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Six Issues You Should Avoid When Monitoring Your Call Center Services

Six Issues You Should Avoid When Monitoring Your Call Center Services

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Published by: talkfusionz on Mar 01, 2012
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Telemarketing outsourcing companies can help you with the telemarketing and customer support needs of your respective

business, but you'll have to keep tabs on them to be certain that you're getting a fair exchange for your money. Monitoring is expected, even welcomed by legitimate services and their employees. However, keep clear on the company that denies you a chance to keep an eye on your interests.

Yet, one must have a game plan regarding how you will monitor your customer care call centers and your telemarketing services. A haphazard approach to checking up on the people who are doing these services for you may give you a lopsided view. Here are six no-no's you should avoid when you scrutinize your service company.

1. Don't listen directly into calls at the same point in time of day every time you check for the competency and courtesy of the customer service call centers employees. When you always call during the hours they are at their freshest, you may always get a pleasant response that is not representative of their work as a whole, but calling at the height of their busiest periods every time may give you a false impression as well.

2. Normally do not go strictly by numbers when evaluating the success of the your telemarketing services workers. Yes, you'd like them to get hold of as many prospective buyers as is feasible; and yes, you want them to make as numerous sales as is possible. Suffice to say, a strictly numbers approach isn't going to take into account the good will a slower employee could possibly be spreading.

3. Please don't select one employee to observe endlessly until you prove he is doing or not doing well at his job. It is much far better to secure a sampling of all employees so that you know how the overall success of the call center services are proceeding.

4. Take care not to make a specific announcement that you'll be monitoring at any exact time or for any particular worker. It is a good idea to make it generally known that monitoring is taking place, but a specific warning will affect their behavior and you will not get a true reading.

5. Never go right to the worker with all your questions, concerns, or complaints. Rather, deal directly with their boss to work out together how bad the matter really is and what action ought to be used.

6. You shouldn't monitor for awhile and then allow the center run on autopilot. You Should maintain routine monitoring on a routine basis so you will almost always be sure your customer service call center is progressing its best for you.

Any time you hire call center services for your company, you will be able to rely on their excellent work ethic and business practices. However, it is best to keep checking, in carefully planned ways, just to ensure.


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