Examination Schedule for Class of 2013 Semester - IV

Day1 Morning Afternoon Day 2 Morning SL MM 614 Advertising and Communication Management SL MM 607 International Maketing SL FI 604 Mergers and Acquisitions SL FI 606 Strategic Financial Management SL FI 610 Project Appraisal & Finance SL FI 612 Financial Services SL IV 602 Wealth Management SL OM 605 Business Modeling & Simulation SL MM 604 Services Marketing SL FI 605 Security Analysis SL BK 605 Overview of Banking SL GM 602 Business Ethics & Corporate Governance SL HR 610 Employment Laws SL GM 612 Business Strategy-II SL IT 603 Software Engineering & Quality Management


Day 3

Morning Afternoon Morning

SL HR 604 Global HRM

Day 4 Afternoon SL MM 602 Consumer Behavior SL MM 611 CRM SL MM 612 Brand Management

Morning Day 5 Afternoon

SL HR 606 OD Diagnosis & Internventions SL OM 602 TQM & Six Sigma Quality

SL IT 602 E-Business SL IT 607 Data Warehousing

Morning Day 6 Afternoon SL MM 606 Sales & Distribution Management SL FI 609 Portfolio Management & Mutual Funds

SL FI 619 Marketing Financial Products

SL IN 606 General Insurance

SL HR 609 Leadership Skills & Change Management

SL IT 608 Data Mining

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