The Secrets of Diksha

Why is Diksha obligatory for a disciple ? What are the fundamental basics of a Diksha ? What is the significance of the various Dikshas ? Which Diksha should I take ?
Please click here for another article containing details of various Dikshas. Another article on Shaktipaat Diksha is listed here. Diksha is a unique and rare process of making the life of a disciple more pure, more enlightened and more successful. Generally a human being remains under the sway of bad karmas of past lives which do not allow him to make the desired level of progress in spite of hard work and sincere efforts. In such cases nothing can work better than Dikshas to remove the baneful effects of past Karmas and propel a Sadhak onwards on the path of success. Just as a cloth has to be washed thoroughly to free it of stubborn stains similarly Diksha is a method adopted by a Guru to free the disciple of his mental, physchological and physical drawbacks so that he could make good progress with a free mind in the spheres of spiritualism and materialism. Diksha is the foundation of a disciple, fuel of the spiritual life, completeness of the mind, basis of the fusion with Shiva and the path to reach one's destination. This type of soul has three shackles-body, age and pleasure, which can be completely subdued by the help of Diksha. New energy can be transferred into the Sadhak, thus enlightening him and helping him in the success of Sadhnas and the realisation of God. Diyate Gyan Sadbhavan Shiyate Pashu Bhaavana, Danshapan Sanyukta Diksha Teneh Keertita. i.e. The act, by which teachings are given and by which all kinds of animal instincts are demolished, which is granted by Gurudev in charity is known as Diksha.

What actually is Diksha?
It is a subtle transfer of the divine energy of a Guru into the heart, soul and body of a disciple. This pure energy initiates a process of change in the person which ultimately

leads to destruction of all evil and negative tendencies, and spurt of creative and positive powers which encourage him to strive for the highest and best in both the spiritual and material fields. When the Guru gives Diksha a flow of energy takes place from Him to the disciple, which can be in any form - spoken words in the form of Mantras, subtle radiation emitted from the eyes or gentle warmth from a touch on the forehead with the thumb. But the Sadguru is not limited to these means. Instead He can transfer His energy across continents and give Diksha through the medium of a photograph as well. But Diksha cannot be had so easily as it seems. Firstly only when one's good luck is running does one have the inclination to go in for spiritual initiation. Then secondly one has to find or come across a real Guru who can transform one's life. And even if one does one has to devote oneself fully to benefit from the Diksha.

Diksha is Important
Diksha Moolo Japah,Sarvah Diksha Moolam Param Tapah. Diksha Mashoitey Nirset Yatra Kutrashrame Vasan. (Kularnav Tantra) Diksha is the foundation of every kind of worship and penance, therefore a Sadhak must always avoid long methods and adopt the easy way. Receiving Diksha is such a way. A Guru who cannot grant Diksha is not fit to be a Guru, he is a fraud. An Ashram without the tradition of Diksha is just like a desert. Unless there is arrangement of transferring spiritual energy, it cannot be called an Ashram. A real Guru is the one who knows the methods of Diksha, because it is the only power which transfers knowledge and wisdom into the disciple. Even though he is sinful, he is freed from all bondages. Dikshya Moksha Deepen Chandalopi Vimuchayate -Kularnav Tantra In fact Diksha is the greatest treasure, boon of life, basis of the fusion with Shiva and a system by which a human being transforms into Maheshwar. The Sadhak not only achieves divinity, but also gets Gurudev's power.

Diksha, initiates the flow of true life
What is meant by Guru? The task of the Guru is to fuse himself with the soul of the disciple, so that his inner faults are demolished as quickly as possible, thus converting

Shambhvi Diksha 2. which is a barrier to his success in Sadhna and realisation of God. a charity given by Guru which is useful in laying the foundation and upbringing of life. His soul is affected by all such shackles. I have already cleared that Diksha is the greatest boon of our life. The Guru shows us that such kind of animal life is useless. Only by wisdom can we understand how to make our life holy and sanctified. in his house. so that his wealth and success increase. Diksha is differentiated into three categories according to the Tantra scriptures: 1. He is totally impure. pleasure and sin? Can a person avoid doing undesirable deeds? It is not at all possible for a normal person to avoid such things. Shaakt Diksha 3.him into an enlightened being. Yantra. It is possible because whenever the disciple thinks about Sadhna. Mantri Diksha . and thus wants to place. The Guru can do this either by preaching. The God has given us human form not to waste our life. Diksha: A process of purifying life Now a question arises. even when he is living in adverse atmosphere. It is his wish to perform pure Sadhnas and to be successful in them. He cannot live on wild-berries in a jungle. has faith in the energy of Mantra and the techniques of Tantra.e. This wisdom itself is known as Diksha. First of all the Guru preaches about the original state of the disciple. In fact the disciple is full of faults and sins. what the disciple must do to receive Diksha and the steps by which he must proceed? Is it necessary to take Diksha periodically or only one Diksha is enough? Can the Sadhaks given to pleasure make their lives pure? Can people living in adverse circumstances free themselves from the bondages of attachment. He has to literally struggle for the achievement of worldly happiness. it is clear that he has respect for Gurudev. their fused energy i. He wants to make his ambition come true with the help of Sadhnas. by giving Diksha or by the transfer of energy. but to know our potentialities. As a result he comes under the influence of Maya.

