RAR - What's new in the latest version Version 3.51 1.

Bugs fixed: a) fixed two vulnerabilities, which could be exploited with specially crafted ACE and UUE/XXE archives; b) previous version did not delete some of temporary files; c) WinRAR could crash when processing very long (more than 1024 characters) archive name parameter in the command line. Version 3.50 1. Now it is possible to change WinRAR's look by installing interface themes. Theme files are available on http://www.rarlab.com/themes.htm Theme files are RAR archives, just open them in WinRAR to install. You can manage installed themes using "Options/Themes" menu. 2. WinRAR supports decompression of ZIP archives created using Zip64 format extension. Zip64 was introduced to remove original ZIP format limitations on archived file size. 3. Added support of multivolume (multipart) CAB archives. 4. New options in "Advanced" part of extraction dialog: a) "Delete archive" options allow to delete extracted archives; b) "Check authenticity information" option controls processing of authenticity information in RAR archives. 5. "Wait if other WinRAR copies are active" option in "Advanced" parts of archiving and extraction dialogs. If enabled, it waits while other WinRAR copies are creating, modifying or unpacking an archive and starts the operation only when other WinRAR tasks are complete. If you are going to perform several archiving or decompressing tasks, such queued execution can help to reduce the amount of disk seeks and improve overall performance. 6. WinRAR is able to integrate to Windows context menus also on Windows x64 systems. 7. SFX modules: a) SFX modules are not compressed by UPX anymore, so they are larger now. UPX compression caused numerous false alerts by antivirus software. If you wish to use compressed modules, you can get UPX from http://upx.sourceforge.net and compress *.sfx files in WinRAR folder;

q] switch. New "Show encrypted or compressed NTFS files in color" option in "File list" page of "Settings" dialog. For example. 16. "Done" message and all information messages. Now it is possible to define file masks to unpack everything for.) by underscore also in file names in ZIP archives. etc. This option is not supported in Windows 95. Previous WinRAR versions unpacked the complete archive contents if the user pressed Enter or double clicked on *.001" extension. you can enter "001" here to associate WinRAR with such files.b) The default SFX logo can be replaced by a custom bitmap file.d. d) DOS. 11. 10. "Wizard" command allows to specify a password when creating or updating an archive. 98 and Me. "Repair" and "Extract" commands replace invalid characters (colon. only GUI WinRAR recognizes it.htm and *. Note that -iimg is not supported by console RAR. just copy DOS. switches -idc. Also you cannot use it if you compressed SFX modules by UPX. -idd and -idq instruct the console RAR to hide the copyright message.htm *. If you need to create DOS SFX archives using WinRAR. Switch -ver[n] supports the optional 'n' parameter also when archiving.exe.p. question mark. Additional file name extensions for archive formats supported by WinRAR can be specified in the "User defined archive extensions" field on the "Integration" page of the "Settings" dialog. New -n<mask> and -n@<listfile> switches set additional include filters. Previously WinRAR did it only for RAR archives. if you wish to unpack only a file under the cursor when you double click on archived HTML file. so only files matching the mask will be processed. c) It is possible to specify user defined SFX icons larger than 32x32 and with any color depth. remove "*. Like the previous item. *. which are in RAR format.html files.html" from this field. 8.SFX to WinRAR folder. It limits the maximum number of file versions. 13. New -id[c. Such masks can be entered on the "Viewer" page of the "Settings" dialog. if you have files with ". 12. For example. "Lock toolbars" prevents accidental toolbar moving or resizing. New "Lock toolbars" option in "General" page of "Settings" dialog and in the menu displayed after clicking the right mouse button on the toolbar. 15. 14.SFX module moved to RAR/DOS32 distributive. this improvement is valid only if SFX modules are not compressed by UPX and your operating system is not Windows 9x/Me. you can use -e+h switch to compress only hidden files. For example. 17. 9. . You can do it either with "Load SFX logo from the file" option in "Text and icon" part of "Advanced SFX options" dialog or using -iimg<name> command line switch. Additionally to previously available -idp switch (disable percentage indicator). Switch -e+<attr> allows to specify file include attributes mask.

