Various SBUsand Task Forces are broadly categorized as below: Acute Therapy I• ,_.

Chronic Therapies I G· (0Ranbaxy CV

Ranbaxy Pharma Ranbaxy Pharma Altius

Ranbaxy CV Life Ranbaxy CV Care Ranbaxy Urology Ranbaxy Uro Care Ranbaxy Solus

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Ranbaxy Respiratory Respiratory Task Force


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Ranbaxy Reach Out 1;0. Ranbaxy Maxxim Ranbaxy Intensiva Ranbaxy Super Specialty Ranbaxy Croslands-l Ranbaxy HIV Task Force Ranbaxy Croslands -II Ranbaxy Gastro Task Force Ranbaxy Primalands Ranbaxy Dermalands Ranbaxy Ortholands



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Ranbaxy Solus Care


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Ranbaxy Blue R Ranbaxy Initiative R3

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Key Accounts Business Nepal Operations Sri Lanka Operations




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Pharma SBU enjoys excellent image with General Practitioners. Zivator and Sudopen in its basket. Page 5 of 15 . etc.Given below is a snapshot of the SBUsin India Region. Orthopaedics. Pain Management & GI segments. Along with innovative marketing. Clampose. which gives Ranbaxy CV the distinct edge over competition. Some of the key brands of the SBU are: Cepodem XP. Synasma. Pediatricians. Gynaecologists. The SBU focuses primarily on cardiologists and Diabetologists along with the Neurologists. the SBU has given numerous "FIRST TIME LAUNCHES" to the Cardiology segment. Ranbaxy CV enjoys leadership position in brands like Storvas and has other important brands like Covance. ANP and ciAI. The products marketed by the SBUs are differentiated with the help of Innovative technologies. The SBU enjoys leadership position in Statins and is a strong player in Angiotensin Receptor Blocker (ARBs). Ranbaxy Pharma SBU Pharma is the first marketing and the largest SBU for the Region. Zanocin. XPrab. The SBU has mass products focus and is prominent player in Anti-infectives. Mobizox. and Chest Physician apart from other specialties. Romilast. Ranbaxy Reach Out business is strategically aimed at penetrating rural markets of India which holds a significant population of the country. Both CV and Cv-Life put together. Riconia. Currently Intensiva portfolio has premium high end Antibiotics which are life saving in critical conditions such as Sepsis. Keflor. Ranbaxy enjoys a MS of 0. Intensiva has built its major flagship brand i. Cilanem and carries unique brands such as Tevran.31% in Indian Pharmaceutical Market [IPM] and places Ranbaxy among the top 5 cardiovascular companies in CV and Diabetes market. The top brands in this SBU include Sporidex. Fortiron. Stanlip. Silverex. Nutritionals. In a very short span. Raciper.e. Sporidex. Ranbaxy CV The SBU Ranbaxy CV was formed in the June 2002 and has changed the very definition of growth in cardiovascular segment. Of ram ax Forte. Nephrologists and Consulting Physicians. Ranbaxy Intensiva Intensiva SBU is exclusively focused on critical care products that are used in Intensive Care Units (ICUs). Surgeons. Revulant etc.

Roliten are some of the major brands here. Volix. Teleact-D. Some other Brands are Histac. Contiflo-D. ranked No. Gramogyl etc. Gestid and Onoff. The SBU has in as Anti Infectives. Contiflo.6% to the Region. These products are promoted through trade/retailers. Riomet. It includes products like Olvamlo. Olvance etc. Antihypertensives ft OHA therapy areas. Cifran. Dutagen. Dermatologicals. Anti-Infectives. Soliten. GI. Key Therapies are Cephalosporins. Olvance will help the SBU to achieve greater penetration in the antihypertensive segment which is the largest segment of the CVD market. Critical care segments with focus on Statins. Teleact. It's ranked No. which is Class Mass diabeto focused. Cipract. Ranbaxy Blue R India Region has a separate business catering to the generic segment in the form of Blue R launched in 2000. Brands include Rosuvas. Noculi. A recently launched SBU. Page 6 of 15 . Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Cancer of the Prostrate. The product portfolio mix is strong in Overactive Bladder. Ranbaxy Urology SBU The Ranbaxy Urology Team is a focused specialty task force aimed at increasing franchise in this therapeutic area.Ranbaxy CY Care It's a Cardiovascular metabolic division . Insucare etc. this division has grown from strength to strength over the last few months. Top five brands are Ranbiotic. Ceruvin. 1 by prescription (CMARC). Ranbaxy CV Life has been created which is principally having a high focus with Specialists in Cardio. Maxxim comprises of outsourced sales operations. . Ranbaxy Maxxim SBU managing the matured share.48% (ORG data Feb 09 MAT) and has overall contribution of 9. SBU is holding No. FenakPlus. Diabeto. The SBU is holding MS of 0. Zole F. Ranbaxy CY Life To further strengthen Region's focus on Cardiology/Diabetology segment. Cough ft Cold. Orthopedics.Max. AMX.2 in ORG and has consistently shown robust growths. with an objective of brands for further market development and achieving dominate market its portfolio several products from various therapeutic segments such Dermatologicals etc. Nutritionals. I position in 5 major products Roscillin.

