors:  FPRIVATE "TYPE=PICT. which is a hybrid. ALT=Customer Relationship 57 .Business Strategy Perspective on CRM We propose a model.

supplementary purchases. This is most likely to be the purchase of similar product or service. Management of City Mall keeps them as a customer. Three contextual factors: 1. 2. Customer Retention. Marketing Orientation. Of course once their loyal customers have purchased them. City Mall can acquire their customer. 3. Customer Acquisition . 5. Innovative IT. Growth . or the next level of product or service. Customer Extension . innovative IT and value creation City Mall aim to increase the number of customers that purchase from us regularly. Customer Extension.Our customer returns to us and buys for a second time.Through market orientation. Growth . These are additional. 6. 4. 3.Through market orientation. 2. Customer Acquisition.Customers are regularly returning to purchase from City Mall so that City Mall can introduce products and services to their loyal customers that may not wholly relate to their original purchase.T hree key phases: • • • • • • 1. 58 .This is the process of attracting our customer for the first their first purchase. goal is to retain them as customers for the extended products or services. Value Creation. innovative IT and value creation we aim to increase the number of customers that purchase from us for the first time. Customer Retention .

Through market orientation. tangible product.is exactly that . 6. It should be efficient. speedy and focus upon the needs of customers. it is vital to its success. Marketing orientation will focus upon the needs of consumers for all three levels of a product. and also the augmented product such as a warranty and customer service. (N. since every consumer displays different purchasing habits. Customer needs are addressed by the Three Levels of a Product whereby the organizations not only supplies the actual. Innovative IT . 'market' orientation and 'marketing' orientation are not the same). In some ways. 5. but also the core product and its benefit.B. CRM software collects data on consumers and their transactions. 59 .The wholes organization or management of City Mall is focused upon the needs of customers. Whilst IT and/or software are not the entire story for CRM. Value Creation . CRM means that an organization is dealing with a segment of one person. 4.Growth . innovative IT and value creation we aim to increase the number of customers that purchase additional or supplementary products and services. Marketing Orientation .centre on the generation of shareholder value based upon the satisfaction of customer needs (as with marketing orientation) and the delivery of a sustainable competitive advantage.Information Technology must be up-to-date. Huge databases store data on individuals and groups of individuals.

Quantitative Vs Qualitative: .RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 1. data are already provided to the researcher and on the basis of these data they try to analyses and come to a conclusion. He is only concern about what has happened or what is happening.In quantitative research the research can be measured in terms on quantity like sales etc. And in qualitative research the can be measured in terms of quality like motivation of employee. 2. 4. Fundamental Vs Applied:. Conceptual Vs Empirical: .In Fundamental research. They try to research on the same theory again and again and come up with the new theory. In this method. 3.In a descriptive research. In the empirical research the researchers try to study on the new concept and make a new theory as per their survey. 60 . a researcher has no control over the variables. Researcher has prepare a report or documents on the basis of the survey and data collection while in a Analytical research design. In applied research the problem is been generalized by the researchers.This research is generally used by the philosophers for their studies. researcher try to solve the existing problem of the society and business organization. Descriptive Vs Analytical:.

We should also make an attempt to apply concept and theories developed in different research context. • Experience survey:- We conducted a survey of people who are competent and can contribute new ideas. We must prepare an interview. schedule for the systematic questioning of informants.RESEARCH DESIGN The survey of concerning literature: - • Survey of studies has already made in City mall as well as made by the researcher for precisely formulating the problem. 61 .

Food Zone – 25 different counters of various tasty fast foods. 62 . o While talking to the visitor they said that INOX and Gaming Zone are the best way for entertaining themselves.PRIMARY DATA (Feedback of Customer and Tenant about CITY MALL) Analysis of Questionnaire:- o After the completion of feedback. the conclusion we made is that customers’ visits the CITY MALL is weekly as well as quarterly. Apart from a Mall this will be a complete Family Entertainment place with its Gaming Zone with 4 Lane Bowling Alley. so the overall conclusion is that. after this sections the family section are also found in good number. The maximum visitors find the atmosphere of CITY MALL friendly and partly informative especially in the weekends. o The age groups ‘between’ 15 to 25 are found in maximum numbers here mostly with their friends in evening time. snacks & Ice cream and cold drinks parlors. o If we consider the brand available here are very much satisfactory and covers the expectation of customers. The new concepts of introducing Shopping Mall in the Bangalore city is a worth decision and according to visitors it can also change the Life Style of city.

