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Prelims Questions

Prelims Questions

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Published by: Pushpendra Singh on Feb 29, 2012
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Marquee Quiz II Round 1 (Prelims) Time Allowed – 20 Minutes th Team Name: _____________________ Date: 29 February 2012 Participant 1: _____________________

Participant 2:_____________________ 1. A body of statistical techniques concerned with study of interrelationships among a certain set of variables, none of which is given the special status of a criterion variable. a)Secondary study b)Factor analysis c)Quantitaive analysis d)Primary Study 2. Sale of product or brand in one country generates demand in another country. This is a)Demand Spillover b) Brand Expansion c)Arbitrage d)Globalization 3. ** What is referred to as “bells and whistles”? a) adding nonessential features to make a product more appealing b) Providing freebies and prizes with a product to attract customers c) Undertaking promotions at local levels with RJs/ loudspeakers etc. d) Letting public agencies like IDA evaluate and recommend products 4. The term Marketing Myopia was coined by a) Philip Kotler b)Theodore Levitt c) David Mercer d)Michael Porter 5. The AIDA model is concerned with following factors except: a) Desire c) Interest b) Action d) Demand 6. AIDA is a : a) An environmental model c) A communication model b) A segmentation model d) A positioning model 7. Intensive distribution is used commonly for: a. High value items c. Items with short life cycles. b. Low price or impulse items. d. High price, non-impulse items. 8. Exclusive designer fashion stores generally adopt which strategy a. Price Skimming c.Price penetration b. Premium Pricing d.Loss Leading 9. **The businesses that set the prices at around the normal market level are a) Price Copiers c) Price Takers b) Me Too Brands d)Competitive pricing models 10. Marketing Managers often claim that their product has an USP which differentiates it from competitors products.USP stands for ____________________________________ 11. Market Research that explores the attitudes & opinions of customers is known as ____________________________________________ 12. A garments business in Rohtak decides it wants a markup of 65% on all items. If a particular product costs Rs. 120 to buy from the supplier, what will be its retail price? a. Rs. 130 b. Rs. 150 c. Rs. 185 d. Rs. 198
Star marked (**) Questions will be used for tie break. All other questions carry one mark each. There is no negative marking. Please attempt all the questions. Total Marks 28.

Intelligence Everywhere --- 21. Please attempt all the questions.Identify the company or brand: 13. India’s International Bank 15. There is no negative marking. Hum Hain Naa 16. Total Marks 28. Mark your presence Logos: -- __________________________ __________________________ 23) _________________ 24) ________________ 25) _________________ 26)** _________________ 27) _________________ 28) _________________ Star marked (**) Questions will be used for tie break. . All other questions carry one mark each. We only do what’s right for you -22. **Each artisan an Entrepreneur -19.. Experience our Expertise 20. 17. India’s No.1 Cement Company 14. Quality in Everything we do -_____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ ----- 18. ** I Think Therefore …….

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