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Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company

Headquarters: Metrobank Plaza, Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City. (632) 8700 - 700

Founded in September 5, 1962, Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. (Metrobank) has since become the premier universal bank and among the foremost financial institutions in the Philippines. It offers a full range of banking and other financial products and services, including corporate, commercial and consumer banking, as well as credit card, remittances, leasing, investment banking and trust banking. Metrobank currently spans a consolidated network of over 1,400 ATMs nationwide; over 760 domestic branches; and 38 foreign branches, subsidiaries, and representative offices.

It opened its first local branch in 1963.Milestones Metrobank was incorporated in Binondo. in 1979. . In 1975. Metrobank became the first of the private banks to move into American territory when it opened its office in Guam. Inc. It later established branches in the United States mainland cities of Los Angeles and New York. Metrobank rolled out its first international branch in Taipei in 1970 and a representative office in Hong Kong in 1973. Manila by a group of Filipino businessmen principally to provide financial services to the Filipino-Chinese community. The Foundation has since become one of the largest and most respected charitable organizations in Asia. It established Metrobank Foundation. then expanded beyond Philippine shores only a few years after its establishment. putting emphasis on both business success and community contribution.

it partnered with another global giant. In 1988. . Metrobank entered into a joint venture with Japan¶s largest automotive manufacturer and Mitsui Corporation to establish Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation. the AXA Group. to give birth to Philippine AXA Life Insurance Corporation.In 1981. A decade later. Metrobank was listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange and acquired its universal banking license. gaining significant equity ownerships in local and international subsidiaries. Unibancard Corporation (now Metrobank Card Corporation) in 1986. It established its own credit card company.

8 billion.T.In 1990. Metrobank launched the country¶s first and only talking ATM. It is the first local bank to raise supplementary capital overseas with a total of US$325 million in Lower Tier 2 Capital and Hybrid Tier 1 Capital in the years 2003 to 2006. the largest in the industry. Metrobank became the first billion dollar bank with total capital of Php22. In 1995. . Metrobank E.

and Seoul. Metrobank inaugurated its wholly-owned subsidiary. Metrobank opened branches and offices in London.Metrobank has also been steadily expanding internationally. Metrobank became the first Philippine bank in China when it opened its branch in Shanghai. with three branches located in Nanjing and Shanghai. . It was also the first Philippine bank in Korea. In 2001. In the late 1990s. the first foreign bank headquarters to be established in Nanjing. The new bank serves as the base for Metrobank¶s operations in China. Metrobank was the first to be granted a banking license by the Japanese Ministry of Finance. Metropolitan Bank (China) Limited. Tokyo. In 2010. Taichung.

focused on further improving earnings quality and increasing shareholder value by constantly reinforcing a customercentric strategy built around the commitment of its people. and leadership. A recognized leader in the country¶s banking industry. staying true to its brand promise of ³You¶re in Good Hands. careful strategic planning and prudent decision-making. Metrobank has become regarded as the trusted banking partner. and good governance. With people dedicated to product quality. service excellence.´ . Metrobank has established a reputation of stability.³You¶re in Good Hands´ Metrobank remains dedicated to fulfilling its vision to be the best bank for all stakeholders ± from its customers to the community. strength. It adheres to international best practices. solid work ethics.

responsive. proactive.Vision Statement We envision: A professionally run. thereby effecting an empowered society whose members are able to realize their human potential. and creative organization through which the Metrobank Group of Companies is able to express its commitment to lead the private sector in fostering holistic human development in both the national and international arena. .

. and supporting programs which strengthen and advance the strategic sectors of society as well as respond to the needs of the disadvantaged.Mission Statement To realize its vision. assisting. the Foundation shall: Propagate a culture of excellence with a human face by actively implementing.

A History of Sharing .