The Ten Mahavidya Dikshas including Kamala. Matangi and Tara etc. because during the Diksha the Guru transfers to his disciple a part of his infinite divine powers which help in the awakening of the dormant Shakti (energy) in the disciple.But these Dikshas are only suitable for people who have devoted their lives to Tantra. because each Diksha helps in sanctifying a part of his soul and this must be continued until all of some specific Dikshas are obtained namely. to have full faith in Him and to regularly chant the Guru Mantra given by the Guru as specified by Him. This might seem a very easy thing to do but it is most challenging to keep up with this practice lifelong. The more one devotes one self in the Guru after having had this Diksha the more benefit one gets of the immense divine powers of the Guru. Stages of Diksha The first Diksha a Guru gives is called Guru diksha in which the Master takes upon Himself all responsibility of the disciple. Shatru Daman Diksha for victory over foes in disputes etc. Kali. For accomplishing the Sadhnas of the Mahavidyas. Sheeghra Vivah Diksha for quick marriage. Manokamna Poorti Diksha for fulfilment of wishes. problems. If the Guru assumes total responsibility it also becomes the duty of the disciple to devote himself fully in the feet of the Guru. Kayakalp Diksha for perfect health. But this is in now way a one way process. suggestions and warnings regarding future dangers back to the disciple. to immerse himself in His love. Karya Safalta Diksha for success in some particular task. What path should the worldly people follow? The right and perfect balance between Siddhi and Pleasure (Bhog) can be attained only by following the path shown by the Sadguru because people related to one's life intentionally or unintentionally interfere into the personal life due to which the power of the Sadhna or its effects become feeble and minimised and success in the Sadhna keeps eluding. Hence they cannot lead a family life. obtaining their individual Dikshas is essential. The disciples should keep obtaining Dikshas in the same sequence as given in Shastras. . And this regular spiritual communication proves to be a very subtle yet strong link between the disciple and the Guru through which all desires. Sarva Baadha Nivarann Diksha for riddance from specific problems. Then besides Guru Diksha the master can give many more Dikshas depending on what specific problem one faces in life or what sort of success one desires in life. Kundalini Jagran Diksha for spiritual upliftment and activation of Kundalini. Among some of such Dikshas are Lakshmi Diksha for wealth. Sammohan Diksha for a hypnotic personality. thoughts of the disciple are conveyed to the Guru and thus it enables Him to transmit solutions.

This procedure of transfer of spiritual strength can be accomplished only by a Guru. of soul awakening.Thus it can be seen that there are Dikshas for all purposes and through them the Guru transfers a particular type of power which enables the disciple to overcome the very problem he faces. bad stars or misfortune that are causing him or her trouble. This procedure is not so easy as it appears. the same way in order to cleanse the soul and to enlighten it. whose intention is to uplift his disciple in every aspect. a Guru with his kind grace imparts in his disciple. Shaktipaat Diksha is one of the most powerful forms of Diksha. The Guru through His gaze or by touch of His thumb on the Third Eye of a disciple activates certain points in this part which enable the latter to gain much in the area related to that particular point. But this does not imply that once the disciple obtains Diksha. some power of penance and spiritual strength assimilated in his own body so that the disciple is able to achieve full success or Siddhi in the field of Sadhna practices. In that situation. In a nut shell this implies that the disciple is facing failure in his Sadhna due to some obscure reasons and his body has not yet attained as much spiritual strength as is essential for the achievement of success. The power transferred by the Guru also acts in another manner when it nullifies the evil effects of his past Karmas. he should feel that now rest of the task. A Guru also acquires spiritual power with tenacious efforts and then accumulates it inside his body. Just as a body is cleansed daily by taking a bath. Besides Sadhanas for material gains there are Dikshas for the specific purpose of spiritual upliftment too. Such Dikshas ensure success in Sadhanas and Mantra rituals and could enable one to have the divine glimpse of one's deity. And once this happens then not only is the problem easily solved rather one makes swift progress in life. to provide him totality and to give him strength so that the disciple can emerge successful in his Sadhna and can realise the authencity of Mantra and Tantra. is of the Guru and neither should he start to lead a life of indulgence. it is necessary to keep obtaining new Dikshas. . necessary for success. Shaktipaat Diksha This procedure of transferring the spiritual power is termed as Shaktipaat. The reason for his failure may be the influence of his previous life or he may be committing some kind of error during Sadhna or he may not have concentrated his mind thoroughly during Sadhna. The disciple can also conquer his material obstacles through his divine powers and in this way can attain fulfillment in his life. When a Guru feels that his disciple wants to get success in Sadhna through his continuous service for the Guru and he has also performed some Sadhna practices but due to certain reasons he is not getting success in his Sadhna. forcibly.

Also although one should feel free to relate one's problems openly to the Guru. Although Guru Diksha links one subtly to the Guru's soul still from time to time one should personally meet the Guru even though one might not be facing any problem. By putting in just 1% effort one could thus achieve success in a Sadhana amazingly fast. So never hesitate to take the Diksha even though at present you might not feel it to be necessary. for the Guru takes upon Himself the responsibility of making one succeed. Without doubt Diksha is the greatest boon of life and through it one can not just fulfil one's worldly wishes rather one could also attain divinity. yet it is always better to let the Guru decide which Diksha would suit one the best because a Guru can easily peer into the future and He would be more aware than the disciple how the latter should be equipped to tackle the current problem and those that might arise in the future. Only the Guru knows well which point has to be pressed in which way so as to help the disciple gain what he wishes to. Another very important purpose of Diksha is to ensure success in Sadhanas or Mantra rituals. easy and unfailing path to success and glory in life provided of course one has unmoving faith in the Guru and His powers. Diksha: when and which There are no auspicious or inauspicious moments as far as the Guru is concerned and whenever a person approaches Him with full faith and some problem to be solved a true Guru would never hesitate to give Diksha. But as far as the disciple is concerned for him the best moments are when he has fully devoted himself in the Guru. If one has had Diksha before one starts some Mantra or Tantra Sadhana then success becomes 99% assured.There are actually 32 subtle points on the spot known as the Third Eye on the forehead. for then if he obtains some Diksha he is able to imbibe the flow of energy fully. Very similarly there are 16 points of each in the Thumb of the Guru and by matching similar points in His thumb and on the forehead of the disciple Guru can activate all or some points and bestow specific benefits on the disciple by making some of His energy to flow into a specific point or points. In short this is a quick. . And if the Guru suggests some Dikshas it means that He wishes to prepare you for some future eventuality. 16 of these relate to spiritual accomplishments and 16 to material accomplishments. This process is actually nothing but the Guru's method of transmitting His divine energy through the Third Eye into specific centre's on the Kundalini of the Sadhak. The boons of Dikshas are limitless and one could go on enumerating them till ever. Every centre of the Kundalini has special powers and if even one capability is awakened it can prove enough to make a disciple uniquely successful in life.

