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Klip Kertas Yang Melayang (English Version Wkwkwk)

Klip Kertas Yang Melayang (English Version Wkwkwk)

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Published by: Jamilah Maryam Kifli on Feb 29, 2012
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C R E A T E D By:

1. Annisa Biancika Jasmine 2. Atikah Rozanah Niri 3. Billy Dipta Yulio 4. Jamilah Maryam Kifli 5. M. Alief Rizky 6. M. Najmi Edharsyah

Teacher : Mrs. Limansa

Kelas IX ² 4 SMP Negeri 9 Palembang Tahun Ajaran 2011 ² 2012

Magnet 2. Yarn 5. Tie a paper clip using a thread. Conclusion: The stronger the magnetic power is more powerful magnet will attract metal objects nearby. which makes paper clips have limitations to stick to themagnet. Clamp & Stative 8. Friends show you that there is no shift that occurred in the paper when the paper clip is moved 4. Load / Stone 6. Base & Pole 9. Scotch tape 7. Carton / Metal 3.PAPER CLIP FLOAT Materials: 1. Hypothesis: The paper clip float can occur because: there is a paper clip on the magnetic field so that the magnet attracts paper clips. While the position paper clip is still bound to the thread taut and rated load. Cut out the paper into small size and let the paper the float with paper clips. Horizontal Stem Steps: 1. Paper Clip 4. and the other end of the thread is put on the pedestal stative use selotif 3. 2. Photo: . Clip it upright on a bar magnet clamps and glue cardboard to cover the magnets on the magnet.

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