1. Don t stop building SCVS until you get 70. 2. Saturation is 16 SCVS on minerals, 3 each on gas. Saturate your main before rallying SCVS to your natural. 3. Expand every time you attack or pressure. Follow the saturation rule. Ie. Anything that will keep their army in their base (Especially against Protoss, because a split Protoss army sucks dick). Turn into orbital command before floating to the low ground. Pressure = Drops, Banshees, Hellion Harass. 4. Every time you expand build a turret in your mineral line and a bunker in front of it. (2 bunkers against protoss) (ESPECIALLY FOR YOUR NATURAL EXPANSION!!) 5. Zerg/Terran = 1 TL, 1 Reactor, 1 TL factory, 1 starport + Engineering bay after 6. Protoss = 1 TL, 1 Reactor, Reactor Starport + Engineering bay after 7. When you re 9/11 with SCV, SCV queued up, rally the command centre to your ramp, that 10th SCV will build the supply depot. 8. General build order = 10 depot, 12 barracks, 13 gas, 15 Orbital + Marine, 16 depot (DO NOT GET SUPPLY BLOCKED HERE!!!) 9. For the first 5-10 minutes have 1 SCV constantly building supply depots After 10 minutes, have 2 SCVS constantly building depots. (DO NOT GET SUPPLY BLOCKED! THIS WILL CAUSE YOUR MONEY TO FLOAT AND YOU WILL LOSE THE GAME!!!!!!!) 10. Try to push out (NOT NECESSARILY ATTACK) every 5-10 minutes or so. This will cause your opponent to get defensive which gives you a window to expand safely.

1. Protoss Excellent at containing you with gateway units + forcefields on your ramp.

Fight for control of the watchtowers 2. move down and put 2 bunkers on the low ground to your natural entrance so you can expand without getting contained. Then get +2 armour and attack at the same time. (Notice how dragon always puts supply depots directly next to his PF s) Makes it very easy for defending. send 8 marines and a medivac to snipe creep tumours everywhere Zerg units off creep suck mega dick (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!) Build supply depots and barracks everywhere in front of your natural to create mini chokes so zerglings group up and get splashed by siege tanks. Abuse mobility with mass marines and tanks. Get upgrades after all your production buildings are done. 3. (Non repaired bunkers are useless. SCOUT SCOUT SCOUT!!! Terran has it easy with scans General . Do NOT fight for watchtowers Around 10 minute mark. then +1 armour. 4. Terran If you aren t going for Vikings SIEGE UP and rally at the XEL NAGA TOWERS immediately Constantly do drops everywhere while controlling the centre of the map. Put 1 SCV ahead of your bunkers at your natural so you have time to pull your scvs off the line to repair your bunkers. 2 marauders. Zerg At 10 minutes build 4 turrets in a square around your command centre Do the same for every expansion. drops ETC.When you have around 5 marines. (UPGRADES WILL WIN YOU GAMES!!!) 6. repaired stimmed bunkers are godly) 5. repaired bunkers are pwnage. +1 attack. which stim and run around the map sniping out of position tanks. build armory and another Engineering bay when +1 armour is about 60% done.

(MAKE SURE TO BUILD UNITS WHILE FIGHTING SO YOUR MONEY DOESN T FLOAT!!! ALSO REMEMBER TO KEEP BUILDING SCVS!!!) 2. If you can a) Constantly build workers b) Expand while PUSHING OUT c) Never get supply blocked d) Get upgrades e) Build the right amount of production f) Scout!!! YOU WILL WIN GAMES UP TO DIAMOND LEAGUE .1. If you push out you DON T NEED TO ATTACK! 3. use tab to switch between buildings. Put all your production buildings on 1 hotkey.

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