Sitting arrangement must be on every floor. 7. House keeping is good. 2. 3. 63 .25 25 . 6. Security is good. Water facility should be improved with the Glass.GRAPH SHOWING CUSTOMER’S SATISFACTION LEVEL Additional Comments as per the survey:1.35 35 .50 Advertisement Centre of Attraction FIG: . Cleanliness and improvement are required in Ladies toilets.60 50 40 30 20 10 0 One stop shop branded products Entertainment Shopping Status symbol 15 . 4. Play ground for kids under the age of 4 to 11 should be here in outside of CITY MALL. 5. Parking cost is high.

TRAFFIC COUNTS ON THE STORES. 2. the basic reason for selecting their store in City Mall is that because of first Stylish mall in Bangalore. RELATION WITH MANAGEMENT. PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES. so that it helps the tenants to attract customer. They had a strong image about the City Mall and they find a best place to interact with the customer and it will also acquaint with the brands. 4.TENANT RESEARCH This report is based on the feedback provided by the tenant and the factors included are:1. Tenants feel that City Mall is a family status shop as well as income level because people came up with their family for shopping and the best part is that they also find entertainment facilities which are provided by Mall. Tenant also satisfied with the merchandise display of the Mall all the things is properly arranged in its place. SERVICES AND FACILITIES. 3. RESPONSE AND FOLLOW UP ON THE COMPLIANT. 64 . so that they find a good footfall in their store as well as better sales generate. According to the feedback which was provided by the tenants. 5.

The demand is that the department should fix a person on the main exits of the City Mall to check the bill before leaving or particular tags should be provided on the product to stop the piracy.60 50 TENANTS 40 30 20 10 0 Promotional activity Services & Facilities Relatoinship with mnagement Traffic counts Response & follow up MAJOR FACTORS SATISFACTION LEVEL OF TENANTS FIG: . The feedback was appropriate on the service department of City Mall. 65 . The events and programme organized by the management should be attractive and must target the regular as well as new customers.Services like exterior maintenance. but the security department specially the problem of shoplifting is very often in every outlet. Promotional activities makes customer informative and aware about brands which will more beneficial. cleanness is pretty good and the tenant are quit happy with this. PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES: . which will be beneficial for the mall as well as branded stores. 2. The events and programmes which mainly take place on the weekends should be changed and the weekdays should also be considered.GRAPH SHOWING TENANTS SATISFACTION LEVEL 1.The satisfaction level of the tenant is not up to the mark by the promotional activities of the City mall to attract the customer. SERVICES & FACILITIES: . Promotional activities have to cover all the aspects of the brand as well as City Mall.

Relationship with management and their customer plays very important role in every organization. 2.Most of the tenants in the City Mall are not at all satisfied with this factor mainly on the weekdays. TRAFFIC COUNTS: . 4. Most of the tenants are able to make the average output from their store because of fewer sales. COMMENTS BY TENANATS 1. The tenants demand here is direct meeting with the management at least once in a month. they are not satisfied with the communication with the management. but some of the tenants find the response appropriate but the follow up is poor. 5. the response of the management toward their complaint is mostly slow. Improving security services. According to the feedback of the tenants. Events should not take place on Saturday & Sunday.According to feedback of the tenants. 7. RESPONSE AND FOLLOW UP: . Most of the time the service request which is sending to the management is not taken properly which makes delay in the follow up. Maintenance charges are too high in respect to Facilities are low. 3. Introduce more ladies brands. Meeting with Management must be in a month. Rents of shop should be low. 66 . and in the rest of the week the footfall in even less. The customers mainly visit in the weekends and the conversion power is quit less as per the footfalls. 4.3. 6. There is no proper communication between the store manager and the central manager. The main comment here was that the footfalls are less then the expectation in their stores. RELATION WITH MANAGEMENT: . Organize events and introducing promotional activities. 5.

SECONDARY DATA Secondary data means that data are already available that is we refer to the data which have already collected and analyzed by some one else • • • • Book Different Websites. Magazines Newspaper 67 .

