Joshua West - Course details.

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Today's Date: Event Title: Consultant's Email: Consultant's First Name: Consultant's Last Name: Company: Contact's Name: Contact's Number: Contact's Job Title: Email Address: Category: 22 02 2012 Digital Revolution Media Conference Craig Banister Web Tech Law Paul Jacobson 0114405132 Owner 116 Dear Paul,

Please find information on the Digital Revolution Media Conference and find out how your company can benefit by applying the following concepts: · Your company has an opportunity to see how it is possible to reach out and expand your customer base through the Digital Media Revolution. · See which Digital Business Models are generating Income for Companies right now. · Why and How to build a social media business platform to maximise your company’s exposure on the Internet. · What are the upcoming future developments in Digital Platforms and Digital Marketing and how to take advantage of them now. · Excellent Networking Opportunities that can influence the profitability of your company. · And much more!


Date: 14th + 15th March 2012 Venue: Diaz On Surrey Boutique Hotel – Randburg, Johannesburg

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2012/03/01 7:06 AM

Joshua West - Course details.

Please fill in attached Booking Form to insure your participation in an opportunity for future growth for your Company.

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: (021) 556-7718 : (021) 556-7706 :079 837 7421

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If you need anything further please don't hesitate to contact our representative Craig Banister on 021 556 7718.


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