dates lecture#/event 9/1/2012 1 16/1/2012 2

teaching schedule Intro., Circuit theoretic background Impedance/freq. scaling, Magn. Approx. MFM & CHEB approx., freq. transformation phase approx., BT filter, Active RC filter (intro.) Second order active Rc filters, S &K, Infinite gain and multi OA filters, Sensitivity OTA-C filters, CC based filters, intro. To SC filters SC integ., BLT, parasitic insensitive SCF

23/1/2012 30/1/2012

3 4

6/2/2012 13/2/2012

5 6 MT break Test#1 & Lec#7 (syllab: lec 2-5) 8 9 10 11 Test#2 & Lect#12 (syllab: lec 6-10) 13 (Report subm)


Analysis using SPICE tools, UGA based SCF

5/3/2012 12/3.2012 19/3/2012 26/3/2012 2/4/2012

More on SCF, all-pole LC ladder Intro. To high order active filter, gyrator, GIC,FDNR High order active filter, Operational simul Operational simul (cont.), Integrated circuit filters Integ. Circ. Filters (cont.), Current mode filters


Current mode filters, Switched current filters

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