My jade green garden

By Sashi Prabhu (zeauoxian) 29/2/2012
Shrubbery leaves and foliage, all these very gloriously and graciously green, In my verdant jade roof top garden, reflect greenness on my laptop screen.

Verbose prolixed, scattered, strewn fill up spaces all around in my jade garden, Soak and fill me with haunting memories of Rita, Irene, Jeanne, Jolene and Celine.

Of sweetness and tenderness envious nostalgic musings ever so green, To my mind¶s eye these imagery still emerge at will very pristine and clean.

Between fourteen and eighteen up here they broke my warm, gentle and fond heart, Then at nineteen it was here in this greenery with Norma Jean, we abruptly fell apart.

Green the world seemed to me when I sat here all these years alone and lonely, Scripting and crafting dense verses of earthly passions that are profound, eloquent and comely.

Glorious greens, gorgeous greens, jade greens, All mankind reveres the vitality you create that is meant for kings and queens.

But for me the color green, Often remind me of my recent sojourns with Maureen and Pauline.

So to now to reflect and meditate splashes of green I imagine feel and use, my heart chakra to open and feel love , empathy and compassion and forlorn thoughts to diffuse.

Green« green«green«.. I have now sensed and seen«. Will come before me for times umpteen and as a routine.

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