CARDS 2011 Assignment

Maximum Credit: 40 points _________________________________________________________________________________________ _ Important: 1. Do not type your name anywhere in your submission. 2. Submissions need to be typed; handwritten submissions will not be evaluated. Attach this page as the first page of your submission after entering your roll number at the top in the space provided. 3. Evaluation is subjective.

View the DVD version of The ODESSA File. You are expected to submit an essay of not more than thousand words on the creative elements present in the movie, both holistically and piecewise. You may use bullet points instead of paragraphs. You have to mention why you feel that it (?) is creative. You need to make use of the discussions that we have had in class and the readings that have been distributed. You may swerve a little outside too – though convincingly. Let your discussion progress in step with the chronological sequence in which the movie unfolds. Do not categorize and group your discussion into sections based on the issues mentioned below. You may address issues related (not restricted) to: Screenplay Editing (both linear and nonlinear) Cinematography (Light, angle, locale, movement) Music/sound effects Emotional thrust Direction in general Two copies of the film are kept in the library issue counter. You may borrow a copy by surrendering your library card. Note that there are 21 students in the class and hence do not retain the DVD for more than a day or two. Identify a working arrangement amongst yourselves with respect to borrowing and returning. The subtitles may be useful as the pronunciation could be occasionally affected.

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