pif files.41 1.taz files in one step.tar manually. like it is done in Windows Explorer. Like GZIP and BZIP2 archives. b) WinRAR shell does not allow to run files having 5 or more continuous spaces in the name. RAR 'l' and 'v' commands display ASCII file name instead of corrupt Unicode.txt . 2. "calc. 2. Viruses frequently add such spaces to confuse users and hide the real extension. WinRAR shell removes these continuous spaces except first and last also when displaying names of such files in the file list. Fixed a buffer overflow bug in WinRAR GUI "Delete" command. If the short name of an already existing file is equal to the long name of an unpacking file. It may be useful for tasks requiring the high speed like regular backups. You may increase "Fastest" speed even more selecting 64KB compression dictionary instead of default 4MB.Z files). which could cause a crash when deleting a file in a corrupt archive.40 compression ratio was lower than in RAR 3.30.42 1. WinRAR is able to decompress archives created by 7-Zip . RAR 3. If archived Unicode name is invalid. Version 3. 3. Archived PIF files is one of typical ways for computer viruses to distribute.Z and . Security changes: a) WinRAR shell does not allow to run *. "Fastest" (-m1) RAR compression method has been modified to provide much higher compression speed and lower ratio. so users do not need to unpack . WinRAR is able to decompress archives created by Unix 'compress' tool (. 20. WinRAR changes the short name of the already existing file before unpacking. In such situation previous versions prompted to overwrite the existing file even though long file names were not equal. Version 3. WinRAR opens tar. b) WinRAR "Repair" command could crash when repairing a corrupt ZIP archive. Version 3.40 1. In Windows XP WinRAR highlights the sorted column in the file list using the different color. For example.18. 19. Bugs corrected in this version: a) when adding new files to an already existing RAR solid archive.exe".

In the command line mode the volume number is displayed by 'L' and 'V' commands in the line with the total volume information. 4. 8. select disks to compress and press "Add". If the archive was created by WinRAR 3. If you selected more than one item. 10.(. This feature may be useful if original volume names are lost and you need to rename volumes to correct names. New "Security" dialog in WinRAR settings: a) "File types to exclude from extracting" option to prevent extracting of potentially dangerous files like . Just choose "My Computer" in WinRAR address bar. WinRAR shell equivalent of -ep3 switch are options "Store full paths including drive letter" in "Files/File paths" page of archiving dialog and "Extract absolute paths" in "Advanced/File paths" page of extracting dialog. 6. RAR always saves "Compressed" attribute when creating an archive. 11. Commands 'L' and 'V' display NTFS "Compressed" attribute in archive listing. Starting from this version RAR volumes contain the volume number field. b) "Propose to select virus scanner" option modifies behavior of "Scan archive for viruses" command. New command line switch -ep3 allows to save and restore full file paths including the drive letter. 5. WinRAR will automatically set the "Store full paths including drive letter" mode when compressing them. . For example: -agHH{hours}MM{minutes} .7z files). Switch -ag may include an optional text enclosed in '{' and '}' characters.40 or newer. WinRAR shell equivalent of -oc switch is "Set attribute Compressed" option in "Advanced" part of extracting dialog. You may select and compress disks directly in "My Computer" view in WinRAR shell. This text is inserted into the archive name. but does not restore it unless -oc switch has been specified. you may view the volume number in the top line of "Info" dialog and in the address bar.pif. WinRAR will automatically set "Store full paths including drive letter" archiving mode. If you have selected several disks in Windows Explorer "My Computer" view and started archiving from the context menu. 9.scr and . "Find" command is not supported for this archive type. New command line switch -oc to restore NTFS "Compressed" attribute when extracting files. You may turn it off if you wish to skip the virus scanner selection dialog.exe. 7.

If you drop an archive to the WinRAR address bar or toolbar. . So files modified after placing them to an archive and before clearing "Archive" attribute. WinRAR will display its contents even if an other archive is opened right now. When editing archived files. Corrected processing of corrupt LZH archives to exclude a possible crash when reading corrupt LZH file headers. 16. If switch -ac is specified. The same is true for WinRAR "Clear attribute "Archive" after compressing" GUI option. Previous versions waited until an external editor terminates before updating a changed file. WinRAR proposes to update them immediately after detecting that file was changed. 14. will be included in next incremental backup. 13. which size or modification time was changed after starting the archiving operation. RAR will not reset the "Archive" attribute of those files. RAR and WinRAR display the operation progress while repairing an archive containing the recovery record. Previous versions were able to restore only the root archive folder. WinRAR will save the subfolder and restore it when accessing this favorite item. You may still drop an archive to WinRAR file list if you need to add it to browsing archive. Previous versions proposed to add a dropped archive to browsing one. 12. 17. 15. If you use the "Add to favorites" command inside of an archive subfolder.Same feature is supported in the "Generate archive name by mask" field of WinRAR archiving dialog.

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