Inclusive growth through Financila Inclusion -A Research Study

By M.Sarath Chandra W.Sai Abhishek Rao

and pro-poor growthµ.Inclusive growth y Inclusive growth basically means. ´broad based growth. shared growth. .

10th.11th five year plans .GDP in 9th.

Population under poverty line 28% of population is under poverty line .

Financial Inclusion y Financial inclusion is the delivery of financial services at affordable costs to sections of disadvantaged and low income segments of society y Benefits of financial Inclusion for any country .


Tools for financial inclusion y No frill Accounts y Micro Finance y Micro Insurance y GCC y Rural banking y Financial education .

Research study details y Sample size n=50 y Sampling method used is convenient sampling technique y Questions asked=8 y Age group= 20-25 y Confined to urban area .

How many has bank accounts .

Accounts in number of banks Frequency of account usage .

Type of banking services used .

Conclusion .

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