Fengjun Li, Xukai Zuo, Peng Liu,Jake Y Chen

Presented By : Syed Jibranuddin 

Huge amounts of Data digitalized 
For medical research , public health, and other Health related services  Reduced Costs  Improved health care quality and efficiency 

Major Concern 
Security  Privacy  Highly sensitive to patients 

Identifier Attributes 
Name , SSN etc. 

Quasi- Identifier Attributes 
Gender, Zip code etc. 

Sensitive Attributes 

Protection of Privacy of Patients 
Protection of EHR  Abuse by Authorized  Avoiding Re-identification  Access by Outsiders 

Use of Data De-Identification and data anonymization 
To avoid disclosure any information/sensitive data

Web Largest Source of Personal Info. 
Social Networking Sites Facebook, MySpace  Sophisticated Information Retrieval Techniques and advancement in Search Techniques in Search Engines

1. Attacks on Health Care Records
‡ Published EHR De-Identified and Anonymized. ‡ Sensitive attributes learned from Non-Sensitive attributes with aid of external Knowledge. ‡ Re-identification Attacks Depends on Amount of External Knowledge ‡ Another Privacy attack Misfeasance of sensitive Medical data

2. Attacks from External sources ‡ Online Social Networks (OSN s) ‡ Educational and working experience ‡ Medical experiences ‡ Attacker Aggregate info. From different online resources
‡ Associative attributes like email id , account names ‡ Advance searching and IR techniques

3. Real-World Case Study

Attacks with approximate information ‡ Adversaries gets valuable info. With Nontechnical Intrusion ‡ Most cases Info from Non digital sources inaccurate ‡ K Approximate Anonymity ??

K approximate anonymity
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Data Set D and Dist. Fn. - dist(r1,r2) If there exist k-1 records in dataset such that: Dist (r1,r2)<= L, (L = preset threshold) then D satisfies K Approximate Anonymity
With larger L people less identifiable. People with Longer and unusual names are more vulnerable.

‡ Medical Records + Web = Privacy Vulnerabilities ‡ Multiple Info. Sources used by attackers ‡ Aggregation, inference, attribution User profile with highly sensitive and private info. ‡ Identifiable IR and data mining techniques ‡ Inaccurate info can lead to identification of targets with the aid of external resources.

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