ABAD LIT 13 “A Rose For Emily”

Funeral of Ms. Emily Grierson

Colonel Sartoris, the mayor of the town, cancelled Emily’s taxes

Mayors and aldermen started to send Emily tax notices. It took weeks before Emily replied.

The board visited Emily to talk about matters regarding her taxes. She insisted that she has no taxes in Jefferson.

The townsfolk complained about the foul smell coming from Emily’s house.

Men sneaked in Emily’s lawn and sprinkled lime. After that the smell went away.

After her father died, she did not let the people bury his father but after a breakdown they immediately buried her father. After the minister’s wife sent letters to her kin in Alabama, Emily’s cousins lived with her for a while.

Contractors went in town and that’s when Homer Barron was introduced in the story.

Emily and Homer started to spend some time together.

Emily bought rat poison from a drug store.

People insinuated rumors that Emily’s going to kill herself and concerns about Homer’s sexuality

Emily bought nightshirts, man’s toilet set and a complete men’s outfit which suggested that they were already married.

Homer left the town after the construction. Days after, Emily’s cousins left the town as well.

People saw the Negro admit Homer inside the house. After that, they never saw him again.

Years passed and Emily grew fat and her hair turned gray. After suffering from an unknown illness, she died.

It was her funeral and the Negro inside the house welcomed the visitors. After Emily was buried, the people went around the house and checked an unopened room.

They discovered a corpse lying on a bed and a pillow with an indentation of a head beside it.

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