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Tilapia Culture Libro

Tilapia Culture Libro

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Libro sobre el cultivo de tilapia. Muy bueno
Libro sobre el cultivo de tilapia. Muy bueno

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Published by: Pablo Antonio Pintos Terán on Mar 01, 2012
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One of the most recent technological develop-
ments in tilapia culture is the production of geneti-
cally improved farmed tilapia (GIFT) through a
selective breeding project. The GIFT project was
a multidisciplinary research and development
programme implemented by the International
Center for Living Aquatic Resources Manage-
ment (ICLARM) (the name has recently been
changed to World Fish Center) and co-partners
(such as the United Nations Development Pro-
gramme (UNDP)) to develop a selective breeding
programme for Nile tilapia (Eknath and Acosta,
1998). It was one of the longest international
research projects,sinceitstartedin1988andended
in 1997. The project was based in the Philippines,
using a combined selection methodology on a
synthetic base population developed from tilapia
populations newly introduced from Africa and
domesticatedin Asia.The GIFT project focusedon
growth studies of tilapia, in addition to studying the
genetic parameters of other important traits, such
as size at first maturity, survival, disease resistance,
skin colour, body conformation and cold tolerance.
The following sections discuss the studies con-
ducted on some of these traits.

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