Shot List Wide shot – We will use a wide shot to show Dan and the basket.

We will be able to see Dan make shots such as lay ups or close range shots, also we can see him perform dribbling moves such as crossovers and behind the back dribbles. This is a good shot to use because you are able to see Dan moving towards the basket and making shots. Over the shoulder shot – We will use an over the shoulder shot to give a view from Daniels perspective. It will show Daniel shooting the ball and you will see the ball going from Daniels hand into the hoop. Low shot – A low shot will be used to make Daniel look more powerful, as it shows him looking down at the camera. This symbolizes that he has made it to the top and has reached his desire of becoming the best. Close up shot – We will use a close up shot to highlight the expressions on Daniels face and to assist the use of titles within the sequence. Shot reverse shot – We will use this when Daniel shoots, it then changes to the ball going into the hoop, then it will go back to Daniel.