ICICI Foundation

What are we about? ‡ Aid different NGO·s for a better operation ‡ Pioneering work on health. education and access to finance ‡ Committed to investing in long-term efforts to support inclusive growth through effective interventions .

‡ They are non-profit Organizations ‡ Large NGOs may have annual budgets in hundreds of millions or billions of dollars.NGO¶s ‡ Non-Government Organizations ‡ Legally constituted organization created by natural or legal persons that operates independently from any government. .

Participation of NGO¶s ‡ Post video updates of them and their work on the FB page. ‡ Future aid to the environment from the NGO·s to be shared on FB page . ‡ Provide their work culture and contributions on the FB page.

The NGO aiding the activity. ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ .Action on FB Any recent or current activities in the NGO sector. News updates about top NGO·s in news Daily update on the voting for the best NGO Any awards for sweep during the tenure for the NGO·s ‡ The updates will be linked with the twitter account. hence updates will be tweeted simultaneously.

‡ There will be a real-time tracker for the amount generated each day by the NGO¶s. . ‡ Donator will click on the amount to be donated and drop it into the preferred NGO¶s box.Application for voting ‡ The leaves will be having denominations of the currency. ‡ The highest amount generated shall get the fund collected by ICICI Foundation.


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