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Published by: Jay B Zallan on Mar 01, 2012
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310-904-9569 JayZallan@gmail.


Virtual Design & Construction Consultant | August 2013 – Present
Bernard Brothers Construction | c!ean & "chult# A&E | $"C/Harley Ellis Devereau | %&& Planning/Arc!itecture'
"#$ i%&le%entation' %anage%ent' coor(ination an( colla)oration* Pro+ect eecution' reali,ation an( site
coor(ination* -actical an( strategic organi,ational &lanning &rotocols create(* -ea% %entors!i& & training*
.&eci/ication an( contractual "#$ integration* "#$ eecution &lans' stan(ar(s/gui(eline creation an( &rocess
(evelo&%ent* Pro+ects inclu(e !istoric &u)lic a%&!it!eater venues' !ig!er e(ucation ca%&us &ro+ects' %ie(
use co%%ercial' %ulti-/a%ily resi(ential (evelo&%ents' cor&orate o//ice to0ers' $etro lig!t an( !eavy rail

(irm)ide B* Director
+er,o)it#2%uth &rchitects & -ngineers | 3e)ruary 2011 - August 2013
.trategic $ulti-4ational' $ulti-5//ice "#$ #%&le%entation' $anage%ent' .tan(ar(s & -raining* AEC &rocess
(evelo&%ent' (ocu%entation & s&eci/ication &rotocol creation6 #n(ustry' Client an( Pu)lic &resentations an(
lectures* -raining regi%en creation an( (elivery6 /ro% en(-user to eecutive level courses* Pro+ect 7A/7C' "#$
coor(ination an( colla)oration &rocess %anage%ent* #nternational %ulti-/a%ily resi(ential' retail/%ie( use'
cor&orate -# an( 8"ig-"o9 retail &ro+ects*

&-C .echnologies and "olutions
icrodes, | .e&te%)er 2010 - 3e)ruary 2011
:egional an( 4ational AEC Pro+ect an( AEC5 "usiness 5&erations Consultation' &rocess (evelo&%ent'
training' i%&le%entation an( coor(ination1 ;ic<e( o// =os Angeles o//ice o/ $icro(es<6 )ringing AEC5 clients
"#$ an( >DC lea(ers!i&' strategies an( &rocesses t!roug! on-site an( re%ote colla)oration*

"outh)est %egional VDC/B* anager
0ensler &rchitecture & +lanning 1orld)ide | A&ril 200? - .e&te%)er 2010
=arge--ea% "#$ %anager6 :egional "#$ i%&le%entation an( .tan(ar(s Develo&%ent* $anaging &ro+ect
strategist' large &ro+ect "#$* Co%&re!ensive >DC strategies' training' content (evelo&%ent )ot! regionally an(
internationally s&eci/ic* =e( t!e .@ region9s :evit i%&le%entation' res&onsi)le /or /or0ar(ing "#$ a(o&tion
t!roug! (iverse &ractice areas /ro% Air&orts & -rans&ortation to cor&orate interiors & -# &ro+ects to large' %ulti-
)uil(ing !ig!er e(ucation' !os&itality' !i-rise to0ers an( %ie( use entertain%ent &ro+ect ty&es*

A&&lications Engineer AEC5 Division
$" C&D | 3e)ruary 200A – A&ril 200?
Pro+ect "#$ consulting' tea% training an( %entoring 0it! t!e &ort/olio o/ Auto(es< AEC solutions* Provi(e(
enu%era)le :evit an( 4avis0or<s' Betc*C' training /ro% )eginning' essentials t!roug! a(vance( an( 8as-nee(e(9
%o(ular classes6 )ot! create( an( (elivere(* :evit an( "#$ i%&le%entation service %anager' content
%anage%ent an( creation to satis/y client an( %unici&ality reDuire%ents6 ena)ling clients to e//ectively !arness
an( utili,e "#$ tec!nologies*

"enior +ro2ect &rchitect | 4et0or< A(%inistrator' CAD $anager
!andry Design 0rou3 | A&ril 2001 – 3e)ruary 200A
=arge' !ig!-en( custo% resi(ential &ro+ect (esigner an( &ro+ect %anager' inclu(ing construction a(%inistration'
consultant an( contractor colla)oration an( %anage%ent* Create( an( curate( enter&rise 0i(e content an(
(etail li)raries i%&le%enting strategies an( integration &rotocols /or /uture (evelo&%ent* 3D -ec!nologies &
>isuali,ations tea% lea(er*

+ro2ect &rchitect
Dennis 0i44ens &rchitects | $arc! 2000 – A&ril 2001
.ingle /a%ily resi(ential (esign' (ra/ting an( (etailingE (esign conce&t t!ru co%&lete CD &ro(uction*

Designer | *nteriors
"icola Design | Fanuary 1GGH – A&ril 2001
#nterior Design' one o// %o(ern an( &erio( interiors' /urniture' ca)inetry (esign' visuali,ations an( &ro(uction*

&-C Consultant | &rtist
(reelance | August 1GGI – Fanuary 1GGH
AEC &ro+ect (esign' (ra/ting an( &ro(uction6 )ran(ing (esign' %ar<eting strategies an( visuali,ations6 3ine Art
scul&ture an( &ainting B&rivate co%%issionsC*

Designer | +ro2ect &rchitect
Douglas 1 Burdge &*& | $arc! 1GHG - $ay 1GGI
Pro(uction' (esign an( consultant coor(ination o/ uniDue' !ig!-en( resi(ential groun(-u& an( renovation
&ro+ects* Design visuali,ations' construction (ocu%entation an( /iel( coor(ination* -ea% %anage%ent*

Designer | Construction Coordinator
Communications 5 +lus B4JCC | 3e)ruary 1GH? - $arc! 1GHG*
A(vertising agency & stu(io re-(esign' tec!nology over!aul* Design an( construction %anage%ent' &re-
&ro(uction' &ro(uction an( &ost-&ro(uction /acilities* 4ational &olitical convention staging (esign an( conce&t
%o(eling* 4ational E(ucation Association !ea(Duarters9 gallery (esigns* Pu)lic site scul&ture' a(vertising
(esign an( &ro(uction' art0or< an( &!otogra&!y*

"3ace +lanner | Dra6ter | &rchitectural & "tructural
Dra/ting' (etailing an( s&ace &lanning6 %o(el %a<ing' !an( (ra0ing' &ro+ect researc! an( construction
coor(ination* $any (iverse &ro+ect ty&es as 0ell as (esign )uil( &rocesses*
%ichard " Vi,se B4JCC | Fune 1GHA - 3e)ruary 1GH?
J!" Consultants B4JCC | $ay 1GHI - Fune 1GHA
%ee7es &ssociates &/- | 5cto)er 1GH2 - A&ril 1GHI
John B (erguson &/- | Fanuary 1GH2 - 5cto)er 1GH2

Auto(es< Certi6ied *nstructor | Auto(es< *m3lementation Certi6ied -83ert B#CEC | :evit Arc!itecture E(itorE &$0*)orld aga#ine
!i6e 1GA3 – Present | &rt Center College o6 Design 1GH0 – 1GH1 | 9e) :or, &cademy o6 &rt 1GHI - 1GHG | ;<5= +ros3ect &7enue' .uite "' Cul7er City' CA G0232 | >;?0@ 904A9569
Jay B Zallan

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