12. 13. It is preferable to take Diksha in person. a Diksha to awaken all "Shata Chakras" (six chakras). Kanakdhara Diksha a Diksha for incessant flow of money. Shambhavi Diksha 5. Kundalini Jagran Diksha 10. One might need to take Dikshas again and again to achieve success.The Diksha is granted free of cost by Pujya Gurudev. However. Gyan Diksha 3. it will remove some past bad karmas and one might have a big stock of past bad karmas. to attain the totality of knowledge. Apsara Diksha to Siddh (to control) an Apsara. Shishyabhishek Diksha 8. Kuber Diksha to attain the riches and prosperity permanently. 15. Some of these Dikshas are1. Indra Vaibhav Diksha to attain fame and wealth. Sampoorn Sammohan Diksha to acquire the art of attracting everyone. Sammohan Diksha to acquire extraordinary attraction in the body. 19. Ashta Lakshmi Diksha a special Diksha to get unusual opulence. . 17. 23. Dhanvantri Diksha to attain the perfect state of health. as each time. to attain "Shivamaya" after receiving "Shivatava".like getting rich. Guru Diksha 2. Special Diksha means that you can get your desires and wishes fulfilled through it . The prayer expenses money goes towards charitable causes through Dr. famous. 16. 21. The scriptures have quoted many different Dikshas covering the variety of spheres in life. Each Diksha has many stages. with different desires and wishes can take recourse to different types of initiation. Narayan Dutt Shrimali Foundation International Charitable Trust Society. good children etc. An extraordinary personality can be attained by this Diksha having seven stages. Transferring of Guru's Tapa-Energy into the disciple's body to attain the "Ultimate Truth" of the life. popular. 22. Mahalakshmi Diksha to get the monetary benefits and attaining prosperity. Jeevan Marg Diksha 4. taking Diksha once is not enough. 20. to transform an ordinary child into intelligent being. Guru Diksha is the initial. Different people. 18. to attain extraordinary knowledge and increase in brilliance. but taking Diksha on a photograph also has some good effects. Shatru Samharak Diksha to overcome the enemies. starting base. Shaktipat Yukt Kundalini Jagran Diksha becoming a disciple through the first initiation. In short whatever you wish for can be fulfilled only through special Diksha. Sabar Diksha to get success in a Tantrik Sadhana. Garbhastha Shishu Chaitanaya Diksha 11. To enlighten an offspring in the womb. Chakra Jagran Diksha 6. 14. Aacharyabhishek Diksha 9. complete surrender of oneself to become a perfect disciple. Vidya Diksha 7. Kundalini Jagran Diksha Kundalini Jagran Diksha is attained on a photograph through a photograph of a disciple. getting a good life partner. to make the life lively.

to overcome the enemies. Veer Diksha to do the Veer Sadhana. Panchanguli Diksha to get perfection in the palmistry. Rin Mukti Diksha 25. 39. Menaka Diksha 30. Swarnprabha Yakshini Diksha 31. Sadhana Diksha 34. to get the unanticipated money. 52. 58. to attain the Siddhi (to control) to ruin somebody 55. to attain youthfulness and get rid of aging. Kritya Diksha completely. Hairamb Diksha to please the Lord Ganapati. to attain perfection in chemistry and mercury 36. Swasthaya Diksha to attain the disease free health. General Vaital Diksha to get control over Vaital. 53. Chaakshusmati Diksha to increase the eye vision. 60. 43. 63. Sondaryottama Diksha 29. Raseshwari Diksha science. Krishanatava Guru Diksha world. Poorna Vaibhav Diksha 32. 59. Bhoot Diksha a Diksha to control ghosts completely. Jagdamba Siddhi Diksha to please the goddess Jagdamba. 45. to attain the physical success in life. to get the powers of the spiritual masters of the 62. Sondarya Diksha to attain the rare beauty. 61. . 42. Urvasi Diksha 28. 57. Brahma Diksha to attain the divine powers. Vaayu Diksha to make oneself as light as air. Tara Yogini Diksha to get the unexpected money. 38. 54. Sarpa Diksha to get rid of snake bite and life security from it. 50. 37.24. to link the previous birth Sadhana to this birth. 40. Rog Nivaran Diksha to get rid of all the diseases. a Diksha to invigorate and to attain full enlightenment. 48. 41. Poornatava Diksha a Diksha to attain the Totality in the life. 49. to increase the beauty. to attain the extraordinary power of the Lord Shiva. 56. to attain perfection in music. to get all types of luxuries and wealth. 46. Kaal Gyan Diksha to attain the knowledge of Time (Kaal). Shatopanthi Diksha 26. 47. Sammohan Diksha an important Diksha having three stages. 44. to get success in Tantrik Sadhanas. Navarna Diksha to siddha (control) the Tripower (Trishakti). Aagya Chakra Jagran Diksha to attain the rare vision. Shighra Vivaha Diksha for early marriage. Garbhastha Shishu Offspring in a womb gets the samskars of a Kundalinin Jagran Diksha Superhuman. 51. Gandharva Diksha 33. Baglamukhi Diksha to get rid of debts. Chaitanaya Diksha 27. Anang Rati Diksha to attain beauty and youth power. Karna Pisachini Diksha to know the past and present of an individual. Special Vaital Diksha to get control over Vaital completely. Tantra Diksha 35. Aghor Diksha to get full success in Shiv Sadhanas.