Sample list (Make a list in which we have to cover the area of Raipur for taking as a sample). 2. Area covered for Customer feedback are M.SAMPLE DESIGN 1.G Road. Shanker nagar. how much part of the city is covered and what measures should be made to increase the list. The behavior of the customers their needs their suggestion has been taken into consideration. Meenakshi Mall This list will help us to know from where our maximum crowd is been coming . . Saraswati nagar.If the ratio is found un appropriate like . what more they want from the centre is absorbed here. 68 . The same is done for the tenants over here. The feed whish was collected has been included in this report.The survey which was conducted was on the basis of visitors and the tenants the sample size taken here is 40 for the visitors and 60 for the tenants. Sample unit: .

SAMPLE SIZE The survey. The behavior of the customers their needs their suggestion has been taken into consideration. was on the basis of visitors and the tenants the sample size taken here is 40 for the visitors and 60 for the tenants. The feed whish was collected has been included in this report. The same is done for the tenants over here. which was conducted. The decision of creation of new capital. which led to adding an administration function to the existing trade and business function and migration of population in the state. which envisages an addition of about 6.0 lakh population by 2020. is also one of the prime reasons for increase in land transactions and development activities.POPULATION The prime reasons could be attributed to creation of Karnataka as a separate state Bangalore as it capital. 69 . what more they want from the center is absorbed here.

QUESTIONNAIRE METHOD: .METHOD OF DATA COLLECTION • • • INTERVIEW METHOD: . stimuli and responses to them.Another method of data collection.This method involves collecting data by presenting of oral. consisting of some question about the related topic and to be filled up by the targeted samples. In this way we all observe things around us.The observation method is most commonly used specially in studies relating to behavior science. OBSERVATION METHOD: . verbal. 70 .

DRAFTING OF A QUESTIONNAIRE CITY MALL36 DEVELOPER Pvt. What other option do you have for Shopping and Fun apart from City a) Mom n pop store b) Local Theaters c) Others 71 . It will help us to improve our services to you and other visitors. What is your main center of attraction in City Mall? a) Shopping b) Entertainment c) Food & Beverages 7. which are available in the City Mall? a) Yes b) No Mall? 9. Ltd. Where was the last place you saw or heard about the City Mall? a) News paper b) Television c) Radio 6. How often do you visit City Mall? a) Daily b) Weekly c) Monthly d) Quarterly 2. Which age group you belong to? a) 15 to 25 b) 25 to 35 c) 35 to 55 d) 55 above 3.M Place: Occupation: Date: F / / 1. all information about you will be kept confidential and not given to any third party. What time of the day normally you visit City Mall? a) Morning b) Afternoon c) Evening 5. Do you feel that City Mall is one stop shop? a) Yes b) No 8. Are you satisfied with the Brands. Name: Gender: . You are invited to join a short survey being held among the visitors of city mall and also to determine the awareness of city mall. With whom do you often visit City Mall? a) Family b) friends c) Partner 4.

What will you consider when you visit City Mall for Shopping & Fun? a) Money value b) Satisfaction c) Service 13.10. _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 72 . Do you think that City Mall will change the Lifestyle of Raipur? a) Yes b) No 15. d) Fun & Entertainment. Please provide us with some comments/suggestions to improve the services at CITY MALL. On a scale of 1 to 5 please rate your satisfaction level for the following factors in City Mall: a) Brands Availability. 16. b) Accessibility of the Mall. Are you satisfied with Merchandise display in City Mall? a) Yes b) No 14. What kind of atmosphere you find in City Mall? a) Friendly b) Informative 12. c) Helpfulness/Friendliness of the Staff. Do you think that City Mall is right place to hang out? a) Always b) Occasionally 11.

The maximum visitors find the atmosphere of CITY MALL friendly and partly informative especially in the weekends. Food Zone – 25 different counters of various tasty fast foods. after this sections the family section are also found in good number. o If we consider the brand available here are very much satisfactory and covers the expectation of customers. so the overall conclusion is that. the conclusion we made is that customers’ visits the CITY MALL is weekly as well as quarterly. o While talking to the visitor they said that INOX and Gaming Zone are the best way for entertaining themselves. Apart from a Mall this will be a complete Family Entertainment place with its Gaming Zone with 4 Lane Bowling Alley. 73 . o The age groups ‘between’ 15 to 25 are found in maximum numbers here mostly with their friends in evening time. The new concepts of introducing Shopping Mall in the Raipur city is a worth decision and according to visitors it can also change the Life Style of city. snacks & Ice cream and cold drinks parlors.TESTING OF QUESTIONNARIE Testing of Questionnaire:- o After the completion of feedback.

