Ronald Gillis P O Box 380842 Murdock, FL 33938 (413) 622-2282 February 29, 2012 Dear Senator Smith, It is with

great sadness and disgust that I write this. Just prior to Monday's 4:45 meeting, my wife and I drove over six hours and 360 miles to witness the most disgusting corruption of politics by yourself & Senator Latvala. My wife has been involved in local government politics in Pennsylvania for years, and was one of the last to give a speech at that meeting where she was holding back crying. Many, including myself, had driven many hours and miles to have our Constitutionally guaranteed rights to be heard trampled on in what was clearly a well orchestrated meeting. All the Senators in that room took, including you, an oath to defend the Constitution, which you all violated that day. But even worse was your criminal conduct of having your vote bought by Senator Latvala, when you stated "you owe me one." If you even think violating Florida Statutes because "that's the way it's done" is acceptable, you should resign your position. I cannot go out and rob a bank and justify that "because I needed the money." You should not have your vote for sale, and more importantly, you should represent the people of Florida, which you failed to do on Monday, and with your hesitation, it was clear what you did. Getting back to my wife, she grew up in a Republican family, but switched to the Democratic party because she felt Democrats better represented the people, but your conduct was nothing short of a disgrace. You should do all in your power to rectify your actions immediately.

Ronald Gillis
Ron Gillis

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