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“ANNUAL 2002 = foray Blas) a Pale fels es ast ey ee ee ROR Rta eens ar Soe Reena een en ea nest ere secre it nemo y Cryer magazine and the Best of Town Cryer supplement together as one. Here Pe ee oe eC Run eee end , at | fearured in the ‘Town Cryer magazine: * qo all of us here in Fanatic it has been amazing how Mordheim has moved along in € leaps and bounds, proof that its popularity is surely unwavering. This Annual is juse "Te +3 the first in many potential supplements for the game that just goes from strength ») > strength. New settings supplements are planned for the future so keep your eyes 7 glued to the horizon, All that remains now is to thank the tireless members of the Mordhieim Rules Review — Rinku, Terry Maltman, Nick Kyme, Mark Havener, Steve Gibbs and Space MeQuirk, without who's help this wouldn't have been possible. EE OCU 1) ‘ SDT matt cad oe Fy Sars » BANDOM HAPPE | So" DA MOB ROOZ 8 + CTU cored cd J Moo ee ala Le RO ACM Onto 18 DCL LC) 2 Sees By OOM CR nd Py TOA a Cond 2, Slug cen) Lg ese 40 ern Sa 48 Jems Johnson ee UND BH a DDE RN aug 8 Dc .% iy PVA a oy Paes," Drala 76 atti f Sem Reet aaa a4 eee poy Vest of Town Crper eee . P Pe 88 He y aA aT ee

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