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Published by: Maria Tere Lopez Muñoz on Mar 01, 2012
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The Record Camera option records camera video from a Web camera and synchronizes it with the video on

the Timeline. Use the recorded camera video clip as a Picture-in-Picture (PIP) or side-by-side video within the

main video.

1. Position the playhead on the Timeline.

2. In the Task List, select Record camera.

3. The Record Camera pane appears. If the camera is set up properly, the camera appears in the Available

video devices dropdown.

4. Select the recording and audio options.

5. Click the Start Recording button. The video on the Timeline (if applicable) plays back in the Preview

Window as you record the Web camera.

6. Click the Stop Recording button.

7. The Save Video Capture As dialog appears. Enter a file name and click Save.

8. Click Finished.

The video clip appears in the Clip Bin and on the PIP track on the Timeline.

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