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Application Architectures

Application systems are intended to meet some business or organisational need If the businesses are operating in the same sector the application systems they use have much in common Systems of the same type have similar architectures and the differences between these systems are provided in separately in detail A generic system is configured and adapted to create a specific business applications E.g. Supply Chain Management can be used for different types of suppliers, goods etc. There are four types of application systems

Types Of Application Systems

Data Processing Application
These applications are data driven. They process data in batches without user intervention Specific actions taken by the application depend on the data it is processing Batch processing systems are commonly used in business applications where similar operations are carried out on large amount of data Handle wide range of administrative functions such as payroll, billing, accounting etc

Types Of Application Systems Contd

Transaction Processing Application
These are database-centered application that process user requests for information and that update the information in a database These are most common type of interactive business systems They are organized in such a way that user actions can t interface with each other and the integrity of the database is maintained. These class of systems include interactive banking systems, ecommerce systems, information systems and booking systems

Types Of Application Systems Contd

Event Processing System
Very large class of application where the actions of the system depend on interpreting events in the systems environment These events might be the input of a command by a system user or change in variables that are monitored by the system. Many PC based applications like games, word processors, spreadsheets, image editors and presentation systems and real time systems fall in this category

Types Of Application Systems Contd

Language Processing System
In these systems the users intentions are expressed in formal language like Java. These systems processes this language into some internal format and then interprets this internal representation Compilers are best known language processing systems They are also used to interpret command languages for databases, information systems and markup languages

Data Processing Systems