GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF SITE: Large open space of Sandy beach, some vegetation areas with signs of management as the area was cordoned off. Highly developed area, T groins on the sea front. Not a natural beach habitat. SOIL DESCRIPTION: Sandy, beige- colour of sand HUMAN ACTIVITY: Bird watching, dolphin watching, shelling, snorkelling, aqua cycles, kayaksfishing, sunbathing (cabana rentals) , parasailing, advertising by aircrafts. QUADRAT SAMPLING: No access at this site.
Size Quadrat Number: Plant Identified: Percentage Cover:

Bird Species: Seagulls Great Egret Pelican Number: 40 1 6

Ecosystem Service: Regulating services What provides this service and how? Natural Hazard regulation - The barrier island acts a buffer against hurricanes & storms, however the island inlet stops the sediment reaching the coastline and beach. Recreation– a lot of people come to the beach to sunbath and the activities that are available. A sense of place Tourism – people visit and spend money in hotels, restaurants and

Cultural services

Economic services

leisure activities Used for advertisements (plane flying over the beach with banner)

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