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Katie Wrobbel May 9, 2011 ITIP Lesson Plan: Functional Words-Pet Supplies & Pharmacy Standard: Extended GLCEs

Benchmark 11th grade R.WS.11.EB06 Read with developing fluency a variety of grade level appropriate narrative, informational, and functional text. R.WS.11.EB07 Determine the meaning of words and phrases in context (e.g., similes, metaphors, content vocabulary), using strategies and resources (e.g., context clues, semantic feature analysis, thesaurus). Objective: TWL will begin to correctly pair the word with the picture for 5 new pharmacy words, prescription, pill box, bandage, thermometer, and ointment, through various educational activities assessed through teacher observations. Anticipatory Set: Review some of the old words- Pet supplies Rawhide flea powder collar leash Read through them using the Elmo Read sentences from workbook ask students to identify the correct piece of pet supplies for the given sentence Justin made his dog wear this in case it got lost. Mandys dog pulled tight on this as t hey walked down the street Fred washed his dogs with this so little bugs would not get in its fur. Steph bought this for her dog to chew on

Input Task Analysis

Modeling: I will read through the various new vocabulary words using the Elmo- after I read the word and show the picture I will give a brief explanation about the item including use, characteristics and any other necessary information. - show real life example. Have students hold the different item Functional words to cover: prescription, pill box, bandage, thermometer, and ointment 1. Read word - Have it shown up on the big screen 2. Focus on the beginning sound and letters of the word(s) 3. Show the picture 4. State a scenario where this piece of pharmacy supplies would be used.

5. Show actual object Example: cough drops 1. Say Cough Drops- place text on the Elmo, projected so the whole class can see : this is a small piece of candy that has medicine in it 2. Place emphasis on the Cough Drops notice that it is two words 3. Show the picture of bags of Halls Cough Drops 4. When I have a bad cold in the winter time, sometimes my throat gets really scratchy so have one of these to make my throat feel better and makes me cough less. 5. Show each student an actual cough drop, have them hold it. prescription:medicines given by doctors After going to the doctor, Jenny took these to get filled. pill box: place to put pills Mr. Blake filled this with his pills for the next week bandage: strip of fabric used to cover wounds Nate put this small, brown pad over the cut on his finger thermometer: takes your temperature Ms. W used this to see what the babys temperature was ointment: cream with medicine in it To help his cut heal, Alex put this cream on it. Guided Practice: As a whole class we will read through the various words with the pictures chorally. Then we will work through the note sheet as a class. I will ask for student input when applicable. See if they are able to come up with some of the words to fill the blanks on their own. (See attached worksheet) Then we will move to a sorting activity, allows the students to differentiate the two categories of the functional words. I will write two categories on the whiteboard. One side will say Pharmacy Words and the other will be Pet Supplies. I will give each student a couple of index cards and have them each read the word, then stick it on the whiteboard under the correct category. I will model for the students first what I am expecting them to do. Then one at a time they will say the word then move to put it on the whiteboard in the correct category. We will work as a class to put as many cards as time allows into the correct categories. Independent Practice: (If time allows) I will pair students into groups of two. First, they will each get a set of cards. Then they will play a matching game with the cards. They will have to match the text to the picture. Each student will have the opportunity to read the words, correctly pair the words with the picture and begin to put the word into their memory.

Closure: Talk through with the students how they are going to be using both the pharmacy and pet supplies word in their own daily lives. Whether it be working at a job or at home with different animals and pets, or if you are sick/get hurt you will need to know these words. Thinking Levels 1. Knowledge: matches the correct functional word with its picture, define what each word is, and recognizes that each word fits into a bigger category 2. Comprehension: generalizes the functional words to their own lives/situations in which they have come in contact with these various items, and has the ability to explain what each of the word is to another person. 3. Application: demonstrates board understanding by correctly identifying which category the functional word fits under. 4. Analysis: selects the correct picture for each vocabulary word, by matching the word with the picture in the matching game. Learning Styles: Auditory: Verbally reciting each word, hearing an explanation and description and talking through the words themselves with the class as they complete the sorting activity. Visual: seeing the words and the picture on the Elmo during the first read through, visually placing the functional words into the correct categories on the whiteboard and writing various key words and functional words on their note sheet. Tactile: holding the vocabulary words them during the sorting activity, writing the words out on the note sheet and the movement of the matching game Differentiated Instruction: Higher group will be able to read the words without the pictures after a certain amount of exposure and practice. Lower Group will be able to match the word with the picture, and begin to read the words by looking at the beginning sounds. Method: Lecture Note taking Sorting activity Group matching game Materials: Functional Word note cards (both pet supplies and pharmacy) Elmo Fill in the blank worksheet/note sheet Pencil Whiteboard Sticky tack

Closure: Talk through with the students how they are going to be using both the pharmacy and pet supplies word in their own daily lives. Whether it be working at a job or at home with different animals and pets, or if you are sick/get hurt you will need to know these words. Whip around pass: ask each student how they would use one of the words they learned today in their own life. Assessment: After repeated exposure and consistent practice with the functional words, I will assess whether or not the student is able to 1) pair the correct word with the correct picture and 2) read the word without the picture clue (if appropriate for students comprehension level) Reflection