shtml Secret of Shaktipaat Diksha Human life is the greatest boon from the side of Nature. Haadi-Kaadi Diksha 65. to get control over Kapila Yogini. One should become the disciple of such Guru and get various Dikshas from Him so that the completeness of the soul and the life can be attained. Aayurved Diksha 66. Only a person who becomes curious about the spiritual world and the science of Mantra and Tantra can be called truly fortunate because for him can open the doors to totality. The soul travels in the sky by this Diksha. to attain the knowledge of infinite secrets of the Universe. Ganapati Diksha 81. to end the shackles of life. In reality it is only by good fate that a person is able to get Diksha. Deerghaayu Diksha 71. to get a big span of life. But only a person who has found a Sadguru in his life can hope to make spiritual progress and attain to such an elevated Till he does this he has to go through the cycle of birth and death again and again. to attain the knowledge of Jeeva (soul) and Brahma. Kapila Yogini Diksha 80. Vaagdevi Diksha to get control over sleep. to get the desired pregnancy. which are the actual manifestations of the process of getting Diksha. Paashupaateya Diksha 79. to attain special distinction in the field of Astrology. to get special powers of Sanyasi. According to the text Vivek Chodamanni composed by Bhagwatpad Shankaracharya it is very difficult to be born as a human and still more difficult to become a Purush or a complete man. and he/she are initiated into a process of coming close to his Guru by obeying His instructions. to fuse oneself with the Lord Shiva. hunger and thirst. Note: http://www. Nikhileshwaranand Diksha 70. to please the Lord Ganapati and getting their special blessings. Garbha Chayan Diksha 69. to get every type of comfort and wealth in the life. Siddhashram Pravesh Diksha 75. The highest aim of human life is realisation of the self and of the Supreme. to get the powers from the spiritual Master (guru). Varahmihir Diksha 67. Sodash Apsara Diksha 76. Brahmanand Diksha 78. Aakash gaman Diksha 72. paves the way to enter into Siddhashram. Kriya Yog Diksha 74.siddhashram. Shodasi Diksha 77. to attain special distinction in the field of Aayurved. death and Karma. . Tantrokta Guru Diksha 68. to get the capacity to speak profoundly. a diksha for attaining sixteen Kalas "Tripur Sundari " Sadhana.64. Nirbeej Diksha 73.

Details of Some Dikshas Diksha is the basic initiation. This is an act of kindness and love which the master does and it cannot be repaid by wealth or gifts. The chances of success in Sadhanas are increased manifold by taking Special Shaktipaat Diksha as during Shaktipaat Diksha. What more those desirous of spiritual progress have attained to the awakening of the Kundalini and gain of powers like clairvoyance and telepathy. banishment of poverty and gain of wealth. and keeps on guiding the disciple all the time to perfection. One such great Guru worshipped even by the gods and goddesses and revered by all Yogis and Rishis is Paramhans Sadgurudev Swami Nikhileshwaranand who has transferred the elixir of his divine powers into millions of lives and saved them from perils and whose divine work on earth continues to be done by the three revered Gurus at present.” Through Shaktipaat Diksha amazing results have accrued for different Sadhaks – riddance from incurable diseases. Revered Gurudev transfers a part of His own . For this he needs the help of an accomplished master who could instil his own spiritual power into the person and destroy his weaknesses. The process of instilling of his divine power into a disciple by a master is called Shaktipaat Diksha which can be done by a touch of the hand on the forehead. In fact nothing is impossible through Shaktipaat Diksha and it is a sure way of completely transforming ones life for the better. employment for those without jobs. In return the master only asks for true love for the Divine and unwavering faith. it is a sort of agreement between a disciple and his Guru in which the disciple accepts him as his Guru. There have been individuals who have never even read or heard about Yogic practices and Prannayam and yet after having got Shaktipaat they automatically started to perform amazing Yogic practices with the greatest ease. He has to be a Sadguru who is one among the elite Rishis and Yogis of the holy spiritual land of Siddhashram. And more importantly each Sadhak performed the practice that would ensure his spiritual progress and none else. The Guru watches over the disciple continuously. a mere look or even by gazing at a photograph for a person remotely situated. with a promise to strictly adhere to his instructions and orders. and similarly the Guru takes upon Himself the entire responsibility to take the disciple to the highest levels of success and perfection. Not every Guru is capable of performing Shaktipaat. Only when one is physically and mentally pure does the divine energy that is within spurts forth and one has the glimpse of the immortal soul. marriage of those who were earlier unable to find the right match and many more. It is very difficult for an ordinary person in the present age to become free of these evil tendencies on his own. In his own words – “I have given Shaktipaat Diksha to millions.But for this realisation to occur it is necessary to free the body and the mind of all impurities. debts and problems.

shtml Some Dikshas : GURU DIKSHA MAHALAKSHMI DIKSHA SHIGRA KAARYA SIDDHI DIKSHA TARA DIKSHA KAMALA DIKSHA BAGLAMUKHI DIKSHA BHUVANESHWARI DIKSHA . Some of these books are "Diksha".org/booklist. Ideally. However the face should be clearly visible on the photograph. get success in some Sadhana. Guru Diksha is the basic foundation for spiritual and material success. "Diksha Sanskar". The Diksha is granted free of cost by Revered Gurudev.spiritual penance power into the disciple to steer him towards success. financial. you should meet Revered Gurudev personally to discuss about problems. There are various stages of each Diksha and ideally one should discuss about Diksha personally with revered Gurudev. One normally takes Shaktipaat Diksha to solve some personal problems (marital. "Vishwa Ki Shreshtth Dikshaayen" etc. A partial catalog of these books is available at our website at www. There are various types of Shaktipaat Dikshas for various purposes. success in meditation. The books are available in English. The Shaktipaat Diksha is a special Diksha. etc. and can be of any size. Narayan Dutt Shrimaliji has various books in simple. ). activation of Kundalini. However. Only thus can one achieve spiritual and material totality in life. You may either get Diksha from Gurudev personally or the Diksha may be granted on a photograph.siddhashram. The photograph should be a recent one. Dikshas etc. a token amount is charged for each Diksha which goes towards charitable causes through Dr. plans. domestic etc. Whenever one finds a true Guru in life one should take Diksha from a Guru and give place to him in one's heart. Hindi and other languages. easy to understand language about Diksha. Revered Gurudev has written various books You should read the booksDetailed description about Dikshas Revered Gurudev Dr. Aayurveda etc. Narayan Dutt Shrimali Foundation International Charitable Trust Society. spiritual upliftment.

