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Published by: Carla Giubergia on Feb 29, 2012
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Microsoft Signature


Start here for a refreshing PC experience.


Section 1: Setting up your new PC........................4-15 Section 2: Setting up your Windows Live ID.........16-23 Section 3: A quick overview of your new PC........24-28 Section 4: Information and support....................29-31


Setting up your new PC Use this guide to get up and running in nine simple steps. 4 .

Microsoft® Security Essentials. as well as.Microsoft Engineers have spent time carefully tuning your Microsoft Signature PC to help achieve maximum performance. And with Windows LiveTM Essentials. you should use this guide to set up your new PC. To get started. Your new computer is modified for even more reliability and streamlined to be as fast as it can be. that translates to a uniquely enjoyable experience. Internet Explorer® 9. With Microsoft Signature your computer’s contents and settings may differ somewhat from those of the manufacturer. including software that makes it really fly. For you. You’ll be off and running in just a few minutes. it’s loaded with features that are in perfect step with your lifestyle. Therefore. 5 . Zune® music software. and more. follow the simple steps beginning on the next page.

and you’ll be prompted to create a user name and computer name.Step 1: Assign a name First things first. Power on your new computer. 6 .

7 . but others can’t guess. Choose a password that you can remember easily.Step 2: Create a password It’s a good idea to create a password for your account. You can enter one here. You can also enter a hint to help you remember it.

Step 3: Review usage agreement This step allows you to review and accept the agreements required for use of your new PC. Look over the agreements and check the boxes to accept the terms. 8 8 .

if presented with this dialog. 9 . we suggest choosing “Use recommended settings” in this step.Step 4: Choose an update setting Windows® 7 installs regular updates automatically to protect your PC and improve its performance. To get the most out of your experience.

10 .Step 5: Set your clock Now. select the time zone you live in.

11 . Windows 7 will automatically help you connect to it in this step. Just choose the right network and add the password if needed.Step 6: Choose a wireless network If a wireless network is present.

you’ll specify where your computer is located so Windows 7 can apply the correct settings.” 12 .Step 7: Select your location In this step. Most likely you’ll want to choose “Home network.

and videos—even printers. “Tell me more about home groups.” 13 .Step 8: Create a home group Creating a home group links computers on a network so you can share photos. To learn more. Before moving on. be sure to write down your passkey on page 30. click on the link. music.

Step 9: Allow setup to complete It takes Windows 7 just a moment to apply your settings. 14 . then your PC setup is complete.

You’re good to go Your new computer is set up. This—along with all the great things we’ve added—is how the Microsoft Signature enhances your PC experience. Now you can start enjoying it. and running Windows 7. enhanced. 15 . Part of the Microsoft Signature process involves altering or removing some of your computer’s software.

chat with friends. 16 .Setting up Windows Live Get more from your experience—share photos and videos. check email.

chat with friends—even write a blog.com. you’ll need to create your own Windows Live ID.Step 1: Create a Windows Live ID Share photos and videos.live. If you already have one. Windows Live® lets you get the most out of your new PC experience. sign up at http://home. skip to page 19. First. To get one. 17 .

Step 2: Activate your account In this step. you’ll fill in your information to complete the activation of your Windows Live ID account. 18 .

” 19 . You can also safely access files remotely when you are not on your home network. go to the search function at the bottom and type in “Link online IDs. click on the “Start” button below to bring up the “Start” menu. To begin.Step 3: Link your account Linking your Windows Live ID makes it even easier to share files and connect to other computers on a network. Within the “Start” menu.” Then click the search result that says “Link online IDs.

click on “How do I benefit from linking my online IDs?” 20 .” Click on it to continue. If you would like to learn more.Step 4: Select an account to link You will then be taken to a window that contains a link that says “Link online ID.

Step 5: Activate link with credentials This is the final step in completing your Windows Live ID link. accessing your home computer’s files from your work PC. 21 . Type in both your Windows Live ID and your password.” Now you can use your online ID to access your files remotely from other computers on a network—for example. Click “Sign in.

click on the envelope icon in the desktop taskbar.Access your Windows Live Mail Windows Live Mail brings together all your email accounts in one place along with multiple calendars. then follow the prompts. To access and activate your Windows Live Mail account. 22 .

Now you’re ready to start using your new Windows Live Mail account. 23 . you’ll be asked to enter your Windows Live ID and password. visit windowslive.Start using your new account Once you’ve completed the setup process. To learn more.com.

A quick overview of your new PC Your PC is loaded with features to make your life easier. 24 .

Installing additional 25 . Microsoft Security Essentials is a comprehensive package for your security needs. One of the and protection is Microsoft Security Essentials. the way you like it—without long wait times and interruptions. and that means it comes standard with some truly remarkable features.Trust Microsoft Security Essentials Your new computer came with Microsoft Signature. Microsoft Security Essentials is a powerful ally.

26 .Explore your new software Windows® Media Center Manage and enjoy your entire digital entertainment library with one easy-to-use application. files and libraries with ease between computers on your home network. HomeGroup Share printers. Zune® Organize and play your favorite tracks or discover new ones with Zune Marketplace. Internet Explorer® 9 The new Internet Explorer 9 gets you to the web faster with quicker load times and allows you to interact with web pages faster than ever before.

Yahoo!®.Explore Windows Live Essentials Live Mail No matter what email addresses you use—Windows Live Hotmail®. play games. then edit and share them with the world. Live Messenger Chat. 27 . share photos and much more. GmailTM or others—you can manage them all in one place with Live Mail. Live Photo Gallery Upload pics and videos to your PC. Live Movie Maker Create movies and slide shows from your photos and videos and send them to friends and family.

access and share up to 25 GB of files from anywhere online—with just a few clicks. and many more. customizable features. Live SkyDriveTM Store.Explore Windows Live Essentials Live Family Safety Monitor and regulate your child’s computer usage with smart. Live Writer Share photos and videos on almost any blog service— Windows LiveTM. TypePad®. LiveJournalTM. BloggerTM. WordPress. 28 .

visit http://signature.Information and support With Microsoft® Signature.microsoft. If you have questions during setup.com/support or call us at (877) 696-7786. 29 . You have 90 days of free tech support from date of purchase. getting started is easier than ever.

Then store this booklet in a safe place. passwords and other notes.Notes Write down your user names. User name Computer name Password Windows LiveTM ID user name Windows Live ID password Home group passkey Notes 30 .

31 .

com © 2011 Microsoft Corporation MSSIGN-112009 rev 09.microsoft.signature.11 .09.

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