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Transplantation - Practical Manual of Abdominal Organ Transplantation - 2002

Transplantation - Practical Manual of Abdominal Organ Transplantation - 2002

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Hepatobiliary imaging with technetium 99m IDA (iminodiacetic acid) deriv-
atives is valuable in diagnosing and characterizing acute and chronic biliary
disease, biliary obstruction, and biliary atresia. Multiple-gated acquisition scans
(MUGAs) are used to evaluate the leftventricular ejection fraction. Bone scans
are useful in the workup of metastases in patients with history of hepatocellular

22.1.2. Kidney

The diagnostic imaging evaluation of potential renal donors has been tradi-
tionally performed with duplex ultrasound of the kidneys, intravenous urograms,
and conventional arteriograms, preferably, selective renal arteriograms. However,
MRA and CTA, also effective in evaluating the vascular supply of potential donor
kidneys, are quickly replacing other modalities.

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