74 .50 FIG: . House keeping is good. Security is good. Water facility should be improved with the Glass. Cleanliness and improvement are required in Ladies toilets.35 35 .60 50 40 30 20 10 0 One stop shop branded products Entertainment Shopping Status symbol Advertisement Centre of Attraction 15 .25 25 . Sitting arrangement must be on every floor.GRAPH SHOWING CUSTOMER’S SATISFACTION LEVEL Additional Comments as per the survey:Parking cost is high.

Coding. 75 . Drawing statistical inferences. Graphs.DATA ANALYSIS TECHNIQUES • • • • Tabulation.

And parking area is done beneath the mall in the basement. Shopping Zone. The CITY MALL playing a vital role for changing the life style and introducing these new concept to the people of Bangalore.5 lakh sq. And with these they can have ideas as well as knowing about different products & brands.CITY MALL is the only place where the people of Bangalore can say that it is a one stop shop as here consumer can go for shopping. One stop shop: .ft. All brands are located at one place: . Entertaining. This provides the natural light to the mall. with these it is helping people to changing their life style and perception. It has given a huge area for parking 600 cars can easily be parked & 1000 two wheelers can be parked without having any problem. INOX is the first multiplex to open in the state of Karnataka and will house 4 screens and 1280 seats with playing 20 to 25 shows in a day. The interior centralized air conditioning from ground floor to fourth floor is helping customers to feel the presence of cool atmosphere.H Road No. 3. The mall is having an entertainment room which is about 10000 sq. 76 .As we see people of every age like to have entertainment and watch movies.ft. But Multiplex s such place where we can have option to watch movies just reaching at one place. entertaining and also for the taste of conspicuous recipes. 1. The important thing is that it is having atrium 900 sq. 5. This mall is totally air conditioned. First Mall in Karnataka: .6. People can see movies of there choice with such nice facilities & multiplex hall.As Bangalore is a developing city and a capital of Karnataka. Here in CITY MALL people can have nationalized as well as international branded products.ft. INOX & Gaming Zones are the best way for interacting the customers. STRENGTH 1.One of the major strength of CITY MALL is its interior infrastructure. It is located in N. Excellent infrastructure:.FINDING SWOT Analysis A. Shopping Zone may covers lots of brands.Few year back the people of Bangalore were not aware about the branded products. and also for the taste of conspicuous recipes.ft area & one food court which s about 3000o sq. First MULTIPLEX is also located in CITY MALL:. 4. Its total area of construction is done in 3.

but here are some glimpses of its weakness. we come to know that lack of communication with them is also a weakness of CITY MALL. the distance from Majestic to CITY MALL is about 8 to 9 km (approx) and due to the hectic traffic between the ways so therefore it takes 45min to reach CITY MALL. 4. restaurants and colleges are nearby around the CITY MALL. Football. It is situated on four lane express highway and there are 3 star hotels. B. In CITY MALL there are huge area for parking. So there must be some steps to be taken as to avoid these problems. Almost all the tenants require a monthly meeting to the MD related to their requirements.e. Covers old Raipur and new Raipur:-Strength of CITY MALL is that it is just 0. It is on a between Old Raipur and the proposed New Bangalore. though the CITY MALL are providing lots of facilities and a branded products to the customers but as compare to that the Footfall are low. can also sponsor in local tournament in games like Cricket. Still few stores are vacant:.5km a distance from residential catchments areas and 4. 77 . To interact or retain the customers and for profit maximization the CITY MALL should organized some events specially on weekend . Lack of communication with tenants:. WEAKNESS 1. they are providing the parking facility on every floor. But generally on the weekends there is a problem on parking a vehicles due to lots of rush in CITY MALL. where around 600 cars and 1000 two wheelers can easily be parked. . 3.5km from heart of city. Events organized by the State government i. The problem like shorting of footfall can be resolved or formalized if we focusing on these certain areas.Limited footfall:-Limited footfall is another problem for CITY MALL. Accessibility problem:-As we had gone through the strength of CITY MALL. Hockey.6. To overcoming through this problem the CITY MALL can approach the Government to start buses from Majestic to CITY MALL. NAMMA-UTSAVA 5. for approaching to this destination the people of Raipur are having some problem like for instant. If we looking ahead the upcoming malls like MAGENETO and TREASURE ISLAND.As on the 2nd. So these are the main area where the Management of CITY AMLL should emphasis on it. One of the weakness of CITY MALL is Accessibility problem.They can sponsor in the EVENTS and FUNCTIONS which are organized by some reputed College. 2. Parking is costly:-As from the customers feedback the parking rates are so costly as compared to the parking facility.After doing survey with tenants.3rd and 4th floors there are few stores which are about to open.