When. the Foundation strove to assess the needs of its target sectors and evolve the most efficient ways to improve social conditions. As the embodiment of this resolve to share the fruits of Metrobank's success with society. the Metrobank Foundation came into being on January 8. Ty. Chairman Ty was. even then. the greater were its responsibilities to the community. Ty founded Metrobank in 1962. the story of Metrobank Foundation is intertwined with the story of the Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company. At the same time. it was very clear that every private corporation had social responsibilities and the more successful the corporation. .K. George S. steadfastly committed to the idea that leadership in business implied leadership in community service as well. From its inception. For Mr. 1979.Creating the Framework (1979-1987) In a sense . at the young age of twenty-nine. he already had a vision of becoming a leader in the financial world.

it was decided to obtain a controlling interest in theManila Doctors Hospital in Ermita. With its involvement in the Hospital. Eventually. the educational arm of the Manila Doctors' Hospital. and to provide scholarships for students in the Manila Doctors' College. Seeing that the health sector was a strategic area where judiciously conceived contributions could make a big difference in people's lives. The Foundation embarked on a long term improvement program which saw the expansion and enhancement of hospital facilities. . Manila. the Foundation set up programs to support the charity wards of the hospital and its outreach missions. Metrobank Foundation hoped to develop a medical institution which would provide an impeccable model of health care in the country.As the bank grew so did the Foundation.

the arts helped foster creativity. It was felt that a painting contest could help improve the climate by providing a venue for artistic simulation. 1984. Likewise. an important attribute to encourage in any program to enhance a society's global competitiveness.Another original project which defined the Foundation's working parameters was the Young Painters' Annual. Among the first batch of winners was Roberto Feleo. was a time of economic crisis for the country. then known as the National Painting Competition." . The year of the competition's inception. winning other national and international awards in arts. who has since made a name for himself. the Competition bagged the prestigious Anvil Award in 1985 as "Outstanding Special Events Program. Just a year after its inception.

Teachers have always been highly regarded in Chinese society.Still another pillar of the Foundation's program which was defined in this period is the concern for the well-being of teachers. The first batch of winners consisted of ten awardees. Chairman Ty was disheartened to note that many of the country's mentors were marching on the streets asking for better work conditions. Imbued with this perspective. . Thus was born the Search for Outstanding Teachers in 1985. He then conceived of an awards program which would honor educators and act as incentive to the teaching profession.

in 1986.The success of the Search led the Foundation to create. This was in recognition of Metrobank's roots in the Chinese Filipino Community and of the important contributions of Chinese Filipinos to nationbuilding. the Search for Outstanding Teachers was likewise awarded an Anvil Award as an "Outstanding Institutional PR Program." . Meanwhile. another awards program focused on a special education sector: Chinese teachers.

Starting in 1988. In 1993. it was decided to add a preliminary board of judges to create a two-step selection process that would ascertain that entries were thoroughly reviewed. especially with regard to originality. the Foundation began collecting the top winning entries of the Painting Competition since it was realized that this was one way of safeguarding the works and documenting the artistic production of the period.Filling In the Spaces (1988-1993) In the next phase of the Foundation's history. conserved and stored. efforts were made to consolidate and enrich existing programs as a way to address gaps in program delivery. for example. . A public viewing of paintings chosen after the first screening was instituted to elicit more comments and generate greater interest. Collection pieces were thoroughly documented.

and Mindanao-to ensure better regional distribution of awards. Beginning in 1992. the number of awards was increased to twelve in 1989 as slots were added to the elementary category to reflect that majority of the country's teachers teach at this level. semi-finalists were asked to come to Manila for personal interviews. Candidates were thus able to demonstrate actual classroom skills before a panel of professional educators. This gave the preliminary board a chance to review their initial assessment of candidates as based on submitted documents. Eventually. .With regards to the Search for Outstanding Teachers. Rest of Luzon. slots were apportioned among the four major geographical divisions-National Capital Region. Visayas.

the Search information campaign was mobilized with fora being conducted in places such as Cotabato City. Iloilo.Also beginning in 1992. A second Assistant Corporate Secretary was hired to attend to the day-to-day administration of the Foundation's growing projects. Foundation officials began to participate more in education sector affairs-visiting schools. Isabela. and Cabagan. . attending educators conventions as well as meetings of the Regional Directors of the Department of Education.

an eleven-storey building named after Chairman George S. . At the Manila Doctors Hospital. the high point of the improvement program was the construction of the Norberto Ty Medical Tower. K. Ty's late father.This period saw the Foundation mobilizing its resources to help Filipinos affected by the many calamities that hit the country. It was one of the first organizations to donate a million pesos to the victims of the earthquake of 1990. The new facility was officially inaugurated by then President Corazon C. Aquino in August 1991.

