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Abuse of public trust for personal gain Wrong use of official position Corruption is doing those things which are against the law That means the things that are illegal .

who is not used to surviving in an environment. renewing a passport etc.Š How does economic status of countries influence their corruption rankings? In India. We are asked to pay bribes to get simple tasks done like making a drivers license. quasi governmental agencies and sometimes even public sector companies. It is extremely frustrating for a person.    . we face corruption at almost all governmental offices. where you need to bribe for everything.

2.HIGH LEVEL CORRUPTION However .1. police officers. This is mostly seen in clerical governmental jobs.High Level Corruption is an outcome of greed and the only way that can be prevented is to have stringent laws that require jail term and no bail. . you will find corruption in the government and large companies in various forms. this form of corruption is a result of a society where there is a big gap between the rich and the poor. this kind of corruption can only be reduced and never be totally prevented.LOW LEVEL CORRUPTION Low Level Corruption is corruption in the most basic form wherein the task of getting work done involves bribes. license agents etc. Even in developed countries like the USA. In my opinion. Even then.


Š Š Š Š The chief economic consequences of corruption are the loss to the economy And also unhealthy climate for investment and an increase in cost of government subsides services. And also compared to china and other lower developed asian nations the average time taken to secure the clearences for a stratup or to envoke bankkrupcy is much greater. . India still ranks in bottom quetile in developing nations in terms of ease of doing buisness.

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