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Subject:  RE:  A-ached  Image   Date:  Thursday,  February  23,  2012  10:37  AM   From:  Charter  Schools  <>   To:  SOLID  ROCK  WORSHIP  CTR  <>   Cc:  <>    

Thank  you  for  your  recent  submission  for  the  February  15th  iniMal  enrollment  numbers  for   Regis  Academy  Charter  School.         I  am  aTaching  the  original  memo  and  excel  spreadsheet.  The  informaMon  you  iniMally  provided   to  the  DOE  indicated  only  the    total  enrollment    informaMon  for  the  charter  school.         As  stated  in  the  original  memo,  we  actually  need  a  spreadsheet  for  each  district  you  are  pulling   from.  Even  if  the  district  currently  only  has  one  child  enrolled,  we  need  that  informaMon   indicated  on  a  separate  excel  spreadsheet  with  the  name  of  the  district  and  the  student   informaMon  indicated  on  that  spreadsheet.  You  can  resave  the  excel  spreadsheet  and  create   new  tabs  and  save  those  tabs  with  the  appropriate  district’s  name  on  the  boTom  of  the   submission.       If  you  have  any  quesMons,  please  do  not  hesitate  to  call  or  email.       Thank  you   Office  of  Charter  Schools        
From: SOLID ROCK WORSHIP CTR [] Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2012 6:04 PM To: Charter Schools Cc: Subject: Attached Image  


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