No ancient text says that poverty is a virtue. one rosary round of Chetna Mantra and one rosary round of Gayatri Mantra daily with Sfatik Rosary. Remember Diksha is the basis of success in a Sadhak's life. And Mahalakshmi Diksha is a means of changing one's fortune and to get rid of poverty. Money is a power through which 90% of one. You should always wear the Guru Pitambar (shawl) while performing Sadhana and chanting Mantras . However. so that he could enjoy all pleasures and take proper care of his family. TOP SHIGRA KAARYA SIDDHI DIKSHA . It is not a wrong wish at all.TRIPUR SUNDARI DIKSHA DHOOMAVATI DIKSHA TRIPUR BHEIRAVI DIKSHA MAHAKALI DIKSHA CHHINMASTA DIKSHA GURU DIKSHA Guru Diksha is the first step of spiritual initiation. It won't be an exaggeration to state that a person has no value in the present times if he is poor. you need to take care to maintain the sanctity and should not take it to a non-pious place. You should chant at least four rosary rounds of Guru Mantra. no matter how intelligent he is. You may wear it other times also to get protection. The Guru Pitambar (shawl) is a special Mantra energised shawl which is sanctified by Mantras to grant protection .s problems get solved automatically. you will receive a Guru Pitambar (shawl). One should try to get rich. Once you get Guru Diksha. TOP MAHALAKSHMI DIKSHA It is the dream of every person to get rich in the shortest possible time and without much effort. Whether one is engaged in spiritual tasks or material ones. Chetna Mantra & Gayatri Mantra. consecrated Gurudev’s photograph and detailed instructions on Guru Mantra. one needs money. You need to take Guru Diksha before performing any Sadhana or taking any other Diksha.

Arth (wealth). Tara is one of the most benevolent of the ten divine forms of Goddess Shakti. intelligence. for Goddess Kamala assimilates all the virtues and boons like fame. Having obtained Tara Diksha a Sadhak never has to face any monetary problems or poverty in his life. for one needs it constantly in life. health.Instead of just leaving things to one's deity or to luck a person should also try to put in the best of his efforts. called the Mahavidyas. He has sudden and unexpected monetary gains quite often. power. All obstacles simply vanish after this Diksha is had and one soon fulfils one's aim provided one has full faith in powers of the Guru. TOP KAMALA DIKSHA Gaining Dharma (righteousness). obstacles or past Karmas then this Diksha can help you reach your goal in no time. When he wakes up in the morning he finds the gold at his bedside. She showers her motherly love on her Sadhaks and bestows upon them all pleasures and comforts of life.lack of resources. Kamala Mahavidya is capable of removing poverty from life and bestowing wealth and prosperity upon a Sadhak. But many times a person is not able to achieve the desired success even after trying his level best. For those wishing for material comforts must try Kamala Sadhana or get Kamala Diksha. there occurs a spurt of divine knowledge in him due to which he is able to look even into the past and future. Due to Her blessing one has all round success in business. TOP TARA DIKSHA It is said that a Sadhak who has achieved the Siddhi of Goddess Tara is gifted with 24 grams of gold daily. Then what should he do? If you have a particular goal on mind and till now you have failed in attaining success in it for any reason like . Gaining Tara Diksha also makes a Sadhak make quick progress on the path that leads to the holy land of Siddhashram. Not just this. Even the gods do not help those who do not help themselves or who just sit idle leaving everything to one's stars. Getting Kamala Diksha means gaining all that life has to offer. Experts of Tantra prefer Kamala Sadhana and Diksha because She is more powerful when it comes to banishing poverty. And most important is wealth. This Diksha is the bestower of all worldly boons. Kaam (pleasure) and Moksh (spiritual success) is the chief aim of human life. stiff competition. victory and wealth. TOP . The Goddess of wealth is Kamala. one gets a job if one so desires and one even gets promotions in jobs. lack of propoer guidance.

Even though one might be peaceful by nature. problems in life and diseases can be enemies which can rob one of one's peace. Her Beej Mantra is Hreem and she is worshipped even by Brahma. TOP TRIPUR SUNDARI DIKSHA On obtaining this Diksha the three subtle channels of the Kundalini. For riddance from poverty. What then is the way of becoming totally fearless and safe ? And remember even tensions. Shiv Sadhana. hunger. brain and heart are activated. enmities crop up for no apparent reason. The three spiritual planes Bhu. He also comes to gain a razor edge memory. The voice of her Sadhak becomes powerful and blessed with the powers of Saraswati. If one is not able to achieve success in any Sadhana like Apsara Sadhana. TOP BHUVANESHWARI DIKSHA Bhuvan means world and Bhuvaneshwari is the Mahavidya who rules this world. prosperity. The Third Eye of the Sadhak who successfully accomplishes her Sadhana gets activated on its own. Through this Diksha one attains fulfilment in all spheres of life besides achieving success in the spiritual field too. Even poverty or lack of resources can be an enemy and make life hell. hence she is known as Tripur Sundari. problems and enemies even though one might wish to lead a peaceful and contented existence. Bhuvah and Swah have originated from the form of the Goddess.Pingala and Sushumna that control the mind. This can create fear and problems in life. Bhuvaneshwari also blesses one with all comforts of life. Veishnnav Sadhana or Sadhana related to any Goddess then through the grace of Mahavidya Tripur sundari one is able to get quick and resounding success. problems in business and at job. She is one amongst the ten powerful Mahavidyas and she assimilates both knowledge as well as power. TOP . She is the destroyer of poverty and the bestower of wealth. gain of wealth and happy married life Bhuvaneshwari Sadhana is the best. the Goddess of wisdom and learning. A human has to fight poverty. namely Ida. The best and most effective means of tackling all enemies of one's life is Baglamukhi Diksha and Sadhana. worries. Besides he gains true knowledge and intelligence. pleasures and comforts.BAGLAMUKHI DIKSHA If there is life there are bound to be obstacles.