of delicious items.The promotional activities is the only way by which it interact more customers and retain the existing customers. 4.Bangalore has so far witnessed only specialized whole sale trade. Introduce more attractive brands: .CITY MALL can capture the market share of Raipur and can capitalize on deficiency of quality leisure and entertainment destination in the region. The brands which interact the customer’s eyes. As now after a year the few Malls are about to starts. Innovation and differentiation effort: . but if we looking ahead the Treasure Island is coming up with Mac Donald’s and Pizza hurts.-As in present time the CITY MALL is having a Food Court with a no. OPPORTUNITY 1. Can capture the market share of Bangalore as being the first Mall:. The project can become a one stop destination offering a unique first hand experience for the people of Bangalore.C. 78 . 5.The CITY MALL will have the opportunity of attracting the footfall of existing retail establishments in the locality. These would be beneficial if CITY MALL should introduce these two food hubs before penetrating to Treasure Island in Bangalore. 2. Introducing famous brand of food hub. . This is a peak and a crucial time for CITY MALL to organize some events as to be a number one retailer in Karnataka. Introducing various kinds of promotional activities and events. 3. The events which should be organized in weekends can capture the taste of a customers.

MEGNETO. :. Will provide 3 star hotel facilities in their infrastructure. But due to higher rates of that brands peoples of Bangalore are avoid to buy it and for branded products they do not have knowledge. Awarded by CNBC for best design mall in Asia. For overcoming to this problem CITY MALL should published a general magazine about their brands. Satisfaction level of tenant. 2.as now in CITY MALL the brands available are nationalized and international as well. 79 . Arrival of other Malls in Bangalore:. For overcoming these problems the management should do advertisement by newspapers. The problems like meeting with management should be done properly. Treasure Island has already created their brand image in the mind of people in all over India. though they have a revenue with them but the human psyche of people of Bangalore are tend to buy a products from local vendors. Because this new concept are not aware to them. make it sure that their will not be any communication gaps with them. and CITY CENTRE in Bangalore. Parking facilities in every floor.It is major area where CITY MALL should emphasis because tenants are the sales generator of CITY MALL. radio & television as to awaken the public of Bangalore. Brand unawareness:. technologies and soon 4. 3. Over look of the Strength of Treasure Island 1. More Brands will introduce. Less purchasing power of general public:-One of the threats is a less purchasing power of people of Bangalore. THREATS 1. The monthly charges must deserve the desire of tenants. 4. 2. 3.D.Till now there is no such competitor in front of City Mall36 but at the end of Dec 2008 there will be grand opening of TREASURE ISLAND.


3. this is the growth stage of the product. There is very difficult stage of the product life cycle and so the generation of output should be so much that it should meet as much as expenses as possible. it has no complaints no issues in anything in the market just pure profit.BOSTON CONSULTANCY GROUP (BCG) MATRIX We try to relate city mall with this consultancy matrix to find out the future and conclude the present scenario of City Mall.This is maturity stage of the product. 20 Growth In % 10 5 10 STAR CASH COW Market share PROBLEM CHILD DOG Market Share 1. Some product 81 . increasing its share in the market . 4. the expenses on the promotion .advertisements are very high and comparatively the market share is very less. The product here has a very good market capitalization.The growth rate is high but the market share is weak. PROBLEM CHILD:. Every organization has a cash cow in their bag.when the product is new and innovative then it has the power to generate maximum output because of being different .STAR:.If it fails to do that in the future then the product is thrown out of the market. DOG:.This is the decline stage of the product . no proper strength is left in the product then it is been thrown out of the market. This is the most satisfactory stage of the product. it becomes a burden for the organization . and enjoys a good healthy output from this.The problem child is also shown as question mark . CASH COW:.This reflects the introduction stage of the product in market . The output is low. where the product is left with neither share or growth in the market. in this stage the expenses on the promotional activities is also very low. The product here needs to stabilize itself in the market to continue its profit making. 2.

has a good potential for the company. The citymall36 is in the position of the STAR here. because it is in a introduction stage. But in coming few months its competitors will be in the market. otherwise it can be moved out of the market. so it is being re launched with some additional features to it. 82 . Therefore it will be difficult for the organization to contain its market share and the growth in the market. and enjoys the monopoly in the market. If the growth stage is being controlled properly then it can become a successful product.

