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Gl15 Glass Door Spex

Gl15 Glass Door Spex

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Published by Kris Tantamco

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Published by: Kris Tantamco on Mar 01, 2012
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minimalistic glass doorsets for clarity and simplicity

which may be clear. polished brass. Rimex textured steels. decorative effects and Part M compliance. or polyester powder coated steel to any BS or RAL colour. Manifestation is offered for company logos.Finishes and materials Door panel of toughened glass. . obscure or coloured. Frame construction of mirror polished or satin stainless steel.

top and bottom or central patch locks. often used for entrances to public buildings Uses ¥ Shops ¥ Offices ¥ Hotels ¥ Restaurants ¥ Reception areas Glass Mounting Double action doors are normally hung on corner patches or full-width rails. c o . Access control systems may be linked to concealed transom shearlocks. for single action doors Locks & Handles Available in a variety of styles and finishes. Frames & Thresholds Plain frame. attached to concealed transom closers or floor springs. locking top and bottom rails.GL15 The GL15 is a frameless glass door in a steel frame. Closers and floor springs are available with or without hold-open functions. u k . for double action doors Rebate frame. Single action doors may be hung on adjustable hinges. we can include lever and pull handles. 9mm aluminium threshold for bottom pivot Floor spring without threshold 01522 693522 w w w. Escape doors may be fitted with panic bars or touch bars. d o o r t e c h n i k .

service across the UK.uk . Lincoln. Moor Lane. are fitted with concealed transom closers. All patterns and textures are available in the colours below. Lincoln.doortechnik.5mm material.Technical Information Technical Details 10mm or 12mm toughened glass door panel. with internal reinforcing and integral frame adjusting screws. Rebated frames for single action doors. Pull handles and locks are available as required. with or without manifestation. Moor Lane. Tel: 01522 524202. floor springs or self-closing hinges. Tel: 01522 523353. Plain frames for double action doors. Pagoda Pearl Pyramid Blue Pegasus Prism 10WG Shown is a small selection of the range. Installation DoorTechnik are able to offer a full installation Designed & Produced by RHA Design.co. Frame construction of 1. using our own highly skilled engineers. For more options please contact our sales team. Studio Photography by Kamara. LN6 9BW Tel Fax Web : 01522 693522 : 01522 508494 : www. Thorpe on the Hill. Thorpe on the Hill.co. LN6 9BW Email : info@doortechnik. are fitted with flexible weather seals and adjustable hinges.uk DoorTechnik is a trading name of F R White Ltd. DoorTechnik has a policy of continual product development and technical changes may occur.

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