Practicum Land Nav Practical Application

lensatic compass. navigate between points in a given time.Objective ‡ Given a map. . protractor and route card.

Training Area 1 .

Gear List ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Map (provided) Lensatic Compass (provided) Protractor (provided) Route Card (provided) Map Pens Alcohol Pen/wipes Ball Point Pen Waterproof Bag Whistle (recommended) .

‡ Execute finding your objectives IN THE SEQUENTIAL ORDER THEY ARE GIVEN. ‡ Objectives are white ammo cans on 3¶ fence post .Instructions ‡ Find 2 objectives in 1 hour or less ‡ You will be provided the 8-digit coordinates for your assigned start point ‡ Plot your points. determine azimuth and distance to each and find your objectives.


SP of 6-10 use E Rd ‡ When complete. No phones (unless safety issue) ‡ Individual effort ‡ SP of 1-5. report to Command Post located on basketball court ‡ Return all gear that was issued to you . use W Rd.Rules ‡ No GPS.

Rugby Field Pace Count Course Gear List CP TA-1 .

blow whistle and/or remain in place ‡ If someone is missing after 70 minutes. all available personnel will get on line and sweep the TA . shoot an azimuth of 090. call for help.Safety ‡ If lost. If you cannot call. you are out of the training area ‡ If injured. follow road to Start Point/Command Post ‡ If you cross a road.

Questions ? .

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