End run-offensive: .In this technique the strength of the competitor has to be analyzed properly and then strategy is made to over come against the strength of the competitor. after that they launch a new concept in the market which is better then their competitor without any promotion. Overall they can capture the market share because they have a faith on their brand and their product. 2. 5.When the competitor is much bigger then us. 3. then this method is used. 4. Attack on their Strength: .METHODS OF ATTACAKING COMPETITOR City Mall can use these following methods as there tool against their rivals to survive in market. After the identification steps have to be implemented.Here the attack is made on the competitor as he is planning to attack on you. Pre Emptive attack: . in some area the competitor escape their services provided to the customer. After this no chance is left with competitor to take any further step.Here. Guerrilla Attack: .In this method. 83 . 1. Attack on many fronts: .In this strategy. the weakness of the competitor is identified. Attack on their weakness: . organization may have to acquainted or search for all the possible area in which they find a path to enter in the market and beat their competitor. With the high market share and with highly influence the customer. 6. so that in that area we penetrate in the market. organization may search for the tools and strategies which are applied by their competitor to be stay in the market.

The third competitor of City Mall will be CITY CENTRE which will open as a multiplex in Raipur. Will provide 3 star hotel facilities in their infrastructure. All these facilities will provide by Treasure Island and after that if we concern about MEGNETO MALL it will be the biggest mall in Chhattishgarh. Over look of the Strength of Treasure Island 5. Treasure Island has already created their brand image in the mind of people in all over India. so that they want all the required information and all the facilities which will make them comfortable. City Mall can retain their customer only by providing quality services and maintaining their relation with customer. The strength is that.Till now there is no such competitor in front of City Mall but at the end of Dec 2008 there will be grand opening of TREASURE ISLAND. MEGNETO. More Brands will introduce. 8. people have a great ecstasy about TREASURE ISLAND. The best part is that it will open in between Pandri and Devendra Nagar which is one of the posh areas in Bangalore. MEGNETO. 7. the design of MEGNETO will be comparison of British style Mall. 6. According to the Market Research of Raipur. First PVR will be introducing by MEGNETO. Location will be their best strength because people can easy to assess and they can also enjoy the shopping with entertainment. and CITY CENTRE. Awarded by CNBC for best design mall in Asia. They can advertise their brand in all over Raipur. it will cover 330 m area for their infrastructure which is much bigger than City Mall. brand promotions. and CITY CENTRE in Bangalore. As per the feedback of the tenants and the customer today’s scenario is that the general public of Bangalore wanted to live luxury life like metro cities. If they can compete with their introducing competitor it is a right time for the City Mall to put their all affords in advertising. Therefore by introducing the advertising strategy and brand promotion tools which we has mentioned above can make a strength of the mall and it helps to compete with their competitor. From the management point of view City Mall has to adopt Pre Emptive Attack strategy because as per the market research it will definite that by of the opening of other malls in Bangalore it will affect the footfall and it can reduce profit generation of the City Mall. awareness programmer etc to hold customer 84 . Parking facilities in every floor.


 Trade shows represent a great opportunities of brand awareness.  Electronic media should be used to promote the products because it is the most powerful and influencing at present.  Advertisement creates brand awareness among the people which is very important to sell a branded product.  Brands can gain a lot of attention from well-placed newspapers and magazine.  We can promote our brand by sponsoring events which is a strong brand building tool.ADVERTISEMENT AND SALES PROMOTION  From the analysis of the data collected we came across that nearly 90% of customers as well as retailers/distributors voted for advertisement and sales promotion for branded products.  Company need to promote its brands by means of advertisements and other promotional activities. 86 . knowledge and interest so the brands should be put forward in the trade shows.

Some more important suggestions/recommendations  Put an end to the dictatorship of distributors.  Make price list circulated properly to retailers. 87 .  Retailer area should be given more attention.  Make promotional tools.  Margin should be increased or at least comparative to competitors.  Company should appoint persons who would visit the retailers and convey them the schemes.


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