. Then equivalent to about 600 million pesos. one of the largest endowments in the Philippines. Ty announced that he was donating a million of his personal shares of stocks of the Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company to the Metrobank Foundation. the Foundation's holdings steadily increased in value to more than a billion pesos. This was his way of sharing with the community the fruits of the Metrobank Group of Companies' remarkable success. K. During the wedding reception of his son Arthur.Breaking New Ground (1993-1995) October 17. 1993 was a milestone for the Foundation. Chairman George S.

international solidarity..Mrs.. Aquino graciously accepted the invitation to chair the newly-created Board of Advisers which would guide the Foundation as it ventures into other areas in the light of its renewed mandate.needs to be emulated by more people who have been blessed in life. and outstanding philanthropy. . Corazon Aquino would say of Chairman Ty's "gift of social development" that "the beautiful example of openness." Mrs.

The tremendous increase in resources resulted in an expression in an expansion of the Foundation's activities. Among the new projects were the grants program for selected key sectors of society which were seen as critical players in national development: the media. Finally the bid to show that Filipinos could be relied on the help their neighbors was launched with the sponsoring of several projects aimed at fostering international understanding such as the scholarship program for foreign nationals studying at the Asian Institute of Management. . the military. More funds were also allocated for projects addressed to the Chinese Filipino community by way of acknowledging the bank's gratitude for that sector's generous support. programs for the enhancement of English language instruction were instituted because of the importance of English in international business. Like wise. Awards were given to the topnotchers of the Licensure Examination for Teachers. and the uniformed personnel of the Department of Interior and Local Government.

Science. . A national college scholarship program was established with an initial batch of 100 scholars. was provided funding support of PhP 10 million over the next four years. Aquino. This project which was originally proposed by Mrs. the Foundation initiated one of its largest assistance projects: the stipend program for the teachers of English.Recognizing the critical role of the sciences in any push for industrialization. and Math in the Regional Science High School system which had just been organized by DECS. Foundation officers were fielded to personally interview applicants.

Discussions were also held with a cross-section of development partners and beneficiaries to determine areas of cooperation and program improvement. the Foundation embarked on a program of multi-sectoral consultations and networking activities. For the first time. Likewise. the Foundation has come to realize that it must continuously link-up with more like-minded partners to maximize resources and to ensure that the gains of the past are sustained. discussions were held with arts groups all over the country. With the arrival of a new Executive Director and the increase in staff. workshops were undertaken with Search and Young Painters' Annual winners to assess the way in which these competitions were conducted.Concretizing gains (1996 to present) In the present phase of operations. A forum of educators was convened to further review the Search criteria. .

Foundation officials used every opportunity to interact with affiliated institutions. Other types of linkages were enhanced. The Foundation participated in the activities of the Presidential Committee to Assist the National Museum. the Sulong Pampanga Foundation where Mr. Ty is Vice Chairman. the Philippine Sports Commission and in the projects of the First Lady Amelita Ramos: "Piso Para sa Pasig" of the Clean and Green Foundation. the Committee on Education. The Foundation's Executive Director was elected head of the League of Corporate Foundations' largest subgroup. the committee produced a landmark study on the educational component of corporate philanthropy. and schools participating in the scholarship program were visited. Under the Metrobank Foundation's leadership. . their officials interviewed. Regional Science High Schools. project sites.

networking. documentation. . improvements in its communications. planning. and monitoring capabilities indicate Metrobank Foundation's resolve to promote a culture of excellence by striving for excellence in program delivery.Overall.

It shall institutionalize its professed mission of hewing closely to its core values as an organization. the Metrobank Foundation will endeavor to match such pioneering efforts. . It shall broaden the networks and partnerships. It shall deepen its existing programs by constant monitoring and impact assessment.Paving the Way for the Future As the Metropolitan Bank and Trust company continues to blaze new trails in the banking industry. Of particular priority is the establishment of strategic alliances with other companies and subsidiaries of the Metrobank Group.

In carrying out these objectives. . be able to express its commitment to leading the way in the promotion of a holistic human development grounded in a culture of excellence. the Foundation will likewise begin to forge links with other corporate foundations in the Asia-Pacific region for sharing of best practices. the Metrobank Group shall. and use of appropriate levels of information technology will be the main areas of management focus.Even as Metrobank expands its global presence. in the years to come. prudent management of financial resources. relevant skills upgrading. Through the Foundation.

Cashier Group Leader: Princess Cipriano Members: Ann Caroline Calixto Ferry Joy Casas Jennifer Cabaluna Jennifer Cataluña Carla Marielle Cruz Donna May De La Vega Mariel Gatchalian Zery Peralta Melanie Valones Hazel Anne Esteban .

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