This division encompasses brands like Volitra which is one of the leading brands of the company. Olanex F and Amival. Abzorb. Mobizox and Roles.I Some of the leading brands of Croslands. Anti-psychotic-Olanex. Elkar etc.Dutin.1 position in all represented territories & markets. Flotral have been performing exceedingly well and there are more exciting times ahead with the rich pipeline of products due for launch. Solus has created a niche for itself and its flagship brands . Anti-Depressant . Over the years. This SBU is further bifurcated into: Ranbaxy Croslands. that built up over a period of time are Refzil-O and Teczine. Acmil. Ranbaxy Croslands. Ranbaxy Solus SBU Solus has a dedicated team with the strong presence in Central Nervous System (CNS) business. Other Neuro protective brands are. Ranbaxy Solus Care To keep a strong focus in Neuro segment a separate arm has been created as Solus Care to consolidate their position amongst neurologists. Croslands SBU Crosland was acquired by Ranbaxy in 1997. Levroxa.Ranbaxy URO Care This division is specifically aimed at concentrating our efforts towards high end urology products. The other key brands are Anti-Epileptic. The recent launches viz.Selzic range. Other successful brands include Fulactiv. Citelc.I are Silverex. Cilentra. Neuropathic pain-Neupent AF Neugalin. primarily to gain equity in the Dermatological Orthopedic segments. are the brands the team is promoting.II Crosland II is mainly focused on Ortho & GI portfolio to gain advantage by capitalizing opportunities & gaining greater ROI from our core customers & multiplying the efforts to achieve No. Diprovate. Ropimate etc. Altraday. Eligard (Prostrate Cancer).Serlift and Desval ER are the leading brands in their segment. Selzic. Carevon. The new products & Page 7 of 15 .

etc. Yugard. Sturet etc. The leading brands include Cleft. Xtroz. Diprobec etc.lt promotes products for bone health and height growth. Pediatric Endos.~ A<vv~A. It concentrates its efforts on Orthos. Trauma Specialist. Asginase. Menopause Specialist. Bonista and Vebalone. The brands in the forefront of this division are Moxclav. The top brands include Minoz. Ranbaxy Ortholands Ortholands deals in niche segment of Osteoporoses/Life Style diseases. A-> 1<: ~~ . products and boasts of brands like Ranbaxy Primalands Primalands is mainly focused to gain a stronghold in the dermatological segment by concentrating our efforts towards our core customers. Hip and Knee surgeons. Loxof. Zanocin. Super Specialty is a newly formed SBU. The SBU has unique products namely Gliadel and Recil. Rheumat. Sebifin. Medsop. Ranbaxy Respiratory SBU M~. Eflora. The products of the SBU are Ceriton. as we have to fight our way through existing cluster of competitors who have a everlasting list of antibiotics for respiratory disorders. Ranbaxy Gastro Task Force Gastro task force is a dedicated team aimed at increasing the franchise in this therapeutic It has in its portfolio brands such as Peglitun. Suprimox. Endos. Halox. Pediatricians and Physicians (for referrals). Spine Surgeons. focusing exclusively on the niche and upcoming super specialty segments comprising of Nephrology and Oncology products. Gyanac. Page 8 of 15 . ~ I\' VW . We need to stand firm and build our brands and sever through all competitors.Pl_rk~ -7 ~ () L!~tA--'> This division was created to build a foothold in the respiratory market in India. Enteia area. Avessia and serlift Ranbaxy Super Specialty SBU fu_. Xabine.RA BAXY Two new diisions which have evolved out of the Croslands are: Ranbaxy Derma lands This division deals in aesthetic dermatology/cosmetology Suncros. to focus on their core customers.

Lucknow. Dehradun. Mumbai. Urology. Mohali. s= Sri Lanka Operations Ranbaxy's operations in this country dates back to over two decades. Ranbaxy CV. Ranbaxy is the 4th largest pharmaceutical corporation in Sri Lanka. Page 9 of 15 . Dermalands and Solus are marketed in the country. Under this a QMS (Quality Management System) has been established covering requirements of ISO 9001 :2000 and Good Distribution practices (WHO Guidelines) Nepal Operations Nepal Operations started in the year 2006. During 2006 the Company garnered around 3. The business is growing @ 20% on top line basis and ranked in terms of Market Share. ISO 9001 :2000 and GDP(WHO) implementation initiative was undertaken in 11 locations namely Ghaziabad. Jaipur.Excellence in Distribution Practices Ranbaxy India operations have been awarded the ISO certification in the area of Distribution practices.Company's two brands Enhancin & Sporidex featured amongst the top 50 brands of the country. Bangalore and Secunderabad. There are about 120 SKUs registered in Nepal and products of all the key India SBUs i. Indore CFA. Stancare Rexcel. Pharma. Indore Warehouse. Nagpur.e. Intensiva.5% market share.

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