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AP Literature Terms Practice Quiz

AP Literature Terms Practice Quiz

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Published by: minika94 on Feb 29, 2012
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AP Literature Terms ± Practice Quiz y Lyric poem in which the speaker reveals himself by telling about an event in his

life _________________________ y Love poem with five three-line stanzas (tercets) and one four-line stanza (quatrain) with much repetition of lines ______________ y y Japanese verse in three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables __________________________ Humorous or nonsense verse written in five-line stanzas with an aabba rhyme scheme _______________________ y y y y y y y y A 14 line poem with a specific rhyme scheme __________________ Poem of 5 short lines _________________________ A song or piece of music sun or played at dawn _____________________ A short, to-the-point poem, that is often critical _____________________ A set number of lines; a specific rhyme scheme and meter _________________ A lyric poem that deals seriously with profound areas of human life ______________ A long narrative poem that tells that story of a hero _________________________ A group of lines with a metrical order and rhyme scheme; similar to a paragraph in prose ______________________ y A ³song of sixes´ with six six-line stanzas, and six end words in a certain order __________________________ y y Lyric poetry describing the rural life of the shepherd _____________ Narrative poem that tells a story and is usually meant to be sung; often passed down through the oral tradition ________________ y No rhyme scheme or meter; the words may appear on the page in any arrangement _____________________________ y y y y y Poem lamenting in the death of an individual _____________________ Poetry that conveys emotions to produce a single effect __________________ Poetry that tells a story Poetry written to entertain, sum as a limerick ___________________ Rhyming poetry with distorted meaning in order to fit the rhyme _______________

y The oldest form of literature. written in lines and stanzas rather than sentences and paragraphs ___________________________ y y y The pattern or design of a poem ________________________ Unrhymed lines of iambic pentameter ______________________ Unrhymed lines without regular meter ___________________________ .

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