After having had Diksha the Sadhak can go to any haunted place without fear. One is filled with fearlessness on obtaining thisDiksha and then no person or situation can make one feel afraid. This Diksha instils a divine energy due to which he is ever protected from all foes. One starts to automatically gain deeper knowledge of the science of Tantra after obtaining this Diksha and many subtle facts regarding this pure science start to become clear to the Sadhak. In villages and backward areas and even in civilized areas. TOP TRIPUR BHEIRAVI DIKSHA Spirits and ghosts can sometimes destroy one's life. The Tripur Bheiravi Diksha is an enfailing remedy for such cases. And enemy means not just another human adversary. tensions are also enemies which keep the person ever troubled. Any ailment or physical problem that may have afflicted the individual gets removed forever through the power of the Dhoomavati Diksha. for then the spirits start to fear the Sadhak.DHOOMAVATI DIKSHA On obtaining this Diksha one's body becomes really healthy and powerful. rather diseases. Through Mahakali Diksha a person can end all enmities and attain victory over all enemies both outside and inside. The Diksha also works wonders in neutralising the evil effects of lowly rituals and spirits. To get rid of these a person tries many things which prove to be waste of both time and money. And still he is not able to get rid of these enemies. After Diksha a hypnotic look appears in one's eyes powerful enough to defeat even the worst of foes. One's self confidence also gets boosted after this Diksha and one is able to overcome the most adverse circumstances and accomplish even the impossible looking tasks very easily. Insults prove more harmful to people with simple nature in comparison to cunning and evil minded ones. rather physical weakness starts to disappear and one becomes hale and hearty again. TOP MAHAKALI DIKSHA This is an age of stiff competition. pain. there have been many cases when families reach the verge of destruction due to mischief created by evil spirits. There is no person today who does not have an enemy. TOP . You may do no wrong and yet negative forces keep trying their best to rob you of your peace. Through it one is not just freed of the evil influence of ghosts.

When the king learnt of what had happened. Upon seeing the guru. But even as he was telling queen about the horses he heard the howling of jackals. The glorious teacher Share · print · T+ The Saivite saint Manickavachagar. The guru was wearing rudraksha beads. He had goose bumps. and he decided that he too would seek instruction from this guru. Manickavachagar got all the three types of deeksha at the same time. In fact Manickavachagar's heart began to melt even before he saw the guru. The Lord. And on the said day. And in accordance with his expectations. the Lord converted all the jackals in the forest into horses and sent them to the king. But using the money Manickavachagar built a temple for Lord Shiva. But in fact She is a very kind and powerful Goddess. he was furious. he came across the guru seated under a tree. But despite the high post he held. that is Lord Shiva Himself. One remains healthy throughout the year and the seasonal changes have no adverse effect. was a minister under the Pandya King. financial problems end and one becomes healthy and robust. He had the feeling that something of significance was about to happen. Prahlada too got all the three types of deeksha from Lord Narasimha. and were making their way to forest! How the Lord made the king and the world aware of the greatness of Manickavachagar forms the rest of the story. and blessed him. Prahlada approached Lord Narasimha. and offered him deeksha. The horses had turned back into jackals. Manickavachagar's guru. and was constantly searching for something. instructed Manickavachagar to tell the king that the horses would be delivered to him. If one is facing problems from the enemies. The teacher beckoned to Manickavachagar. He then lifted the child and seated him on His lap. who was first known as Vadavuran. Manickavachagar's heart melted like butter placed near a fire.CHHINMASTA DIKSHA If one looks at the form of Goddess Mother Chhinamasta one feels frightened on beholding her severed head. and the Lord saw him with kindness in His eyes. who was in the guise of a teacher. Manickavachagar had been entrusted with the task of buying horses for the king. The Lord's affection was the reward Prahlada received for his bhakti. The king was impressed. Not just this through this Diksha one's business starts to flourish. There are three types of deeksha — maanasa deeksha. Through this Diksha one can open the doors to success in several other Sadhanas. . All physical problems are banished and one feels a surge of divine energy within. said Damodara Dikshitar. One day he saw a guru teaching his disciples. The teacher was none other than Lord Siva Himself. if one feels that some evil ritual has been tried against one then this Diksha is the best remedy. his mind was restless. placed His feet on Manickavachagar's head. nayana deeksha and sparsa deeksha.

which bear close relation with the four AmnAyas (pUrva. parA bhattArikA and ahaMtA or sadakhyA. Thus. Sambandha describes its relation with other Shastras. Once again. Thus. In Ananda Bhairava Sampradaya. purushartha chatushtaya is called Srividya. Dattatreya is one of the 32 Upasakas of Srividya and hence is included under Guru Parampara and not Sampradaya. As there is no difference between Brahma Jnana and Brahmi Bhava [brahmavidApnoti param]. varna. As Srividya Shastra in essence advocates Nivrtti. uttara) called the praveshAmnAyas (the gate of entry into Sripura). This discussion is beyond the scope of the present context. one needs to examine Dasha Bhedas: 1. The term Srividya has been explained in 108 ways by Brahmasri Sri Tadepalli Veeraraghava Shastrigal. the upAsyas for which are lalitA. savyApasavya etc in Rahasya Sahasranama). Rakta Kali is called Vidya Rajni and Shyama is associated with Dakshina Kali and Sundari. there is no difference between the upAsya [shrI] and it's vidyA. Also. sambandha and prayojana. As described in Uddamareshwara Tantra. That which grants shrI i. That Shastra which describes `shrI' is called shrIvidyA. Guru Parampara – this forms the core of Srividya Upasana and the other nine Bhedas are primarily offshoots of this first bheda. sAmrAjyapItha etc. as described in Siddha Yamala. Sampradaya – Dakshinamurti. Srividya is also related to one of the four shAnkara pIthas or AmnAya mathas. mahAtripurasundarI. Also. Shaiva. Srividya refers to that vidyA or mantra which is of the form of shrI and refers to shrI. 2. A guru should understand these four concepts well. Only Kaula is prescribed by the Tantras and it is this path that is described as adakShiNa. there is no Vamachara path prescribed for Srividya. Parashakti has two chief forms: Rakta Kali and Shyama Kali. pashchima.e. First is related to the Peethadhikara of the Guru and involves shrIpeetha. dakShiNa. Vaishnava and Shakta Amnayas. which involves Kaula Marga (note: as described in Badabanala Tantra. All these are generally termed as `shrI'. To understand the qualification for obtaining Srividya diksha. . Srividya is moksha Shastra or the science of liberation. shrIyate sarvairiti shrIH – she who is worshipped by all is shrI. which encompasses the worship of both these forms and hence of Purna Parabrahma Shakti. there is NO Dattareya Sampradaya that is being claimed ignorantly. Guru of any authentic Srividya lineage should necessarily belong to one of these three Sampradayas. Srividya refers to Sri + Vidya – Srividya. Or. sparsha. mahApItha. Peetha – there are two peethas described in the Tantras. 3. has the associated anubandha chatuShTaya – adhikAra. 4. abhidheya. Diksha – depending on the disciple's eligibility and the Guru's capability. Abhidheya is the subject matter of Srividya. which can be approached in five different levels. Srividya Diksha differs with the Sampradaya. Hayagriva and Ananda Bhairava.Srividya is a Shastra in itself and like every other Shastra. adhikAra describes the qualifications required to obtain initiation into shrIvidyA. respectively signifying Vaidika. Prayojana describes the fruits obtained by studying Srividya. rAjarAjeshwarI. vedha and other forms of diksha are imparted. that vidya which has the ramA bIja as its core is referred to as Srividya. it is also termed parA vidyA.

A Siddha Guru grants Maha Vedha diksha to a highly advanced disciple. putrikA. Mantra and Achara. depending upon the eligibility of the disciple – samayA. 9. This is an incorrect usage of the word `upAsanA'. there are seven Dikshas: Samskara. Varnashrama Bheda – as discussed in Sruti. propelling him instantly into a state of Samadhi. shishya is told to worship. These days. But this is again according to the Yuga Dharma. Guru initiates the disciple into one or more of these paths depending on the qualification. vedhikA. There are six Dikshas described in the Tantras. Again Varnamayi Diksha has three classifications and Kala Diksha is again classified into five types: Nivrtti. is unfortunately more often `shishya-vitta-apaharaka' in the current times. Sparsha Dikshas like Gandusha etc. Karma Diksha is the highest Diksha and Upasana marga in Srividya. Bhu – Kurma or Meru Prshta Yantras. Sparsha. 10. mantapa etc. Based on the ingredients used in kriyA diksha. Sparsha and Manas Dikshas are classified under Shambhavi Diksha. he is initiated into worship of Kali or Sundari (one of her five forms. the Sampradaya followed is that of Sri Maha Dakshinamurti. Based on Anugraha and Parigraha (transmission and reception). 6. Shanti and Shantyatita. Vak. panchadashi. mahAyAga and rahoyAga. Devata Bheda – Depending on the Samskara and Vasana of the Shishya. shodashi. Achara Bheda – again depending on Shishya's Samskara and Adhikara – Samaya. The Upasana karma involves the worship of: 1. Kala Diksha is again granted in Srshti – Sthiti – Samhara kramas as also in Anuloma and Viloma schemes. this cannot lead either the Guru or the Shishya anywhere. yAga Bheda – antaryAga.5. a Guru who understands Sanketa Traya (Puja – Mantra – Chakra Sanketas) initiates the disciples. four Upamnayas. are peculiar to Kaula Marga and are considered inferior. Kala. Vak. progressively leading to Sadakhya). Though the zeal of Gurus and Shishyas who are trying to spread Srividya through public platforms needs to be appreciated to some extent. Adharamnaya and Sarvotteernamnaya) . Mano Diksha is again classified into two types: tivrA and tivratarA. Twelve Amnayas (Six Amanayas taught to a normal Purnabhishikta. with other specifications as prastara (kailasa etc). Guru who is expected to be `shishya-hrit-tApa-hAraka'. Dakshina and Kaulacharas. Drk and Manas. as clearly stated by Lord Mahadeva in Meru Tantra. Here. Mantra Bheda – bAla. sAdhikA. any one who recites Sri Lalita Sahasranama or has upadesha of panchadashi or shodashi mantras (or have read the mantra from somewhere) refers to himself as upAsaka. bahiryAga. Vidya. Drk. Pratishtha. parA shodashi and Guhya shodashi. Varna. there are several types like kunda. pUrNAchArya and Nirvana. Smrti and Agamas 7. Based on these dasha bhedas. Yantra Bheda – depending on Sampradaya. kalasha. 8.

sadhaka can wear Yagnopavita in the Niviti fashion. Dasha Maha Bhairava 10. Navaratna Kubjika 12. Dasha Maha Vidya 9. pUrNAbhisheka and kramAbhisheka. ChatuH Samaya 4. Shodasha Chakreshwari This scheme of Diksha. those who discard Varna and Ashrama are Karma Bhrashthas who attain hells such as Raurava. attains Guru Bhava and is a Paramahamsa. Pancha Samaya 5. He resides in the Turiyatitashrama. One who has undergone these six Dikshas is called mahA pUrNAbhishikta and such a Sadhaka resides forever in Soham state. Pancha Panchika 8. untouched by the rules of Varna and Ashrama. is called Krama Diksha. Pancha Simhasani 7. he is further initiated into medhA. If the shishya is an uttamadhikari. H ealing . The disciple progressively undergoes shAktAbhisheka. Sixteen Avaranas in the Srichakra – corresponding with the Chakras in the body from AdhaH Sahasrara to Shodashanta Mahabindu 3. Without Mahapurnabhisheka.2. sixty-four in number. After these three Dikshas. starting from Tarini to Anuttaravedini. sAmrAjya medhA and mahA sAmrAjya medhA dikshas. Shodha Samaya 6. Navaratna Sundari 11.

In ancient times as part of the culture Deekshas were taken from their elders. Shishya Abhishek complete surrender of oneself to become a Deeksha perfect disciple.Deeksha Types As mentioned in the ancient scriptures there are 64 types of Deekshas (Deekshas). photograph Dhanvantri Deeksha to attain the perfect state of health. Kundalini Jagran Kundalini Jagran Deeksha is attained on a Deeksha through a photograph of a disciple. Deeksha Kundalini Jagran An extraordinary personality can be attained by Deeksha this Deeksha having seven stages. like guru gives to his disciples and parents to their children on all auspicious occasions like birthdays. . SNODeeksha 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Purpose Guru Deeksha becoming a disciple through the first initiation Gyan Deeksha to attain extraordinary knowledge Jivan Marg Deeksha to make the life lively to attain “Shiva Maya” after receiving “Shiva Shambhavi Deeksha Tatva”. Garbhastha Shishu To enlighten an offspring in the womb Chaitanaya Deeksha Shaktipath Yukt Transferring of Guru’s Tapa-Energy into the Kundalini Jagran disciple’s body to attain the “Ultimate Truth” Deeksha of the life. to transform an ordinary child into intelligent Vidya Deeksha being. Sammohan Deeksha To acquire extraordinary attraction in the body Sampoorn to get the monetary benefits and attaining Sammohan Deeksha prosperity. Chakra Jagran a Deeksha to awaken all “Shata Chakras” (six Deeksha Chakras). festivals and other holy days during different months. Acharya Abhishek to attain the totality of knowledge. Sabar Deeksha to get success in a Tantrik Sadhana.

charm and elegance Jagdamba Siddhi to please the goddess Jagdamba (Devi Durga) Deeksha to attain the divine powers and bring Brahma Deeksha manifestation in life Swasthaya Deeksha to attain the disease free health and long life Karna Pisachini to know the past and present of any one – to Deeksha become an fortune teller or psychic. . a special Deeksha to get unusual opulence to attain the riches and prosperity to attain the riches and prosperity to attain fame and wealth to overcome the enemies to siddh an Apsara (Nymph) to get rid of debts. Aghor Deeksha to get full success in Shiv Sadhanas Shighra Vivaha for an early marriage if marriage is delayed or Deeksha denied Sammohan Deeksha an important Deeksha having three stages to do the Veer Sadhana – to be valorous in all Veer Deeksha undertakings Sondarya Deeksha to attain the rare beauty. to attain the extraordinary of Rin ‘Mukti Deeksha Lord Shiva Shatopanthi a Deeksha to invigorate Deeksha Chaitanaya Deeksha to attain full enlightenment Urvashi Deeksha to attain youthfulness and get rid of aging Sondaryottama to increase the beauty Deeksha Menaka Deeksha to attain the physical success in life Swarnaprabha to get the unanticipated money Yakshini Deeksha Poorna Vaibhav to get all types of luxuries and wealth Deeksha Gandharva Deeksha to attain perfection in music Sadhana Deeksha to link the previous birth Sadhana to this birth Tantra Deeksha to get success in Tantrik Sadhanas Baglamukhi to overcome the enemies Deeksha to attain perfection in Chemistry science or Raseshwari Deeksha Alchemy Science.17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 Maha Lakshmi Deeksha Kanakdhara Deeksha Ashta Lakshmi Deeksha Kuber Deeksha Indra Vaibhav Deeksha Shatru Samharak Deeksha Apsara Deeksha a Deeksha for incessant flow of money.

Deeksha Krishanatava Guru to get the powers of the spiritual master of the Deeksha world to please Lord Ganapati – remover of all Hairamb Deeksha obstacles to attain special distinction in the field of Aayurved Deeksha Ayurveda to attain special distinction in the field of Varahmihir Deeksha Astrology Garbha Chayan to get the desired pregnancy Deeksha Nirbeej Deeksha to end the shackles of life. death and Karma to attain the knowledge of Jeeva (soul) and Kriya Yoga Deeksha Brahma to attain the knowledge of infinite secrets of the Brahamand Deeksha Universe to please the Lord Shiva and get his special Pashupati Deeksha blessing Vakhdevi Deeksha to get the capacity to speak profoundly .46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 Sarpa Deeksha To get life security from snake bite Navarna Deeksha to siddha (to control) the Tripower (Trishakti) Garbhastha Shishu Offspring in a womb gets the samskaras of a Kundalini Jagaran Superhuman Deeksha Chaakshusmati to increase the eye vision and more Deeksha Kaal Gyan Deeksha to attain the knowledge of Time (Kaal) Rog Nivaran to get rid of all the diseases Deeksha Poornatava Deeksha a Deeksha to attain the Totality of life Aagya Chakra to attain the rare divine vision (Divya Drishti) Jagaran Deeksha Panchanguli to get perfection in the Palmistry.

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